The Revolutionary Way To Earn An Average Of $100 Weekly Creating And Selling Information Products Online Without Having A Single Website…

Do You Have A Burning Desire Or Curiosity To Share What You Know And Get Paid In Return? Read This Guide To The End To Learn How You Can Make This Happen Fast In Less Than 7 Days

  • Are you a talented author struggling to sell just a copy of your information product?
  • Are you a newbie willing to start a profitable and sustainable online business but have lost hope due to being scammed by the so called internet marketing gurus?
  • Do you wish to start making passive income even while you sleep?
  • Do you wish to learn the secret I and my other colleagues are using to bank an average of $300 weekly selling hot in demand information products to hungry buyers?

If you answered YES to the above question, I say congratulations because you are about to discover the REAL HIDDEN TRUTH that will forever change your life and make you the internet lifestyle guy while traveling around the world.

You are about to discover how you can start banking an average of $100 weekly creating and selling hot in-demand information products online without having a SINGLE WEBSITE using a revolutionary platform called GUMROAD.

What Is Information Product Marketing Business

Information product marketing business is the business of providing useful information to information seekers to helping them solve their problems and charging for it.

Information product marketing business in Nigeria is probably the only business you can start with little capital of $25 (N10,000) without a single website and be making a good profit of over $500 (N200,000) weekly or monthly once you follow every step you are about to discover.

Information marketing has been announced to be one of the most lucrative ways to make money online even if you have no capital.

What Is Information Product Marketing Business

Remember, everyone surfing the internet is seeking information on one thing or the other, and if you can just provide a solution to what is giving them sleepless nights, they will be willing and ready to empty their bank accounts just to purchase that information from you.

You can sell your ideas, expertise, hobbies, and skills.
You may even decide to create a product on the topic that interests you the most. It may be on

  • How to Make Shawarma at Home
  • How to Prepare Oha Soup
  • How to write a CV that gets you an interview
  • List of unusual places to find job openings vacancies in Nigeria
  • How To Make 6-7 Figures Income Monthly Exporting High In Demand Products In Nigeria
  • How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Without Getting Scammed
  • How to Date a Nigerian Girl
  • How to Get Your Ex Back
  • How to Tell a Girl you Love Her
  • And many more ….

You only need to deliver your product via an email address, attach the product you are selling and it gets delivered instantly.

This Is The Absolute Secret You Are About To Discover

And to prove this to you...

I Would Show You Some Of My Income From This Business. It Is Very Important You Know That I Don't Just Talk The Talk, I Also Walk The Walk...

Dear Friend,

My name is Ahmed Olusanya, I am the founder of a popular online school called Skills And Income School.

I started my journey in the information marketing world 6 years ago as an amateur who struggled to barely make $50 in a month.

I was frustrated because as a Chemical Engineering graduate, I virtually combed the nooks and crannies of my city in search of jobs not readily available.

Life was so frustrating because I was so confident my certificate would earn me the dream job I desire but this proved me wrong.

How I Discovered The Information Product Marketing Model That Transformed My Life

As a voracious reader and an inquisitive being, I stumbled on a newspaper publication about an online business training organised by Success Digest ..

I summed up courage to give it a trial with the last kobo in my account and that was when the unexpected happened. To cut the long story short, I applied and implemented all the secrets I learned in the training and boom I made my first $840 (210,000 naira) after 60 days of persistence.

After creating a series of products from my information product marketing business, I decided to take a step further to start earning in dollars which made me discover the revolutionary platform that has already earned me and some of my friends over $2000 in revenue within a few months.

Now it is time to level up and start earning in DOLLARS rather than in NAIRA

This is why I want to Introduce you to a platform that could earn you an average of $100 weekly without having a single website only if you follow strictly what I will teach you in this course.

But Wait! Do You Want To Start Earning In Dollars Just Like This?

This Platform Is Called GUMROAD


Gumroad is a marketplace for creators to sell their products.

Products including:


Here is why I recommend Gumroad


Although you can sell your product on other channels as you'd like, you can sell Gumroad products without a 3rd party website!


Upload your products as files or send buyers to special URLs for purchase information. You can even create unique licenses for your products.


Gumroad pays on a convenient weekly schedule.


Gumroad provides a wide array of data that will satiate any data driven marketer's needs.


Gumroad allows you to create attractive, high converting sales pages in minutes.


If customers file chargebacks (at scale, it's bound to happen) Gumroad does the investigating for you and fights to ensure you win any claims against you.


Easily add tracking pixels so you can retarget visitors off of the Gumroad website. Someone visits your sales page and doesn't buy? Hit them up with some low cost, cross platform ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google!


Create subscription products and charge customers on a monthly or yearly basis.


Wouldn’t You Jump Right On This Opportunity And Start Blasting Your Way To $100 Or More Weekly?

But Wait! Don't Get It Twisted You Might Lose Your Account!

When I first discover this platform, I was so excited and couldn’t just wait to start earning in dollars.

So I rushed to open an account without due research and terms of interest.

Within 1 month of opening the account and having accrued some hundreds of dollars, I just got a mail that my account has been deactivated and my earnings has been held due to some violations.

Don't Start This Business Without Going Through This Course So As Not To Make The Same Mistake I Made That Cost My Account And Earnings



This course will show you the revolutionary way newbies are using to earn an average of $100 weekly creating and selling information products online without having a single website.

You see, I’ve once been in your shoes. I know how it feels like to not want to look at your bank account balance because you already know what’s in there; NOTHING!

I know what it feels like to be so broke that, some days, you cannot afford to eat three square meals. Rings a bell? I understand what it feels like to be owing people money including your landlord.

This is the reason I am inviting you to join the multi billion dollars information marketing business and have your own cut also in this ever growing and never saturated industry.

Should You Just Believe All I Am Saying? Let Me Show You Some Proofs

Are You Still In Doubt? Here Are What Some Newbies Like You Are Saying About This Course

See More Testimonials! Hundreds Of People Can Never Be Wrong

Here Is A Sneak Peak Into The Course Content

Literally, it took me about 2 months to put up this course. This is to ensure I detailed every step that has worked for me in this business model. So you are not getting any fluff content.

Module 1

How to create a gumroad and a business verified Paypal account

Module 2

Product research and how to create information product from scratch

Module 3

How to create a good sales copy for your information product

Module 4

How to create and design an ebook cover in 5 mins

Module 5

Setting up free lead generation and email marketing system

Module 6

5 free traffic sources that converts like crazy

Module 7

How to 10x times your earnings using facebook ads (hints on targeting rich people that are guaranteed to buy your product)

Who Is Gumroad Automated Cash Machine For?

  • Anyone who is interested in the lowest-cost, highest-return ways to make money online.
  • People who want to stop trading hours for dollars
  • People who want to leverage the power of the internet to create the lifestyle of their dreams
  • This course is for beginners, someone who has never done a product launch

Who Is Gumroad Automated Cash Machine Not For?

  • This course is NOT for people who are seeking to 'Get Rich Quick' with no effort.
  • People who are not ready to take action.
  • People who prefer the 8am to 5pm job hustle

I know You Are Waiting Anxiously For The Price Of This Product

If I had called this product ₦60,000 it would be fair.

This is a product that will teach you how to live the internet lifestyle and save yourself the daily 8am to 5pm job hustle.

But Wait!

I have a surprise for you! what if I give you this product for just ₦40,000, will it still be fair on you?

Absolutely yes!

But let me shock you further.

I am craving to give you a whopping 50% discount which gets you this product at a shocking price of ₦30,000.

But right now! If you get this product before the timer stops, then you would be getting it at a further discount of N15,000


Once the timer stops, the price triples and that is FINAL.

Nothing is stopping you from living that internet lifestyle just like I do.

Infact, I have a more shocking revelation for you.

Take A Look At Some Of The Awesome Bonuses You Are Getting Once You Enroll For This Course






Do I need a website to start this business?

No website is needed as everything will be done on the platform

What payment method do I need to receive payment?

You will need a verified business paypal account that can send and receive.

In fact the first video training will teach you how to open a verified Paypal account successfully.


Do I bear any charges again on paypal when I receive my money?

Gumroad bears the paypal charges but they remove their commission which is pretty cool

I don't have a digital product to sell, am I fit to attend the training?

My wife doesn’t have a digital product and she has started..You will learn how to get a digital product that will sell like fire

When do I get paid?

Payment are made weekly by Gumroad.


How long does it take to set up

Set up will take you just few hours

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days. If For Any Reason You Enrolled For This Course And You Feel You Just Wasted Your Time Without No Result.

We Will Refund You With No Questions Asked

Final Words

If you desire to start living the internet lifestyle guy or looking for a way to start earning a lifetime income from your one-time effort, then you need to consider getting gumroad automated cash machine.

You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

I wish you success in your journey.


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