If you’re looking for a way to make  ₦50Million overnight without lifting a finger, This Message is NOT for you, Don’t Bother Reading Any Further…

(For Adults Ready to do The Work):

How to Set up your Own N50 Million per year Currency Trading Business


RE: With this kind of money, You Can Retire Early on your Terms

With more than enough money to Take care of your Loved Ones . . .

While Enjoying a Life of Travel, Freedom and Financial Success Most people Can Only Dream Of.


Dear reader,


N50Million is a lot of money…


At least, for 99% Nigerians.


And I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you can make that kind of money every year without lifting a finger.


Yes, the money is worth it,


But there’s real work involved here.


For example:


 I’m going to give you full access to a private video series that shows you step, by step,


Everything you need to know about this business of ours so you can set up your own N50Million per year currency trading business


Even if you’re starting from scratch with very little money and no experience like I did 11-years ago


In a minute, I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on these videos,


But first,


Remember I told you there’s work involved right?


Here’s what you should know:


In the next 30-days,


You’ll have to commit at least 1-hour every day (watching the videos and implementing what you learn…)


And then…


After your first 1-month (first 30-days)


Anything between 10-20minutes a day is fine.


And as you might guess…


The money is good. 


Very good.


Take a look at this:

And This:

And This…

That’s money I made trading foreign currencies (with my own money) in the last 12-months.


I know, it sounds crazy


The idea that you could be making over N50Million a year trading currencies


Many “know it alls” will tell you it’s not possible


But if you ride with me,


I’ll show you how the money works in this business of ours,


The kind of trends you should look out for,


The type of currency pairs you should trade,


And how you can take your very first step to building a thriving currency business that can make you over N50Million in pure profits every year.


My name is Michael Olatunji,


That’s me at the 2019 Traders Expo in Dubai.


I’ve made quite some money trading currencies.


But I don’t rush in and out of the market like most traders do


I never let the market control me.


I don’t trade 5-days a week


In fact, some weeks,


I only trade once or twice


90% of the time, I trade with my phone


I don’t stare at screens all day…


And when I trade (takes me less than 5-minutes to place a trade),


I trade big (Which explains my numbers)


Of course, there are days when I lose,


But I’ve mastered the market so well,


70% of my trades are winning trades 


(By the way, 70/100 is still A)


And NO, I didn’t get here overnight.


It took me 11 solid years of hard work and relentless learning to get to the point where I’m consistently crossing…


The N50Million/year income Mark Trading Currencies For A Living


Now, I’m not saying it will take you 11-years to make N50million trading currencies


In fact, If you take this business seriously,


You can actually hit your first N50Million in the next 12-months 


But my point is:


If you really want to make a fortune trading currencies


You have to be patient and committed.


I know there are many Forex teachers out there who say you don’t have to learn anything about the market…


Just Watch me Profit LIVE,

Follow what I show you

You’ll have 100% success,

And you won’t lose money..






Back in 2018…..


There was this guy who collected N400,000 from over 300 hardworking Nigerians


He promised them 100% profits for life.


And he swore to them that they’d never lose as long as they followed his instructions (Even Warren Buffet can’t make you that promise…)


Well, as you might guess,


They all lost their money.


And the said Forex teacher has fled Nigeria.


There are countless others like that


Even Ponzi schemes who disguise as investment Companies


Get people to deposit $1,000 or more with them in return for a particular percentage in profits every month


And then, all of a sudden


They fold up.


There’s no warning sign.


You just wake up one morning to find out all your money is gone.




If you want to make millions trading currencies,


You have to learn how to milk the market by yourself.


Not by giving someone money to trade for you… OR by copying someone else’s trading system


But by making the trades yourself.

To help you get started,


I’ll give you access to a 30-part video series where you’ll see me on screen simplifying how the money works in the currency markets


Each video is 1-hour long.




If you go slow and steady and watch one video a day,


You’ll be done in 30-days.


If you watch 2 a day,


You can be done in 15-days.


But if you have say,


3-hours to spare every day


Ie: 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon, 1-hour in the night


You can watch 3 videos a day


And finish all 30-videos in 10-days or less.


But it all depends on your schedule


Go at your own pace.


But whatever you do,


Make sure you watch every single one of those videos.


I promise you,  If you watch them,


And you implement what you learn,


You’re going to be making 10X more money than All those Frauds parading themselves as FOREX GURUS Online.


Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the videos I’m sending you today (if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on them…)


  • The absolute best and worst times to ENTER or EXIT a trade

  • How to develop a winner’s “6th sense” for knowing exactly when to ENTER or EXIT a profitable trade

  • How to develop a consistent winning system that suits your temperament (while minimizing your losses…)


What you should do to ensure your personalized trading system yields substantial profits as the market changes it’s color.


  • How to know ahead of time when the big boys start sending out false alarms… (so you don’t trade blindly like 90% of traders do)

How much should you trade with for a start?



Well, believe it or not, There’s a certain amount



You shouldn’t even be trading with if you’re serious about making a fortune in this business


(Don’t worry, You’ll see me explaining all of this in one of the videos… And once you’re done, you’ll know exactly how much money you should be trading with to make massive profits, even if you don’t have millions to spare)



  • Why Central banks, Investment banks and hedge funds trade currencies with a different objective than individual traders and how you can use that knowledge to milk the market.

    (Once you know what motivates the large players, you can easily get into the top 1% of successful traders)

  • The #1 Secret of the most famous, most successful, most respected currency traders in the game.

    Might take you a few days to grasp this,

    But once you master it, 

    You’ll be trading with a serious advantage.

    Powerful stuff.

    Wish I discovered this earlier.

  • The kind of currency pairs you should focus on if you’re serious about making big profits trading with your hard-earned money.


  • Why trading based on what “experts” are saying will make you lose money faster than anything else (And what you should do instead…)

  • How to Profit from Market Volatility…

  • How to make successful trades based on how the market is adjusting to economic and political trends

 Let’s take a short break and talk about this.

Look at This Screenshot From CNN…

If you had made a $100 trade 30-minutes after China ordered The U.S Consulate in Chengdu To Close on the 24th of JULY…


You could have walked away with a $350 gain before the financial market closed that day.

How do I know?


Because I made $350 in less than 2-hours that day


Now, of course,


That may not seem like a lot of money 


But when you consider the fact that you can make gains like these 3 times a week,


You’ll begin to understand that perhaps…


You’ve been missing out on something very exciting


Imagine making such profits 3 times a week (And Remember, you don’t have to trade every day.)


$350 x 3 gives You $1,050 


Multiply that by 4 weeks in a month and you’re looking at…




Not bad, for a few minutes of trading.


Now, Let’s go back to:


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Just when The Great Depression of 2020 was beginning to build up…


And the economic impact was already creating profitable price fluctuations in the financial market…

If you had made a $500 trade at 10:00am on Tuesday January 7, 2020, and exited 25-minutes later at 10:25am….


You could have walked away with a $325 profit.


I know this may sound completely different from what you’re used to hearing about Forex trading,

But that’s because only very few traders understand how this works


I’ll show you one more example


Let’s rewind the clock to March.


Monday, March 16, 2020:

Day Of Reckoning

For The Financial Market

If you knew what you’ll learn from the videos I’m sending you today… 


And you ENTERED a trade with $1,000 at 4:25 pm trading the USD/JPY currency pair…


You could have pocketed a $690 profit If You Closed Your Trade in Exactly 90-Minutes From When YOU Entered The Trade



If you missed out on these opportunities


Don’t kick yourself.


There are dozens upon dozens of upcoming trends (political and economic) that will create…


Far bigger opportunities for you in the financial markets than what we’ve seen since January 2020…


And using what I’ll show you,


You ‘ll know exactly how to position yourself to make a fortune,


Whether the market is going up or down.


Now, I know you’re wondering why I’m not asking you to pay for these videos


So here’s the catch?


These videos I’m sending you are part of what you get when you join my coaching program today


I’ll coach, guide and support you to the point where you can generate as much as N50Million per year in profits, trading currencies


Like …


The U.S Dollar (USD),


The British Pound (GPD)


The Canadian Dollar (CAD),


The Australian Dollar (AUD),


The European Euro (EUR),


The Japanese Yen (JPY),


The Swiss Franc (CHF)


Without making any of those silly mistakes that most traders fall prey to.


Now, before I tell you how you can join my coaching program


I want to make a few things absolutely clear:




You’re NOT giving me money to trade for you.


Banish that thought from your mind.


There are many investment companies out there (even traders) who say:


Give us $1,000, we’ll trade for you and give you 5% to 30% in returns every month


You can take your money to them,


Not me.


My goal is to show you how to make more money trading currencies by yourself,


Than any investment or trading company will ever make for you.




I know there are hundreds of Forex teachers out there who tell you all their trades are accurate and you can’t lose money if you use their strategy.




Even the likes of Warren Buffett, George Soros and the world’s biggest central banks Lose money occasionally when trading…


These guys have 100s of mathematics PhDs, high-IQ traders and analysts on their payroll,


And they spend millions of dollars on crazy fast computers with >20GB RAM…


Yet, they still lose money from time to time.


No truly successful trader worth his salt will look you in the eye and tell you you can’t lose.


Forex, like everything else in life (even business) is a Gamble.


The secret is to learn how to…


WIN more than you LOSE.


And that’s exactly what I’ll show you,


Alongside some very vital information that will make you the envy of most traders out there.


And the amazing thing is:


Once you understand how to milk the market, and you start milking it….


You’ll be making so much money for yourself,


You probably won’t care about a few losses here and there.


Haven said that, 


Here’s my proposal to you:


I’d like to invite you to join my coaching program.


 In a minute, I’ll tell you how much you have to invest today,


But first, here’s what you can expect when you join today:


  • Members-only access to private video library where you’ll see me LIVE breaking down the secrets of the top 1% successful traders

    Secrets like:

  • *The absolute best and worst times to ENTER or EXIT a trade.

*How to develop a winner’s “6th sense” for knowing exactly when to ENTER or EXIT a profitable trade


*How to develop a consistent winning system that suits your temperament (while minimizing your losses…)


*How to know ahead of time when the big boys start sending out false alarms… (so you don’t trade blindly like 90% of traders do)


*Why Central banks, Investment banks and hedge funds trade currencies with a different objective than individual traders and how you can use that knowledge to milk the market.


*The kind of currency pairs you should focus on if you’re serious about making big profits trading with your hard-earned money.


*Why trading based on what “experts” are saying will make you lose money faster than anything else (And what you should do instead…)

*How to make successful trades based on how the market is adjusting to economic and political trends

These videos are easy to understand.

I deliberately simplified the concepts to beginner-level

So even if you’re a beginner or you already have some experience trading…

You won’t struggle to understand anything.



  • WEEKLY Members-ONLY LIVE Trading Sessions:

    My coaching program is 20% studying and 80% DOING the work.

    So even while you’re watching the videos,

    You’ll be able to join me and my small faculty of successful traders in LIVE trades

    Using the same signals we put our own money on.

    This way, you can start making good money while you learn.


  • Members-ONLY Telegram Group where you can get detailed answers from me on any questions you may have.

    Along the line, you’re going to have some questions

    And that’s why I created this members-only group

    Whenever you have a question,

    Just send it to the group

    And I’ll personally answer your questions in detail.

    This is my way of keeping in touch with you.

But that’s NOT all…


When you sign up for my coaching program,


And I see you’re seriously committed to learning…


You’ll Get a Private Invitation From me for:


An ALL-EXPENSE PAID Trip to Dubai For The Next Trader’s Expo.

You’ll be by my side during the event, and…


I’ll introduce you to some of my well-connected friends in this business of ours.

Just one of these connections can:


Open unlimited doors for you and your family in places you never imagined possible.


Now, how much is your investment in my coaching program?


Well, it’s not necessarily cheap.


Good things never are.


The regular fee is N225,000.


But if you sign up today,


You get a N125,000 discount.


So instead of paying N225,000


You pay only N100,000.


For one full year.


And here’s my unbreakable promise to you:


If after 90-days of implementing what I show you,


You don’t agree that you got value for your money,


I want you to ask for a refund.


Just show me proof that you did the work,


And once you do that,


I’ll offer you a prompt and courteous refund.


No hard feelings.


NOTE: I will only offer you a refund on the condition that you show me proof that you did the work.


If you do the work and you’re not satisfied with the results after 90-days,


I will refund you in Full.


(If you’re NOT comfortable with this, please don’t bother signing up. You can keep your money.


And like I said:


This program is NOT for kids who want to get rich without doing the work


I’m only interested in grown ups who understand that TRUE WEALTH doesn’t happen without real work


If you’re seriously ready to put in the work….


I’m confident you and I are going to be making a lot of money together.


My goal is to help you get to the point where you’re making as much as N50Million a year trading currencies.


Are you in?


If yes,


Click the button below to get started today:

See you inside.


Michael Olatunji.

Full-time Forex Trader.


P.S: Did you notice I didn’t try to pressure you into signing up for my coaching program by saying stuff like..



“The price will double after 7 days”


“You will regret it if you don’t sign up today?” 


“This offer ends tomorrow night…”


Or any of those funny threats most marketers make just to pressure you into giving away your money?




I’m pretty sure you’re a grown up 


(Or else, you wouldn’t have read up till this point….) 


And you can make your own decisions without being pressured.


Also, you know your financial situation and you’re either comfortable with it


Or you want to do something about it.


So if you don’t feel my coaching program is for you


No hard feelings.


It was nice talking to you.


But if you’re ready to take the first step in building your own N50Million per year Currency Trading Business…


Use The Button below to get started today.


 See you inside.

Michael helped me pocket my first N2Million in the Currency Markets. A few years ago, He Lost Everything to a stupid Government Policy. Yet, He Bounced Back 10x Wealthier in Less Than 12-Months, Using his Knowledge of Trading Currencies. In my books, That's a Guy You Can Trust.
Andy Mukolo
Copy Chief, NairaRoad

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