Top Nigerian Music Producer Reveals for the very first time…

“The HIDDEN INDUSTRY SECRETS For Finding A Sponsor Or Record Label For Your Music Career”

Dear Friend,

If you are an Upcoming Musician, and you are truly desirous of becoming a music star, achieving fame and wealth and rising to the top of the industry, then this will be the most exciting message you read today.

Here is why.

My name is Djmo Stephens, and if you don’t already know who I am, I am the producer of the following hit songs:

Pass the Agbara” by Skuki

Vulkanizer” by Skuki

E Passi Go” ft Phyno 

Werk” by DJ Cuppy

And so many more.

I have also had the privilege of working with a diverse range of top selling music artists like

  • Wiz Kid
  • Burna Boy
  • Skuki
  • Phyno
  • Akin Alabi
  • Praiz
  • Masterkraft
  • Sauti Sol
  • IcePrince Zamani
  • Slimcase
  • etc

. . .either as a producer or by mastering their songs.

My work has led to over 500 million naira.

See some of my pictures and videos with popular Nigerian celebrities and Sauti Sol from Kenya

But this letter is not about me.

It's About YOU!

So why am I telling you who I am and the people I have worked with so far.

Well, two reasons.

1. I want you to know I am 100% legit


2. I want you to understand that my work and association with all these people has led me to…

Know Some of the Mega Hidden Secrets
Of the Nigerian Music Industry

These are secrets anyone who wants to succeed in the Nigerian and even African music industry should know to hit it big.

When we gather, we the folks in the industry, either in my studio or at clubs or social places, we talk about different things - music (of course), women, men, personal stories and even more, we share business ideas and swap strategies that have worked, ideas which are still working.

Here's a small example:

If you are an upcoming musician, and you want to “blow”, there are two ways you can do it.

Way #1:
Release a song, put it on streaming apps, and sites like Soundcloud, and Tik-Tok and hope that it is catchy enough to get attention

Maybe it will work. . . maybe.

But you have to understand that you are not the only person doing this same thing.

There are at least 100,000 new musicians coming up every day, from every corner of Nigeria trying to get famous.

And every single one of them is trying to push and get “lucky” through social media.


You could do this next best thing, which is...

Way #2:
Find a Sponsor (or Record Label) that will fund the production, promotion and sponsorship of your music career

If I were in your shoes, I would go with #2, and here are three reasons why:

Reason 1 - Your career will take off faster

Look, trying to promote your own song all by yourself is tedious hard work.

You will go cap in hand, begging DJs, radio personalities, established music stars to help you distribute, and most of them will say NO.

And it’s not because they don’t want to help. It’s really because they also have their own money generating stuff to push. Why would they push yours and leave their own?

You see?

But a sponsor will simply buy your way into the right circles. They will pay DJs to spin your songs at parties, they will pay radio personalities to play your songs on their shows, they will pay other artists to feature.

Sponsorship means SPEED!

Reason 2 - You can afford to make mistakes

When you have someone covering the promotion end for you, you will be able to work without any pressure, you will be able to experiment, you will have creative freedom to take certain “risks” and even if you make mistakes, you will be protected, because sponsors know every song will not be a hit, and every show will not pay big.

Sponsors are not betting everything they own for you to succeed, and even if it doesn’t work out, they will not mind.

Getting a sponsor also means things like accommodation, your upkeep, and feeding is already sorted out for you. If you are doing everything yourself, there are certain risks you cannot take, you will be under pressure for your one song to be a hit, you will struggle, and despite all of that, you still may not succeed.

Reason 3 - You will make more money

Have you heard the saying, “you need money to make money”? It’s very true in the music business, where appearance matters a lot.

Sponsors will spend money to get you into the circles that will get you gigs and shows.

Bottomline Is - The Industry Is Hard To Navigate All by Yourself

And there are thousands of others just like you struggling to take your spot.

To succeed, you have to be different, you MUST be different.

That’s why you need a sponsor,

But getting a sponsor is not as easy as walking up to any moneybag and asking them to sponsor your song.

In fact, you SHOULD NOT walk up to any money bag or rich person and ask them to sponsor your song.


If you want to get a sponsor to fund your music careers there is a specific path to doing it, first, so that it works, and secondly, so that you are protected.

And I have taken everything I know and everything I have learnt about it from all these people mentioned above and compiled them into this book, which I call… 

“How to Get Sponsors for Your Music in One Month or Less - Guaranteed.”

Here’s what you will learn inside when you crack it open:

Chapter One: How to find the right sponsors and record Labels

Chapter Two: The 2 Major reasons why Sponsors and Record Labels are very important

Chapter Three: Two types of upcoming artists. Which one are you?

Chapter Four: How to write and record the best songs 

Chapter Five: Brag about your song

Chapter Six: Run a self-street promo

Chapter Seven: Take advantage of social media platforms

Chapter Eight: How to penetrate Industry and networking events where you will meet with sponsors directly.

Chapter Nine: The BIGGEST reason why you probably won’t get sponsored, and how to AVOID it.

There's a lot more, and you can get it all, when you grab a copy of “How to Get Sponsors for Your Music in One Month or Less - Guaranteed” by clicking the button below.

And don’t worry, your purchase is covered by my. . .

30-Day 100% “No-Questions Asked”
Money-Back Guarantee

Here's what it means.

I am certain you’re going to love this book, because everyone who has gotten it so far say they love it and it’s been so helpful.

However, I want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with me, the product and your purchasing experience, which is why I am offering you a full, no-hassle money back guarantee on it.

If you get it and it turns out it’s not for you for whatever reason, just let me know via email or by text message and I will refund you every single kobo you spent on it”

If you think there’s a “slight chance” “How to Get Sponsors for Your Music in One Month or Less - Guaranteed” can help you, you should get it today.

Because you now have the chance to try it and test out the strategies, I cover inside over the next 30 days without any worries.

Don’t like it?

I’ll send every kobo back.

But You Must Act Fast

As you know there are 100s of thousands of upcoming music acts just like you. The more of them who get this in their hands BEFORE YOU, the likelihood, you will lose the chance to find your own sponsor.

There are a lot of musicians but there is no abundance of sponsors and record labels.

So, that is all there is to it.

You will be able to download and read the book in as little as 1 minutes after the purchase is confirmed. No need to wait, no need to print anything.

By the way, when you use what I teach you to land your first Sponsor, do not forget to send me a “Thank You” gift.


Dj Mo on the Beat!


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