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I got an idea for what I am currently working on from reading this book.

Toyin Omotoso
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You simplified the complex e-commerce business in just one book, a proof that you are an expert in what you do.

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It doesn’t matter your level of experience in ecom; whether you’re a newbie with green horns… or a pro with grey hairs to show for it.
This is a must-read book for you.

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I bought and it was delivered, I couldn’t drop the book, it was full of great information about ecom.

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Note: This is the ebook and not the physical copy as it’s currently out of print

Dear Friend,

Did you know that Receiving Credit alerts has a more direct effect on your personal health, mental health and relationships than actually eating?


If you’re looking to start a business on the side or full time, and you’re wondering what business to start, here’s my advice:

Start an ECommerce Business

Here’s why.

It’s simple.

There’s nothing complicated to learn.

It’s the oldest way of doing business that has survived for thousands of years – buy and selling.

But the most important is…


Imagine… buying the product below for $2 and selling it for N12,500($13)

That’s a 1150% Profit.

Imagine… buying the product below for $10 and sell it for =N=20,000($40).

That’s 300% Profit

How about the one below. It costs $14 and you sell it for =N=35,000 ($70).

That’s 400% profit

There are literally hundreds of products like this.

And inside my brand new book, I show you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

Before I dive into the details.

Let Me Tell You How I Discovered E-Commerce

By the way, that is me putting on the white lab coat. I hadn’t eaten all day when that photo was taken.

The year was 2013. I had just finished from a physiological practical class in Delta State University.

I remember not being able to concentrate during the practical class.

You know that moment you’re so hungry and all you can think of is how you are going to survive the night… 

…and can’t seem to hear any other voice around you but that loud voice inside you saying; “my guy na Die you dey so o”

That was exactly what happened to me during the class that particular day.

I had finished spending my =N=10,000 ($25) monthly allowance two days before and as that guy in the photo was talking to me…

…all I was thinking about was rushing back to the hostel hoping to meeting food.

However, my expectations were shattered when my roommate Miko told me he was even more hungry than I was.

At that moment, it dawned on me that I was on my own, all alone. I had no one to call on for help.

Not in school, and definitely not home where my parents didn’t expect to hear from me for at least another month.

I went to bed that night drinking Soakies

If you don’t know what it is. Here’s the photo of soakies .

I remember being buried in thought that night, my stomach rumbling.  

Things were not working, and at that point God knew I had tried different things.

From selling browsing tricks to pay per click to blogging.

I designed my first website using a mobile phone back then in 2012

Nothing worked, BUT I was spending money on data, every month.

Have you ever been at a point in your life you feel like just giving up and take whatever comes because you’ve done all you can and still nothing was working?

I Was At That Point.

When my monthly allowance finally came, I first did what every normal human being would do – buy some foodstuff.

And when I bought some more data, I saw an email in my inbox 

talking about buying products from China and making lots of mulah selling them here in Nigeria.

And it was a PDF report and I could download it right away.
There was only one problem.

It Was Selling For $10

“I don’t have money!” I cried to myself that day.

After buying foodstuff, and data, $10 was the money left off my allowance for that month.

I was stuck between making a decision for myself at that moment.

Take a risk and use the remaining part of my monthly “allawee” for the month to purchase this training


Save it and let the chance go?

I decided to risk it. I reasoned that since I already had some food stored up…

…even if the book was chaff and I lost the $10 I paid for it, it would not be the end of life.

It was a gamble, but not one that was devastating or life threatening.
So I did and…

It Was One Of The Biggest Decisions That Changed My Life

You see no one cares how much you cry, until you’re useful to them.

The government wants you to pay them taxes.

Your Church wants you to pay your tithe.

Your Mosque wants you to make donations and give alms.

Your family and friends want you to support them.

And until you do, they will not truly care for you or respect you.

I knew I needed to make money, not for all of these people but for myself.

I wanted financial freedom.

I wanted to live in a great neighbourhood.

I wanted to get married, to be able to provide for my family, I wanted to take vacations abroad, to build a house.

I Wanted To Be Successful, And…ECommerce Made It A Possibility

Today, I live in my own Duplex. I have gotten married to the love of my life, vacation in Dubai, and have my own car.

I have no boss to make me look over my shoulder, no office politics to play to because of backbiting colleagues.
I wake up when I want to wake up, do what I want to, when I want to do it, go wherever I want to go.

I live life on my own terms.

That’s freedom. That’s what I have, e-commerce made it possible.

And It Is Something You Too Can Have

I have taken everything I have learned, refined and tested in the last 5 years and I have put them into my brand new tell-all book I have written for you which shows you step by step how I used E-Commerce to build a thriving business.

The book is called…

Inside this book you will learn everything, all my strategies, hacks and secrets, nothing is left out.

Here’s some of what it contains:

And much much more… 

Proven strategies that help you make 10x profits, with WAY LESS competition.

And Here’s What People Just Like You, Who I Have Taught The Same Things Have To Say


So Technically, You're Actually Getting This For FREE!

Let me explain.

You see all of the people above who you read and listened to their testimonies, they each paid me  =N=25,000 0r $50 to get their hands on the contents inside this book – the same thing and more I am giving you for almost free.

Here’s proof.

So the information itself is free, all I ask is help me cover my advertising cost.

I don try naa.

If you don’t see that this as the biggest awoof you will receive this year, then frankly, I don’t know what else to say to convince you.

If however, you can see it is literally the best deal of the year, request your  copy by clicking the button below and you’ll receive the ecopy you can download and start reading immediately.

ONLY $15 Today


Note: This is the ebook and not the physical copy as it’s currently out of print

When you click the button above here’s what’s going to happen.

You will see a page like this:

It’s a form where you will fill in all of your details – full name, email address, contact phone number.

Then hit the SUBMIT button to send these details to us and you will be taken to a page where you will then see how to pay for the book.

Note: This is an ebook not a physical book

Claim Your eBook Now and I’ll Throw In This FREE Bonus!

The 10x Facebook Ads Ecommerce Blueprint”

At this point,

My hands are beginning to ache

All I have to say is:

Once you download this blueprint and go through it and start implementing what you learn …

You’ll have a solid advantage when it comes to promoting your products on Facebook

And you’ll never have to worry about losing money on ads or getting your ad accounts banned.

So Click the button Below to get your copy and get instant access to your bonuses right away.

Time Is Of The Essence..

Here’s why…

I’m seriously considering pulling this page down partly because most people don’t value what they get for free and I am giving out so much for such a tiny fee!

So, if this page is still here, then bravo! you’re still on time and the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

And when that happens, you’d angry at yourself for not taking advantage of this opportunity when you had the chance.

So act fast. Get your copy NOW!

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Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Melody

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