Using just his smartphone and without any complicated software.

Your smartphone or laptop is enough. Stay with me and I will explain more about this. 

Dear reader, 

I might not know how or why you are here, but since you are here let me introduce myself

My name is Olufunmi Ade-Ayeni. A 19-year-old young entrepreneur with a passion for seeing young people just like me succeed. 

On my WhatsApp I inspire a whole lot of people especially when it comes to making money online, and here is what few of them had to say about me:

If you feel my WhatsApp audience are just bluffing, then check out my 1,200+ LinkedIn followers. They all can’t be wrong, right?

Do you know that the average Graphic designer earns $53,380 in a year? Amazing right?

Look. If you are really interested in having the monthly income and lifestyle freedom that comes with having a digital skill like Graphic Design and earning at least 50-100k every month,

I’m certain that every single word on this page can give you just enough information to hit those monthly income goals in less than 2 months…

And also help you make quite enough money to live your life as you want,

As well as be comfortable enough to support your loved ones (just like I do for mine) anytime the need arises.

Also, if before now you have not been able to make as much money as you see some other designers making, then this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just for you!


First thing to know is, Graphic Design is simply combining images, texts and objects to communicate to an audience.

In this modern world, most brands find it difficult to survive in the social space without graphic designers because a killer ad attracts huge sales and huge sales, leads to huge profits and of course no one else gets called to help out with this but a highly-skilled Graphic Designer.

That’s why some brands pay as much as $1,000,000 to design their logos.

Big brands like Citibank, Pepsi, BBC, etc.


Shocked right?

I was as shocked as well when I discovered that Graphic Designers could earn that much from something as simple as a logo.

After that, I took it up to practice my ass out to get good at designing until I was near perfection

  • No course;
  • No mentor;
  • No prior knowledge or experience of design applications.

I struggled for about 6 months to finally get good.

During and after this period I was able to save my dad a lot of money and give him better designs.

After that 6 months, I wanted to use it for more…

“To make money!”

But I didn’t know how to do that…

So I started picking pieces together from a lot of blogs and articles (damn it was an entirely more difficult struggle)…

Until another 8 months when I landed my first design client online.

At that point, I became unstoppable.

I kept getting repeated clients, clients by referrals, clients by jealousy and they kept coming back because my designs were giving them what they wanted


Enough of me talking about myself,

See what few of my clients have to say about me

Now I comfortably earn an income monthly (online) as a University Undergraduate that even bank workers would see and feel jealous.

But I later discovered that I would not have struggled so much if I had just gotten a really great course to learn it.

Now, if you know you’re allergic to going through the process of struggling to learn this skill as I did, I’d  like to invite you to this MasterClass

I created this MasterClass for 3 major reasons


– To help complete newbies learn Graphic Design and how to make at least 100k monthly from it


– To help small business owners learn how to create better designs for themselves and ultimately save them a truckload of cash.


– To help active Graphic Designers better their skills and make more money than they currently do.

Just like these folks below:


Look at this young man before getting the course and after watching few of the Videos

Here’s what you’ll get as a new member of the Graphic Design MasterClass by LearnIt


Beginner-friendly Graphic Design MasterClass  (value- N130k)

That’s perfectly designed to help you learn Graphic Design even if you don’t know how to draw a shape on a computer.

You’ll find the information here broken down to the simplest bits so that any complete beginner can understand how to go about it. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn (properly outlined so you can easily understand and not get confused midway):

-How to use CorelDraw

-How to create Shapes

-How to use The Shape tool and how to draw objects with it

-How to use Canva

-How to use PhotoShop

-How to use Fonts properly

-How to Design Logos

-How to design Business cards

-How to design flyers

And this is just the first part.


I call it the Getting Design Clients MasterClass (value- N100k), 

Here you’ll learn,

– How to make atleast 100k monthly with design

– How to offer your Design service

– How to find a perfect design niche

– How to Get Clients

– 2 additional skills so you can charge your design clients more: Social Media Management and Virtual Assisting

– How to build your portfolio

– How to build your LinkedIn page to get high paying clients

– How to create Fiverr & Upwork accounts and earn from it

– How to make money from teaching people how to design

But that’s not all yet I still have some bonuses to give to you today when you join the Graphic Design Masterclass by LearnIt Today

The first bonus you’ll be getting is

Free Bonus Resource #1 (value- priceless)

Full Access To Design Support Community Where You Can Ask Questions, Get In Touch With ME And Have Companions On your Journey

In this community, I would also be hosting design challenges, question and answer sessions and even teach you more tips and tricks in design and selling your skill.

And did I add design review sessions? Yep!

In this community, I would personally review some of your designs and tell you where and what to work on to get better.

One of the things that help people accelerate their growth is having a community of like-minded individuals.

With this, you’ll never be stuck as you’ll always have the information you need.

Free Bonus Resource #2 (value- N55k)

UI/UX Design Course for Beginners

If you are already into graphic design or web design then this will interest you

I always recommend this course for Graphics Designers who want to upskill


Maybe you are a complete newbie looking to learn user interface/experience design

This will be of help to you

Free Bonus Resource #3 (value- N40k)

Some of the best E-books on Design and Selling (your skills) that would help you see results as quickly as possible.

These e-books have helped me to hone my selling and design skills to the max and helped me make a lot of money.

Free Bonus Resource #4 (value- N50k)

Premium Design Resources

As a beginner designer, it can be quite complicated trying to get resources from the internet, so I have compiled a list of 10,000+ design resources that would help you in your design journey.

Free Bonus Resource #5 (value- N85k)

Access to Canva Pro ($120/yr) for FREE!

One of the applications we would be using in this training includes the above and you don’t have to pay a kobo for it when you get this course. 

This application is kind of expensive to pay for and use, but when you join us today, you get it for absolutely 0 cost to you.

As you can see I’ve included everything you need to take your first step to learning a skill that could make you 100k every month.

– Without needing much experience 

– Without needing a degree

– Without needing to wait for years at a Nigerian job

– Without you being the most “gifted” designer

– Without you relying on “LUCK” or guesswork

These materials are in Video, Pdfs, and Recording Formats

They are easy to digest and understand by beginners so you don’t go astray 

There Is also a pdf and video guide showing you how to study and implement all you’ll learn.

To make it as easy as possible for you 

So you are not confused about where to start or what to do next 

And remember if you have any questions all you have to do is reach out in the support community and you’ll have your questions answered

So that’s it…

Everything outlined above is what you are getting when you join us today…

Now to the question of…

“How Much Does It Cost To Enroll For this MasterClass?”

Before we talk about the price, let’s re-cap all what you’re getting when you join us today (including bonuses):

1. The Full Graphic Design Training

2. The Getting Clients Training

3. Access to the Design Support community

4. UI/UX Design Course for Beginners 

5. Premium Design Resources

6. Access to Canva Pro

7. Knowledgeable e-books to grant you more knowledge on design and selling

If you have read up to here, you would know by now that this course is valued at a total of N450,000

But if I am actually to place a price on this, I would price it at 50,000 naira

But I know that not everyone will have that 50k to invest right away…

Plus I want to make this easily affordable for anyone who is interested in taking control of their finances.

That’s why today (until I raise the price)

I’m making this opportunity available to you at N10,000 only…

One-time payment

You won’t have to pay anything else as it requires no startup cost.

You’d make your money back over and over again after taking your time to learn the skill… 

But don’t be surprised if you come back here tomorrow and you see the price has doubled and it is now N20,000.

So click the button below to get started today

See you at the top,

Olufunmi Ade-Ayeni

Creator, Graphic Design MasterClass by LearnIt

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