"I've helped 100s of writers Land New Clients worth $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and More ... AND if you Need Help Becoming a Sought-after, Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter:

"I Can Help You Too" 

. . .if and only if you're willing to WORK HARD"

Says this Shy Introvert who routinely gets praised by Industry Experts as one of the best Copywriters Alive. 

Additional $60,000 in Annual income 

($5,000/month retainer x12 Months; 

...working with an Ecommerce Retail Biz)

"$9,000 for a 6-month retainer 

($1,500 per month for six Months)

New Project Alert:

$1750 to Write "Copy" 

For a B2B Client.


If you'd like to become a well-paid, sought-after Copywriter,

Working with amazing clients (the kind who happily pay anywhere between $1,000 - $10,000 or more.. per project)

So you're making just enough money,

To not worry so much about bills or unexpected life & family emergencies /while taking better care of yourself & your loved ones /

And without relying on other people for money... / or waiting for financial assistance before doing what you want to do...

I can help you. 

My name is Andy Nduka Mukolo

And I'm fortunate to be considered one of the best Copywriters and Copywriting teachers alive 

Brian Mansfield 

stansberry research

You’re Getting Great Results with your Copy, Andy!  You should consider moving to Baltimore or Delray Beach to work in-house with Stansberry or Legacy.

Audra Williams 

Temperance cocktails

Andy Mukolo is a Copywriting Teacher who’s Emails I always Open”

Daniel Throssell 


Man, I love your stuff

Vikki Ross 

top copywriter,

brand and tov consultant 

Andy Mukolo is one of few [marketers and Copywriters] I'd advise you to follow (if you aren't already) and learn from, alongside other industry experts like Matthew Kobach, Matt Navarra and Mark Ritson! See original Tweet 

Oloye Akin Alabi 

founder, nairabet

member, house of reps.

“Andy is my mentee. He has gone on to apply things l taught him and has become multi-millionaire in his own class. I’m proud of him and can vouch for anything he offers. But don't take my word for it, do your own research about him and draw your own conclusions.

Ikenna Ronald Nzimora 


I'm paying him Millions for his work, he's that Good!

In the last 12-months alone,

I’ve Helped 100s of Freelance Writers (New and Intermediate) GROW their monthly income by an Extra $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and more…

Freelancers like Sadiq Mohammed,

who at first, struggled to find his feet in this thing of ours,

But with the right people in his corner,

And with the right support system. . .

Sadiq soon started getting CLIENTS he never imagined possible

And very recently. . .

He landed himself a LUCRATIVE $5,000/month gig with a 9-Figure Ecommerce Retail Brand!

That's an additional $60,000 in writing fees over the next 12-months

Not bad,

For a guy who started out less than a year ago

Sadiq Mohammed

freelance copywriter 

September 7th 2020, 4 months after my GRE exam was put on hold due to Covid... I knew it was time to move on and do something else.  It was also the same day I received a letter from Andy with these words... "If you have the desire to write, I can show you how you can make money writing for other people" That night, I bought Andy's course. And in less than 9 months, I've worked with a great deal of clients and I'm working with my biggest client yet. Andy is a selfless teacher and I cannot recommend him enough.

Dammy Azeez

freelance copywriter

At first I was playing small, chasing cheap clients. Then I met Andy and he opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Today, I'm earning upwards of $3,000 per project, working with big names like John Caprani, and getting Referrals from the legendary David Deustch. When Andy says he's going to help you, he's not kidding. Just work hard and be consistent.

Or take Dammy Azeez.. 

A pioneering member of my flagship F.C.I program, who…

Before he found me on Twitter, 

Had his own fair share of struggles when he started out in early 2020...

And had a pretty hard time getting “the right” clients to look his way…

But thanks to something Dammy says he took (and implemented) from the client acquisition module of my F.C.I program, 

He Now earns upwards of $3,000 per project — and currently works with JOHN CAPRANI, One of the MOST Connected Consultants in Our Business 

And that's NOT all...

Dammy's work has also been recognized and praised by the great Stefan Georgi — and the legendary David Deustch too

If you don’t know who Stefan and David are..

Both men don't even need an introduction

Because on one hand...

Stefan is considered one of the top-3 Copywriters alive today,

With over $1BILLION in sales for his clients,

And on the other hand...

David Deutsch is the legendary Copywriter responsible for billions of dollars in sales for the biggest direct marketing outfits in the WORLD 

Like, Boardroom (now bottomline), Rodale, and Agora Financial.

And for both of these legends — David and Stefan,

To say Dammy's work is "Very impressive"

And even refer big clients to him...

That's enough indication that Dammy has made serious progress in less than a year since he got into my F.C.I program 

But Dammy is not alone,

There’s another guy, Tomiwa Maseyi

A brilliant Copywriter and PPC expert,

Who used some of the tactical strategies learned in my program, 

To close his first 2 high-ticket clients from LinkedIn

And They Both payed him $1,500 each, 

for a Total of $3,000 in New Income! 

Today, Tomiwa's fees have more than doubled, 

And he's since used some of the “applicable” strategies he learned from me to... build his own 7-figure Marketing & Consulting Agency,

One that caters to big clients on recurring monthly retainers

tomiwa Maseyi 

freelance copywriter 

I was finally able to get 2 clients that paid me $1500 each. All this was because I refined my processes and applied all I learnt FROM YOU.

Thank you very much Andy, I'm grateful.

Meg Ricketts 

freelance content writer and ghost writer for big publisher on medium

The kind of clients I'm working with now pay  monthly retainers of $1,000 or more (depending on the volume of work involved). You can be annoying sometimes but you opened my eyes Andy, And all I can say is Thank you. 

Or what about Meg Ricketts?

The Mystery woman Ghostwriting Viral Content for Big name Publishers on Medium — and Collecting her Monthly Retainer Fees in BITCOIN?

At first, 

Like most beginners... 

Meg didn't even believe she could earn up to $1,000 — writing anything for anybody

But once our paths crossed on Twitter,

And she got into my program,

She started seeing possibilities she never imagined possible for herself

Then she took some of what she learned from me,

And went to work immediately,

Fastforward today. . .

Meg receives payment in Bitcoin,

And she has several amazing clients on monthly retainers

Who pay her upwards of $1,000 per project.

Not bad at all,

Considering the fact that:

This is something Meg was already doing for free

Without evening knowing she could earn top dollar for her work,

Or what about Walter Eyinnaya?

The Ecommerce Copywriter who...

After just a few months under my wings, 

Sent me a DM on Twitter to say...

"My Highest Gig so Far is $5,000"

And has since gone on to generate over $600,000 in sales for his clients

Barely one year into his Copywriting career?

And that's just barely scratching the surface

Of the 100s of testimonials coming out of The F.C.I Community

"A $5,000/Month Contract 

For "Funnel" Writing.

"A $3,000/month Contract

Writing about Cryptocurrencies!"

$1,000 to write a Letter

on... "How to Lose Weight"

"Royalties for my Copy, 

That's The Level I'm playing at,

God Bless Andy Mukolo!

75k to 7-figure Months

50k to 1Million in 2months.

".... Your Materials Really Helped me

— And I'm Thriving ...." 

$1,300 to write a Financial Letter

$800.00 to write Emails

LinkedIn Post Goes Viral,

Gets 6-inbound Leads,

Closes 2 New Clients.

Randomly Thinking about you Today,

Your selflessness, And How Much You'v been Instrumental to my Growth

F.C.I Protege Goes from 

300k+ to 1k Followers in 30-days 

1.2m in 4days 

Look Who's Making $1,000

 in his 2nd Month Of Freelancing 😆 

Raised Better Copywriters in Nigeria,

. . . Than Anyone Before him

And now,

It's your turn

But before I tell you how I can help you,

There's something very important I need to point out

Yes, it's true I've made a lot of progress since I started back in 2016

And it's also true:

I've helped thousands of people along the way

Many who today are now earning a solid 6-figure income from Copywriting alone... (see more testimonials below)

Today, they're no longer dependent on others

And they have absolute control of their time

But you have to understand...

None of this was easy — for me or them

I didn't get here overnight.

I've had my fair share of struggles too.


I discovered Copywriting in February 2016 after I lost my banking job

And it took me 8-months to land my first paying client.


When it came to writing copy,

I really had no idea what I was doing.

So I struggled a lot in my first year,

Especially when it came to landing paying clients.

Back then,

I had no successful Copywriter (with real skin in the game) showing me how things worked in this business of ours...

No one guidng me and telling me...

  • "This is how you land high-paying Copywriting clients"

  • "This is how you do market research"

  • "No, you don't need hype or exxagerated claims. This is how you write hype-free copy that makes people buy what you're selling"

And so on.

So I made plenty of silly mistakes

And I was taken advantage of a LOT!

Along the line, 

I learned some very important lessons (much of it after I found a mentor who had my time) ... that have helped me speed my way up the ladder of Copywriting success.

And if you're interested in becoming a well-paid, sought-after Copywriter,

I'm willing to share these lessons with you.

But I can't just help anyone...

The Cold Hard Truth 

Becoming a well-paid Copywriter requires...

Serious effort, discipline, hardwork and patience.

You will need more determination than the average person.

You can't come in expecting overnight success.

And you have to be ready to take Copywriting very seriously

Not as a hobby, but as a real business.

If you can't understand that,

Do yourself a favour,

Stop reading right here.

Because no matter how valuable people say my teachings are

You'll never make the kind of money my students are making,

Unless you're serious and consistent.

Hope you understand what I'm telling you?

You say you do?


Now, If you're interested in becoming a well-paid Copywriter...
Working with amazing clients (the kind who pay anywhere between $1,000 - $10,000 or more per project,)

And you're ready to put in the work,

I'd love to invite you to join. . .

My New Mentorship Program.

Mike Palmer 

a-list copywriter and managing partner, beacon street group

My one piece of advice for new copywriters is to (at the beginning at least), forget about the money, and just find a group of people who know what the hell they are doing... because if you hook up with the right people, it will make all the difference in the world.

Paul Hollingshead 

a-list Financial copywriter who's written blockbuster winners for big name publishers in florida.

Unless you know a seasoned copywriter who’s willing to mentor you, it’s very difficult to master the secrets of making good money writing good, persuasive copy [on your own.]

Mentorship is what made all the difference for me.

And I'd probably still be struggling today if I hadn't found my mentor back in 2019 ....

When I really needed someone (with skin in the game), ... to hold my hand ... and show me how things really worked in our business.

In just a few months:

My monthly income  went through the roof

My reputation spread like wild fire across my industry

My personal brand went full-scale international

And I started getting the admiration and recognition of some of the biggest names in the game (Home and abroad)

Long story short.

Finding the right mentor changed my life.

And if you're looking to make money as a Copywriter 

Or go from 6figures, to multiple 6-figures or even 7figures a year... 

And you feel like you need some guidance along the way:

You might be a good fit for my new mentorship program

This new program is a major upgrade to:

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative (F.C.I)

A program I originally created back in April 2020 (and updated in 2021)

My goal was to help freelance writers (the serious ones) — reach their desired level of personal income and lifestyle freedom 

So far, the testimonials (result-based and more than 400 till date) — have been nothing short of amazing.

But after a while...

I saw the need to make the program (2021 version) even more valuable than it already was.

And that gave birth to my new mentorship program

In a minute, I'll tell you what you stand to gain from this program

But first,

Perhaps... you're wondering...

"How do I know This 

Mentorship Program is For me?"

Good question...

phil geraghty 

crowdfunder uk

“I love your email, Andy. You have a gift for words. I would love your thoughts on how we could make the “Operation Palu” project better, to encourage more people to Give.

Elise Dopson 

peak freelance

I put a tweet out asking for the best copywriters and you were mentioned. I’d love to chat with you for ~30 mins or so about the copywriting formula you have pinned to your profile, plus some other bits like finding clients, building a reputation as a great copywriter, etc. We can point members towards your paid newsletter too  Lemme know if you’re up for it and I can send some more info via email!”

Emmanuel Johnson 

founder, havanzer


You're doing a great job Andy, keep it up (On a surprise visit to Andy's Mentor's Office)

toyin Omotoso 

founder, expertnaire and 7-star systems 

Throughout my 15-year internet marketing career, Andy is one of only 3 Nigerian Copywriters I've paid out of my pocket to write copy for me. He's brilliant at what he does, and I definitely recommend him

Michael Addit 

business consultant 

What impresses me the most about Andy,  is the kind of results his students and clients are getting. Its always from one testimonial to the other with him. When I think of Copywriting, I think Andy Mukolo. He hardly ever fails at this.

Eben Chidike


I started trading my Copywriting skills towards the end of 2018. And I got great help from Andy. Within 6 months, I made my first N1million writing Amazon Product copy for a Florida based marketing agency. Since then, it's been an amazing journey for me. The advantage of earning in dollars is enormous. I encourage you to work with foreign clients .... And Andy can show you how to do that.

Dickie Bush 

creator, ship 30 for 30,


I've recently been obsessed with Copywriting and Andy is one of 8 industry experts I'm learning the most from, alonsgide other great teachers like Neville Medhora, Craig Clemens, Tej Dosa, Julia Saxena, and Hatch Kolby. 

Abdul-qawiyy Hammed 

7-figure dropshipping expert and creator, sphere of influence 

So many people claim to be Copywriters but Andy stands out and is worth the tag... He’s the best of the new generation copywriters from Nigeria

Ikem Chris 

property hub 

A little tweak on one of my real estate ad copy and I was able to close home deals worth over N300m (with N14M in Commissions) — within few months after so many trials and errors. I usually call him a PSYCHO! Andy is Gold.

Benahili Ojeme 

media buyer and advertisng consultant 

Excellent teacher! — and the testimonials he gets everyday from people on his mailing list, his coaching program, social media , blog readers, etc. prove this. Andy is also very generous and selfless — That's why on his blog, he shares some of the best advice he gives  members of his paid list. He wants literally everyone to live a good life.  Whether you're an affiliate marketer, copywriter, ecommerce business owner, or anything really, you can benefit from his teachings 

Amber Bartek

transformational healing for business owners [Charges (And gets) $5,000 per client.

God Bless you Andy, Thanks so much for all the help. You're a Godsend!

Wole Ogunlade 

former head of growth, voguepay

Hiring Andy to work with me on one of my projects was one of the best business decisions I made in 2019.

And the answer is pretty simple:

 This Copywriting mentorship program is for you if... 

  • You're tired of relying on others for help

    And as such, you want to learn a high-income skill that can help you improve your finances to the point where you can easily take better care of yourself and your loved ones

    You don't necessarily want to get rich, you just want to make enough of your own money to be financially independent and be more self-reliant.
  • You're just getting STARTED as a freelance Copywriter, 

    And you need practical guidance to LAND your first paying client
    Worth at least $1,000 in retainer fees....

  • You started freelancing a while ago, 

    But it's been a constant struggle, And you're NOT even sure if you're doing it right, And as such, You need guidance from someone who's helped others who were once in your position.

  • You've already taken on some clients in the past, 

    but you're looking to SCALE by a few extra thousands of dollars working with better paying clients in B2B and Ecommerce . . .

  • You 're looking to build mutually-benefitial relationships and establish door-opening connections 

    ....with well-paid, well-connected writers and multi-millionaire business owners who can help make a REAL difference in your career.

  • You're seriously interested in learning Copywriting the right way, but rather than sell it as a service to Clients, 

    ...you want to use the skill to sell your own products (so you can keep all the money) — and you could use some guidance knowing what to do — and how to do it... to get your desired results.

  • You're already doing between $5,000 - $10,000 or more monthly, 

    But you WANT to up your Copywriting game... And LEVEL up your Marketing Chops, So you're able to command bigger fees for your work — And even use some of that newfound knowledge, To LAUNCH your own  6 or 7 figure offers successfully...

  • You're a business owner who recognizes the power of Copywriting and now, you want to master the skill (or get better at it)

    So whenever you hire a Copywriter, you know exactly what "great copy should look like" — what to look out for — and even better,

    Both of you can "put heads together" / even "do the work together"

    To come up with the kind of compelling message/offer necessary to take your biz to the next level

  • YOU need an accountability partner you can grow with 

    Someone who will force you to get shit done, So you're making progress consistently, And growing your income almost on a Monthly basis! 

Or maybe it's just something in between.

Whatever category you fall into

I'm confident I can help you.

And on that basis,

Here's what you stand to gain from my new mentorship program

MENTORSHIP BENEFIT (#0) Free Access to The Updated F.C.I (Foreign Copywriting Initiative Program) 2021 Edition

This is the same program that's helped (and is still helping) 100s of freelancers land clients worth $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10k and more...  in new income

It sold for $80.00 (N40,000) before I took it down (as valuable as it was) — to replace it with something wayyyyy better (ie: This program)

But as a member of my new mentorship program,

(If you're not already an F.C.I student)

You get the whole thing free (the updated version) 

I'm doing this because — as you'll soon see:

The F.C.I gives you a solid foundation on how the money really works in this thing of ours... (the art and science of well-paid Copywriting)

Literally takes you from zero to...

"Good enough to earn $1k - $10k or more" per client

Working with big name publishers and Ecommerce brands

In just a minute, you'll see there's a lot of proven money-making info inside you will want to act on immediately you gain access

But first:

If you already have access to the F.C.I 2021 

You can just skip this part and scroll down to the next benefit (ie: MENTORSHIP BENEFIT #1)

If not, then here's....

A glimpse of what you'll learn inside the F.C.1 2021:

  • The Emotional Brain... Behavioral Patterns,   Tested Emotional Triggers, The Gambler's Mentality . . . And More! 

    The first step to becoming a well-paid Copywriter is understanding the raw truth about human behavior

    What makes people tick?

    What moves them to spend money?

    Why do some of the smartest people fall for some of the most obvious scams out there??

    Inside this eye-opening section,

    I'll show you some dark truths about human beings...

  • A Done-for-You Guide on How to Do Market Research 
    (The right way) . . . so you don't waste time on misleading information that Could ruin your Work & reputation!

    Before you write anything,

    You need to understand the market you're selling to

    You need to get inside your prospect’s mind so you understand their language patterns and see exactly...

    • How they think

    • How they feel

    • How they talk... 

    • What appeals to them
    • And what turns them off.


      You need to understand the journey of your prospect and the history of the market you're selling to

      But that's not all...

      You see, finding the customer's pain points, and figuring out the best solution to address these pain points..... 

      ...is necessary,

      But if that's the only thing you focus on....

      You'll be overlooking some very important factors

      A professional goes much deeper.....

      I'll show you how to do high-level research like a pro and gather fitting "raw materials" from which you can build...

      The most powerful sales message possible for any market,

  • FCI 112: The Copy Process! (A Draft-by-Draft Copywriting Walkthrough on The Real Art Of Crafting A Compelling Sales Message... without Using Hype or Exaggerated Claims)

    —One Thing YOU must  do, ONE LIST you must make, BEFORE you write even one word of copy... This guarantees better results and speeds up the task!

    —Tried, tested and Proven

    —6 hypnotic writing formulas you can use in the first 3-paragraphs of your message cast a magical spell on your reader (all 6 strategies are simple to learn)
    —GREAT LEADS: Your Lead is the first 350-800 words of your message, and if you don't get it right, nothing else you do will matter....

    I'll show you 7 different lead-types (with examples) you can use,

    When to use them, 

    And how to use them,

    To ensure you do a brilliant job in the first 10-paragraphs of your sales message. 

    — HOOKED: Keeping the reader reading and Viewers Viewing,

    Without using the usual marketing hype or exxagerated claims that turn people off...

    — TRANSITIONING - A simple secret you can use to take your reader from point A to B to C ... through every section of your letter, without losing their attention or excitement >

    — A simple 4-step checklist for writing great headlines

    And you’ll see why the more boxes you “check” off this list…

    The better your headlines will become

    — 13 tested headline formulas you can use to sell almost any product in any market >

    — 5 major sections of a great sales message:

    All sales messages (ad, sales letter, email etc..) have basically the same structure and template

    And once you understand this...

    You 'll be in a better position to write a great sales letter for any product in any market.... once you've completed your research.

    — 3 formulas that speed up copywriting

    No matter how skilled or unskilled you are,

    How quick or slow, how experienced or inexperienced,

    You'll get great copy done much quicker with these formulas

    — NOBODY Wants to Read your Sh*t

    Why that is.....

    And how you can "write differently"

    So your ideal prospects embrace your message and read your copy LONG enough to see your offer and buy what you're selling


    — HOW to know when you've written Solid Copy.... And make your already Good Copy even Better

    — The Perfect Close: A "Grown up" way to Get the Sale without using amateurish scare tactics and guilt tripping strategies 

    And much more

  • FCI 113: ADS & SCRIPTS: Writing Engaging Ad Copy That Converts On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.... Plus Fascinating Scripts for VSLs & Webinars!

    First, I want you to understand....

    Writing ad copy that converts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc is not as complicated as many Marketers and Copywriters make it seem...

    There's a simple way to write ads that blend in with the native algorithm of these platforms so well,

    They don't even look like ads... (And for this reason, they get unusually high engagement and conversions)

    And once you learn what I have to show you...

    You should never again have to struggle with writing ads that engage and convert (either for yourself, or for a client)

    That's the first thing.


    Videos and webinars are very profitable when you done correctly,

    And that's why most business owners in Financial, health, Real Estate etc . . . routinely pay Copywriters between... 

    $1,000 - $25,000+ To Write a Script for a VSL (Video Sales Letter) or A Webinar Selling a High-Ticket Offer

    So if you choose to focus on writing really good scripts for video ads, video sales letters and webinars,

    You'll be making really good money for yourself.

    In this section, I'll show you how to write great scripts for videos and webinars that engage and convert >

  • FCI 114: A Complete Masterclass on Client Acquisition (The 68-page Client Acquisition Guide, Plus... Full Access To The 3-part Video Series on Client Acquisition, E1 -E3) . . .


    — 16+ Most Profitable niches where Copywriters are Needed (and paid) The Most

    — 3 proven client acquisition channels to land paying Clients today

    — The Simple "I.I + E.C" Personal Branding Strategy that Helps you Become a Client Magnet

    — The secret to Charging high fees (and getting Clients to See it as a WIN-WIN for both parties...)

    — PITCH ANY CLIENTTried, Tested, and Proven PITCHING TEMPLATES for Crafting ...

    — Simple Messages / Content (Emails… DMS…. Threads... Posts... ) That Make(s) Clients want to Work with YOU!

    — Coming up with Enticing offers that make Clients Excited to Work with you (even if they've just met YOU)

    — Doing The Math for the Client, to Close The Deal

    — When it comes to closing Clients,90% of Copywriters tend to screw things up...  (and end up losing the client) — I'll show you a simple way to close clients without sounding needy or looking like an amateur.

  • OFFSHORE Payments from Foreign Clients 

    Receive payments from any client, From anywhere in the world

    Even if you don't have Paypal or STRIPE

  • And more

    This may very well be the most important section for you.

    Freelancing as a Copywriter can give you the most awesome life possible,

    Only when you have a steady flow of paying clients

    In this section...

    I'll show you how to get a steady flow of amazing clients,

    Without begging or losing your dignity.

  • FCI 115: The Business Side of Copywriting....(Go from "Freelancer for hire" to an 8-figure Copywriting Biz)

  • FCI 116: RULES OF THE GAME(Avoiding silly mistakes Copywriters make that Sabotage their Careers..)
  • Access to Library of Replays from my Private 
    Copywriting Live-Calls, Workshops, (Q & A) Sessions...

  • BONUS #1: (in PDF  Format) Big Ideas, Unique Mechanisms, And S.I.N Offers Explained...(With Case Studies )

    You will never make any serious money as a Copywriter if you don't understand the trinity of... Big ideas, Unique mechanisms and Constructing No-Brainer Offers

    That's why I included this bonus for you:

    Inside The Big Idea blueprint,

    You'll discover what big ideas, unique mechanisms and S.I.N offers are, Plus... Why they're so crucial to the success of every marketing project you touch, And...

    How you can come up with the most effective big ideas, unique mechanisms and offers ....

    That almost guarantee amazing results on the marketing campaigns you work on for yourself or your clients.

  • Bonus #2 : (in PDF Format): The P.I.G Technique For Telling Captivating Stories That Get Attention, Inspire Action, and Increase Conversions From COLD Traffic!

    The world's best Copywriters agree...

    Storytelling is easily  the most powerful selling technique you can use to sell anything in marketing...

    Especially when you're selling to strangers who are just hearing about you for the first time.... Or people who've never heard of you... (Ie: COLD TRAFFIC)

    But all stories are NOT created equal.

    There's a certain kind of storytelling technique that's been proven in numerous tests to be more effective in making customers buy a product.

    And in this brief bonus material...

    I'll show you how to turn ordinary everyday vents into captivating real-life stories that put your prospects in the right emotional state to buy or take action.

    Bonus #3: CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Internal Recording with 9-figure Copywriting Genius! (00hrs: 43mins: 59Secs)

    He's the highest paid Copywriter in Nigeria.

    His name is Ronald Nzimora,  

    And he’s a deca-millionaire several times over — thanks to his copywriting skills and his knowledge of influence, persuasion and marketing

    Ronald is one of the pioneers of Copywriting in Nigeria

    And he's been a selfless mentor to some of Nigeria's most successful copywriters ..... (including me...)

    His focus in the last 7 years has been....

    Helping aspiring Copywriters and entrepreneurs achieve success without making the same mistakes he made when he first started out

    And in this video... Ronald shares some deep insights and nuggets of wisdom (on life, business and marketing...) that you'll find very valuable.

    Bonus #4:  Skin in The Game Hidden Assymetries in The Daily Life of a Well-Paid, Sought-After Copywriter... (A 2-part Video Series)

    Great Copywriters are not born.

    They are made...

    And there are certain things that helped them succeed at the highest level

    In this 2-part video series..

    I'll pull back the curtain and show you how ..

    By following a few principles and habits...

    You can speed your way up the ladder as a well-paid Copywriter.


    Bonus #5:  The Complete Agora Swipe File(100+ Masterpiece Sales Letters That Built a $2Billion per Year Publishing Company)

    If you've never heard of AGORA,

    They're a $2Billion per year publishing company that employs the best Copywriters in the world.

    As such...

    Studying, analysing, and hand-copying some of these letters will make you...

    A completely different animal when it comes to Copywriting.

    This Swipe File of masterpiece sales letters will be worth more to you than anything else you ever touch as a Copywriter.

Alright, so if you didn't already have the F.C.I 2021

That's the first thing you're getting as a new member of my mentorship program ...(for freelancers, agency owners and business owners)

And I think you'll agree:

That's quite a lot you're getting for free yeah?

And even if you were paying the $80.00 (=N=40,000)

It'd still be an absolute steal right?

But we're just getting warmed up...

Because you've not even started enjoying The 20 Benefits of My Mentorship program.

And on that basis...

Here's all the main benefits of my mentorship program

For your viewing pleasure:

FIVE (5) Eye-Opening Case Studies  

From 5 members of The F.C.I Community 

(Case Study #1): Watch TOMIWA explain

 how he gets New Clients to Pay $1,500-$3,000 

...in recurring retainer fees!


In this eye-opening  video,

Tomiwa also tells the story of how he went from zero to 7-figures

As an agency owner under 25-years of age

And he gives you practical tips on how you can do the same,

Or more, if you have goals of building an agency of your own.

(Case Study #2): Watch GOLIBE Break Down The Simple in-bound Client Acquisition Strategies he uses To Land New Clients From Twitter & LinkedIn 

Golibe's been paid handsomely to write killer copy for 9-figure Ecommerce brands and financial outfits in the U.S

So when he talks:

He's speaking from a place of practical experience

And in this video, he generously shares his simple process for:

Making 80% of his Clients “reach out to him in his DMS” 

He tells you how he does it,

Why it works,

And how you can “MODEL” his “in-bound” client acquisition process 

For making new clients come to you

And not the other way round

Where you’re chasing them endlessly with nothing to show.

(Case Study #3): Mystery Ghostwriter Meg Ricketts shares her experience landing her first HIGH-Ticket Client (and how Clients pay her in BITCOIN)

Watch Meg explain how she gets clients from MEDIUM and LINKEDIN

And how any serious freelancer can use her sneaky ways,

To build a solid bottom line of “top tier” clients.

Also, in this video,

Meg talks about how she receives payment in Bitcoin.

(Case Study #4): Dammy Azeez Explains What He Did To Get The Attention of Big Names Like John Caprani, David Deutsch And Stefan Georgi

Dammy currently works with some of the biggest names in the game

(John Caprani, David Deustch, Stefan Georgi...  and other big name publishers consistently launching new offers in the U.S market)

In this video, he shares his networking and authority-building secrets for getting booked solid with well-paying clients who pay him upwards of $3,000 per project...

And I'm pretty sure there's something you can learn from him

Things that (if you implement)

Can help you build a solid bottom line of amazing “top tier” clients who don't just pay you well for your work....

But also refer new clients to you.

(Case Study #5): Samuel Tells the Strange Story of How a Funny LinkedIn Message Got him an Invitation to work with 9-figure Publishers, 

. . .Banyan Hill Publishing!

You will want to take notes as you watch this.

That's all I can say.

Mentorship Benefit #2: FILM ACCESS 
WATCH Me do Market Research LIVE

. . .for a New Project (Using the S.E.A.L Method for "Customer Profiling and Determining  Prospect Awarness Level !"

Market research seems to be a thing of struggle for most writers

But not you

Because in this video — you'll see me do market research for a new project from start to finish

I'll explain the S.E.A.L process for profiling your customers like criminals so you know them (probably better than their own mothers)

And this way, your selling job becomes 10x easier

At each stage in this video, I explain what I'm doing (and why)

So you see for yourself how to do effective market research using The S.E.A.L method that (in some cases, takes less than 1-hour)

ANd this way, when you have to do market research for any project,

You'll know exactly where to look to find "all the right raw materials" you need to build a "solid case" for the product you'll be writing copy for  

And please note — it's not just about searching for keywords on Google, Amazon or Online Forums,

Sure, you can get some good info there

But in a lot of cases — you may find that even after looking thru Google, Amazon and niche-related online forums...

You still have a hard time finding the information you're looking for

And that's why,

In addition to Google, Amazon and online forums

I'll also be showing you 5- other key platforms for great research

These platforms are used by every A-list Copywriter I know

And no matter what product you're selling (or what market you're selling to : Finance, Health, Real Estate, Weight-Loss, Etc...)

You're almost always certain to find the exact info you're looking for in much less time than if you weren't using these platforms

This way, your research process doesn't take too long

The quality of your work will be wayyyy much better

And you'll be able to "finish and turn in" projects in probably half the time it takes an average copywriter to finish one project.

Mentorship Benefit #3: FILM
Copywriting so Good Clients & Customers Are Throwing Money at you 
(NB: You Risk Going Down in Flames if you use This Unethically to Defraud Anyone)

Jus' saying

You gotta use this ethically

Took me 5-years to perfect and it has brought me more money, connections (and fame) — than I ever thought possible

Do good with it (sell only great products that DELIVER on their promises) 

And you'll make really good money for yourself (how much you make really depends on the depth of your desires)

Plus, you're going to get to a point where you literally have to turn clients away (because demand for your services will be on the high-side)

On the other hand however:

If you defraud people by using this powerful Copywriting method for evil (selling products that don't deliver on their promises) 

Your CELL number in Hell is marked #221B
And I hope you rot in there!

Hopefully, you're not that kind of person 

And you're only interested in using this to...

Help "good businesses, with great products" hit new revenue highs and take their biz to a whole new level...

With thousands of dollars earned for a job well done

Or even if you choose to use it to sell your own offers

You're still gonna make a ton of money using what you learn here,

Just don't mislead or defraud anyone.

Nuff said, next on the Queue:

Mentorship Benefit #3: FILM ACCESS 

The "Nuts & Bolts" of Making Money Writing   

Intriguing & Entertaining Stories

If you thought the storytelling lessons in the F.C.I 2021 were nothing short of amazing

Just wait until you see what's inside this section,

Because this time, I 'm not just discussing the "key elements"

I go wayyyy deeper

And here's why...

If you know how to tell stories that aren't just emotional,

But also entertaining (Just like A-list Copywriters like Ian Stanley and Chris Haddad do...)   . . .

— you can charge 3x more for a single project than what other freelance Copywriters get paid for similar projects.

Those who tell average stories don't make nearly as much money as those who tell. . .

Entertaining stories that make people "buy with excitement"

And if you're not very good at storytelling,

Don't worry.

Because in this section of the program...

I simplify the whole thing for you,

— and the more you go through the lesson(s),

— The more you'll see just how simple it is to...

  • Turn boring everyday stuff into entertaining gossip:

  • Find the right hook for your story,
  • BUILD your story from ground up,
  • Establish common ground,
  • Inject drama and suspense to hold attention...


  • First-Person + 2nd Person Narratives:

    In whose voice should you tell your story for maximum IMPACT?

    Yours, your client’s, or your customer’s?

    In this section…

    I explain what voices work best depending on who you’re selling to, and what you’re selling to them…. (and how you can “clone” the right “STORY voice” that appeals to the decision making centre of your customer’s brain

  • SEGUE and STORY Transitioning:

    Sometimes you can have a great story that people ENJOY but don’t buy from, because…

    You FAILED to transition seamlessly from your story to your pitch (without “waking your prospect” up from the STORY trance you put them in at the beginning of your STORY)

    This is where most struggle,

    Hundreds of Potential new customers LOST because of WRONG TRANSITIONING or the lack of SEAMLESS transitioning

    But it doesn’t have to be this way

    In this section, I show you how to transition smoothly and seamlessly from your story to your pitch

    And in a way that makes your reader see “saying YES to your pitch” as part of their own emotional response to a story they can EASILY relate to!

    This is very similar to HOW (after watching a great MOVIE)

    You feel MOVED to do something no one compelled you to do (because of how the moral of movie MADE YOU FEEL)

    Simple, but very powerful (and very interesting too)

    Especially when (after going through this section)

    You realize can easily use this EVEN when you’re not writing copy — to influence more people to do your bidding

    Tying up loose ends:  

    Even when you transition right,

    There’s still a chance you’re missing a few RED FLAGS and COMMON SENSE TRIGGERS that could make or break your STORY

    Inside this section marked “Tying Up Loose Ends”

    …I show you how to remove “ANYTHING” that might end up screwing up an otherwise brilliant STORY you put a lot of work into

    Finishing Strong:

    GREAT stories are great because they ALMOST always have the perfect ending that leaves the audience in an emotional TRANCE

    And in this section…

    I show you how to go about giving your stories the perfect ending

    Not necessarily happy or sad…

    But emotionally STIMULATING enough

    To make your prospects TAKE POSITIVE ACTION.

    As in buy what you're selling, or sign up for something you're enticing them with.

Mentorship Benefit #4: 

ZERO-$10,000 CheatSheet For New Copywriters
(Here, I Explain What I'd do if I was Starting All Over and I had a Target of $10,000 in 30-days (With Nothing but A Laptop, Internet Connection, A simple Idea — & maybe $50-$100)

It's a question I get a Lot,

What would you do if you were starting all over with little or no money and you had a target of $10,000 in 30-days?

Everything you find in this section is a simplified guide on how I'd do it (and why I'm doing these things ) — to hit the $10,000 milestone in 30-days or less .... if I was starting out all over.

Here's just a few things you'll learn inside this section:


     Imagine popping up on your client’s radar when they’re searching on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram for your kind of service;

    And then they check you out...

    Go through your bio,

    Scan your profile, And next thing they’re doing,

    ...is sending you a DM saying:

    “you fit the description” of the writer(s) we’re looking for"

    That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this section

    I’ll show you how to optimize your bio (effectively for rapid growth & client acquisition) on any of the BIG 4 Client-Acquisition platforms my students and I are getting clients from on a monthly basis

    Trust me, these clients are THERE

    You just NEED to know how to ATTRACT them into your ecosystem

    And once you start optimizing your bio — using the simple visibility strategy I share in this short video..

    You’ll soon be in a position where 80% of your paying clients come to you asking how you can work with them — and not the other way round.

    And This way, you can easily charge higher fees for your work (and get paid handsomely too)


    People get cold messages all the time

    And they're so used to it, they can smell it from afar — and as such, if you send a cold email "like everyone is doing"

    Chances are, you'll be ignored

    But does that mean you shouldn't pitch clients again?

    Far from it — you definitely should,

    But not how everyone else is doing it

    In this section, I reveal how you can make “COLD CLIENTS” to want to know more about you... And how that “crazy idea” of yours can help them achieve their business goals for the quarter


    This is the exact opposite of Cold messaging

    And it's powerful because instead of coming across as a pest

    Your client sees you as a welcomed guest instead.

    And ultimately chooses to work with you over the 100s of pests cold emailing them every day.


    I'll show you how to generate high-ticket leads and book 5-10 CLIENT appointments a Month from FACEBOOK (Yes, Facebook!), LINKEDIN, GOOGLE, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER

    This way...

    you have many "ready to hire" prospects on your contact list

    And you can literally "pick" who you want to work with

  • TAKE THEIR MONEY: SIMPLE CLOSING SCRIPT for Discovery Sessions, Presentations, And Meetings (Online/Offline)

    It’s not enough to know how to attract clients,

    You need to know what to say, and how to say it

    To make them take money out of their pockets and put it in yours

    Else, you 're going to be a starving artist.

    Not good.

    So in this section we'll be talking about:

    "Monetizing" your clients and closing more deals —over the Phone —in your DMs — or on VIDEO CALLS (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp etc)

    And just think… or imagine

    What it would be like,

    When you no longer have to try too hard to “close” your prospects.

    Now you can finally put an end to these painful and embarrassing objections costing you sales and money:

    “This sounds good, but let me think about it.”

    “Your prices are too HIGH.”

    “Let me run this by my partner and get back to you”

    NOTE: You won’t CLOSE every CLIENT you come across, but you’ll close enough to not worry about the ones who don’t take your bait



    This is where I’ll walk you through the simple process my students use for signing “win-win” contracts with Big clients (the ones who can easily afford $1k-$10k or more for your services)


    Some of your clients (mostly B2B and corporate clients) will ask you send them a proposal (even after they've agreed to hire and pay you)

    Mostly, it's just part of their company procedure

    Other times, they just want it documented so they have a clear outline of what you'll be doing for them.

    Whatever the case is:

    Don't let the whole "send a proposal thing" scare you

    It's simple.

    In fact, I'll share one of my recent proposals with you (yeah, sometimes I have to send proposals too...)

    It was a small gig for $5,000.

    Just model it and fill in the blanks with details of your own project.

Mentorship Benefit #5:
IN-HOUSE Copy Auditing 
(Get "Expert feedback" on your Copy
Inside The F.C.I Member's Area)

Whether you're a beginner or pro or intermediate Copywriter,

There'll be times when you write copy

Either for a client or for a personal project

And you've looked at it like 100 times

But you still feel like you need "a second eye" or an expert opinion on ways you could improve your copy

So it's potent enough to get really good results once it's published ...

That's why I included the INHOUSE- COPY AUDITING thaingy in this program

So whenever you need honest feedback on your copy

Just send it to the group

Either me or someone on my team will respond as soon as any of us sees your submission.


You can "have that confidence" you need to put our work out there knowing it's "good enough" to get really good results for your clients or yourself.

Mentorship Benefit #6:
Joint-venture Deals, 

Members-only Match-Making

And Client Referrals

One of the perks of being a good Copwriter is:

You get quite a number of “seasoned” business owners asking you to recommend other good copywriters they can work with.. or partner with (on Joint-ventures where they split the profits with you)

And if you prove yourself worthy in the mentoring group (by being active and demonstrating you’re good at what you do)

You’ll come on my radar

And you’ll soon be hearing from Business owners who’ll come to you based entirely on my recommendations

Not saying you should just sit back waiting for referrals or recommendations 

Just see it as an extra perk you’re getting as a member of my mentorship program 

At least 3 times a week, I refer new clients to my students

And this is something you too can benefit from

If (emphasis on IF) — you prove yourself worthy.

And by the way, if you're implementing what you learn inside the materials I'm sending you...

You'll be too busy taking on clients to even rely on referrals.

Mentorship Benefit #7:

Dissecting The 2016 PORN Control

(A Men's Health promo That Ran for 5+years)

WATCH ME break down (LIVE) a promo I wrote back in the day (2016) 

This simple promo (when it launched) got hundreds of porn addicts “abandoning” their addictions and charting a new course…

In this video, I explain how it was written

And point out the several hidden emotional triggers that made it convert like crazy on COLD TRAFFIC for 5years and running!

Mentorship Benefit #8: FILM ACCESS

Dissecting "The END of America"

A financial Promo That did $250M in Sales

Some of your clients may come from the financial space (Mostly big publishers and business owners selling investment advise)

And if they're going to pay you $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 or more

To write them a solid sales letter that gets 1,000s of new subscribers paying for their newsletters or books...

You gotta know what you're doing 

What I mean is:

You need to "understand the nuts and bolts" of writing great financial copy that scales on COLD traffic

And that's why this section is very important

In this video, you'll see me OUTLING the structure for great financial copy — and I'm doing it using a great example:


A sales letters written by the legendary Mike PALMER

That simple letter pulled in $250M in sales for his client

And Mike's share of the LOOT enabled him take a "temporary retirement" where he was just travelling the world and enjoying himself.

So yeah, if you're looking for a great example of how to write financial copy, The End of America is a great example

And I'll be kind enough to break it down for ya...

And you'll be able to use what you learn here... 

To write Great financial copy across:

— Investment,

— Stocks,
— Crypto,
— Blockchain,
— Forex,
— Financial advice etc

Mentorship Benefit #9: FILM ACCESS
5-second hook for WRITING Hypnotic Subject Lines & Email Creatives  . . + Simple Welcome Sequence "Blueprint"  To Create Unique & Profitable Email Campaigns for yourself or your Clients !

Business owners in our industry routinely pay anywhere between $50-$1,000 per email (depending on how good you are..)

And emails are also very easy to write,

Once you learn the secrets.

Like the 5-second hook for getting people to open your emails once they see your "subject line" in their inbox

This strategy is simple, yet powerful

Because it makes you a welcome guest in your reader's inbox

And makes them excited to know what you have to share with them

But that's only one part of it,

The highest open rates in the world won't do you any good if people don't read your email after opening it — and even worse if they don't click the link in your email (with anticipation) to buy what you're selling

That's why...

In this section, I also talk about "holding attention" and getting "a favourable click" that leads to a potential new sale

This way, you're well-grounded with emails and whenever you have to work on an email marketing campaign. . .

You'll know exactly waht to do to get amazing results.

Mentorship Benefit #10: FILM ACCESS

Writing High-Impact Copy for Health Offers: Supplements, Pills, Herbs, Enhancers Etc...

The health market is one of the top 2 biggest markets in Copywriting where there's always a high-demand for Copywriters

But it is also one of the hardest to crack (because of the saturation)

And that's why...

If you know how to write potent Copy for health products,

You're going to be a life saver for many offer owners in the health niche

And you can easily "play hard to get" — while increasing your fees as demand for your services grows exponentially

So to help you understand how Copywriting works in the health niche

I'll be showing you all the elements and building blocks of writing high-converting Copy for health offers,

Whether it's a new supplement for diabetes, or a sleeping pill, or something for heart health, or just something in-between...

That has to do with selling to the health market....

I'll share a simple script you can SWIPE "model" to write your own high-converting ads, sales letters, landing pages, VSLs for health products

Mentorship Benefit #11: FILM ACCESS

Writing High-Impact Copy for "Information" And Or "Digital" Products; Books, Courses, Coaching... Etc 

Next to health and financial on the pecking order of Big 5 Copywriting niches ...is the information marketing niche where you've got...

Publishers, coaches, consultants and course creators

Consistently putting out new offers for their books, courses, paid newsletters ... and so on...

And if they're going to pay you to write copy for them

You gotta know what you're doing

And that's why,

...in this section of my mentorship program

I'll be sharing the simple secrets to writing high-impact copy that pulls in 100s of new customers, susbscribers and quality leads for your clients

This way, once a new Client asks you if you can write copy for their information business

You'll be confident enough to say yes and tell them your fees right away

And even if you wanted to sell your own offers in the information market

You'll be well-equipped to write copy that "Cuts through the noise in your market" and makes 100s of prospects say yes to you and your offer.

Thanks to what you'll learn in this section.

Mentorship Benefit #12: FILM ACCESS

Writing Presells And Upsells

Presells are mostly short-form content (an article, email, blogpost, social media content, short video) a customer sees that makes them want to go check out your sales page or landing page

They are mostly educative and are designed to elighten the customer about a new, different or unique way to solve that pressing problem they've been trying to get rid of for a while now.

With the right presell, you have wayyyy more people going to your sales page to buy vs when you have a weak, impotent presell.

Some of your clients will want you to write presells for them

And it helps that you at least have an idea how presells work from a practical point of view ahead of time

That's why I recorded this part for you

So you see just how simple presells are to write (when you understand the simple basics and fundamentals)

And that's not all

I'll also be showing you how to write Upsell Copy

Which is really just a sales message used to sell a customer who's just made a purchase — on buying a product that compliments the one they've just bought.

Upsells aren't hard to write

But it helps to know how the really good ones are structured

That's why I included "writing upsells" in this section

So you're never in a position where a Client or partner needs you to write an upsell and you're not sure how to go about it.

And by the way,

Just having practical knowledge about how these things work,

Increases your perceived value in the eyes of your clients

And thus, they'll happily pay what you charge 

And even refer amazing new clients to you

Same way the legendary David Deustch refers big clients to one of my students, Dammy Azeez.

Mentorship Benefit #13: FILM ACCESS

What's WORKING NOW with Sales Funnels 
(And how to create 7,8,9 Figure Sales Funnels,
  ..without Having to "Funnel Hack" Anything)

If you're not sure what a sales funnel is:

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer/client one step closer to buying from you/hiring you

Through a series of marketing actions like ad placements, automated emails, videos, articles and landing pages that will do the selling for you. (r/WILD AUDIENCE)

All successful businesses you know have a sales funnel that often starts with an ad or a blog post, or social media content,

Then leads to a landing page where:

The customer either makes a purchase

Or takes another form of action,

That brings them closer to making the purchase.

This could be something as simple as..

Signing up to join an email list, or signing up for a free 7-day trial or a free gift or even requesting for more information.

All of which leads to the next step in the sales process

Where they'll then be offered a product or service

Based on their actions in the earlier stages of the sales process.

It's not as complicated as most make it seem

You can literally sketch the whole thing out in your brain in less than 30-minutes — once you understand the basics

And that's what I'll be showing you in this section

Alongside how I'm creating Simple sales funnels that pull in multiple millions in profits for my clients, my partners and myself

And without funnel hacking anything, whatever that means.

Anyway understanding how sales funnels work (what's working now with sales funnels, and better yet, what's coming NEXT)

Makes you more valuable to your clients

As such, your high-ticket fees are justified 

And your ideal clients are happy to pay these upfront fees and retainers

Because they see the clear value of what you're bringing to the table...

And the ROI-potential of having someone like you (who's well grounded in sales & marketing , not just writing) ...handle a marketing/copywriting project for them.

Mentorship Benefit #14: FILM & PDF ACCESS

5-second Hook for Writing Powerful Ads (That Convert Profitably) on FB, Google, YouTube, IG etc

Ads are those sponsored posts you see on Social Media

And as you might guess, most of them get ignored,

Simply because they don't pass the 5-second test

The 5-second test is simply a concept based on the short attention span of human beings (your customers)

If you can't make them STOP and pay attention in the first 5seconds of seeing your ad ...

You've lost them — and as such...

That ad won't be profitable.

No bueno.

If you're going to be a rock-star Copywriter earning the big bucks,

You gotta know how to write simple ads that hook your reader within the first-second of them seeing "the ad" on their timeline

And you gotta be able to do it in a seamless way that literally forces them to take action on the spot (just right after reading...)

In this section, I'll show you my 5-second hook for writing ads that have pulled in hundreds of new buyers from Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter 

This very video takes less than 10minutes.

So it's something you can watch and even start using or practising right away so you see for yourself exactly how it works (and why)

Mentorship Benefit #15: FILM & PDF ACCESS

Simple Direct Mail Strategy to "Acquire and Monetize " Hard to Reach "Offline" Clients 

"Offline clients" simply means:

Those "Big Fish Clients" who recognize the power of the skill you possess (and who regularly hire new Copywriters )

But are hardly ever online (even though they may have a social media page or profile that they hardly ever use) 

And as such — are almost impossible to reach

Don't worry, there's a simple way to reach these clients

Thanks to an old direct mail strategy I explain in this video.

It's a strategy we routinely use to "get in through the back door" when it seems like all our online efforts are'nt giving us what we want

And you can use it too — for "attracting and closing" offline clients 

For context:

Direct mail is pretty like those letters you write (and send home) to your parents when you're in boarding school

And in that letter, you're telling them about what's going on in school and how you need this and that and that you hope they're fine, and that they should please call or write back as soon as they read your letter

Sound familiar?

This is pretty much same structure we're following here

Except, in this case,

You're not writing to your parents asking for money or any favours...

You're writing to a Potential Client who's going to reach out and offer to pay you serious money for your services ——— once you "show them" you have something they've been looking for...

(ie: the solution to their problems)

Or something they desire greatly (a "vehicle" that takes them from where they are to where they want to be)

There's a particular structure I use to write these kinds of letters

And in this video, I explain everything

Step by step, from start to finish

So you see how you can write "responsive" letters that get you your desired response from "offline clients"

And more importantly:

How to "deliver" these letters for maximum impact

Mentorship Benefit #16: Unlimited ACCESS

Weekly Tasks/Milestones, Accountability Checks, 

& Implementation Reports.

Don't even think about it

I'm going to hold you accountable

And one way I'm doing this whole accountability thing is:

At the beginning of every week,

I'll give you a task/milestone

I'll tell you what to do, how and why... (to achieve a series of small wins that eventually compound into BiG wins for you)

And by weekend of that week...

You'll give me feedback inside the group.

If you have any challenges or questions, all you'll have to do is reach out in the group and you'll get response from me or someone on my team.

I'm doing this to keep you up and doing

Jus' saying

That's how mentors who care run their ship.

And trust me (for once today) —

You'll get bigger and better results this way. 

Mentorship Benefit #17: Unlimited ACCESS 

1+ Monthly Mentorship Call, 

LIVE Copy Critique, Plus, "Q & A" Replays! 

This is very similar to the monthly calls I did for students of The F.C.I. Class of 2021 

The only difference here is:

It's going to even more interactive and more valuable than previous ones

I'll randomly pick out one or 2 of my mentees (could be you if you attend these sessions) — and ask to see something they've written recently so we can "improve it together" if need be...


During these monthly calls, you'll also be able to literally "harrass me" with questions 

And no matter how silly your questions seem to you,

I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge (without making you feel less of yourself)

Because of what use is this mentorship program if I can't answer your questions satisfactorily ??

Mentorship Benefit #18: FILM ACCESS 

The Life of a Well-Paid Copywriter
(Investments, Adventure, planning for Early Retirment & Relocating to a New Country.

Sorry, can't tell you what's inside this section.

But I'm pretty sure you'll find it very eye-opening.

Mentorship Benefit #19: FILM ACCESS 

Mental Health + Dealing with Depression, And The Loss of a Loved One — 1 Step at a Time!

Tuesday, 10th, September, 2019:

I got a call from my Mom that morning,

She was crying uncontrollably and screaming

My Father, Sunday Oji Mukolo, had passed on peacefully in his sleep that morning ( a gentleman to the very end)

I was the closest to my father and we shared a very special bond

SO understandably, news about his passing tore me to pieces

It affected the quality of my work — and even though I'v managed to "stay fairly consistent" since then,

It's been tough "moving on" just like that

I still cry.

I still mourn him

But I've managed to cope and stay fairly consistent" 

Consistent enough to have my personal income and lifestyle just where I want it 

And I'm willing to share how I've managed so far 

But that's only one half of it

Sometimes, I just feel irritated by my environment and can't even bring myself to write anything or do any kind of work

And in times like these...

I either abandon work, take a break or just find a coping mechanism.

It's not something a lot of people are comfortable talking about and that's totally understandable

But I figured you might want to know how other writers deal with the whole mental health thing — alongside the many vagaries of human life we get to deal with on a day to day basis

That's why I recorded this session

Hopefully, you learn something valuable that can help you "stay sane" and cope with or heal from whatver challenges you face or have to deal with as you continue to make progress in this business of ours 

Mentorship Benefit #20: Unlimited ACCESS 

Members-Only F.C.I Support Group .

Def def, there's a support group.

This is where you get to ask all those questions and turn in your weekly implementation reports.

Plus, at least once a week 

I'll send a VOICE NOTE to the group sharing something about a project I'm working on or on something I learned newly that can benefit you if you apply it to your writing biz.

These Voice Notes (VNs) will be random

And sometimes, 

I'll be sharing stuff outside Copywriting and Marketing 

Stuff about life.

And Hopefully.... you find them valuable.

Okay, so at that's it.

At this point...

I think you'll agree,

That I've pretty much emptied out myself here

I personally can't think of anything else to include in this program

What I'v tried to do here, is inlcude eveything I'd look out for:

If I was just starting out or already writing

– and I was looking for a mentorship program to help me...

Grow — and Earn really good money 

— Alongside like-minded Folks

And I think I'v done that to a very large extent

Maybe I'm missing a few things

But in the coming weeks or months, 

I'll be taking feedback from my mentees and proteges inside the program and adding new updates so this program is as up to date as possible

But for now,

I think that's all there is to it...

And if you've checked out everything

And you really want to join my mentorship program

The next question on your mind — is probably...

How Much to Enroll 

...for your Mentorship Program?

First thing is, it's not necessarily cheap

Good things never are.

And secondly:

If we’re going to set a fair price for this

It shouldn’t be anything less than $2,000

And even then... 

It'd still be an out-and-out bargain

So yep, $2,000 is a fair deal

And that's probaby how much I'll be charging for this program in the near future:

But today

From one human, to Another:

I'm making this opportunity available to you...

For $500 only

Let's say you take something from anyone of the 3 CLIENT ACQUISTION modules inside this program (Same info which has already helped 100s of writers in my program land clients worth $1,000s in new income...)

Then you implement it on LinkedIn or Twitter or someother platform

And then you land a client for $2,000 just a few days/weeks/months into this program

That's 4x your initial investment back already:

From one client alone

And you're just getting warmed up

Because there's a whole lot more coming...

If you do the work, and you're consistent

You'll soon be taking on clients who happily pay $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more per project

Most of the testimonials you see on this page are from folks who're barely 1-year into freelance Copwriting

Some of them are already earning $5,000 per project/monthly-retainer

2 clients at $5,000 a month is like $10,000

Not bad right?

When you consider these things (and more):

Then, you'll come to see this isn't even an expense or tuition fee (which would have been a good way to put it)

But more like ...

Temporarily parting with a few bucks 

That will come roaring back to you 

. . .in many, many folds

And remember...

I'm not just sending you a bunch of PDFs and Videos

I'm sending you practical video walkthroughs and step-by-step proven templates showing you how things work in our industry

And this...

You're never alone.

Because... you've got me and dozens of well-paid, experienced writers in your corner, always ready to...

Guide, Help & Support You

Awlays pushing you to do better

Always answering your questions, 

Always holding you accountable

And always giving you all the guidance and support you need,

To build your own successful six or seven figure writing biz

One that affords you the kind of lifestyle you've always wanted

And at this point...

If you' see the value in what I'm offering you

And you'd like to join us today

The next step is to scroll down and hit the sign up button below 

But before you sign up

There's one thing I should let you know

As with all my offers now,

This mentorship program comes with....

A 100% No-Refunds Policy.

As you can see,

A LOT of work has gone (and will still be going into this)

I worked really hard to put together the extremely valuable information in this program

And there's no way in hell I'm letting anybody "check it out "

With the option of asking for a refund if you don't feel it's something you want to continue with.

Everything I've outlined on this page is a clear description of what you're getting inside my mentorship program

So if you're not convinced this program is worth a penny of your hard-earned money,

Don't sign up — keep your money.


My point (if there's any left) is simply this:

This is not a program you join on blind impulse

If you're going to join us, think it through carefully

And be sure you're ready to go all the way.

Bottomline: You're either all in, or there's no point signing up.

If you're looking for a program with a 100% refunds-policy

There are many other Copywriting teachers who offer refunds

And you can go learn from them.

However, if you're okay with my 100% no-refunds policy

And you're still interested in joining my mentorship program

Then here's the rest of it:

When you CLICK the button below

It takes you to a secure page where you’ll make payment today:

For $500

And once your payment is successful. . .

You’ll be redirected to another secure & encrypted page

Where you’ll be asked to fill a simple form (takes less than 1-minute) 

So we can quickly send you an. . .


With Your Private PASSKEY 
To access everything in This program

The encrypted email will contain your passkey to the updated F.C.I 2021 program.

So if you've not gone thru it before,

You can start with that

Go through the F.C.I 2021 at least 3 times.

Don't just rush through it 3 times (Just so you can say you've gone through it 3 times!  🙄 )

Study it carefully

As though you're trying to kick ass in your final exams...  

And graduate with a first class or with a magna cum laude

As though you're trying to build a successful business that will help you reach/surpass your desired level of personal income. 

Then start implementing what's inside (Step by Step)

And ask questions inside the group whenever the need arises.

What I'm trying to say is:

If you don't already have access to the F.C.I 2021, 

You need to study and implement what's inside

Before you start going through the videos and materials for the F.C.I PLATINUM (mentorship program proper)

And if you already had access to the F.C.I 2021 before now

And you've studied it, or you're still studying it or you're already implementing what's inside

You can start going through the videos and materials inside the F.C.I PLATINUM 

And be sure to ask questions in the group

whenever you need guidance

So that's it,

If you’re interested…

And you're ready to build a successful writing business

That makes you enough money on a monthly basis...

So you're not worrying needlessly about emergencies Or what could be if something Unexpected happened to a loved one. . .

Click the Big BLACK button below

And let's get you started right away

See you inside,


I'll Try My Possible Best to 

Answer Some of your Questions 

Isn't This too Expensive?


First of all,

This is not a substandard product

I try to keep my programs relatively affordable — but if you're looking for the really cheap stuff... I'm not your guy

And maybe you should check out similar programs (from folks with real skin in the game... who know what they're doing...)

See how much they're charging

Look if they have even half the result-based testimonials I have from my students 

Then decide for yourself whether my program is expensive or NOT.

And by the way...

This is not just some course

It's a full-stack mentorship program.

And I dare say:

It would be a miracle if you found any program(s) of similar quality (and with as many consistent results as my students are getting) ...on offer anywhere, at this price

And secondly:

I'm pretty darned sure:

If this was a Ponzi scheme or another network marketing opportunity promising overnight riches to the tune of millions, 

Or insane profits and commissions every 30-days (for zero work)

Many people would go as far as borrowing the equivalent (even more) of the sign-up fee for this program just to sign up so they don't "miss out on that big cash before too many people get in" 

  • People borrow to buy phones

  • People borrow to buy clothes

  • People borrow to attend shows 

  • People borrow to live "fake lives"

  • People borrow to throw parties

  • People borrow to "bribe their way" into getting Government jobs and Big contracts they almost always never get

But when it comes to programs that can actually make a real, significant difference in their lives (and income) if they WORK HARD

They complain that it's too expensive.

Or they come up with some excuse as to why they "Can't afford it"

Not saying you should borrow or do anything illegal (if you don't have the money to sign up right now...)

Jus saying, when people really want something

They always find a way.

And think about it:

With all the support and guidance offered in his program,

There's no way someone who's seriously committed doesn't make initial investment back several times over (in the coming months)

Just one client at $1,000  — and you're in profit already.

Talk more of the other clients you'll be working with on a monthly retainer basis (for anywhere between $2,500 - $10,000 or more)

My Friend(s) / Family : Say This whole Make Money Online Thing is a Scam, That I should find something' else to do with my time, But I'm seeing others succeeding and making good money with this, and I honestly believe same is possible for me with the right guidance, but I just need some reassurance. Do you have any advice for me?

It's not just with Copywriting

It's same with almost everything else in life

People (friends and family especially) are always going to try talk you out of doing the very thing that can help you achieve the big dreams you have for yourself (and them)

Sometimes, it's out of genuine concern that you may fail

But mostly, it's just plain ignorance (and arrogance)

But if you're truly serious about living the kind of life you've always wanted for yourself and your loved ones

You gotta ignore them and keep going

Because as long as you persist, you're going to win

And by the way...

6months or 1-year from now or in the nearest future,

Some of these naysayers (—you know them — same doubtful folks you've probably already included in your plans for when the money starts rolling in) — will be the ones coming to you for financial help.

I should know.

What if I'm NOT Good at Writing??? 

What if I have No experience writing

And I've Never been Paid to write Before???

Truth is, Nobody was born a Copywriter.

We all had to learn this stuff.

It's like learning how to drive a car.

The more you practice, the better you get.

And even better, when you have experienced hands guiding you.

The best Copywriters alive today started with NO experience.

They learned by studying successful Copywriters and practising consistently.

So if you don't have any previous writing experience, 

Or you've never been paid to write before...

There's nothing to be worried about,

All you need to do is follow what I show you, 

And be consistent with the process.

Will A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Make Copywriters Obsolete?

Should I be Worried that I'll Lose my Job to A.I? Or That it Will Take Over Copywriting Jobs in a few years Time?

I have like 10 solid reasons you shouldn't even be worried one bit

But I think it's best I just share....

What Seth Godin ....

Arguably "The world's most respected marketer today"...

Said during an Interview at The Ad WORLD Conference 2021:


Is AI going to replace us? Mediocre copywriters or creatives are doomed. Extraordinary, off-the-charts, unpredictable, remarkable work will be really hard for AI to do. It always has been.


And here's what Stefan Georgi,

One of the top 3 active Copywriters alive....

Had to say about the topic in one of his recent Instagram posts:


The one thing people lose sight of is the art of persusaion is universal. Learning to be a great copywriter means learning to be great at sales. These same skills will be highly valuable to you no matter what you do in the future. So this is another reason it may make sense to continue studying and mastering copy:


And just to add...

Do you think AI will be able to tackle sales objections the way you'd do it very effectively (with empathy) ... as a human Copywriter with blood running through your veins?

Think about it.

Do I Need a Laptop 

. . .to Get Started?

If you already have a laptop, that's great!

But if you don't have a laptop, 

And you have a good smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows etc),

You're good to go

That's because you can actually read and type with your phone.

Not the same as having a laptop,

But you'll be able to get a lot done with a good phone.

What if I have a Job Currently? 

Can I do this as a side hustle
And still make Good Money with it?

Yes, you can.

But this doesn't take away the fact that you'll have to put in the necessary work to make things happen.

My point is, even if you're doing this as a side hustle, 

You have to be serious and consistently implement what you learn.

If you feel like you have a very very tight schedule and you can't make out at least 1-hour a day for this program.... 

There's no need signing up.

I really want This... 

But I Can't Afford The Sign-Up Fee Right NOW, 

How Else Can I Learn From YOU

....While I try to Raise The Money?

If you can't afford this program at the moment, 

There's a lot of valuable information on Copywriting and Marketing you'll find on my blog, my Twitter timeline and in my emails

You can check out andymukolo.com (to get on my email list for $5 only-if you're already subscribed, there's no need for this as you're already receiving emails from me. FUN FACT: People make more money using what they learn from my emails, than they do from most paid programs)

For my blog, check out andymukolo.com/blog,

And my Twitter handle is @andy_mukolo

Hundreds of people take what they learn from my blogs, tweets and emails and they're getting incredible results for themselves

And if you're a serious person,  

You can follow in their footsteps by implementing what you learn from my blog, emails, and Twitter handle.

I have the Money and I'm ready to Pay Now. But Can I ask for a refund if I wake up one Morning with a Mood Swing and Decide I Don't want to Continue with your Program?

Maybe you missed the part where I said I don't offer refunds.

I stopped offering money-back guarantees to discourage "window shoppers" and lazy people from joining my program.

If you're not okay with this,

Don't sign up.

There are many other Copywriting teachers who offer refunds

You can learn from them.

Will you review my samples personally 

EveryTime I Send it to The Group??

Let us reason together,

Look at it like this:

I am only one human being and there simply aren't enough hours in the day for me to review hundreds of samples.

So no, I can't promise to always review your copy personally.

But, I came up with a simple solution.

I spoke with some of my brightest students, 

And they agreed to review your copy in-house 

So whenever you feel like you need quality review on your copy,

Just send it to the private group on Telegram,

And you'll get quality feedback from me or one of my students or someone on my team.

Sound fair???

How Long will it take for me to 

Land my First Paying Client under your Wings? 

Here's the thing:

I can easily tell you that you'll land a $5,000 client in your first month, 

And I have proof to back up that kind of claim

In fact, many of the testimonials you see on this page are from students of mine who got their breakthrough even before they finished the program, 

But....  I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly when you'd land your first client through this program.

The only thing I can assure you is:

If you focus on implementing (ruthlessly and patiently) what I show you,

You will get paying clients, 

Probably much sooner than you expect.

Can I reach OUT to YOU "privately in your DMS or By Email" "Outside The Group" if I have any Questions???

Unless it is a matter of life and death.

As in, you're dying and you need blood tranfusion to save your life

And your Doctor says the only person who can donate blood to you

... is one Andy Mukolo under the O-Neg blood group: 



At least 3 times a day,

I'm on the group to see how things are going,

And as such, 

If I'm online when your question drops, and I see it, 

You'll definitely get a detailed response from me.

If you don't get a response from me,

You'll get a response from one of my experienced students.

My point is:

If you have a question, you don't have to send it to me personally, 

Just send it to the support group,

You'll always get a "helpful" response.

Can I join this Program if my Goal is to use Copywriting to grow my own business instead of taking on Copywriting Clients???

Yes, you can.

This program isn't just about getting well-paying Copywriting clients,

It's a comprehensive course on the art and science of great Copywriting. 

And once you learn what I have to show you,

You'll know exactly what to say, and how to say it,

To make prospects embrace your message,

And buy what you're selling on a profitable basis.

Is This Mentorship program Just For Beginners?

Or Can Intermediate/experienced writers also benefit?


More than 20% of writers who sign up for this program have been writing for 5+ years 

And they all agree:

The value they got has helped them get better results with their newly improved Copywriting skills...

Dozens of them have raised their fees 

And they've all started landing better paying Clients too

How Long do you think it will it Take Me to Finish Going through The Materials inside This Program 

. . .before I start implementing ??

It depends on you.

Actually, it's best you go at your own pace.

And please don't try to rush through it (you'd be cheating yourself)

I suggest you take one section a day (Starting with the F.C.I 2021 if you didn't already have access to it before... or if you had it before but you've not gone through it yet...)

Then try to take notes,

And go through each section at least 3x

Then revise, practice and implement what you've learned from that section 

Before proceeding to the next section.

This way, you're getting everything out of the invaluable information at your disposal.

How is This Program Delivered? (ALL Videos? Or a Combination of Videos and PDFS?)

For The F.C.I 2021,

It's Six Videos and 3 Documents.

The main Foreign Copywriting Initiative (F.C.I) program is a 212-page Document.

Well spaced — easy to read — and easy to understand.

The section on Client Acquisition has 3-videos and a 68-page document.

Then the bonuses are a combination of 3 videos and 2 documents

Add that up and you have six videos and 3 documents.

Then for the F.C.I Platinum (this mentorship program)

It's around 20+ videos — with a few PDFs in between.

How Long will I have Access to This Program,

And your Mentorship, After I've Paid??

For the mentorship, 12-weeks

After which you can choose to leave the group or stay if you please (activities will still be going on inside the group ... things you might want to have a taste of .... so it's okay to hang around if you want...)

And for the materials and everything else in the program?

You 're paying for these things

So technically, you have lifetime access.

As it should be. 

"One Last Thing Andy...  

What if I try this and it doesn't work for me?

. . . and people start laughing at me?"

First of all, this is not simply something you try...

It's something you pour your heart and soul into

With same level of discipline, dedication and determination First Class students put into graduating with a first class degree (from day 1 of getting into first year in University)

If you come in with this mindset

You simply can't fail.

And secondly...

In case you 're still having doubts...

Here's a simple question:

What if you simply stop worrying about whether it won't work

And you just focus 100% on all the reasons it 's going to work out if you persist and keep going at it ruthlessly?

And with all the guidance and support we're offering you: 

...you eventually make it beyond your own expectations? 

And prove you were right to take a chance on yourself?

Nothing To see here:

Just a Bunch of Testimonials!

Andy is one of my go-to copywriting guys. When I started out,I was just absorbing his free content and picking his brain for copy knowledge. I was learning so much from that, that I decided I should try his paid content. 

Having already studied a couple of copywriting books and covering a few courses, I felt I still got a TON of value from his paid content. 

Knowledge I didn’t find elsewhere. 

And that wasn’t even the best part…  He helped me in choosing a niche, Gave me extra resources to study, Gave me pointers on getting my first client, And was available to answer any questions I had on acquiring clients.  

Andy is a top copywriter, and a great guy to top it off. If you get the chance to learn from, or work with Andy in any way,  You’d be a fool to not take it.

Dean Jackson-
Freelance Copywriter, Republic of Ireland

March 29, after the immediate lockdown of major cities I knew I had to do something… 

And I was lucky because Andy launched his Foreign Copywriting Initiative Course that week. I didn’t doubt his credibility for a second since I read his emails and tweets daily...

So I figured if the best trains me I’d attain my desired outcome quicker. Learning this skill from Andy is my best decision this year.

My favourite moment was closing a foreign client using the simple strategies in his FCI course… A client I still work with till date. 

Andy isn’t only the most sought after copywriter in Nigeria, he’s the best teacher and that’s why his students produce results. 

There’s a ton of fantastic things to write… 

But I’m grateful my path crossed with Andy’s


Mohamed A. Jimoh, -
Freelance Financial Copywriter 

Following our advice on focusing on value so I could charge more,

I Got a $5,000 reatiner from an Ecommerce Brand.  


Eyinnaya Walter 
Ecommerce Copywriter 

Andy helped me make my first $2000 off twitter alone as a Copywriter.... And I've NOT looked back since then... Lord Andy (as I fondly call him) not only gave me wonderful PDFs to digest & make money from my bed... 

He did two things which are beyond that:

1. He gave me a listening ear any time I had one issue or the other especially with paying clients

2. He gave me a community. From that community, I met people with who I grew in the copywriting industry.

This is really invaluable.

Golibe Ilechukwu-
BRAND Copywriter 

I make at least $2,000 every month writing and that's thanks to Andy, 

Andy Mukolo is not just a very good copywriter, he's the best and if there's anybody to teach copywriting and how to make money with it, it's Andy. Don't think twice when it's Andy, just do it.

Djeje Bright -
Freelance Copywriter 

Confused, clueless and without direction... I discovered Andy Mukolo at a very low point in my life. But the insane value I got from his tweets, emails and courses pointed me towards a lucrative path.

And through Andy's help, I went from confused and clueless to landing my first paying client of over N100,000 in less than 100 days after I started learning Copywriting.

I can think of no better guide in your path to financial freedom than Andy Mukolo. He's a mental giant and a selfless teacher.

Rachel Austin -
VSL Copywriter 

I made over a million naira within 5 months simply by writing words that Andy taught me to write. Not having to be a born writer got me qualified as a candidate for his program. Andy said if I can write a simple sentence like this one, then I had what I needed to earn money on my own terms. I’ll be forever grateful to Andy for showing me this path.

Joel Obafemi -
Freelance Copywriter (Men's Health & Finacial) 

I didn’t know Copywriting was this valuable, Until I purchased Andy Mukolo’s FCI course. The truth is, I was skeptical at first…And that’s because I had no previous experience on Copywriting or salesmanship. But as I copied and pasted every template Andy gave us in the programme, Within my first month, I landed my first two clients ( in the coaching niche)…Then another, and another… And now, the rest is history.

If you’re very serious about mastering Copywriting and making a great living with this skill, While enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, And getting heavily paid to do it… Andy Mukolo is your plug.

Samuel Segun -
Freelance Copywriter (Financial Publishing & Biz Opp) 


When I grabbed the FCI, I never knew I was laying the right foundation for my internet marketing I applied the knowledge I got from your course in the promotion of my information product and made my first ₦1000000 online. Thank you Andy, you are a great teacher. 

Medical X Marketing x Copywriter 

I have been a copywriter for over 2 years but going through the FCI course is a refreshing experience that money can't buy. Nothing much to say here, but I want to assure you that God bless you man (I don't know if you believe in God's blessings from the tone of your emails, but who cares?) God bless you still lol. Thank you again....

Oluwafemi Ojo -
Freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketer 

 3 New Clients From LinkedIn!

(All MONTHLY Retainers...)

3 New Clients From Twitter,

Plus a Lucrative YouTube Project

For a U.S Army Offical >

Using what I Showed Him, He Landed a Copywriting Project with Top Financial Publishers,

Banyan Hill Publishing! 

New Client Blown Away by his "Unsexy" Cold Email Pitch, Replies and Asks for His Rates Immediately!

She Closed a New Client on her First Attempt at Client Acquisition!

Nathaniel Lands New Client

without even Reaching OUT or Sending a Cold Email!

When an Innovative Supplement Company Wants to "Hire and Pay" You To Write Copy For 💪 

A N100,000 Monthly Retainer, Royalties and a Vacation to any Country in The World ✈️ 🌎 

Try not to Cry 😭  

Got his investment Back in Less Than 1-week of signing Up! 🙏 

New Writing Role For Multinational Financial Institution 🏦 

Still here? 

Just pay it forward

...By Helping Others 

I started from scratch with almost zero help from anyone

And while it's true I was making some money on my own

I didn't start eating bigger apples ,

And getting into the right circles,

...until I met my mentor: Ikenna Ronald Nzimora.

That's the power of having the right mentor in your corner

I can never repay that man for all he's done for me

The only thing I can do (as he likes to say) is to....

Just Pay it forward by Helping Others

That's me, a grown man, crying like a fish in public, NOT just because my mentor (IKENNA RONALD NZIMORA) suprised me on my birthday, but because I was overwhelmed by all the love, support, and selfless mentorship I'd gotten (and I'm still getting) from him, and I have no idea where I'd be today without him, and the only way I can repay him, is by paying it forward, by helping others.

And that's why I'm doing this

I know firsthand what great mentorship does,

And I'm willing to offer it to anyone who NEEDS it

And at a very fair price (that, quite frankly, is well-earned):

Will you allow me share the little I know with you?

Will you give yourself a chance to live a better life?

A chance to prove the naysayers wrong?

Whatever you decide,

I wish you all the best



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