Discover The Ultimate Blueprint I Used To Attract High-Quality Leads and Closed $40k+ Sales In 10 Months
(Without spending a Dime on Ads and without using any other medium aside from Social Media)
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Dear Business Owner, Marketer, Sales Professional, Entrepreneur and Startups...

Where’s Your Cash Cow?

Sound's A Bit Strange??

Then pay attention to the next line...

But you need to set it up.

That’s why you need a fail-proof system that generates leads for your business on autopilot while you sleep.

You must have heard that you need to have a good product or offer to stay relevant in business.

That’s right.

While having a great product or offer is amazing…

Getting people to desire them is more important.

The more reason why you need new ways to Revolutionize Your Lead Generation Strategy.

If you are anything like me,

Then you are constantly looking for ways to fatten your wallet without spending so much.

If that’s the case, you have run into luck today.

Because as you keep digesting this,

You’ll see how easy it can be to double your monthly income, without any form of paid advertisement.

I have been doing this for the past 3 years, leveraging my social media audience and making healthy 6-7 figures.

So that I can afford to live a life I wasn’t born into while doing what I consider a way of life.

What you’re about to discover is perhaps one of the easiest ways to generate massive leads for your business,

And add extra monthly revenue… doing what you have done for years, but this time, a lot differently.

I Generated 20k Leads In 2 Weeks Without Coughing Out $5k to Run any form of Advertising Campaign
See, most businesses online focus on doing something like;

This is great. The ROI is usually massive.

But, this is for the big guys with high-ticket products and services, and a lot of money to throw in as an investment.

For you, who probably does not have lot of money to put in as investment in promoting your low-ticket or high-ticket products/services online,

You need a cost-effective strategy.

I generated 20,000 qualified leads in 2 weeks without any Ad spend.

This sounds almost unbelievable, I know.

I wouldn’t believe it myself if someone else told me.

But don’t worry…

You will get to learn the very thing I did to achieve that!

Relax a bit…

You are not about to read one of those Zero to Hero stories you see flying around on every sales page.

You are about to experience the very change that transformed my business in less than one year and made me over $40k.

At first, I didn’t want to tell you my story.

It was tough, filled with failure, and too personal to share. However…

The miraculous financial turn-around I experienced in a short while as a Corp member even without having a single product to my name, is too important to keep to myself.

And until now several businesses including yours suffer a single problem…

Understanding the best way to attract More Prospects, Convert More Leads, and Close More Deals.

You are passionate about your business,
But despite your hard work and dedication, you are still struggling with generating leads.

You’ve tried every strategy you could lay your hand on…

You have implemented the strategies you learned from several blog posts and Youtube videos,

But the result? Same!

And despite being a new business trying to find your feet online,

You have invested in paid advertising,
Generated a few leads, but, none ever converted.

Now, you are almost frustrated and thinking of going into something else.

This is where you need to hold on and Listen to me!

Because, if you do not learn the secrets, you will jump from one business to another all your life.

I don’t want that for you and I know you don’t want that for yourself either, which is why your luck has brought you here.

I Lost My Facebook Page With 110k+ Followers.

I remember this clearly because this was where it all started.

The pains of starting all over.

The frustration of having to attract and nurture new people that will trust my brand.

It was so unbearable for me, I wasn’t ready for the switch.

I have had this account for years.

I have built an authority that could command sales anytime I wanted.

And now, I lost access to it.

I woke up delighted as usual.

I loved my Facebook community so much that I even dream about what to share with them.

I’d rather not eat in a day than not keep my community engaged.

It was my office and the most important aspect of my life after God and family.

And so, in my usual happy mood.And with a beautiful story popping up in my head.

I reached for my phone to get my audience started for the day.

But then, the new reality hit me.

Someone else now has my account. My account has been hacked! stolen!! Again???

I muttered with a deep sigh of pain and regret.

This will be the third time.

Twice, I paid the Gurus to get my account back.

Even after all the protective measures we took, these guys still found a way.

This time, I had lost every will to fight for myself,
So, I knew it was time to let go.

…Let go of the account that has become a part of my life.

I wasn’t making so much money despite the huge followers, yet my life revolved around it.

But, this is where my use of social media took another turn and I started making money on a daily.

I Left Facebook Entirely And Started Building From The Cradle On LinkedIn

If you must generate enough leads for your business, You need to focus on where your target audience is seen the most.

LinkedIn was that place for me.

Because after 6 months, I wondered what I had been doing on Facebook for 3 years.

I practically wasted those years and never mined the gold I had at my disposal.

I took my energy to LinkedIn and soon, I amassed 60,000+ followers.

I started leveraging these numbers and each week, I had people pay for my services as a coach.

If YOU have a LinkedIn presence with at least 1k+ followers and no one is paying for your product/services, chances are that you are:

In other words, you have just been using social media like I was years ago.

Fortunately, this can change today!

Add Extra Zeros To Your Bank Account
Learn the simple way to attract and nurture the right leads that will keep paying you on autopilot. Let me show you how you can turn social media to your Cash Cow.
The Best Social Media Followers Are Those That Will Pay You Daily.

Now, what I’m about to share with you may not be entirely new.

I bet you have read about them and tried them too.

However, it’s HOW you approach this method that makes the difference.

Chances are that since you started building on social media, You haven’t seen success.

Now is the time to do things differently.

I was like you years ago,

Using social media for the fun of it,

Highly focused on the number,

And Didn’t understand that aside from paid advertising, lead generation can be so much more.

You see, businesses around the world need people to buy.

That’s how they can stay in business and not get knocked off by their competitors.

This is why they seek ways to get new people to be interested in their products each day,

And, this is ultimately why lead generation is necessary.

Lead generation is the life of every business; Online or Offline.

There are several ways leads could be generated…

Google search, Lead generation software, and most adequate the use of social media.

Why Social Media?

4.2 billion people are actively using social media each day.

And if you think about that, there’s no better place to meet more people.

But you need to understand this too…

Not Everyone On Social Media Is Your Target Audience

This is where Lead scoring comes to play.

Lead scoring = On a scale of 1 – 10,
How likely is it for someone to buy from me?

You don’t want to waste your time on people.

To keep your business afloat, you need to this frequently;

Create quality content > Attract the right leads > Lead scoring > Lead nurture > Lead conversion.

It’s not rocket science, It’s a process to be well understood.

This is WHY I Created This Blueprint For YOU!
From Broke To Rich (FBR): Leveraging Proven Lead Generation Secrets And Strategies
Get all the secrets and strategies I’m using to generate massive leads online and convert sales for my clients & business. Discover your own Cash Cow and start milking money from your social media.
The FBR Blueprint Delivers On It’s Promise
To be fair, I had to give out a few free copies before formally launching just to see how much it is needed.
The FBR book from Peter Ebuka no be for joke. It is a full blueprint on all you need to know on lead generation. Getting a copy of that book is not a mistake...
Muritala-Azeez Halimat
Saying it's a good book will be underrated. It's definitely the best information on lead generation using LinkedIn that I've come across. It's not just a book, it's a million worth of assets.
Success Ngeke
Hello Peter, I have really been learning a lot as well from your WhatsApp statuses, books and your sessions. I just got my very first contract worth $1,000 😭😭😭😭😭 from Linkedin. All thanks to you.
Vida Edidiong
I just found a book that can help me unlock my sales skills. I will be reading it this month. You should read it too. Peter Ebuka Agbo will coach you on how to drive sales to your business.
Chinedu Ihekwoaba
I want to thank Peter Ebuka for the 30-minute meeting which was not only illuminating but also impactful. I highly recommend FROM BROKE TO RICH (FBR) to anyone.
Juliet Kenn-Ndubuisi
I must say that the book "From Broke to Rich" by Peter Ebuka Agbo is a fantastic read that every business owner should own. Never before has lead generation has been so straightforward.
Samson Agbaeze
I'm not even done with the FBR book yet, but I've used it to close a prospect 😮‍💨 Thank you Peter Ebuka Agbo for putting together such a masterpiece!
Chinenye Mirian
I can't appreciate Peter enough for helping me to land an international job offer recently. The FBR book is value overload and you get to pick on Peter's brain and strategy which is priceless.
Olanrewaju Okunola
Omo! In as much as I didn't take the affiliate class religiously, the FBR book I read is the reason I'm doing so well in my personal business, not gonna lie. 💯 Once I need new ideas, I go to the book and it will surely come to my aid.
Chiamaka Genevieve
Before You Jump On This, Here’s What You Should Know About Me

My name is Peter Ebuka Agbo.

I’m a top-ranked Marketing Strategist and brand influencer known for my proven lead generation expertise. I also run a recruitment Agency named HireRite Services.

In one year, I scaled prominent companies like Nobellum, Wrightway, and inter Alia. And generated tons of leads for them.

I have helped Stanbic IBTC, FCMB, and Africa Energy Council generate over 20,000 leads.

I have trained over 2000 students into mastering digital marketing and help them become professionals in the industry.

Numerous feedbacks have flooded the walls of social media attesting to my services.

My assiduous endeavors in growing my profession and online presence fetched me international awards such as Top 50 African influencers on LinkedIn and Young Entrepreneur of the year.

I didn’t study any of these in school.

In fact, I am a B-Tech degree holder in Statistics.

This is to tell you that it doesn’t matter what your field is, you can build your business online from zero.

Discover How I’m Leveraging LinkedIn As My Cash Cow

I live and breathe LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Optimization, including inbound and outbound means of acquiring high-paying clients is my specialty which I have used to generate over $40,000 for my business and my clients.

This is why I have taken everything I have learned about generating leads on LinkedIn, and other social media platforms and deposited them all in this book for your pleasure.

If you have tried several means of generating leads for your business and failed…

This book is everything you need to get right on track and close deals like you have never done before.

Here’s A Rundown Of The Value You’ll Get From The Blueprint
I didn’t want to waste your time and bamboozle you with irrelevant information. So, I made this book as concise as it can be. You can even finish reading this in half the time it takes to boil an egg.
Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll be getting when you order a copy of this digital product
Play Video

You get a better understanding of what lead generation is and why it’s the life of your business.

The success of your business depends on revenue, and understanding how lead generation can help increase your cash flow is one thing I duly explained in this book.

You should know by now that not everyone on social media is your ideal prospect.

You need to understand certain metrics that will help you score every lead to be sure you are not wasting your time.

Content marketing, Targeted advertising, Video marketing, and Influencer marketing are the secrets to attracting leads.

You’ll get to know how to use these to your advantage when you get a copy of this book.

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Nothing is more frustrating than giving up your time to speak with a prospect, and even offering your time for a demonstration, only to have them say they are not interested in buying.

The blueprint will show you how to do better.

Did you know that the audience on LinkedIn has 2x the buying power that your average web audience has?

B2B marketing using LinkedIn is especially effective and can yield very profitable results.

Let the FBR book walk you through

A content strategy is built around the type of content that will be required. To figure this out, you and your team must answer the following questions.

The FBR blueprint is loaded with practical strategies that are proven to help you attract more leads and convert sales once implemented!

That’s not all… I’m giving YOU FREE $100!

As a Bonus, you will be getting a FREE 30-minute consultation call with me and be added to a closed community of business changemakers crushing goals with my bi-weekly webinars.

This is valued at $100.

Why Is This Blueprint A Perfect Investment For YOU?
I’m sure you’ve been itching to know how FBR Book is different from other courses and books you’ve probably came across or tried without tangible results.
Proven Results
Learn the secrets and strategies I used in generating 20k leads and closing $40,000 in sales for my business and clients in 10 months organically without spending a dime on paid advertisement.
Personal Experience
You’ve probably tried some courses in the past that came out with no results. Well, some of those courses were created from the result of research. Everything I outlined in this book is my personal experience that has helped me and my clients milk money from social media.
FREE 30-mins Consultation
Once you purchase the FBR book, you’ve unlocked access to a FREE 30-mins consultation with me where I’ll help dicipher your brand core to convert more sales online.
Closed Community
You’ll gain access to my closed WhatsApp and Telegram community of Business Changemakers where I regularly share marketing tips and host bi-weekly webinars with industry experts.

Get It Today For
Just ₦15,000!

See The Wonderful Results People Are Getting
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