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The complete step-by-step training that takes you by hand and walks you through what to do to go from newbie to N500k a month or more using a combination of eCom and Ghana market (worth ₦650,000)
This whole Facebook course shows you the right combination to do that will move your eCom from the struggling 30% profit to over 200% in just 72hours (worth ₦100,000)
2 FREE highly converting sales copies for 5 hot niches in Ghana (worth ₦30,000)
This is my own Privately KEPT secret that has made research about how you can send and receive money directly from Ghana…Using the exact and current black market rate at every point in time without getting cheated by any momo agent or bank rate. (This alone makes me an extra 150% on the current exchange rate market and have never had to lose to Aboki agent ever again) (worth ₦150,000)
A secret “call centre” that will take all your phone orders FOR FREE- 24 hours a day- 7 days a week. After 6 years and making ₦70 Million, I never had to speak with one customer personally! (worth ₦75,000)
Wondering if Ghana is the only West African country I’ve tried this…No! I’ve replicated this same strategy in the Benin Republic and Togo with relatively similar results. Benin and Togo require extra GRIT AND RESILIENCE. It took me lots of failed attempts to understand PRICING AND PRODUCTS for these markets due to the language barrier ( both countries are French speaking). In this module, you’ll get access to my one and most reliable handling agency that handles French countries 100%. (worth ₦100,000)
30minutes Consultation Session every quarter for 12 months. (worth ₦30,000)

There's Even More, I'm Adding Free Bonuses!

For All Students that enroll on the program. You will see a telegram link you can join to receive updates as far as eCom in Ghana is concerned.

For All Students that enrolls into the program. You will get FREE 12 months mentorship and get first hand updates in respect of eCom in Ghana as it unfold. (worth ₦450,000) 

I will show you how to buy your own domain and hosting and set up your landing page to promote your products.(worth ₦40,000)
How to protect your assets from unscrupulous “Alphabet Agencies” who are looking to ROB you of your hard-earned profits- even if you’re doing it legitimately. I’ve lost goods worth THOUSANDS OF CEDIS in one day by leaving all my assets “VISIBLE.” I’ll reveal the entire story in The Ecom Beyond Borders. it’ll leave you shaking your head in pure HORROR! (worth ₦80,000)


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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: The eCom Beyond Border Program was created to help those who want to generate income through online product sales. While many have achieved financial success by following the steps outlined in the program, this is not a get-rich-quick program. If you want to find a get-rich-quick scheme, we encourage you to pass us, and we wish you well in your endeavors. Seriously, the internet is full of them…you just won’t find one with us. The products and services offered to eCom Beyond Border Program participants are exclusively for informational and educational purposes. This program requires hard work, dedication, a focus on consistent learning…and we’ve found that a heart for helping others is pretty dang helpful in both life and business. If you aren’t happy with the program for any reason, we do offer a 365-day, money-back guarantee. Why not 15, 30 or 60 days? Because on Day 15 you will have access to materials with a compilation of over a decade experience. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal. Now here is some legal stuff (you had to know that was coming.) Nothing on this page, any of our associated websites, social media properties, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. We always recommend using caution and consulting your accountant, lawyer, or professional financial advisor before making any business decision or before acting on this or any other business or financial information. Basically: talk to professionals before you start a business, recognize that all businesses come with an inherent risk, and we don’t guarantee results. Pretty straightforward, right? Good.

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