NEW: You Can Now "Steal" The Skeletal Structure of Money-making Emails Sent By Some Giant Businesses and Flesh Them Out To Multiply Your Own Sales...


(...lazy email marketing practitioner shares his shortcut that makes it possible for business owners to produce high-converting emails in 9 minutes or less)

Dear business owner,

There's a much faster way to bang out emails that make sales every time you hit the “send” button...

It’s an underutilized method that also flings the guess work out of crafting emails… because you will be conjuring new emails to life from the “ashes” of old emails that have already been PROVEN to make sales!

Some of the big hitters you know raking in millions of dollars in sales annually use this email marketing shortcut...

...and now, I'm going to help you deploy it too to light a fire under your sales curve.

But before anything, let’s get one thing straight:

This is NOT for everyone.

What you are about to discover is ONLY for marketers who fully understand the power of email marketing and are eager to get MORE out of it…

If that's you…

Let's flip back to the beginning:

My name is Victor Eni… 'I identify' as an email copywriter and list manager for course creators, coaches, and consultants.

And while I am pretty decent at what I do, I do have a (sorta) secret shame:

I am lazy as sh*t most of the time (probably lazier than an Arab prince with dozens of servants at his beck and call).

In fact, if there was an award called Lazy D’or, I'd likely be a Hall-of-Famer with a stack of shiny awards lined up on my polished shelf... like the richly-stocked counters of a supermarket.

Um… don't get me wrong…

I don't wear this bad habit like a badge of honor… and I am working doubly hard to show it the red card.

But the thing is… 

My lazy azz has always been hell-bent on one thing:

Finding shortcuts that make my life easier!

So when I scissored the ribbons on my email copywriting career on Fiverr in 2016, and the orders started to climb higher than The Burj Khalifa…

It was only natural that I would seek out a way to grunt out emails
faster without compromising on quality.

And that's exactly what I did!

I followed the recommendations of one of the world's most reclusive A-list copywriters, Mr. Dobberman Dan, and created an email "seed account":

This account bought me a front row seat to spy on the emails sent out by some of the biggest direct response copywriters and companies on the planet.

I am talking about companies tha
t comfortably clear 7 to 9 figures on an annual basis!

As their emails poured in every day, I'd sneak in with my ‘microscope’ to keenly observe them like a grizzled scientist monitoring a pet project.

I analyzed the subject lines these emails came with…

I dissected the angles they were attacking…

I unearthed the emotional buttons they were poking with a stick…

I paid attention to the structure of the emails…

I even took note of the "phrases with energy" that were sprayed all over these emails.

As a result...

My ability to produce better emails - with ease and speed - experienced a quantum leap! 

It felt like I had a magical wand I was waving around to conjure up FIYAAAH emails on a whim.

At the time, I had a small email list I was shooting almost-daily emails to…

In short order, the engagement levels of my emails rocketed into the effin' stratosphere!

I would send out emails and before the day's end my inbox would get flooded with oodles of gushing replies.

Even crazier, it wasn't uncommon to get praised for my email writing skills in unexpected places like this one encounter with Mr. David Muojekwu:

But it wasn't until late 2018 that I stumbled on the grand-daddy of all shortcuts.

You see...

As my email copywriting muscles packed on more mass, I unlocked another superpower:

The ability to "templatize" winning emails!

This changed the game for me... 'bigly'.

It was like running into a growthboost on the Super Mario game.

Now, a note of caution here:

You can't just launch into a "templatizing" spree and start remolding every email you see into a template. That would be like trying to kill a spitting cobra inside a dark room (all manners of things could go wrooong).

The thing is, you won't really know what is working for a business until you run your eyes over the full picture on the back-end.

However, I had a set of tell-tale signs that let me know which emails were "template worthy".

One of them was this:

When a particular business/business owner was repeatedly shooting out emails with the same theme/angle, I'd guess that it was racking up the numbers for them.

And that would be my cue to swoop in like a hawk, pick up that email, and t
emplatize it.

For example, Rich Schefren, one of the OGs of internet marketing had this guy, Matt Rizvi, writing his emails for one of his offers...

It didn't take me long to notice that this brosef was relentlessly pumping out different iterations of the "Tell them what... not how" email formula. 

They would shoot out like 7 emails in a week, and about 4 - 5 of them would be anchored on this formula.

When I noticed patterns like this (^^), I would strike hard and fast.

After about 7 months of doing this, I had a personal template file bursting at the seams with all kinds of email templates.

  • Templates for Webinars...
  • Templates for one-time sales...
  • Templates in the dating niche...
  • Templates in the financial market...
  • Templates in the health market...
  • Templates in even weird verticals like crocheting for seniors...
  • And a ton more...

They were all sitting comfortably inside my template file.

This file drastically clipped the time I spent to write emails for myself and clients...

Whenever I had to write a bunch of emails and found myself staring back at my blinking cursor with a blank noggin…

I would simply
pull up my beloved file…

Comb through the pages…

Zero in on a template that best suited what I wanted to write…

Plug in all the necessary information from my new project into the template…

And voila, a decent sales email would roar into life… in mere minutes!

More importantly, these emails made the sales rain EVERY time!

For example, late 2018, I was hired on Upwork to write a 5-sequence SOS emails for Bulldogology Pet Solutions to flog their newly-created dog seat covers.  

The product sold out THAT week!

Then in 2020, I wrote 8 emails for a client's $37 course launch that ended up doing $26K in 5 days.

The astonishing part?

This launch was done to a relatively small email list that was practically on life support (i.e it was dying from neglect).

“I have worked with Victor since late 2019 and I seriously think he's the best! He wrote emails for our recent launch that made us a record of $26000 in front-end sales over a 5-day period. I highly recommend his copywriting services.”

Joseph Attalah

OWNER, L3 Marketing

There was also the time, I baked the behavior-based emails for a webinar to launch a $5K mastermind in the personal development-cum-spirituality niche. That webinar generated $100K+ in less than a week!.

"Victor was AMAZING!! He wrote the copies for our recent 6-figure launch. He is such a pleasure to work with as well. Victor offers so much expertise in copywriting and goes over and beyond although he already does enough. Thank you Victor! You are truly one of a kind!"

Chasity Nichole

OWNER, The Nicole Chasity Agency

We can also talk about the time I held sway at the email marketing helm of affairs for Vitaliv AS (a health supplement company in Eastern Europe), and helped them write emails that contributed to thousands of new and repeat sales over a 10-month period:

“Victor wrote emails for our company for many months and we loved working with him. He really has a good marketing intuition and his texts always worked with impressive conversion rates.”

Irina Semenova

Chief Retention Officer, Vitaliv AS

For all of the above results and even other more impressive ones which I cannot share with you here…

This beloved template file played a key role… EVERY TIME!

Now, this is beginning to sound like it's all about me...

But that wouldn't serve because this is NOT about me, but YOU!

That's right, all I really want to talk about is:

How You Can Have Your Own Email Template File!

That is the raison d'être of this letter.

The thing is...

I’d like to give you your own specially-packaged template file to help you make more profits with emails… without having to re-invent the wheels or start from a blank slate every time.

Because let’s face it…

You are probably NOT sending enough emails to your list right now… and milking email marketing to its fullest extent because you have found it to be a chore with a capital “C”.

Matter o’ fact…

I have come to discover that there are:

"3 Major Stumbling Blocks Preventing Many Business Owners From Sending More Emails And Making More Sales With It"


The major symptom of this problem is a bunch of questions:

“What do I write about?”

“What do I even say?”

“How do I structure this email and make it flow effortlessly (like, you know, the clear spring waters of Ikogosi)?”

“What kind of subject line would make the open rates of this email leap through the roof?”

“UM… will what I write even resonate with my subscribers… will it make enough sense to get them running for their debit cards?”

These are the kind of questions that swim around in your head every time you fire up your computer or whip up your Word Doc to write an email…

You sit there for over half an hour eyeballing a blank screen and a cursor that just won’t stop blinking back at you… as if agitated and irritated by your lack of action.

Then there is...


This one is quite the pickle…

Because as a business owner you - rightly, - wear so many hats and have your hands deep into so many moving parts that make your business hum along nicely like a well-tuned machine.

Sometimes though, it becomes almost impossible to carve out the time to write your email campaigns and sequences…

And because you can easily shove emails to the back burner unlike, say, generating new leads for your business… you regularly go weeks without keeping in touch with your list.

There is also...


With this one, there are weeks where you have the time…

You have an alarm bell going off in your head… reminding you of the need to send out an email or two…

But then, you are just not 'on it'...

You don't feel particularly creative or inspired enough to get those fingers dancing all over your keyboard to summon up the words that would excite your subscribers enough to say “Heck yesss, gimme that!”

Again, you end up slaloming down the easy path: NO EMAILS

If you have ever swayed to the tunes of these stumbling blocks in the past, that is a problem.

Because the truth is...

Email marketing is still as profitable as ever...

It's still that channel that trumps every other marketing channel in the digital marketing space in terms of ROI as at 2023.

Sadly, only a minuscule percent of marketers are constantly claiming their own slice of the mouth-watering email marketing profits pie.

The good news is...

Wit your own template file, you will join the league of marketers feasting at the email marketing table...

Because on days when you don’t have the time, or are not feeling that spark of inspiration to get going, or simply have no idea how to start…

You can get off to the races in just 4 simple steps:

1. Pull up YOUR template file…

2. Comb through the pages…

3. Zero in on a template that best mirrors what you’d like to say…

4. Plug in all the necessary information from your project into THAT template…

…and BOOM, a decent sales email would spring into life for you to send instantly!

It’s really as simple as 1-2-3-4.

That's the same 4-step process that has saved me from tearing my hair out in frustration… many times.

It has saved me from aiming a right hook at my computer screen… many times.

Heck, it has even saved me hundreds of hours – in writing time – over the last 5 years. And I believe it could do the same for you.

Which is why I am delighted to introduce to you:


Emails Made EZ (EME) is a file that contains 52 (and counting) plug-and-play email templates that ANY business owner can re-jig to produce emails faster and make more money in ANY market!

It is a resource that you can pull up on days when you ought to drum up an email but you have been left cold by the sparks of creativity, or are simply too busy to whip up something from scratch.

Most of the templates inside Emails Made EZ are from businesses that do multiple 7-figures every year with email marketing.

In fact, about TEN of the emails inside the file right now are templates I made from the emails of an underground email marketer who has been in business since 1996!

This man has split-tested over 500K emails in different verticals… and has made over $700M with emails for himself and clients (at least, that is what he tells us. And I have no cause to doubt that).

Here's A Look At Some of The Emails Inside The File That You Can Start Using TODAY:

  • The "are you serious" email that forces people to buy your product because of an age-long psychological move that "mounts pressure on them" to be consistent with a positive label you pegged on them (this psychological move is pulled straight from Robert Cialdini's book "Influence").
  • 5 "clicker emails" to send to a sales page that is lighting up your conversions like the blazing embers of hell...
  • The “let’s talk” email that traditionally gets you a fat load of opens in any niche.
  • The "purrfect testimonial" email that tends to make your subscribers froth in the mouth at the thought of getting your product (I GUARANTEE some of the best marketers have used this one to get you to buy their stuff).
  • The "eye opener" email that leads your subscribers to suddenly start viewing your competitors’ products like packaged barf… while fully immersing themselves in yours like it's the frickin' fountain of life.
  • The "sorry" email to send that will show you have the one quality Nigerian polithiefians lack (empathy)… this email will wipe doubts off your prospects' mind, “wrap a warm hand around their shoulders”, and lead to a sales storm in the middle of a launch!
  • The email that uses your best bonus to stir up rabid desire for your main product.
  • The “this will work for you if...” email that serves to turn even the staunchest of doubting Thomases into firm believers of your solution.
  • The "science-esque interview" email that is PROVEN to get sales for digital products over and over again… especially in the make money and fitness verticals.
  • The "authority jacking" email that works for elevating the status of the solution you sell (naturally leads to an insane rush of sales).
  • And even much, much more!

Now, I'm Going to Be Candid With You Here...

I am not saying that merely laying your hands on EME will transform your emails into multi-million dollar makers overnight…

That’s not what this is about.

But what I do promise is that it will definitely help you churn out winning emails faster than you have ever done before… 

...and they will bring in a decent amount of sales because you will be layering your new emails over the spine of old emails that already worked.

It’s like having a world class chef give you a book that contains the secret recipes of his best meals…

Now, even if you follow his process to a T, chances are high that you will not immediately start to make the exact same kind of world class, finger-licking dishes he concocts with ease…

But that doesn’t mean you won’t start making delicious-enough meals that make everyone at the dining table slow-nod in approval and roll their eyes in almost-orgasmic fashion. That would still be a win-win.

Also, I know that when it comes to emails (and copy in general),
there’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all…

But what you will find inside EME, is that each email template comes with unique guided prompts that make it easier for you to use it to a high standard… in ANY niche!

In fact, this video will give you a scent of what is inside “the pot”:

With this file stashed in your marketing arsenal, you will be able to:

  1. Engineer more HIGH-CONVERTING emails to sell the products you promote for yourself or your clients… even if you are NOT a trained copywriter.

  2. Cut down, by more than half, the time you spend to write these emails...
  3. And stuff your bank account with more email marketing cheedahs this year and beyond...

Just for a minute, imagine this:

You roll outta bed tomorrow morning…

You blast through your morning routine… then check your to-do list for the day…

You see that you have to crank out an email to promote an offer of yours, a client’s, or as an affiliate…

You yank open the door of your fridge; grab your favorite drink, before picking up your trusty laptop and plonking down your behind onto your favorite comfy chair…

You open up a Word Document loaded with 52 tested high-converting email templates…

You add a few words here and there (as guided by prompts), run a final edit, and in less than 10 minutes you are looking at a decent sales email for your offer or that of your client.

You load it into your Getresponse, Mailchimp, or Aweber account… and hit “send” fully confident that for the rest of that day this one email will continue to light up your notifications or that of your clients’ with the announcement of a new sale.

Sounds like fiction… but that is the kind of future you are looking at with Emails Made EZ.

At this point...

I guess there’s now ONLY one question playing on your mind:

"How Much Is Emails Made E-Z?"

You know, I could dip my greasy palms into the ol’ marketing bag of tricks and pull out the usual tricks-of-the-trade like price anchoring at this juncture…

But that’s something you have seen too many times... and by now you are too smart to be fooled by such chicanery.

So, I will shoot straight to the point…

Right now, you can get your own copy of Emails Made EZ for a paltry one-time fee of N25,000 ONLY!

Pretty affordable, right?

But there’s a catch…

Over the next few months, I intend to continue transplanting more high-converting templates into the file…

The end goal is to have the total number of templates inside the EME file swell to 250 carefully-picked emails and templates!

I will be updating the file by a batch of 50 emails every few months.


Whenever a new set of 50 emails is added to the file, the price of EME (on this page) will balloon by an extra N5000…

That means by the time the file has gotten to its full complement of emails (250), the price of Emails Made EZ will be pegged at N45000.

Honestly, that’d still be a steal considering the time and effort it has taken me to cobble this together... not to talk of all the money it will be helping you mint with reckless regularity.

But if you get your copy today, you will be grandfathered in at this launch price of N25,000 forever.

That means you will be able to access all future updates, without having to pay an extra Kobo.


I know I said no pricing gimmicks here...

But like a bolt of lightning, a crazy idea just struck my mind.

So here goes:

You can get EME today for N20000 instead of N25000...

Then you can send me the balance N5000 ONLY after you have witnessed the power of the emails inside the file.

So, the deal is:

Get EME, re-configure and send the emails inside it to your list, and if you are impressed with the results you get, shoot me a mail that says "Victor, I'd like to send you the balance N5000 because EME is everything you said it would be… and even some extra!

Sounds fair?

Also, I'm Tossing In The Following As Bonuses:

Bonus #1: EME Walkthrough Video 

You will get this video that makes it easier to use EME to a high standard with ANY product and in any niche.

Inside the video, I explain how to use the templates as is.

Not only that, I also give insights into how to use the original emails to create your own emails from scratch.

That's #1.


You are also getting...

Bonus #2: The Perfect Email System

VALUE: N15000

Around 2021, I learned one of the profoundest concepts I have ever learned for creating emails that sell.

It’s all about fusing 3 questions together to form a foundation… and building on that foundation to write emails that really speak to the desires, needs, and pains of your subscribers.

I have spent 1hr+ to demystify this concept through my own lens.

This will help on your journey to writing better emails.

That's #2.


You will also get...


VALUE: N8000

A.I is currently a buzz word rippling across the online world with gay abandon…

And while I am NOT an expert at using it (yet), I found some incredible use cases for it with relation to cranking out emails faster and easier.

I share my little insights in this video…

I GUARANTEE you will learn something new from it that will not only help you use A.I effectively for your emails but also for other parts of your business like lead gen, WhatsApp marketing (if you do that), etc.

That's #3.


And it's not even all.

There's also...

Bonus #4: "Sideway Sales Letters" Emails

VALUE: N20000

I have NOT seen ANYONE teach what you are about to learn inside this video.

That’s ironic because I actually picked it up from a marketing group I am on.

Someone just casually gave it away in an unrelated thread. I picked it up and improved on the nuances.

Now, for the first time ever, I am going to be sharing it with others (you).

This will be especially useful for you if you do webinars or use a VSL to sell.

 So... Here's A Recap Of The Entire Package You Get Today...


  • The Emails Made EZ Template Guide (45000 Value)...
  • EME Walk-through Video (FREE)
  • The Perfect Email System (N15000 Value)
  • AI Email Magik (N8000 Value)
  • "Sideways Sales Letter" Emails (N2000 Value)


Now, you might be wondering…

"Is There a Guarantee?"

Short Answer: NO.

Longer Answer:

There is no money back guarantee.

All sales for this product are final.

I am going to tell you why…

You see, I started selling digital products online in 2014… Since that time, I have sold on Nairaland, FB, Blogs, Newspapers, and to my own email list…
And for every digital product I sold, there was always a guarantee attached.


In all of that time, ONLY ONCE have I ever had to make a refund to any of my customers.

And that was only because the lady was rude, acted entitled, and injected a ton of negativity into our support group one Friday evening when I was battling a personal issue in 2022.

I had to kick her out of the group and asked for her account number to refund her money.

That’s enough proof that:

1. You won’t be needing a guarantee, because…

2. I don’t put out dusty products... and that means you will find EME to be actually super useful for your business.

And just to be clear...

EME is Perfect For You IF:

You Offer Email Copywriting Services To Clients: As someone who writes hundreds of emails every year, you need an inspo file to get your neurons fired up for action every now and then. You probably already know that.

And even if you are already swimming in a sea of templates right now, adding more to the stack is never a bad thing.

You Sell Your Own Products: Don’t matter if you sell physical or digital products, you will find the emails inside EME useful for ramping up desire in the stuff you sell.

You Sell Other People’s Products: In later updates of EME, there will be a section dedicated solely to affiliate emails. But even with the current version, you will find many emails that can be used to announce other vendors’ products to your list.

You Just Want To Study Good Emails: Inside of EME, we have original emails before each template. And MOST of the emails inside this file are written by a ton of A-list email copywriters/copywriters. You will be able to light up your creative spark by just running your eyes over some of these emails.

Get Emails Made EZ For Only N20000 Now:

(Pay balance N5000 ONLY if you are impressed with the results of using the email templates)

So now that you have stuffed your brain with all the facts...

There's only one thing left:

YOUR Decision...

You know, with sales letters like this, this is the point where I am supposed to tell you about how you have reached a fork in the road…

How you have ONLY 3 options here…

With option 1 being that you can allow the 3 major stumbling blocks already mentioned on this page to continue blockading you from getting your hands on some fat email cashola…

With option 2 being that you can decide to “go it alone” and start mass-subscribing to different lists to spy on their emails… then “templatizing” them yourself…

I’d have gone on to yap and yap about how this option would take you months to make any headway with and how it would probably be difficult for you to know which emails are worth making a template out of, anyways…

I’d then have transitioned into option 3 which is the one where I ask you to get EME because “it is the best choice”.

But I am NOT going to do any of that!

You have already read to this point and formed an opinion for yourself.

And right now it really comes down to just one thing:

Do you think that Emails Made E-Z will get you a positive ROI if you were to buy it and actually USE it?

If the answer is no, then don’t get it.

If the answer is YES… then you are more than welcome to buy it today.

Get Emails Made EZ For Only N20000 Now:

(Pay N5000 balance ONLY if you are impressed with the results of using the email templates)

Thanks for your time,

P.S. I shared the EME file with a new group of email copywriters I am coaching... and here's a handful of their unsolicited reactions:

Get Emails Made EZ For Only N20000 Now:

(Pay N5000 balance ONLY if you are impressed with the results of using the email templates)


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