Attention everyone who wants to earn a living writing online…

It’s time to learn how anyone CAN EARN between $200 - $1000 monthly simply by writing 500 - 1,500 words articles for foreign clients online

Even if you have never been paid to write before.

Imagine making over $12,000 dollars (6 MILLION NAIRA) yearly just from writing…

How will your life change?

What does an extra $1,000 (800,000) mean to you?

Well, I’ll leave to answer that question. And while you look for answers…

Read on so you’ll learn how ordinary people like you have been able to consistently make $1000 monthly simply by writing 500-1,500 word articles online 

Hey there,

You love to write.

Your friends know you can write, even your family knows you write too

I mean…your writing is so good and every time you post your write-up, you get applause in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

In fact, some people have told you to turn your passion for writing into money but you don’t know how to go about it.

A part of you really want to make money from your passion but you don’t see the possibility

You know that likes, comments, shares, and even compliments can’t pay the bills

However, you are stuck on how to convert your writing skills to money

If this is you, keep reading because at the end of this write-up, you will have clear steps on how to convert your writing skill into money.

And believe me, it’s easier than you think

I mean, I know people who were desperate to earn from their writing skill that they created a blog

Others even wrote and published books

But the truth is….

If you are looking for how to make money writing online and you open a blog,

you have just made the biggest mistake of your writing career.

I’m telling you the bitter truth.

Trying to make money online by opening a blog is one of the hardest ways of monetizing your writing skills

Because blogging isn’t just about writing, that’s just a part of it.

There are many people who open blogs with the desire to make money from writing….

And after toiling day and night on the blog, they eventually shut it down without earning a dime from it

While those who published a book in order to earn from their writing ended up giving out free copies of their books because the books aren’t selling.

See, publishing a book is not all about knowing how to write, you also need to know how to market the book.

You don’t expect people to buy a book just because you wrote it.

Unless you are Chimamanda or Achebe, it doesn’t work that way.

So why am I telling you all these? It’s simple

I don’t want you to make silly mistakes all in the name of trying to turn your love for writing into money when there are simpler ways to do it.

If you don’t want to fall into the same trap, then keep reading carefully.

And if you use the simple method I'll show you

you can start earning as a writer in your first month.

But first, let me tell you a little about me,

My name is Cynthia Azih

And for a long time I’ve always known I could write… Not like I was an expert or anything, In fact, it was more like a feeling because I never actually wrote unless there was money involved

Like an essay competition here, a short story competition there…

Stuff like that

In fact, I don’t call myself a passionate writer

Just name a reasonable amount of money and I’ll write for you.

And this brings me to another point which is… Although having passion for writing is good, 

You don't need passion to make money as a writer

Writing is a skill and like any other skill, it can be learnt

Also, asides me, I know other writers who make good money from their writing skill who’ll tell you that they are not passionate about writing. it’s just what pays the bills

So if you are reading this and you don't have the passion for writing, but you believe you can learn the skill, keep reading because there is room for everyone

Moving on…

I have always been looking for ways to earn as a writer

I knew that people were making money from their writing skills but I didn’t know how to go about it. but I was desperate to join this league of persons

I remember opening a blog which I had to shut down without earning a dime from it…. so if you have experienced the same, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Few years after shutting don’t the blog, I remember searching on Google for ways to make money writing online. Of all the results I saw, the one that stood out for me was freelance writing

I didn’t know what the term ‘freelance writing’ meant so I had to check it out.

Little did I know that what I was about to discover would drastically change the course of my financial life

Now, you might be thinking…

What is freelance writing?

Well, let me save you the stress of going to Google like I did

Freelance writing is simply offering your writing skill to companies and businesses in exchange for money on a contract basis

To explain further,

There are businesses that need to consistently put up content on the website so as to attract and keep customers engaged or entertained.

As a freelance writer, it is your job to create such content for them

Basically, the type of content you will be writing as a freelance writer are called articles.

These articles are usually around 500 to 1,500 words.

They could be less or more depending,

And these articles are usually published on the blog section of these websites

Hence these articles are also frequently called BLOG POSTS because of where they are published

The best part about this is that there are so many businesses in need of your skill. 

Blog posts are important because businesses need them in order to provide information that’ll convince their target audience to register for their services, download their software, and so on.

But most businesses do not have the time to write these articles. So they need you to consistently write these articles that’ll enable them attract and retain their target audience.

Another interesting thing to note is that writing these articles is so simple
I mean, it takes just around 4 hours to write a 1,000 word article

Also note that as a freelance writer, your target clients are strictly foreign clients

Not Nigerian clients

Let me say it again.

Your focus is on foreign clients that can pay you in dollars.

These are the clients that can easily bring out money and pay you your worth unlike Nigerians clients that will want to use and drain you while paying you peanuts.

Generally, most Nigerian clients don’t pay writers well and this is a fact.

That’s why I didn’t even bother about working with Nigeria clients when starting out as a freelance writer

In fact, I have never worked with any Nigerian client till date.

I don’t want anybody to stress me.

See, a Nigeria client will most likely pay 2 naira per word for an article

So if it’s a 1000 word article, your take home pay will be 2,000 naira.

This is laughable if you ask me. 

I don’t blame them shaa, they think writing is beans.

Anyway, for that same 1000 word article, a foreign client can easily pay you $50 as a beginner.

So let’s say you get paid $50 for a 1000 word article

Now, $1 = 700 NAIRA

Though you can exchange it for more than that, but let’s just use this.

Now, if you do the math, that’s 35,000 for a 1000 word article which you can finish in 4 hours

So you are getting paid 35,000 for 4 hours work

Remember, this is your rate as a beginner.

You can definitely charge more that this as you go higher up the food chain

For instance, here’s a student of mine who charges $175 -$200 per article.

Also, another thing you should keep in mind as a freelance writer is….

You can work with multiple clients

That is, you are not restricted to only one client. There is no limitation whatsoever.

But let’s say you are working with one client.

And you have to write one article per week for such a client and you have agreed on the rate of $50 per 1000 word article. This means at the end of the month, you will be getting $200, that’s 140,000 naira.

From writing 4 articles a month, that’s 1 article per week.

This is an easy way to earn as a writer if you ask me.

And it doesn’t matter if you are:

None of these matter, as you can easily combine any of these with being a freelance writer 

What matters is your ability to learn and put what you learn into practice 

See, I started freelance writing as a student, graduated, and I’m currently combining it with my 9-5.

In fact, I made my first 1 million naira as a freelance writer and you too can do the same.

Sorry, scratch that….

Freelance writing can change your life

Take Emmanuella for instance,

Before she discovered freelance writing, she was struggling to survive pharmacy school.

The fees for textbooks, practical workbooks, and field trips were all overwhelming

In fact, she was almost getting depressed due to the constant thoughts of how to afford the numerous and unending fees.

Luckily for her, she came across freelance writing during the 2020 lockdown since then, her life has never remained the same.

From struggling to pay fees for textbooks and field trips, she was able to comfortably afford induction and convocation fees without having to beg anyone for money.

And that’s not all,

She now comfortably pays the fees of her siblings. 

In fact the money she gets as a freelance writer is 5 times what the hospital where she’s doing her mandatory one year internship currently pays her.

She’s also able to travel to Lagos via flight to spend the weekend with her family.

All these because she discovered freelance writing and gave it her all.

And you too can do the same 

It’s simple if you can follow instructions

Now, forget about Emmanuella.

Let’s talk about you

I don't know why you want to earn an extra $200 - $1,000 monthly…

It may be to:

Whatever your reason is for wanting to make money as a writer is….I don’t know.

But one thing is know is…I can help you achieve your aim

All you need is to follow the steps detailed in the freelance writing mastery course and you’ll achieve your goal.

These steps are straightforward and you don’t need:


A writing degree


A writing certificate


Prior writing experience


Prior writing training

All you need is:

If you don’t have a strong desire, persistence, discipline, and willpower to make money as a writer, this won’t work for you.

So you might as well stop reading this.

But if you have all these, then you are welcome to join…

The Freelance Writing Mastery Course.

The freelance writing mastery is a step by step course that is designed to help you make your first $1000 as a freelance writer.

If you go though the course and implement all you're taught, you'll start getting results like this in no time:

The freelance writing mastery course gives you access to the following:

PART 1: The business of freelance writing

In this module, you’ll learn the business of freelance writing…

PART 2: Article writing 101

Part of your success as a freelance writer depends on your ability to write simple articles.

That’s why in this module, I’ll be taking you through:

PART 3: Editing and formatting an article

Here, you’ll learn:

PART 4: Setting up your freelance writing portfolio

Here, you’ll learn:

Now parts 1-4 will take you through all you need to become a professional writer. By the end of part 4, you should have your freelance writing portfolio and be proud of yourself.

However, being a professional writer is not enough.

You can be a good writer and still be broke.

Here is Lateef who referred his sister to me so she can monetize her writing skill.

This is to show you that being a good writer is not enough. Being a good writer and getting foreign clients to pay you are two totally different things.

In fact, you don’t have to be the best writer to make money from your skill.

I have a friend who is a good writer but never really made good money writing because she didn’t know how to land foreign clients as a writer

So keep in mind that being a skilled writer is not enough.

In fact, being the best writer is not a guarantee that you’ll land foreign clients. It doesn’t work that way

Getting clients is another ball game altogether and if you are not careful, someone less skilled than you but with more knowledge on how to land client will make more money than you.

And this is why I won’t stop at teaching you how to become a professional writer. I’ll also show you how to find foreign clients that’ll pay you for your skills

This is what the last part will address.

So, read on.

PART 5: Landing foreign clients on Upwork

Haven’t heard of Upwork before?

Well, Upwork is a global freelancing platform where freelance writers can find foreign clients who are willing to pay them. It is the platform that I use to get foreign clients to pay me, and you can too.

In this part, you’ll learn:

All these will enable you build  a thriving freelance writing business on upwork

If you have read until this point, I know you must be itching to lay your hands on the freelance writing mastery course.

However, that’s not all I have for you. 

See, I’m serious about helping you building a profitable freelance writing career so to make it easier for you…

I'll be adding the following as bonuses for you






As a freelance writer Here, you’ll have a grasp of what SEO writing is, and how to leverage SEO as a freelance writer.

In summary, this bonus contains the A-Z of SEO writing for freelance writers

All these are yours once you gain access to the freelance writing mastery course

With everything I have detailed for you, you’ll agree that this is the one and only freelance writing course you’ll ever need.

Now I believe you are itching to know how much it will cost.

Well, permit me to throw that question to you

How much do you think all these should cost?

I don’t know your answer, but let me tell you what I know…

I studied a professional course in the university you know one of those courses that you’re sure of getting a job once you graduate

Not those courses where they tell you that you can work anywhere and I know how much I spent throughout my stay in the university plus how many years I spent…including ASUU strike and the COVID-19 lockdown

Yet, the money I make as a freelance writer is way higher than what I have earned from the course I studied even after spending thousands of naira in the university.

As a freelance writer, you can earn the same amount or even more while doing less work.

This course is guaranteed to make you your first $1000 as a freelance writer and more once you follow the steps inside.

That’s 700,000 naira just because you purchased one course.

So, how much will be you willing to invest?

If you ask me, paying 70,000 naira is not a bad idea. Afterall, that’s $100.

More like one tenth of what you’ll be making.

However, for someone that hasn’t earned good money as a writer before, 70,000 naira might seem much.

So you won’t be paying N70,000.

In fact, you won’t be paying anything near that amount.

See, I want to make this course as affordable as possible so you won’t have any excuse not make money as a writer.

On this note…

you can go ahead and pay 20,000 naira only.

Let’s be honest here. 

20,000 naira is around $25.

And almost everyone that is serious about earning as a freelance writer can afford it.

If you want to get the freelance writing mastery course for 20,000 naira only, you can make payment below.

Once you make payment,

You have Lifetime Access to all the modules and bonuses in the freelance writing mastery course.

Also, the course is in video format so you can pause, rewind, and rewatch as many times as you want.

Every single one of them.

If you are ready to start earning as a freelance writer, start here


No, you don’t. You can write these articles and blog posts on your phone as a beginner. However, once you start earning from this course, buy a laptop so it will be easier for you and you’ll have less distractions.

Freelance writing is not a salary job. The amount you make depends on how hard you work. Your earning potential is in your hands.

Yes, you can do this on the side like me.

You’ll be able to ask any question you have and I’ll answer you personally.

You’ll get full access to the course materials and also join the community.

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