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You literally can change your life by what you're about to read in the next two minutes.

Why the hell should I listen to you?

I have helped several African Freelancers earn $100,000+ yearly with their skills and expertise.

Over the last seven years, I have trained and empowered more than 20,000 high achievers in discovering their talents, honing their skills to make income and scaling up to become globally sought after. His students have made over $6,000,000 cumulatively.

A voracious advocate for online work and digital skill acquisition in the current age of the 4th Industrial revolution.

I created Work Without Walls Academy (W3A) an e-learning platform to empower youths with digital skills and freelancing for remote jobs and MyFreelanceHQ to help and support African Freelancers. 

W3A was able to help youth earn over N100 million ($200,000) via freelancing during the Pandemic and lockdowns. This figure grew to over N2.5 billion naira ($5 million) by the end of 2021. My mission is to create more $100,000/year African Freelancers.

Some of my students:

Dear Freelancer,

If one of these scenarios resonates with you, then you should keep reading. If not, you are doing well. You may now exit this page.

  1. You bear the title freelancer but have not gotten any gigs in the past months
  2. You have a freelancing gig/gigs but live hand to mouth as you are underpaid.
  3. You work for clients who ghosts you at will
  4. You have a low-paying skill that limits your earning potential 
  5. As a freelancer, you are earning Peanuts

Then You are at the right place and I totally get you. Read on!

“That freelancing thing doesn’t work, trust me.”

These were the exact words said to Peter by his friend when he told him he had given up his job search to become a freelancer. His friend told him how he had signed up on varying freelancing platforms, citing almost 15 as examples, but neither received invites to jobs nor received any acceptances. He went on to say that Upwork/Fiverr only favored those outside the shores of Nigeria. (WRONG!!!)

Peter did not listen to him as he had seen proof enough to convince him that freelancing did indeed work and people earned from it. Instead, Peter learned how to get his first client, create a self-sustaining business off freelancing, and MADE more than 5X his rates in under 12 months, using the ideas I will teach you here.

Today, Peter, A 21-year-old boy, has now earned over $80,000+ (More than N64 MILLION NAIRA in today’s exchange rate) in less than 2 years and is now a Globally Recognized Freelancer By Upwork.

See Peter’s journey below:

Hear from Peter:

Maybe you have heard some of these common, but completely untrue myths about freelancing on freelancing sites, say Fiverr/Upwork:

  • You must accept/charge $5/hr to compete with cheap labour from India, the Philippines, etc.
  • You can’t survive if you are a Newbie
  • You need a website and a deep, elaborate portfolio to land clients
  • BLA BLA BLA!!!


The truth is, once you understand WHAT Clients are looking for, you can Hook them in record time;

SO ignore the naysayers and start making real money

Why This Should Work For You
Even If Nothing Else Ever Has...

I am not out to waste your time or make you promises I cannot keep, however, I have proof to show that what I teach works. 

If you still do not believe this, watch the journeys of these freelancing superstars.


What’s more?

You will learn what makes clients chase after you (literally).

I have made the content easy to digest. So, you can start implementing immediately after you gain access.

Whether your freelancing journey is full-time or part-time; your earning capacity is LIMITLESS. You will master how to tap into that capacity

You will also have carefully curated templates (including proposals and cold emails) that have worked for thousands of freelancers that will immediately help you attract attention from clients.


I do not want to keep this secret anymore. I want to share with you how I have been able to help freelancers such as Peter scale up their careers in freelancing; making them super freelancers in record time.

I present the Freelancer Client Magnet (FCM) which makes you an irresistible freelancer for your dream clients.

Do you believe there is a science to acquiring clients? 

Do you know there is a methodology for pricing your clients? 

Do you know you can upsell your skills to a client and get paid for doing something you can do in your sleep?

Do you know you can build your services, set the price and make sales to get more clients and income?


This course is full of tools, techniques, and action steps that have been tested with real freelancers like you — who are just like you! 

 Let me give you a taste of what to expect inside the Freelance Client Magnet (FCM) course. 


Upwork client magnet

(₦750,000 value)


Remote jobs magnet

(₦750,000 value)


Fiverr client magnet

(₦600,000 value)


LinkedIn client magnet

(₦750,000 value)


High-income skills learning materials

(₦750,000 value)


Cold email magnet

(₦850,000 value)



(₦750,000 value)

It's not just about Upwork & Fiverr

You shouldn’t be earning peanuts for tasks when your colleagues earn the big bucks.

You don’t need to be on over 10 freelancing sites before landing a gig

I want to show you how you can use the platforms below;

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Social Media
  • Cold Emailing AND OTHERS

To attract the client of your dreams.

You don’t even need to be on all,

JUST ONE of them is enough to earn you 6 figures as a freelancer

REMEMBER This is what you will be getting in the complete Freelance Client Magnet course

  • An introduction to the Freelance Client Magnet: Talking about what getting unlimited clients is and how to get them. 
  • How to stop lacking clients, the science and art of getting them.
  • Introduction to Freelancing: An introduction to what freelancing is for beginner freelancers, digital skills, and how to use the different freelancing platforms to earn.
  • UpWork Client Magnet: How to attract unlimited clients on Upwork.
  • UpWork mastery course: Understanding the fundamentals of UpWork; mastering profiles, proposal writing and searching for jobs and moving from Zero to top rated.
  • LinkedIn client magnet: Understanding LinkedIn and leveraging the platform to get clients.
  •  Freelancer Pricing Magnet: How to set your rates as a freelancer and how to negotiate with clients like a boss.
  • Remote jobs client Magney: Using remote job boards to get online jobs.
  • Fiverr client magnet: How to navigate Fiverr, create gigs and be a top seller.
  • Cold Email Magnet: Creating cold emails that get clients.
  •  Freelancer Portfolio Magnet: Understanding how to create the most effective portfolio as a freelancer.
  •  Extra Magnets: Navigating other freelancing platforms 
  • Conclusion
  • Your next steps: What to do next as you are now a Client Magnet Freelancer. 

TOTAL VALUE: ₦4,450,000

NORMAL PRICE: ₦450,000

TODAY'S PRICE: ₦45,000

You also get bonuses which are only available if you order today:

Upwork mastery crash course

Be an Upwork Expert in One Hour

You don’t believe me? That’s what this course will do for you. 

A one-hour compressed crash course that takes you from a beginner to an Expert on Upwork. Covering everything from Profiles to using the search filters to search for jobs to submitting job-winning proposals.

This is a time-saving course that’s simple enough for beginners and comprehensive enough for experts. 

(₦750,000 value)

Plug & Play template vault

Access to over 200+ templates, from proposal templates you can just tweak to Cold Email templates that get client attention.

From Resume templates (for remote jobs) to Cover letter templates

Portfolio templates, PRICING and Negotiation templates and MANY MORE 

You don’t want to miss this 

(₦300,000 value)

private vip access

Lifetime access to a buzzing Freelancer community (WhatsApp & Telegram).

You also get VIP access to a One Year weekly Support Session.

Exclusive training & Freebies,


(₦2,000,000 value)



There’s no risk for you, just try it out and see if it’s for you. If not – we will refund all your money AND you get to keep the materials

Don't take my word for it!

More student testimonials


Before you proceed, I would like to answer some questions you may have about this course before you pay for it.

Regarding your earning concern, let me ask: “How serious are you about this?” 

All it takes is implementing all I have taught in this course. That is, you must put in an hour or two. If you can’t invest the time, then this probably isn’t for you.

I have students who got their first clients in hours, some started earning in days, others in weeks.

Provided you follow my instructions, YOU TOO WILL GET RESULTS

This could ultimately make you earn enough to quit your job, or bank a new stream of steady revenue while sitting in your pajamas. Which could be from any part of the world.

Yes you should, all you need is a digital skill, and you are good to go

The course is yours for two years. You do not have access to the course forever because you have no choice but to succeed in your freelancing career. This is why I am guaranteeing it will take less than two years for you to go from zero to seven figures.

All you need is a sharp mind, an internet-enabled device, and the discipline to implement all that is in the course. 

With a smartphone and/or Pc you are good to go

Yes! By buying this course you will be granted exclusive rights to be in a community of other goal-oriented freelancers. Not to worry, you will not be overwhelmed nor get anxious by their results, rather you will be able to level up in your freelancing journey.

Yes! By buying this course you will be granted exclusive rights to be in a community of other goal-oriented freelancers. Not to worry, you will not be overwhelmed nor get anxious by their results, rather you will be able to level up in your freelancing journey.


I can’t wait to have you in the SuperFreelancers Club!

It’s time to get paid the big bucks online.

I want you to feel that joy and excitement when you start getting High Paying Clients for your expertise because you deserve it.

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