After generating millions for herself and her clients...

Stunning Sales Coach Is About To Show You The Simple Framework She And 150+ Others Are using to Rake in Millions in the Internet Marketing Space

And you can do this…

Even if:

  • You have no experience.
  • You’re a student 
  • You’re a stay-at-home mom 
  • You’re a 9-5 worker 

Christiana, an online entrepreneur and a hair vendor who complained about lack of sales generated close to 2 million in sales in less than 30 days after using the FAFs blueprint.

And after making millions online with this simple framework even without a business…

I’ll be showing you how to replicate the same results even if you’re:

A total newbie that wants to be able to afford the things you love & want 

A 9-5 worker who’s fed up with your job because you’re tired of living the rat race lifestyle & wants to be free from the shackles of your boss.

A business owner with little or no sales coming from your business

Or a stay-at-home mom that doesn’t just want to sit at home doing nothing but support her spouse financially in the case of an emergency where money is needed.

Just like Judith, a university student who made over 120k in sales from a 2 days Ad campaign ( with a 6k total ad budget ), selling an affiliated product;

I’ve been there before as a newbie who’ll scroll Facebook and Instagram all day doing nothing but watching reels, comedy skits and laughing at savage replies on Twitter.

I was ‘having’ fun all day but my bank account was crying.

I was broke.

Everything was frustrating.

Until I found the simple framework I needed to start making money online. And after making my first buck online, I never stopped getting daily & sometimes weekly credit alerts.

And in this letter, I’ll show you how you can…

– Live the life you desire 

– Afford the things you crave 

– Place your parents & siblings on a monthly allowance 

All you have to do is read to the end and take fast action because this letter might not be up for a long time.

All right?

Let’s continue…

This simple framework that made me close a #1.7 million deal with over #860k in profit…

Also helped Florence create another source of income aside from her 9-5 job.

And the same blueprint also helped my client, Frank Egon make 1 million naira in a day 

Now you might be asking…

“What is this FAFs Blueprint I’ve been talking about?”

I’ll reveal it to you in a moment. But before I do…

I’m Joy Onaemo (best known as Jhoyxee Katharos).

I’m a business sales coach and Ads expert.

I used to work a 9-5 job as a nutritional stockist secretary, earning #9,000 salary per month as of 2021.

(Yeah, you can imagine how broke I was).

I was tired of being broke. I’d have exhausted my salary even before it arrived.

Most of it went into transport, the rest into feeding.

And it still wasn’t enough!

As low as my salary was, I tried to save up some money and borrowed also to start up a mini importation business & Information Marketing business.

But then I wasn’t getting good sales from my business. I was frustrated and thought of giving up.

I’d post my products on Facebook and Instagram but I still got little or no sales from my business.

Until I discovered this same blueprint that took me from zero to making 7 figures in my business.

This was a 1.7 million deal I closed that got me over 860k in profits.

I’ve gone from getting local clients that pay peanuts to getting international clients that pay well.

From the broke 9-5 worker earning N9,000 a month to making millions online.

And you can do the same without:

Depending on your parents for money 

Depending on government grants or bursaries 

Waiting for salary to come in before you can flex.

Waiting for your husband to come home before you can get the little things needed at home.

You can be independent without anyone dictating the things you should and not do.

And you can achieve all that with the FAFs Blueprint.

Now, what’s the FAFs Blueprint?

The FAFs Blueprint is the simple framework that will take you from your current level to where you want to be.

It contains everything I’ve learned on how to run profitable ads that convert to more sales.

It is an acronym for Facebook Ads For Smartphones.

My wins, losses, journey and everything that has worked for me lies in the FAFs Blueprint.

Is that all?


The FAFs Blueprint is not just about Facebook Ads.


Stay with me for a moment…

Have you ever run Facebook ads and got hundreds of leads but little to no few of them bought what you were selling?

Or do you have Facebook ads knowledge but don’t know how to monetize it?

Sometimes there’s more to this than just not getting quality leads or not being able to successfully land a client.

I’ve seen people lament about not making sales after paying thousands to Facebook ads experts.

And I’ve seen people with Facebook ads knowledge but don’t know how to monetize it.

You can make tons of money with this knowledge just like this;

( You too can make 6 to 7 figures running ads for people )

Knowing something and not knowing how to use it to your advantage is almost the same if you’ll agree with me. 

That is one thing the FAFs blueprint will sort out for you!

Take a look at Happiness, a young student and an affiliate marketer who got a client and closed the sale on the same day, making $15.

I remember when she shared her story of how she got other courses on Facebook Ads that left her with no results. In fact, hear it from her directly;

This is to show you there’s more to Facebook Ads which is what the FAFs Blueprint is all about.

And guess what? 

Let me make it clear here that…

You can do this with your smartphone.

Just like my students. 

See the excitement from Becky and Rita;

Gone are the days you’ll have to set up systems and purchase high-quality tech or laptop before you can run successful ad campaigns.

And this will also work for you if you have a business but you’re not getting many sales as you desire.

How do I know this?

Mrs. Glory ( who sells fabrics and ankara materials ) was frustrated about not getting one single sale or customers that will buy from her ( even after getting over 100 leads into her DM ) but after implementing what I taught her in the FAFs blueprint, sales started dropping in even from total strangers

Now imagine this… Just say… 

“What if”…

  • What if you could transform your life in 90 days or less with the FAFs Blueprint?
  • What if you go from a complete newbie who just scrolls Instagram & TikTok without doing anything…

To make money for yourself, not from your parents, government or grants in 90 days?

– What if you could up your Facebook ads game and start getting local and international clients that would pay you in dollars in 30 days or less like Happiness?

– What if you could skyrocket your sales after implementing the teachings in the FAFs Blueprint?

– What if you could go into any restaurant and order the most expensive meal on the menu without looking at the price?

– What if your testimonial is the next one I upload here?

How would you feel?

  • And you can achieve all of these without:

    – Laptop 

    – Degree 

    – Website 

    – Business

    – Even without experience.

What Will You Be Getting From The FAFs Blueprint?

(I know you’re already asking 😊)

So here..,

1. You will learn how to sell online the right way 

2. Basics of Facebook ads

3. You’re going to be exposed to the first secret you need to know to run a profitable Facebook ad

4. You will learn how to craft copies that will attract high traffic and sales to your business/or clients’ 

5. And how to also run Facebook ads like a Pro.

6. You’re learning my secrets to getting great results with my ads and becoming a pro! 

Thus – The FAFs blueprint is literally taking you from the level you are right now to an expert in the game!

7. You will learn how to generate high traffic with just your smartphone and get quality leads/customers daily that will buy from you using my proven secret strategy. Just like these results I got for my clients;

Walter Eyinnaya made sales from new customers/leads he got the same day from the ads I’m running for him.

I generated over 800 leads for Jackto Precious in less than a day

8. You will learn how to grow your WhatsApp views & contacts with people that are ready to buy your products/services.

9. You will also learn how to create a Facebook Business page on your smartphone using a simple format

10. You will be learning how to create a Business Manager Account with your phone the right way.

11. You will learn how to quickly create a Dollar and Naira Ad Account for your ads the easy way. 

12. You’ll learn how to add payment to your ad account using the right technique.

13. You will learn how to run converting ads with or without a website using your phone by applying my secret formula.

14. Adding and verifying your domain properly.

15. Tracking your events, setting up Conversion API & Aggregated Event Measurement.

16. Installing pixels.

17. Connecting your landing page to your pixel tracking tool.

18. You’ll learn how to edit your ad without losing the engagements you already have on your ad.

19. You will also learn how to duplicate an ad. And how to pause & delete an ad.

20. You’ll learn about my hot Facebook targeting hacks that keep printing money for me in my business.

21. You’ll learn how to target people who have already bought from you before or those who have visited your website & resell to them using your phone.

22. How to create your custom & lookalike audience.

23. How to do zero targeting for your ads.

24. Hacking Facebook Optimization System for High-Performing Ads.

25. You’ll also learn the simple way to run Instagram ads without owning an Instagram account.

26. You’d get strategies & hacks on disabled ad accounts, account restrictions/ban issues & how to resolve them.

27. If you’re having issues with your ad account right now, you’ll be learning how to get your account back using my strategy…

Just like Happiness who got her ad account back.

28. You will also learn how to set up different campaign types from my step-by-step live walkthrough guide on all the Facebook ad campaign objectives & close different kinds of sales.

Now how much do you think you’ll be paying to get all these resources?

But wait…

Before I show you.

You will also get access to these special resources as a bonus.

How to automate responses in your inbox using the quick autoresponder fix formula.

This is you learning not to do anything in your inbox  ( responding to numerous messages ) by simply automating all of that. Hashtag, no stress zone. 😌

Responding to your leads one by one can be heck strenuous!

You’ll learn the simple method of how to create a professional email account for your business.

How to build a business off Facebook ads and learn the simple strategy to keep getting clients for Facebook adverts, making an extra income for yourself just like me;

You’ll also get access to the ‘Business Optimization Challenge (BOC)’, where you’ll learn how to sell online the right way, building credibility & trust so that people can buy anything you’d sell to them.

You’re going to get access to an exclusive blueprint on how to run conversion ads” on your phone without using a website, closing instant sales right from your ad.

And you will also be getting access to my sales and closing formula.

You might be thinking… This is a lot. Yes, it is.

And these resources are worth hundreds of thousands of Naira.

The total value of everything you’re getting is worth #320,000.

And if I decide to give it to you at this price… It’s worth it.

Now how would you feel if I give you access to these resources in the FAFs Blueprint for #200k?

It’s a good deal, yeah?

What about 100k?

I understand the situation of the country & how difficult it is for people to feed, not to talk of buying clothes amongst others.

However, I want you to benefit from this & for you to be the one that’ll make your family proud, place your parents & siblings on allowance, and live the life you desire.

I know how it feels to be in a country where: 

The government doesn’t care about the citizens except themselves & their children…

A country where schools strike for months & a course that was supposed to be studied for 4 years turns to 6, 7, or 8 years.

A country where graduates struggle for years to get a job and when they do, mostly, they get salaries that are not even up to half their semester fees.

I asked my friend and team members what I should charge for the FAFs blueprint & we all agreed on #50k.

However, I still don’t feel right about it. Some people won’t still be able to afford it.

Just like the way I was getting #9k as salary as a nutritional stockist secretary.

So I decided to do something…

And guess what?

You’ll not be getting the FAFs blueprint for N320k, N200k, or N100k.

If you decide to get the FAFs Blueprint today, you’ll be getting it for N30k!


Saving almost N300k for this life-changing course.

Now… You have 2 options:

Option 1

Act like you didn’t read anything like this today, leave this page and go back to watching Instagram or TikTok videos or whatever you were doing.

And be okay with depending on your parents & government always. Thinking you’ll get a job immediately after you graduate from school.

And as a business owner… 

Be okay with getting low-quality leads, making little or no sales, getting frustrated with not making money from your business and eventually shutting your business down.

Option 2

Click the button below, get the FAFs blueprint, start implementing & then smile when you see the sales dropping in and your bank account beeping to credit alerts.

Your choice.

Now if you decide to go for number 1…

Know this… This won’t be here for a long time.

No. This is not a marketing strategy but the truth.

And why did I say this?

I want to be able to focus on my current students & help them make millions.

Having more people won’t give me the time to do that.

So you might come back thinking you’ll still see this but I would have gotten the number of students I needed to focus on & then pull this page down.

You don’t want this to be the biggest mistake you’ll make this year.

And if you come back and it’s still here…

The price for the FAFs Blueprint would have increased to the N50k I was supposed to charge for it earlier.

And you might not be able to afford it then.

So make the right decision.

But will this work for me?

…just like Wisdom who had his doubts and had to go confirm from my client – Jackto Precious;

I understand you have your doubts too & you might have been a victim of fraud or someone close to you has been scammed. 

However, look at the testimonials of those who the FAFs Blueprint has worked for too:

Happiness be making money for herself by applying the things taught in the FAFs Blueprint.

Chidiogo moved from a complete newbie to making multiple sales in her affiliate marketing business using the FAFs Blueprint

Faith got over hundreds of new customers to her business daily by applying what she learnt from the FAFs Blueprint

Amarachi who is a digital creator, was also able to generate lots of quality leads to her WhatsApp daily implementing the FAFs Blueprint

– And also see this from David and Perky who got excited with the results they got from their new campaign after applying what was taught in the FAFs Blueprint 

Pictures and numbers don’t lie.

Now because I want you to be successful at this & because you read this to this level. I like people who show they’re serious about their life and are passionate.

I’m always willing to help them.

You’ll be getting access to my mentorship group where you’ll get to meet like-minded people, people who have made millions with the FAFs Blueprint.

This is where your questions about things you don’t understand will be answered.

In there I’d hold you by the hand and walk you through every step of the way. Yes, there’s no you doing this alone!

And to show you that I’m super sure of the FAFs blueprint…

When you get the FAFs Blueprint and:

  • You didn’t get all that is said it entails here…

You’ll get your money back in full within 30 days of purchase.


And you’ll also get to keep the course.

Note: You only have 30 days from the day you ordered this to request for refund.

I truly want you to be successful at this & if you want the same for yourself as well, click on the button below.

If you’ll forget anything, don’t ever forget why you want to be wealthy, spend and buy the things you love.

And if you want to achieve all that…

The FAF’S blueprint is a sure way to get you there.

Other Results From My Students & Clients;

• My client Walter – the freelancing boss, started making sales from new customers he got same day from the ads I’m running for him

Wisdom had just got the blueprint and then boom, his first ad after applying the strategies from the course blew his mind

Blessing got her restricted ad account back, applying the strategies she learnt in the FAFs Blueprint.

My client, Jackto Precious ( a popular internet marketer and crypto trading expert ) got choked 😅 by the volume of leads pouring in ( almost 500 persons/leads in few minutes on his WhatsApp )

• See this from Frank Egon, the Forex Guru ✨

  • He made 1 million naira in one day from the leads I generated for him;

Read his review;

Maryjane and Roseline dropped these reviews on the FAFs Blueprint course too

More Live Results;

In the FAFs Blueprint, you’re technically getting access to my secrets and strategies that have worked millions for me, clients and my students.

Most importantly, the mentorship support that comes with it ( And that is what you can’t get anywhere )

So click here to get in.

I can’t wait to have you on the inside 💜

Facebook Ads For Smartphone (short form, The FAFs Blueprint)

No you don’t, you can do it with any kind of smartphone you’re using, including iPad.

Yes, with the step by step guide, It’s easy and straight to the point.

Yes, you sure will. Just like every other person that has taken the course ❤

Definitely yes. There’s a module in the course that teaches how to run profitable Facebook ads without a website.

Most certainly, YESSSSS! The course takes you step by step from a newbie to an expert. 

Yes you can start running ads for clients using the knowledge from the FAFs blueprint and start making extra money for yourself. 

You can make money from this by charging people up to N50k upwards to setup Facebook Ads for them using the knowledge from the FAFs blueprint.

50k × 5 people, that’s a whooping N250k!

Yes I have a support group where you get 24/7 support, have your questions answered and connect with others taking the FAFs blueprint too.

No, the course is a one time payment. You get lifetime access immediately after payment.

Click on the link below.

Immediately after payment you will get link access into the course, the community and direct access to me.

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