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Google Ads Mastery Training (GAMT)

GAMT is the only online training that provides you with all the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to become a successful Google Ads Expert.

With GAMT, you can start getting quality leads and customers in less than 8 days by running Google Ads.

Over 5 Billion searches are performed on a daily basis, Google Ads is obviously the leader in internet advertising. This is your opportunity to access billions of customers who are actively looking for products and services you offer. The massive reach, combined with highly targeted marketing, provides huge potential for businesses of all kinds to grow.

In the Google Ads Mastery Training,

I will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the full potential of Google’s advertising platform. Whether you’re an Affiliate Marketer, a Digital Entrepreneur, or a Business Owner, this ultimate guide will equip you with the strategies and framework to outperform your competition, Which include:

Reach Your Ideal Audience

Discover how to target the right audience with precision and attract high-quality leads.

Boost Your Sales

Learn how to craft compelling ad copies that drive conversions and increase your revenue

Optimize Your ROI

Master bidding strategies and budget management for maximum returns on your investment.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Unlock advanced tactics to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape

When you enroll in the Google Ads Mastery Training,
You get access to:

Live Coaching Sessions

One-one exclusive live training sessions Ask questions, get personalized feedback, and gain valuable industry insights that will elevate your campaigns.

Worksheets Scripts & Guides

Apply your newfound knowledge through practical assignments that ensure you understand the concepts thoroughly and can implement them effectively.

Conversion-Driven Techniques

Discover proven techniques to optimize your Ad campaigns for maximum conversions. From ad copywriting secrets to landing page design, I will show you how to leave your competition in the dust.

Budget Mastery

Learn the art of budget allocation to extract the most value from your advertising spend. Achieve unprecedented ROI by optimizing your budget like a seasoned pro.

Targeting Perfection

Unlock the power of laser-focused targeting. Identify and reach your ideal audience, ensuring your ads land in front of the right people who are hungry for what you offer.

Exclusive mastermind group

Join a community of 200+ students and find opportunities by connecting with other people.

You will be certified
after you complete GAMT


Access to a private community to enable me tackle your challenge and make sure you get the most out of your journey
Materials, Resources (Ad copies, website urls, secret keywords, headlines, templates etc)
How to run profitable YouTube ads from scratch.

More Bonus:

How to buy a domain, hosting and design a website from scratch.
My secrets and strategies on getting over 100 quality leads as low as $4.
My 6 figure framework (so powerful, I covered client acquisition, brand building, client management/retention and sales)

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He Made Close to 1 Million Naira with GAMT.

"GAMT Changed my business in a matter of months"

After GAMT I can confidently sell anything in any business.

GAMT Students are closing gigs after implementing the 6 figure framework in GAMT


I'm James Onwuchekwa

Digital Marketing Expert

I am one of Nigeria’s innovative digital marketing consultants. I have helped hundreds of individuals and organizations worldwide scale and build their businesses financially.




Avg. Increase revenue

Are you frustrated with Facebook Ads restrictions and low sales conversions for your business, or are you a Google Ads expert who isn’t getting the outcomes that you need? 

Are you fed up with watching your competitors succeed while your business struggles to gain traction? 

Do you want to take charge of your internet presence and see your sales skyrocket? 

There is no need to look any further! The Google Ads Mastery Training is your ticket to digital marketing success.

After tons of money spent on courses and coaching, as well as millions of naira spent on advertising for myself and my clients,

I decided to pour out all my knowledge and experience into the Google Ads Mastery Training for desired individuals who are ready to dominate the Google space. 

In this training, I exposed the in-depth fundamentals of Google Ads,

and how an ordinary novice can transform his business with the knowledge in GAMT.

Obviously, if you are skilled like me, you should be aware that the success of your campaign rests on generating high-quality leads at a low cost and generating results like this:

Here are a few things that will happen to you if you fail to grab the GAMT now before the price increases:

  • You’ll keep struggling with Facebook restrictions.
  • You’ll lose the opportunity to learn from me directly of course you know is beyond just the training you can ask those in attendance.
  • You’ll lose the opportunity to dominate the Google space now it isn’t saturated like Facebook.
  • You’ll lose the client acquisition/retention strategy I taught in the 6 Figure Framework, 10 client retention/month can give your first 300k+ as a newbie this is different from the lifetime knowledge.

Imagine losing all these.

The painful part is, that it’s also affecting your business, low sales conversions, and no quality leads, When would you get tired?

You have nothing to lose. The Google Ads Mastery Training comes with a 30-day Money-back guarantee.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Google Ads Mastery Training, then let me know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and I will personally give you a complete refund.

Frequently asked questions

Yeah, you need a Website to run Google ads but in the GAMT I disclosed how to run ads without a Website

Yes, in the GAMT, I will teach you how to run ads with your smartphone.

You can make research about me on Twitter or any social media platform username (BeastMarketer)

Join the TRAINING today

I will teach you Google Ads to help you grow your Internet business.

Claim your spot now and secure your Google Ads success! Click the button below to enroll in the 30 Days Google Ads Mastery Training.



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