Discover This New No-Fail Method Of Running Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads To Get More Sales for Your E-commerce Business.

For newbie & expert Ecommerce business owners & anybody that sells physical products.

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Have you been struggling to get orders & sales for your Ecommerce/physical product business?

I know how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be when you try your best to advertise your products to get more sales but at the end of the day you become more frustrated because nobody seems to buy.

Most business owners selling physical products that haven’t yet discovered the power of Facebook & Instagram ads advertise their products on their WhatsApp status & social media pages.

I’m not saying it’s bad but you won’t make much sales that way especially if you haven’t built an active audience around your product.

With Facebook & Instagram ads you can advertise your business & products to thousands & millions of people from anywhere in the world which will drive sales faster because the more people see your products the more sales you get.

Facebook & Instagram ads can really change your business for the good but it comes with it’s own challenges.

Imagine trying to setup a Facebook & Instagram ad campaign for your products, after you have gotten your ad creative (video or image), ad copy(caption) and everything ready and you’re hoping to start getting orders but at the end of the day your ad doesn’t convert…

…or even if it converts you get few orders and it feels like you’re just wasting money on ads especially when you have already spent a good amount of money importing products from china or buying in Nigeria.

Even the struggles of having your ads account disabled my Facebook when trying to run ads.

Before you know it months have passed an you haven’t even sold any product.

A lot of people give up on Ecommerce(selling physical products) because of the challenges of running Facebook & Instagram ads to sell their products.

I know you are also tired of spending all your money running ads that don’t convert, getting high cost per purchase…

…and instead of making any profits in your Ecommerce business you are taking serious losses burning your hard earned money on Facebook & Instagram ads and at the end of the day you don’t even get any orders.

Trust me, I have been there. 

Back in 2019 I used to wonder if people were even making money from ecommerce (selling physical products) because of how I was wasting my money on ads that never bring sales.

If I managed to make some money delivering orders the bulk of the money will be spent on ads and i’m still not seeing any profit.

I was really tired but I was certain I will achieve success doing ecommerce (selling physical products) with Facebook & Instagram ads because I was running ads at the time and making a few sales here & there but that wasn’t enough.

I wanted to get 500-1,000 orders and make millions in a month because I saw people making serious money online doing ecommerce with Facebook & Instagram ads and I knew I couldn’t be left out.

So I got a couple of courses and watched videos on Youtube to find solutions. I spent many sleepless nights and boring days watching videos, testing new things, implementing all I learnt and I failed a lot of times before I came close to success.

I almost quit running ads and doing Ecommerce, until I discovered this tested and proven strategy that helped me get 40-50 orders per day, I was shocked and happy at the same time because I was making money every single day, as a matter of fact I was averaging 50k-100k revenue daily, on some days I did 200k+ and 500k+ in sales.

See some screenshots of daily payment from the delivery company I use.

That’s how I was making money every single day from selling physical products with Facebook & Instagram ads.

I kept my ad running for months and I was consistent with my sales, I made over N10,000,000 in revenue in just 3months+ .

Here is screenshot of my bank account statement from May 8th to June 11th 2022.

from making 20 sales or less in a month, I have gone ahead to sell sold over 2,000 units of my products in months using this NEW Facebook & Instagram ads strategy that has been proven to work every single time.

Imagine getting 30-40 orders daily for the products you are selling on autopilot.

With this NEW method you will be able to setup your Facebook & Instagram ads once and let them run automatically for weeks or even months bringing you orders every single day.

Here are some of my results from my Ecommerce business

N140,000 made from 1 single order!

99 orders in 7days


See more results


You can also use Facebook & Instagram ads to build your WhatsApp contact & grow views

This new fast FB & IG ads strategy also works for building leads

I also understand that getting orders isn’t the only challenge a lot of Ecommerce business owners face, the never ending ad account disabling by Facebook is one thing that has always crippled peoples Ecommerce business.

But what if I told you that there is a way to be a step ahead of Facebook always, even if they disable your ad account you will still be up and running in no time so you can keep making  money everyday.

That is why I have created this Facebook & Instagram ads course for Ecommerce.

Price goes up to N30,000 anytime from now

Introducing Facebook & Instagram Ads
Sales Magnet

This course will take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how you can setup profitable Facebook & Instagram ads for your Ecommerce (Physical product) business.

Have you imagined getting as much as 30-100 orders daily?

Have you ever imagined making 50-200k in sales daily?


Because these numbers are very much achievable, if you sell a product of N15,000 and you deliver 5-10 orders daily that’s 75k – 150k made in one day and this very possible because I do this number in my own Ecommerce business.

and my students are also making money selling their products with Facebook & Instagram ads.

What will you learn in this course?

You also get these amazing exclusive bonuses for FREE

Bonus 1

15 HOT products in 2022 you can pick & sell (Worth N50,000):

Hot products are products that are in demand and a lot of people want to buy them. So I have put together 15 of these products that you can either source for in Nigeria or import from china.

Bonus 2

How to import products from China to Nigeria in 14days (worth N20,000):

One of the down sides of importing products is the time it takes and the uncertainty of having your products arrive in 1 piece but I will show you how to get your products down to Nigeria fast and safe.

Bonus 3

Ecommerce mentorship (worth N100,000):

So I have been in the Ecommerce (Physical product) business for a long time and I have navigated my way on how to sell products faster & make money using Facebook & Instagram ads. 

I will be teaching you how to do that also in my Ecommerce mentorship WhatsApp group.

You will learn:
– How to setup and grow your Ecommerce business
– How to source for HOT products locally in Nigeria
– How to build a simple product sales page
– How to deliver your products
– How to manage your orders
– How to import HOT products from china to Nigeria and sell and lots more

Bonus 4

8 Value packed Ebooks (worth N120,000):

These Ebooks have helped me build my self which in turn helped me build a better business, they ghave generally helped me improve my life. The goal is to keep improving yourself, so I’m giving you these Ebooks for FREE so you can get massive knowledge from them.

Bonus 5

My course on how to Facebook & Instagram ads with a smartphone (worth N25,000):

This course teaches you all you need to know on how to run ads using your smartphone only, how to run ads to get customers to message you on WhatsApp, messenger or Instagram, how to target the right audience etc

Bonus 6

Facebook & Instagram ads Mentorship +  support group (worth N50,000):

You will have access to ask me questions anytime you have any issues with your ads and you will also have access to my FB & IG ads support group on WhatsApp where you will meet like minds, business owners like you who want to also grow.

I will also be dropping valuable info in the group that will help fast track your progress.

Price goes up to N30,000 anytime from now

Who is this course for?

If you have been getting a low number of orders daily then this course will help you change that. You can start getting 30-50 orders daily.

This course is for business owners selling physical products and want to sell out fast.

This course is for Ecommerce newbies and experts that want to 10x their orders & sales.

This course is for anyone that wants to grow their Ecommerce business to 7 figures monthly revenue.

This course is for affiliate marketers that want to learn how to build leads.

See my students testimonials


Price goes up to N30,000 anytime from now

See what people are saying about this course

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Due to the Personal Attention All My Students Receive, Space is Extremely Limited.

Take Advantage of Our Lowest Price Today! – Get in before the countdown hits zero.

Here is what you will learn in this course

Price goes up to N30,000 anytime from now

NOTE: This is a digital product.

You will receive access to the product immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

Frequently asked questions

Question: What do I need to implement this course

Answer: You need a laptop or a smartphone


Question: What products can I sell with Facebook & Instagram ads

Answer: You can sell any kind of product both physical and digital.


Question: Can Facebook & Instagram ads work for my business?

Answer: Yes, Facebook & Instagram ads work for any business. As far as your business needs customers to survive.


Question: Do I get mentorship?

Answer: Yes, you will be getting FREE mentorship


Question: Do I need to be an expert to learn?

Answer: No, this course is for both Newbies & experts 


Question: Do I pay for the ads?

Answer: Yes, You will be paying Facebook or Instagram if you use their platform to run ads. You can start with a small advertising budget.


Question: Will I make sales with Facebook & Instagram ads?

Answer: Yes, Facebook & Instagram ads helps you sell your products fast to make more money. It has made a lot of young Nigerian business owners Millionaires including me.


About me

My name is Ndubuisi Nick and I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 5 years now and I’ve gathered a lot of experience on Ecommerce (selling physical products) with Facebook & Instagram ads and also affiliate marketing.

Each of these businesses have made me over 8 figures in sales and this is just the tip of the ice berg, the internet marketing industry is very big and can make you a billionaire.

I have been following the footsteps of some of the BIG names in the internet marketing business the likes of Toyin Omotoso, Uchechukwu Nick, Destiny Osaro, Seun Ogundele, Misan Morrison, Nnaemeka Nick, Victory Akpomedaye, Precious Ngu, Courage Ngele,  etc. 

I have studied a couple of their videos and gotten massive knowledge from them, I have met some in person and they also shared knowledge with me.


Victory Akpomedaye (Top Affiliate marketer on JVzoo & Warrior+) and I

Destiny Osaro (CEO Ekiema Wellness & Villesec) and I

L-R – Misan Morrison & Dumka Esaenwi (Top Affiliates on JVzoo & Warrior+) and I

I’ve been able to sell over 5000 products with the help of Facebook & Instagram ads and made 8 figures doing Ecommerce here Nigeria.

It wasn’t an easy task I must say because I didn’t always make sales when I started, I failed a lot of times trying to set up a profitable Ecommerce business .

I failed a lot and I failed fast because I always tried new things to improve my results.

And I have simplified and put together all my experiences and everything I have learnt for the past 5 years into this course.

I have discovered what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to go through the failures I went through.

So this course is a tested and proven path to achieve massive success running an Ecommerce business (Selling physical products) here in Nigeria.

I can’t wait to see you have a successful business.

See you at the top!

Price goes up to N30,000 anytime from now

Take Advantage Of 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I am assuring you that if you buy this course, go through it and implement what I showed you and still got zero result, feel free to request for a refund and I guarantee to return your money in full.

I stand behind this training firmly. I know if you put what you learn to use, you will begin to see the rewards in no time.

Price goes up to N30,000 anytime from now

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