The 101% Guaranteed Way To Reach Out To Buying Prospects/Customers You've Never Tried.

Tired of Wasting Money On Adverts That Never Convert?

You don see shege before where you spent like 100k on Advert and got less than 10 Leads? And out of these 10 Leads, only 2 have sense?

Keep Reading!

As a marketer who needed more and more LEADS (LEADS are people that see your advert and then chatted you to learn more/or entered your funnel), I had to try an acclaimed EXPERT on Facebook Ads one time like that...

I gave this guy 100k and he assured me of 400 leads at the end of the ads.

Did I get 400 leads?


They have sense?


So that was how I lost a whole 100,000 Naira in 4 days! As a young marketer at that the time still trying to grow and make more money, I would have given up on my business after loosing such. But I had a back up which is a skill I know myself and can set up myself.

By the way: This is a skill I've been using long since 2017. Maybe nah "Greed" carried me to test another advert channel.

But no reason am, as a marketer you should be VERY GREEDY if you must make the type of money others will be greedy of.

Copy that!

as a marketer you should be VERY GREEDY if you must make the type of money others will be greedy of!

As all these were going on, I already have some of my advert account either banned, suspended or permanently restricted!

And to worsen the whole thing, I have funds on these accounts sitting like a fyn girl looking at me but i can't touch. Lol!

And there's nothing I could do about that, because it's part of those agreement, and terms and conditions we Nigerians don't like reading but love checking right away. Lol!

I had my 13 Ad Account All Permanently Restricted!

As an active marketer, I'm sure you can relate to my experiences thus far. It's something that frustrates and can make one give up on the whole business. BUT RELAX, there's still HOPE.

Today, I'll be exposing to you how to reach out to people who are already raising their hands up, ready to buy your product!

There's what is called interruptive marketing: A way of reaching out to people who have never shown interest in your business, but are likely to show interest.

So many social media adverts can be said to be interruptive marketing because the people you're reaching out to might be reading comments, finding memes, catching cruise on social media..

And all of a sudden, BOOOM!

They will see your advert.

While this is still OKAY, what if you learn how to reach out to people whom, on their own show interest in your product without you interrupting their social media lives?

These people are in their buying stage. most of them will be asking questions like they wana buy ASAP. And when you setup things well, they will see themselves on your funnel!

You can imagine when someone asks

"where to buy nice shoes in Port Harcourt"

This person is ready to buy shoes. Unlike people who are on social media that MAY BE interested to buy shoes.

Dear fellow marketer, would you prefer reaching out to people who are ready to buy your products or to spend your funds on people catching cruise on social media?

Are you tired of seeing the foolishness of social media users who comment irresponsibly on your advert? calling your products all sort of names while discouraging serious buyers?

Peace of mind as a marketer is what you should never underrate. And sometimes if you're not a strong marketer, many of these social media guys will frustrate you out of business.

So instead of all these and knowing now that there's a way to connect with people who are ready to buy your product, is it not better you give this maximum attention and scoop buying prospects?!

Get These Points Clear:

  • Here, buying Leads are guaranteed no mater how you do it.
    Unlike social media ads that may or may not give you leads, this is a reliable way to generate constant daily leads no matter how poor your setup is.
  • Refund Policy.
    At any point you want to stop your campaign and take out your funds, you can do so and within 7days, your funds will land on your bank account. This is even if by any chance, you go against their policy and got your account suspended.
  • No room for irresponsible comments on your Business:
    People that will see your business are people who are ready to buy your products. Not just random people as seen on social media.

I know by now, You're curious to know this #1 rated reliable way to reach out to buying customers.

Marketing they say, is a game of numbers. So the more people you're able to reach out to, the more sales you're going to make.

As a game, if you don't play it well as a marketer, you'll waste money and miss out on buying prospects. It hurts when you, whole heartedly want to grow your business to the next level, only to find out no one is buying your products.

That kind thing dey pain shaaa...

Today, I have a solution for you. I mean, the FINAL BUSTOP to your worries about advertising your business.

Whether you sell digital products or physical products.

I've used this skill to rake in over 10 million naira in less than 1 year as an active affiliate marketer selling digital products.

My Friend, Prosper was back in 2016, using this same skill to make money from his internet marketing business. We were close then that he uses my own account to set things up.

I trusted him with my details and he trusted me with his business. To God, I don't understand what he was doing with it. But I was curious to know.

So as a smart guy, I was just looking at his settings, watching how everything dey go and one day I decided to try. LOL!

Mehn, I lost money because some of the basic set ups I should have done, I missed them and that led to my over spending with less leads.

I did more research on my own: why am spending more but getting less and I discovered my mistakes. This is not what I wish for any marketer. I was very very new to internet marketing as of then, so the thing pained me.

I wouldn't want you to experience same mistakes that I did while starting and that's why I've created a solution that will help you sell more of your products as a marketer.

Introducing: Google Ads For Marketers Expo (GAME) Course

Like I've already mentioned before, marketing is a game of numbers. And you must know how to play this game well if you must be a successful marketer.

It was because of you I created the GAME COURSE so you learn the GAME of marketing very well. It's just what it name says: GAME. And be rest assured you'll come out a winner with the Google Ads For Marketers Expo course.

I've Affiliate marketing students who've used the smartphone version of this course to make serious money online. They're marketers like you. I do imagine what their level would have been if I had given them all I know about Google Ads.

Thank God they have it now are making a lot of money for themselves.

Just like Vivian Patrick who made more than 1,500 Dollars in just a week from her Affiliate Marketing Business.

Or Maimuna Amadi, known as Empress Digital, who was able to make 115,000 Naira from her Affiliate Marketing Business too under my Coaching.

Or Jubilee Jack, who was able to earn 135,000 Naira selling other people's products online via my smartphone Google Ads course.

Seriously, I hid my knowledge on Google ads for long. Even from my students, Lol. That was why i just recorded few things using my smartphone for them.

But now, I've decided to share my full knowledge on Google ads so I don't die with them.

mek that one no be reason wey i go enter hell fire. Lol!

So you're blessed been here today. Count yourself very lucky because what I know, so many running same Google Ads don't know it.

  1. 1
    Google Ads is a sure way to reach out to prospective buyers and get buying leads. I'm giving you a 101% guarantee on this.
  2. 2
    This is not a means of advertising that will be unreliable and inconsistent. Once setup, be rest assured of daily and constant leads.
  3. 3
    People you're reaching out to are already in their buying stage. So you won't need more education before you sell.

What People Are Saying About The GAME Course

As a marketer who wants to make more sales, the  GAME COURSE by Stanimart Okeke is for you.

After months of difficulty tying to generating quality leads for my business,

I stumbled on the  Google Ads For Marketers Expo (GAME) by Stanimart.

 My leads generating problems were solved.

I started generating leads constantly ON A LOW BUDGET. 

Samson Amobi
- Affiliate Marketer.

Hear what Maimuna Amadi has to say

Get Trained to Become a google ads manager..

With the Google Ads for marketers Expo, you'll be trained very well that you not only use the skill for your own business, you can as well be very good to the extent of getting  Jobs as a Google Ads Manager for other businesses.

Price is increasing anytime soon...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

Stanislaus Okeke

Creator of GAME COURSE

About the Course Creator.

Just so you know I'm not a ghost talking to you with no identity. My name is Stanislaus Okeke. But fellow internet marketers know me as Stanimart. Coiled from Stanislaus and Marketing (Stani-Marketer).

I focus on teaching people how to make more money on the internet legitimately. I'm also the creator of Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC) that teaches beginners how to make money online, selling other people's product.

After spending over 10,000 Dollars as a Google Advertiser, I created the Google Ads For Marketers Expo (GAME) Course to teach internet marketers how to sell more of their products on Google.

I believe so much in my knowledge and I'm assuring you of SUCCESS as a marketer using my course.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you soon.

I started running Google Ads in 2016 and as beginner then, I had so many challenges which I wouldn't like you to experience especially as it concerns losing money.

Below was my Google Ads statistics for all time money spent then. So I spent about 227 dollars then.

Later on, I started again with a different Google Ads account. I was using this peacefully until Google demands I verify my identity.

And I had no valid ID like voters card, Passport etc.. I only had the paper National ID Card which they rejected. So I had to use my brother's ID and it was accepted.

With that account, I spent about 8,000 Dollars as seen below..

When I managed to get my Permanent voters card, I decided to use another Google Ads account that bears my name.

With that, I've spent about 4,000 Dollars as you can see below..

So that's about 12,000 Dollars spent so far and still counting because even right now that you're reading this, I have my Google Ads running.

So I'm no longer a novice to this GAME. You're not to be in the hands of a novice either.

I know this GAME well and I'm ready to teach you if you're ready to learn it.

Stanimart, I've got some courses online and was left to figure things out myself. will you be there to support me if i get this course?

This is a major nightmare for people getting courses online, SUPPORT. I've seen many cases where a course creator will sell and promise a lot of stuffs, but once the customer makes a purchase, the story go change.

I'm not like that. If I can be able to teach you to the point you make big money, it will be to my credit that YES, I've grown someone's business. I'll be glad to be part of your success.

So why should I miss such opportunity? Google ads even isn't something someone can sell to another without supporting the person. It has a lot inside and would need to be supported.

Stanimart, Why should I buy The game course when there are free resources online?"

While free resources can provide some foundational knowledge, a comprehensive course as the Google Ads For Marketers Expo offers structured learning, expert insights, and up-to-date information.

The GAME Course provides step-by-step guidance, real-life examples that help you apply the concepts effectively.

It also offers direct support and access to instructors or a community, which can be valuable when you have specific questions or need personalized advice.

Why Should You start advertising on Google?

  • Increased visibility: Google Ads allows you to place your ads prominently on Google search results pages, YouTube, and partner websites. This increased visibility puts your brand in front of a wide audience, increasing your chances of attracting potential customers.

  • Targeted advertising: Google Ads provides advanced targeting options, allowing you to reach specific demographics, locations, interests, and devices. This precision targeting ensures that your ads are shown to the right audience, maximizing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Cost-effective: Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This makes it a cost-effective advertising method, as you're only charged when there is potential customer engagement.

  • Remarketing opportunities: Google Ads offers remarketing features, which allow you to target users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your brand. This enables you to re-engage potential customers who have already shown interest, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

  • Measurable results: Google Ads provides detailed performance metrics, allowing you to track and analyze the success of your campaigns. You can measure key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and return on investment (ROI). This data helps you optimize your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve your advertising efforts.

What will you be learning from the GAME Course?

  • Create Google Ads Account
  • Google Ads Billing Setup
  • Appeal And Account Cancellation
  • Google Ads Keywords
  • Audience Targeting
  • Increase Click Through Rate(CTR)
  • Create Display Ad Campaign
  • Signup Form Conversion Ads (For Email Marketing)
  • YouTube Ads
  • Changing Google Ads View
  • Google Ads Tools And Settings
  • Google Ads Left Menus Explained
  • Negative Keywords And Search Terms
  • Ad Grouping
  • Create Campaign (Maximize Clicks)
  • Conversion Campaign (For WhatsApp Marketing)

Price is increasing anytime soon...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

30days Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30days Money Back-Guarantee. If in 30 days time from now, you don't start getting results after setting up your Google Ads following what you'll learn on the GAME Course, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

I'll help you learn how to setup a standard website using WordPress And Elementor Page Builder

I sell this training for N25,000 but you'll be getting it FOR FREE because you can't talk about Google Ads without talking about website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Google Ads cost?

What is Google Ads?

Can I target specific locations with Google Ads?

How does Google Ads work?

What are the different types of Google Ads campaigns?

Can I run Google Ads on Smartphone?

P.S.: There are many marketers on this internet. Many are just struggling to make sales. I don't know if you're one of them. Today, you've seen this solution that is reliable and will consistently bring you new leads daily.

Don't sleep on it!

Price is increasing anytime from now. Get the Google Ads For Marketers Expo (GAME) Course now at the launch fee.


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