Let Me Show You How To Run Profitable Google Ads To Your Business

...Simply Using Our Proven Google Ads System That Has Helped Us To Get As Low As 0.02 Cents Per Click To Our Web Pages Building Over 35,000 Leads To Our Various Businesses.

Are You Experiencing Traffic Issues Which Has Led To Little Or No Leads And Sales In Your Business.

Then Enrolling Into The Google Ads Traffic Academy Is What You Need Right Now.

In 2018, I stumbled on an issue in my online business, 

My Sales Went Down To Zero. 

And this happened right after i had invested a great deal amount of money stocking up on products i was selling at that time.

This move was made as a result of a successful run with Facebook ads and also Sponsored Article Post for my business which was going on smoothly until i got kicked out and issues started to happen.

  • Ads were no longer getting approved. 
  • Multiple accounts were getting shut down.
  • More Competitors Started To Flood The Space I Was Publishing Articles On To Presell My Offers Leading To Lower Conversions

This continued until I knew I needed to find a new way of driving targeted traffic.

Even the students I was coaching were not left out at that time as they also experienced similar issues in their business which I was also helping with.

And I knew something definitely had to be done if I wanted to keep my business alive.

After countless amount of weeks researching and going through various traffic books and courses I bought during that time,

I Found The Answer Inside Two Separate
Emails In My Mailbox 

Those two emails came from two different mentors who were sharing their back story of how they started their online business and mentioned how they kicked things off through Google Ads as far back as 2012-2013. 

Seeing that email was all I needed to get going.

And that immediately changed my focus as to where I would be looking to generate new traffic into my business.

I decided to give it a try in my business to see if I can make Google ads Work for what i was selling at that time.

Two years after taking up this decision,

I Had generated over 35,000 leads across my businesses,

I had Gotten over One Million Clicks across our two of our major Websites which i own during these period

And i had Generated Thousands of sales in my product during this same period

You can also watch the video below to see me log into those
2 websites on google Analytics during these period I started

All these has been as a result of learning how to utilize the google ads network for my business till date. 

And you can do the same too in your own business if you need an alternative source of traffic that would also convert for you.

I have shared this same system with my students in 2019 and Now I would like to share it with you today if you are looking at exploring this new form of traffic to your business.

  • Are you also looking at exploring a new traffic source that works and has worked for me personally?.
  • Would you like to learn how i have been able to create profitable google ads campaign which you can also implement in your business?.
  • Are you looking to get more Clicks, leads and sales to your business?.

Here Is A Result From One Of 
My Students Below

One Of Our Student Getting Leads At $0.37 And Built
Over 90,000 Lists Of Subscribers

Another Student Getting $9.2 Per Purchase For
The Product He's Selling

Another Student Here Getting Conversions at $3.31 
With Over 1000 Sales 

New Students Receiving his first 10
sales thanks to Google

Google Ads Traffic Academy

The Google Ads Traffic Academy Is An Online Course Program Created To Show You The Best Methods You Can Start To Use To Drive Highly Targeted And Qualified Traffic To Your Business Using The Google Ads Network. This is the Ultimate Program That Helps You To Start Getting Leads And Sales That Helps To Increase Your Revenue In Your Business Just Like We Have Done In Our Own Business And Students Who We Have Also Helped Achieve This Result.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After signing up into the program, Your member login details would be personally sent to you via your email which gives you access to the online course, Kindly ensure you use an email that you normally receive notification from, This online course is about 6 Hours plus In total which takes you through the exact step by step guide to setting up your ads and start running your ads right away. 

By following everything you learn in this online program, You would be getting Clicks, Leads and Sales To Your Offer and Business No Matter Which Country You Are Using This Google Ads On.


1. Pull In More Qualified And Targetted Clicks For Cheap

If paying as low as 0.02cent per click sounds nice to you, Then you will be learning how we have been able to achieve this with our google ads  campaigns

2. Generate More Leads To Followup On Via Emails

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing more leads coming into my funnels knowing that these are more highly qualified people that would buy what i offer to them. I have been able to grow my leads from scratch to over 35,000 leads all coming from the Google Ad Network

3. Increase Your Sales And Revenue In Your Business.

The Purpose of every dollar spent on advertising is to generate sales and that is what this program offers you, The opportunity to help you get more sales via  advertising your product and services on the Google Ads Network

About Ademiluyi Adegboyega

Adegboyega Popularly Called 'The Prof' Has Been In The Online Marketing Industry For Over 10 Years And Has Built Various Businesses From Scratch Including Helping Several Other Students Who Have  Built Profitable Online Businesses Through His Training And Coaching Programs. He Has Organized Training And Spoken To Over 2000 People In Various Programs Organized Within Nigeria. He has Also Used His Marketing Experience To Build A Team Which Has Sold A Combined Product Worth Over
$1.5 Million Using His Trainings And Programs He Helped Created To Sell Online.

He Believes Google Ads Traffic Academy Would Help Both Individuals and Businesses To Get More Leads And Sales To Their Business.

Here Are What His Students Are Saying

Course Modules

Here is what's inside the program


Module 1: Google Ads Setup For Leads And Conversion

This is the Updated Google Ads Setup For 2021 and beyond that shows you the necessary setup you need to have in place before running your first campaign on Google


Module 2: Creating Your First Campaign

At the end of this module, you would have the understanding of how to get your first campaign up and running.


Module 3: Testing Different Targeting Options

Inside this module, I share 3 different targeting options, you can use in your google ads campaign, Each targeting options have their own purposes and usefulness depending on what you are selling to help you get the best result in your google ads


Module 4: Writing and Creating Your Ads For Display Campaign

This module breaks down the simple and easy process that helps you to write your first ads. A simple research tool which i always use before writing my ads creative which is shared inside this module


Module 5: Banner Ads and Display Traffic

Inside this module, you learn everything you need to know about banner ads, how to create them and how you can use them to run your google display campaign to start getting clicks, leads and sales to your business.


Module 6: Introduction To Youtube Advertising

In this module, i introduce you to youtube advertising and the various ways through which you can advertise on the youtube platform


Module 7: Landing Page Compatible For Youtube Ads

Inside the module, I share with you how to create what i call a compliant page that doesnt violate the policy of google that gets your ads dissaproved. This is key to ensuring your ads run safe on the google network with no issues


Module 8: Create Your Video Ads

Creating and running video ads are great ways to push your business on youtube and i would be sharing samples and how you can have your videos created to help with your youtube ads


Module 9: Launching Your Youtube Ads Plus Targeting Options

Inside this module, you learn how to use the targeting option on the google ads to help you run an effective youtube ads to promote your business


Module 10: How To Run Google Search Ads

Inside this module, i show you everything you need to know about running a google search ads to make sure your ads is seen on the first paid page on the google search network. 

Over 200 Students Has Already Gone
Through This Program When It Was First Launched

This program will teach you everything you need to know to start running profitable Google Ads Campaign to your Business. 

Simply Watch What Other Students Have To Say Below


One of the feedbacks I received from our previous students prior before joining the program has always been if this program will work for their business. 

This is why i have gone ahead to create this bonus sections to add more helpful and useful resources that will help make your First Google Ad Profitable.

My Special Course Bonuses

This Specially Created Bonus Section Is To Help Ensure You Get The Best Result In Running Profitable Google Ads Campaign.

Bonus 01

What You Can and Cannot sell with google ads. [Value $29]

Bonus 02

My top list of over 100 websites to use for your placement ads on google [Nigeria] [Value $99]

Bonus 03

Case Study: How to sell real estate via google ads. [Value $99]

Bonus 04

Case Study: how to sell Ecom products via google ads. [Value $99]

Bonus 05

Case Study: how to sell Affiliate products [Digital and Physical] via google ads. [Value $99]

Bonus 06

My 65,000plus Robust list of Blacklist website you should avoid when running international traffic [Value $99]

Bonus 07

Case Study: How To Sell Network Marketing Opportunity Via Google Ads [Value $99]

Bonus 08

Training: How To Optimise and Scale Your Google Ads Campaign [Value $99]

Bonus 09

How To Stay Complaint With Google and Keep Your Account Safe Plus Backup Options You Need To Know To Keep Your Account. [Value $49]

Total Bonus 
Value = $771

What Makes This Training Different

There are three main Ad Network On Google That This Training Covers. 

The Display Ad, Youtube Ad And Google Search Ad. 

All these three different Ad networks are well explained inside this online program you are about to start and by simply understanding how each works, you can also be able to leverage the power of Google To Promote Your Business. 

Our Student have been getting fantastic results from our training and i definitely believe it would also help you as you start to learn how to harness the power of the Google Ads Network Into Your Business.

Looking at all the valueable Content You are about to get access to inside our PPC Traffic Workshop.

10 Module Video Training [Value $499]

9 Bonus Package [Value $771]

Total Value $1270 [N635,000]

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing online program i have specially created for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with Expertnaire support and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor


Is Google Ads More Expensive Than Facebook Ads?

Yes It is. You need to understand that both facebook and google advertising platform are two completely different advertising platforms.Facebook is social. Google Isnt
So you will definitely pay more and have the opportunity of having your website been display in several thousands of website all at the same time via the display feature that this course is all about. So you are in the right hands.

How Easy is it to Setup For A Complete Newbie?

I believe that everyone looking to get traffic already have their website up and ready to go and if you do not have. You should get that sorted. With that in mind, This course is straight to the point and shows you exactly what you need to know in creating a profitable google ad campaign. This is also why i had to bring down the hours to video length to about Six Hours Broken Down Into Sections to ensure that you get it and can always re-watch at a glance whenever you have any problem.

Who is eligible to enroll for the google ads display profit system?

This video course is suitable for everyone running a business either physical or digital.
Are you a coach, Real Estate consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Ecommerce, Network marketer, Stay at home mum or dad, Corporate staff, Business owner, Digital marketer Or Just Someone Who Just Recently Learnt A Skill And Need Clients.
Its not limited irrespective of the industry that you are in because, you will have the opportunity of showing your ads to thousands of websites on a daily basis where you can then get your own potential customer or subscriber to your business.

Google Ads Traffic Academy. Join 250+ Students

Join Our Online Course Program That Shows You How To Run Profitable Google Ads To Your Business Today

Personal Note

I Encourage everyone who runs a business be it product based or service based to start using the google ads platform to generate leads and sales.

It works and has been effective for both myself and my students which is why am proud to have this course created and updated to show you what is possible with running google ads to your business.

I hope that by signing up into this online program, It helps to solve your traffic issues and brings in better qualified leads and sales to your business.



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