Apple has released the iphone14 and while 90% of Nigerians cannot afford it…

Here’s How A Young Nigerian And Many Of His Students

Have Been Able To Afford Luxury Items,

Using This Dollar Printing Model On Their Smartphone

 A $875 gig = 570,000 naira)

(Total income of $2,000+ = over 1.2 million naira earned)


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They use a framework to earn $200, $500 and even $2000+ every

month, simply by writing for foreign sites in just minutes a day,

without selling to people, asking for referrals or making investments.

Here’s How You Too Can Steal This Step By Step Income To Double or Even Triple Your Monthly Income, Providing You With More Than Enough Money To Take Care Of All Your Needs.

This works for you even if:

  • You have zero knowledge of writing or are a complete newbie.
  • You are a writer and you are underpaid for your writing services.

  • Things you will not be doing in this business:

  • Asking people to bring other people (referrals)
  • Selling to people or asking them to buy anything
  • Putting in money to make more money
  • Understood, Lets proceed…..

    Dear tired Nigerian,

    What I’m about to tell you will change your life forever.

    There’ll come a time when you would never have to worry about money again..

    A time when you would have too much money on your hands- and you wouldn’t even know what to do with it.

    And I say this because If you make use of this info while it is still on the internet, all your concerns about money would no longer be there in 2-3 months time..

    But before I talk about that..

    If you’ve been wondering what you’re doing with your life, scrolling on twitter as the days pass by…

    If it looks like everyone else is making money but you,

    If you’ve always wished you had enough to take care of yourself and your family,

    or all you do is post memes and videos…

    And it seems like you’ve tried everything to make money and nothing seems to give you impressive results..

    You’ve done crypto… you lost money or made very little

    You sell items on whatsapp, people hardly buy..

    you have a music career, it doesn’t seem to be moving forward,..

    Or you may have tried to make money online but got no results… 

    I want you to know that I understand your pain because I was once like you..

     I’ll talk about it soon but its so sad that we live in a country where  you have to work so hard to earn so little

     But I completely blame the system…

    The government has left us to look after ourselves..

    Each and everyday, Nigeria becomes more of a battlefield for us who just want to live comfortable and happy lives.

    The standard of living has become so high and the economy gets worse by the minute..

    And the worst of all, it’s so sad that others can’t see this information I’m sharing with you.

    They don’t know how to defeat the system..

    But it’s different for you, because I believe you will make the right decision and act on what I’m about to reveal.

    And here’s why..

    In the next few minutes, I'll be revealing a skill you can use to put questionable sums of money in your bank account…

    This same skill that Edidiong used to make $374

    (A $445 gig = 200,000 naira gig)

    ( Over 1.1 million naira gig)

    You can take Ella for example, A 17 year old Nigerian who recently turned a millionaire because she made use of the information I’m about to share with you..

    ( $1505.25 = over 1,000,000 naira gig)


    You missed out!

    With this same hack, you’ll be able to earn enough money to

  • Pursue Sapa
  • Finally, look after your siblings, parents and yourself
  • Fund the lifestyle you could only dream of living up until now..
  • Imagine getting a contract to write for 4 sites a month and earn from $500 – $1,000 or more per site, It means you make nothing less than $2,000 a month and at the current exchange rate of $1=680naira, I’ll leave you to do the math

    And like I said, you don’t have even need to be a professional writer or the best in English to achieve this…

    Many of my students who have marvelous results were not even top writers before they started…

    Bright Akpan

    "Daniel Sampson is a ghostwriting genius. Under his tutelage, I went from doing menial jobs to bagging exorbitant ghostwriting gigs. Besides, my writing has improved to par during the few months I have benefited from his Mentorship. Anyone who wants effective guidance in how to go about writing well and making huge cash, should have him as their first choice when it comes to Ghostwriting Mentorship."

    All I need from you is hard work, focus and a winning mindset..

    Understood? Good

    So what exactly is this writing all about?

    It’s not just any writing… Its a type of writing that big companies pay hundreds of dollars for (with a good reason)
    It’s called Ghostwriting.

     A ghostwriter is a person who is paid to write for someone else.

    He is paid for the job and the client takes all the credit for his work.

    So all you do is write, put yourself in front of the rich guys and get paid good money for it.

    That leaves the question you’re dying to know the answer to- where do we find the top dogs who pay us thousands of dollars and how do we convince them to do so?

    I’ll get to that in a minute but before that let me tell you my story

    My name is Daniel Sampson and I was just like you..

    You may have heard of me somewhere in the online money making niche, but if you’ve not- its okay.

    But before all the money came,

    I Was Once  A Broke And Struggling Student in 2019..

    About  Me

    (Daniel Sampson)

    You see, 3 years ago, I entered the university of X at the age of 17..

    My father died in 2010 and he left my mom to cater for a family of 5

    You don’t even need to know what that’s like..

    I was the youngest of the 5 of us and things were really tough..

    There were so many things to take care of, school fees, basic needs and other regular stuff that children would normally want to have..

    My mother sold some soft drinks and sachets of pure water on the university’s campus

    And while I was grateful for the little money that came in, it was never enough..

    So when I got admission into the university, one could only wonder where the money for my school fees would come from..

    My mom would not have earned enough to really take proper care of us so I did the best I could to help out..

    I stayed out in the sun for weeks, hawking pure water, soft drinks and biscuits- and I did all that hard work for very little change..

    It was so depressing, seeing my mates in school living good lives while I had to work like a slave to put food on the table..

    At a point, hawking under the sun made a person who was once naturally fair turn black.

    But one day, my sister needed money to complete her school fees or she would have been sent out of the school..

    Again, there was no money as all  of us were studying in the university..

    It was at that point, I knew I had to do something about my situation..

    I knew that things had to change- and so I was scrolling one day on twitter when I came across a tweet on how to make $1,000+ per month writing content for foreign clients

    And that was all I needed to see…

    I looked it up on google and it immediately got my attention.

    For (a specific period of time) I started making posts and creating content on facebook..

    I felt like giving up at some time, but the thought of being broke made me realize that I had to keep going

    And then one day, a business owner reached out to me

    He told me how he had been following my content for a while, and how he would love to have me come write for his company

    I earned about #50k that day. It was the highest amount of money I had ever made..

    I was overjoyed as soon as I saw the credit alert and I was opened to a whole new world

    It was there my ghostwriting career took off…

    Today, I have earned over $10,000 as a ghostwriter..

    I can take care of my mother, I provide for basically everything my family needs.. And most importantly..

    I am happier

    I am confident that I will never have to worry about money again..

    I can afford most things the average Nigerian finds it difficult to

    It’s a beautiful feeling and I want you to experience it too..

    And here’s what I mean by that…

    I know what it’s like to wonder where the money to buy data will come from next..

    I understand how you feel when you want to go out or have fun with friends but cant because the money in your account is never enough..

    I have had it worse than you. And that’s why I worked day and night to find a solution- a solution just for you.

    A way out of the life of insufficient funds..

    I discovered that many Nigerians were living in poverty- and I had to let them know that life could be better..

    And so I fit all 6 months of far and wide research, plus 2 years of ghostwriting experience into a full stack, dollar printing  course I call the Ghostwriting Income Generator (GIG)..

    It was the ultimate hack to make it big as a writer in the online space..

    With the GIG, You can FINALLY Say Goodbye to the trenches and Hello to an overflowing bank account..

    In the GIG , I revealed the exact steps that I take to consistently earn $500+ every 30 days. And let me tell you that it works for anyone- even complete newbies in the online space

    Don’t believe me? Good. You’ll see for yourself soon..

    You see, when I first created GIG, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t the only one it worked for…

    My friends soon started to ask me about the source of my wealth..

    And of course, I had them try out GIG..

    The results were shocking! Even for me

    In fact, the results have been so insane, My students leave appreciation texts and positive messages about me in my email everyday



    "When it comes to ghostwriting, I don't know a better expert at it than Daniel Sampson. Through his magic hands and mentorship, I went from being broke to earning both in naira and dollars through ghostwriting. I am now a better writer than I was before he started mentoring me. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking quality and effective mentorship in ghostwriting."

    Esther Odokwo

    "If there was a better ghostwriter, I'd know. I don't think I've seen one better than Daniel Sampson. He's not just excellent at writing but at mentoring too. I had no skill and an empty pocket, learning from Daniel has made me a masterpiece creator and one able to teach others too. If you need quality teaching on ghostwriting, Daniel is the man for the job."

    Ella Chimezie

    "Daniel Sampson practically changed my life for good. I went from making 15,000 naira per month to making $1,500 per month! Before I joined his mentorship, I had trouble finding gigs and good contracts. However, after I did, and he taught me how to sharpen my writing abilities and how to be a "quality" writer rather than just a "quantity" writer, I have had no trouble finding contracts or gigs since. I've gained more than $4,000 simply from ghostwriting because of him. You should thus join his mentorship because you WON'T regret it if you want to earn as much as I do, if not more."

    Now that you have seen that it has worked for others..

    How do I know That GIG Will Make You Money?…

     It’s important you know the answer to this question


    Module 1

    In this module, I talked about the Art of writing.

    This module teaches you the concept of writing, what it is and how to write even as a complete newbie..

    It introduces you fully to ghostwriting and tells you what ghostwriters do.

    I also took it upon myself to include more than 4 applications you can download for FREE that would speed up your learning process.

    Everything in this module has been laid out in such a way that it would be almost impossible for you to not know how to write.

    Writing has never been easier with the GIG..


    Module 2

    Teaches you how to write long stories. These could be literal, or fictional stories.

    When you get to this module, I want you to see how enjoyable and easy it is to come up with engaging stories that clients would be too happy to pay you money for.

    If this makes you excited let’s talk about module 3 of the GIG

    I call it the “hypnotic client acquisition section”


    Module 3

    I unveil the various foreign company sites that are in need of your ghostwriting skill. Just show yourself and get a contract.


    Module 4

    Here, you’ll be taught how to write long form articles for websites like opera news and Post Now and how to earn thousands of naira and dollars from there.

    And just because I want you to make money with GIG,


    I included one big bonus..

    GIG Course Bonuses

    This module is specially designed for you if you want to earn without learning how to write or without writing.

    It’s a proven technique that I and many of my students have used to make over $300 monthly and you’ll get it for free.

    Now before I tell you how you could get your hands on this goldmine..

    It’s important that you know that the total net-worth of everything in this course is over 100,000 naira.

    Take a look at the bonus section for instance, I couldn’t even put a price tag on it if I wanted to..

    I went over the price of this course with my team members and they said I should sell it at a price of #50,000

    But  just as I was about to set the price of this course for #50,000, I remembered that many Nigerians might continue to struggle in poverty because they wouldn’t be able to afford this life changing course

    So I talked to my friend about it and I thought of selling it for #30,000..

    But something still didn’t feel right about the price.

    I felt like it was too expensive for you..

    So I’ve decided to do something just because I want to see you succeed and just because you managed to read this far..

    This is because most people don’t even read one third of this page.

    But since you’ve made it this far, it means you’re intentional about your success.

    And it would be a really great honor to have someone as determined as you as my student..

    So just for today, you can start making money as soon as you get the GIG for the sum of #15,000 today.

    I know! I myself cannot believe that I’m selling it at this price

    In fact, I sincerely feel as though you’re cheating me…

    It looks like you’re buying my brain for #15,000, because that’s exactly what you’re doing..

    All my years of ghostwriting experience and research sold for #15,000 is a huge steal and I feel like I might change my mind very soon and increase the price.

    So from here on, you have two options

    1. It’s either you completely ignore everything I’ve said about making the right decisions that will change your life, and go back to WhatsApp or Twitter or whatever it is you were doing…

    You can completely forget about making money online and watch the other people who get the GIG smile to the bank, 1-2 Months from now


    2. You could get the GIG today, while it’s still 15k and in 30 days time, you could be swimming in money

    I mean, all it takes is one client to make all the money and maybe even more back..

    And module 4 of this course shows you the exact steps to take in order for you to get that one client…

    Think about your family, think about your brothers and sisters who go to school..

    More importantly, think about you..

    Imagine yourself, 2 months from now..


    With enough money in your bank account to go out, to buy the items you saw on ig, took a screenshot of but have remained in your gallery for God knows how long…

    And most importantly, happy…

    Knowing that no matter what, GIG has your back for life and you would never need to borrow money or worry about the amount in your bank account ever again..

    So the ball is in your court.

    And I need you to make a decision before its too late..

    Before GIG falls out of your reach..

    Or worse, before you regret it..

    I know you will make the right decision…

    Decisions that these people who were once like you, made…

    And I’ll see you at the top of the success ladder when you do.. Till then…

    Get into the Community now

    #15k Price increases to 20k in two weeks time


    You missed out!


    What is GIG

    GIG stands for Ghostwriting income generator. It is a step by step course for anyone who wants to earn $200-$500 writing for foreign companies online

    How soon can I start earning with GIG

    The GIG comes with 4 value packed modules that show you everything you need to know about ghostwriting. You can start earning as soon as you apply what is being taught in the course. Results may vary

    When do I get access to GIG?

    All you have to do is pay for the course and get instant access. You can start using it immediately…

    Will the price of GIG increase soon?

    Yes it would. It will increase to 20,000 very soon.

    I don't like writing and I don't want to write. Can GIG still help me?

    Yes. Module 5 of this course talks about other ways to earn even if you are not a writer.

    Get into the Community now

    #15k Price increases to 20k in two weeks time


    You missed out!

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