If You Have A Business, An Offer,  A Product  to Sell Then My Google Lead Generator (GLG) Can Potentially Help Your Business Start Generating More Quality Leads (READY-TO-BUY CLIENTS) Almost in Command,


 Hear the Confession of a media guru who has generated  over N45 million  in profit.

Have you ever looked up anything on google?. (It could even be a word or anything at all). Good.

Now when you search those things on google, you can see tons of other things related to that one thing you searched which google is now recommending to you. Right?.

Imagine you or anybody else around the world searching for your product/services, personal company/brand, or even your name on the google search engine and YOU appear on the very first page.

Think, how would you feel? Great.

You can turn that dream into reality with (GOOGLE LEADS GENERATOR).

But before going into that, here’s a brief intro of myself then the GLG (Google leads generator).

My name is Eze Jacob Kasiemobi, friends and business partners call me Kassy or Kassy Money, because of the kind of money I’ve generated from the internet.

I have been in the digital marketing industry for over a year and 6 months and within this short period, I’ve sold a combined product of over $120,000 and made more than $60,000 in commission from just my digital marketing business, (other physical investments excluded).


Me Before I Started Promoting my business on Google

Me After I Started Promoting my business on Google


When I broke the internet by doing 5million naira in a week because i was getting quality leads from Google

I have also helped other people build their businesses from scratch including many of my students that’s I’ve helped build their online businesses through my organized training and mentorship and I KNOW as it’s tested and trusted that the GOOGLE LEAD GENERATOR will help both individuals and businesses scale up from zero to a level of expertise by equipping you with all you need to optimize your online presence and get the exposure you deserve, making you the dominant competitor.

But all these fortunes didn’t just come overnight.

In my first 2 - 3 months as a marketer, I sucked. I made some mistakes which many people today are still making, even till tomorrow. MISTAKES like:

  • Thinking I was the best Facebook ad personnel, generating so many leads but always the wrong set of people.
  • Paying others to help me run ads and some leads come but they’re as broke as I was or even worse while others, no leads at all.
  • Watching so many tutorials of how to run google ads, I heard a lot of experts are getting all their quality leads from there but even at that, I failed and wasted money and time because, aside from learning google ads, there’s this thing called EXPERTISE. I didn’t have that so I screwed up again
  • Signed up for different ads courses under different so called “QUACK” experts and the thing isn’t that they didn’t generate leads, they did. But at the end of the day, I realized I was spending more than I was getting from the leads purchases

All these are problems I faced for those 3 months and how I tried several ways to solve them but failed.

Eventually, I decided to take a break from extorting my money on what doesn’t work and started taking all the courses I signed up for because aside my flaws, I also had this desperation in me which could also be a reason I’m not getting it right and it wasn’t just me,

There were many of my friends and colleagues who also face the same challenges, so I put it up to myself that I’ll make sure to go through all these training sessions and see what I’m not doing right.

I made sure I didn’t miss any lesson and also went through it over and over, at the same time, I was doing a thorough review and research which made me realize most of these google ad course creators are selling us INCOMPLETE INFORMATION just so you can get another one and many more courses.

I discovered all they do is teach you how to set up your account, set up ads, make placements and also just follow recommended budgets and end up making only 5% of your money when you could make back at least 40%.

All these course creators left out the most important thing which is the GAA (google ads analytics). Due to this, the fail rate was high.

So that led me to gathering all the information from the training sessions and the missing informations and I tried to put my own step by step guide to use and also allowed my colleagues too and after a couple of weeks there were differences, the results were much better and by the time we all put this to use for the second time, the results were mind blowing and way beyond my expectations.

And here’s an example of what I went from using the training from the previous courses to what I got using my own process…

Me when I won the Qatar Challenge as the first affiliate all because of quality leads I have been generating from Google

Getting these results, that immediately changed my focus and I kept putting this to use and each time taking a record of amount spent and ROI (Return on Investment) and in a period of 6 months using my own system (now GLG - Google Lead Generator),

I was able to generate over 300 leads daily to my business and help hundreds of my students and businesses generate great amounts of leads with over 80,000 clicks across my businesses alone.

And I generated hundreds of sales to my products during this same time, making me the highest selling digital marketer for 6 months straight.

Me when I did over over 1.7million naira in a day 

Did over over 1000 sales of a Digital Product in less than a year

Even Boss Toyin Omotoso knew I was

 going to win a sales 

challenge before it stated

Here Is The Picture Of Where I Was Able To do over 300 Conversion In A Day

Now here’s what you’ll be getting from the GOOGLE LEAD GENERATOR [GLG].




  • Creation and setting up of your Google Ads Account.  (Free)
  • Ads setup for leads and conversion. ($120)
  • Creating your campaigns. ($47)    
  • Testing different targeting options.($57)
  • GDA (Google Display Ads).  ($199)
  • YouTube Ads.  ($169)
  • GSA (Google Search Ads).   ($229)
  • Setting up budgets, funding and optimization.  ($69)
  • Setting up a top tier conversion.   ($60)
  • Tag manager.  ($49)
  • Google ads Analytics.         (PRICELESS)

Not only you would be getting all those offers.... there are amazing Bonuses that will be added to the blueprint 

This is because I want you to succeed ....


  • Real estate and e-commerce products. ($1,249)
  • How to avoid getting banned. ($30)
  • Ready to use ads script for creativity. (PRICELESS)
  • A Live session twice every month. (PRICELESS)
  •  How to Appeal once your Ad Account is ban. ($100)
  •  Access to a support group.

TOTAL = $2,328

But here’s the thing.

Goodnews is you won't be spending that amount as you can get access to all these information and even the priceless bonuses for a steal price of N30,000 ($50)

As this is a solution I’ve made to stimulate the growth of your businesses.

NOTE :  This is only staying at that price till I get to the targeted number of people I want to help with this course which I won’t disclose.

That’s why you should get it now while it’s still very convenient.

Below are Some of the testimonials from my stdents who was able to scale up their business which in turn brought in more profit for them through what they learnt from the GLG Blueprint

 Who is GLG for and why is it your only way

to  successfully scale up your business.

The GOOGLE LEADS GENERATOR is for you if you’re:

  • An Advertiser
  • A business owner
  • E-commerce brand
  • Organization
  • Individual

…whose main goal is to generate tons of quality leads to your business and you’re just a step away from that.

And here’s why you’ll be getting the GOOGLE LEADS GENERATOR.

  • It’s a no replica course: there’s none like it before and this is the first of its kind you’ll be getting.
  • It will save you from buying different courses for one goal as it has everything you need to get the best results from your very first implementation.
  • The GLG has the potency to put you in the first page of Google.
  • Gives you the best integration tools to boost your ads.
  • Equip you with the best optimization tool for quality leads.

And with the GLG:

  • Results are instant.
  • You only get charged when someone clicks your ads and takes action.
  • Puts your business to the largest customer base and creates you big offers.

Now you’re only a step away from getting the Google Leads Generator and I am going to be direct.

 I prefer to tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear.  The GLG  is all about ACTION.


What if it doesn’t work?

How can I be so sure it’s different from the other ones we don’t get results from? 

money back

30 day Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You Are Covered By 30-Day Refund Policy provided you can show proof that you have done everything as taught in the course and you are not able to generate at least 100 leads in a day from google


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