After losing all his life savings to a failed crypto transaction, then making over 40 million in the space of 34 months, this young Nigerian has decided to show you: 

His “Coded E.P.S Framework” that turned him into an 8-figure millionaire and Promises that this framework will “make you at least Half a Million naira per month”. 

Also  discover how this framework helped him turn 30k to 1.5million in 3 months…..

I thought I was going to run mad when I lost all my savings in 2020


I had just transferred all my money to a crypto broker 


And suddenly, I couldn’t see his profile picture, my messages were no longer delivering 


His number wasn’t going through


I tried to be a man and hold back my tears when I realized that I had been scammed 


But, I failed, I worked so hard for this  money 


Only to lose it all to a “supposed promising venture” that would make me a millionaire 


I felt like the biggest fool on earth 


And I cried like a baby, imagine a grown man with beards crying? 


That was me the day it happened, but you cannot blame me


It’s was not as if I had a rich family to fall back on 

I went from being comfortable to broke in a blink of an eye 


It was so bad that I had to borrow money from friends to eat 


And I  was becoming a subject of mockery among my so-called friends, I felt so ashamed and depressed that 


I packed my bags and went back to my family house 


That same 2020


Affiliate marketing was reigning 


I’m sure you’ve heard about it 


It was promising millions 


So I decided to try it 


I borrowed 100k from a friend, with hopes that I would make as much money as those screenshots I saw on Twitter and Facebook 


But I didn’t 


Instead, I lost all that money on ads and I did not make a single dime 


I also tried network marketing, 


That also didn’t work for me 


What would I do now?


I was broke, depressed, and in debt 


I thought my life was over! 


Until I  came across a video that promised I could make 100k in a month through a particular business model


I was sceptical,  because I had tried so many business models that promised heaven and earth but disappointed me 


Is this another one of them or is it my breakthrough?  I decided to try it anyway with faith



And Now, 34 months later, I’ve gone from being broke, working menial jobs and  not able to eat 3 square meals daily to making more money than I know what to do with at my age 


In 2022, I made over 16million naira in just 5 months.

And also, got my very first car as a 400 level student 

And live in a 2 bedroom apartment most guys my age can only dream of

But the best part is that 


I never have to worry about where my next meal will come from, Instead, I now walk into any restaurant and eat without checking the price 


I now easily send money to my mum and loved ones without worry 


And heck, I’ll never have to work a 9-5 job


So what exactly changed my life? 


And in a minute, I’ll show you how to take advantage of it and make at least 500k in the next 30 days 


You see, after I applied the framework and saw how well it worked for me 

I needed to be sure it worked for others too  


So I introduced a friend of mine who is a medical student to it 


And in just a 30 days of trying the framework


He came back to tell me this, he made 370k profit in his first month and 300k profit in his second month!

 But I still needed more proof so I shared it with another person I knew and he came back with this 


61,000 naira profit in less than a day after testing the framework I showed him, and ended up making over 500k that month.

Again, I’ll reveal this framework to you in a moment 


But first,  who am I and why should you even listen to me? 


My name is Celsus Odikanwa 

I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur, who has made over 40 million naira using the framework you are about to dicover today.

But just as you know


It wasn’t very easy for me, I had my own share of failure, struggles and setbacks, but I was able to turn my life around 


So if you’re like me


If you want to turn your life around in the shortest time possible


You need to pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you 


The business model  that Changed my life is called E-commerce 


And as at 2023, The E-commerce Industry is  worth 7 Billion Dollars 

You have probably heard about it.


But you may not know that it’s a huge goldmine that can make you millions just like it did for me 


And if you stay with me, right on this page, I’ll show you how you can get your share of this life changing industry


Now, Incase you don’t know what Ecommerce is 


It is basically buying and selling of physical products


And No, I don’t mean the kind of selling you do on WhatsApp status 


I’m talking about the kind of selling that can make you 500k profit in 30 days


The best thing about e-commerce?


It is a low-key business, nobody needs to know what you do except you tell them 


Now, the normal way people do e-commerce is this 


They find a product from China, 


They import it and sell at higher price but that is for people who have money 


Because importing products is crazily expensive and risky 


And remember I was very broke 


There was no way for me to import 


So I came up with a unique way that allowed me to find HOT  products without importing or even buying in bulk 


Which I’ll show you very soon, but before I proceed  


Let me show you how ecom really works 

You find a hot product: Hot product means a product that people really like and people really want. Because the more people like a product, the more money you make!

When you find a hot product, you then proceed to find a local supplier that will sell the product to you at a cheap price

Promote the Product: You set up a simple Facebook advert; people see the product and order for it.

As you keep reading this letter, I'll show you the easiest way to set up a fail-proof Facebook advert

Deliver the product: once people order for your product through your ad, all you need to do is deliver the product and make your money.


 Simple, isn’t it? 



That was the exact step I used in selling  this product 


It is a fuel pump, I sold it around the time fuel was scarce and people were managing their fuel 


This pump allowed them to easily transfer fuel without any waste. 


People rushed it like crazy 


I bought it for 3,000 from local suppliers; instead of importing it from China


Promoted it and sold one piece for 18,000 


Leaving me with almost 10k profit per pack I sold 


Crazy right?


So to make 500k profit, all I did was sell 50 pieces 


And in 60 days 


I already made 1 million profit from this single product 


In 90 days 


I made 1.5million in PURE PROFIT 


Now, the best part about my unique e-commerce framework is that 


  • You don’t have to import 


  • You don’t have to deliver products yourself 


  • You don’t have to even buy in bulk 


All you need to do is; 


  • Identify hot products people like 


  • Promote the product


  • Make your money


It’s it that simple. 


In fact, it is so simple that


One of my students Daniel who is a 9 to 5 worker applied this same framework and made 245,000 in a week while working his 9-5 job

Luceeah, A university student applied this same framework and made 1,455,000 in 30 days too with over 700k profit 

I have so many testimonials I could share with you about this framework, 


But I don’t want to bore you 


Even if; 


  • You’re an undergraduate
  • You’re a busy mum or dad 
  • You’re a 9-5 worker 

This system will work for you as long as you put in the work 


In fact, this is what courage Ngele, an e-commerce don has to say 


And it is not an exaggeration because one of my students, Elizabeth 


Made 80k in her first week applying  E.P.S framework as a total newbie

And another student of mine who likes being low-key 


 Made 350k in a week

Imagine finally being able to


  • Afford that lifestyle you dream about 


  • Take care of your family and loved ones 


  • Buy that dream car and pepper those who mocked you 


  • Go on vacation whenever you feel like 


  • Get all those clothes you’ve always wanted 

You see, e-commerce can give you this kind of freedom 


E-commerce can help you live that life you dream about 


But the thing is this 


While I was just getting started 


I struggled a lot 


Because I lacked the important information and strategy I needed to succeed


I had no mentor or guidance 


I had a lot of trial and error 


But eventually figured it out on my own 


And now I know exactly what works and what doesn’t 


But unlike me,


I’m sure you don’t have the time to start trying to figure it out on your own


And you don’t have to


Because I’ve packaged the information that has helped me and others under me succeed in e-commerce into a guide 


Which I call 

Ecom profit system

(E.P.S for short) 


Just like the name 


The guide has one task, to serve as a framework 


That shows you the world of e-commerce


And how you can start making money from it immediately 


To show you how you can make at least 500k per month in e-commerce  


But you see, 500k is not the limit 


If you’re humble and don’t really care about being crazily rich 


You just want to be comfortable


Then you apply the ecom profit system and make 500k monthly 


But If you want to be a big boy or big girl 


Then you can apply my ecom profit system and make 


1,543,000 in 30 days just like James, who was new to the internet space when he discovered my EPS framework 

Or you can choose to be like Niyi Who made 1,600,000 in 30 days 

You can be like Jay who made 345,000 from just 3 orders in one day.

It depends on what you want and how much you are convenient with 


But you see, the possibilities in e-commerce are endless 


And it doesn’t matter where you are in life currently 


It doesn’t matter if;


  • You’re a  newbie in making money online, just like the people above 


  • You have failed at most online businesses you tried 


  • If you’re already making some money in ecom and want to make more 


The Ecom Profit System Framework is just for you 


 And I’ll show you how to get your hands on this framework in a short moment 


But first, let me give you a quick sneak-peek of what you will discover  inside the framework


Now, before I do just that,


There’s a very important point I want to make


E-commerce is not a get-rich overnight scheme.


Yes, you can make good money but you have to be willing and ready to put in a few hours of serious work every day…


If this doesn’t appeal to you, please stop reading right here.






Let’s get into it 

Module 1: Getting The Millionaire Mindset

For you to make millions in e-commerce


You need the right mindset, this is the foundation of everything 


Why? Simple: 


You cannot make millions of your mind is set for thousands 


That is why I created this module, to fix your mindset and prepare you for the millions you are going to make in e-commerce 


I advice you to watch this module because you will find it so valuable and life-changing.


If you are completely new to e-commerce


I prepared this module for you to help you gain total understanding of the business 


Even if you aren’t new to the business and you’re already making some money 


You should still watch it because you will understand the business in an entirely new way 


And you’re going to be just as thankful as Halimat was 



The money-maker of e-commerce is the kind of product you sell 


Before you jump on any product, you must make sure it is hot, 


You must make sure it is a product that people will go crazy for and give you their money for!


And in this module, I’ll be showing you 


  • The easy steps to research and find hot products


  • The hottest markets in e-commerce; Even though you can make millions selling any hot products, some products are hotter than others and will make you more money easily than others 


  • Things you should know before choosing a hot product to sell 


This module is so easy to understand, that by the time you’re done with it 


You will easily discover hot products that people will beg you to sell to them 


Just like this student of mine who got 40 orders in a week! 

And Atinuke, who delivered 8 packs of a 16k product in 2 days.


After finding a hot product, what next? 



Even though you’ve found a hot product 



You still need to be sure that it will make you a lot of money before going fully into it



And I’ve created this module to show you exactly; 



  • How you can test a product and be sure people will pay you any amount you want for it 

This process is so easy to follow 



But that’s not all; in this module, I’ll also show you exactly how to price your product in a way that 



  • People will pay for it regardless of the amount 
  • Makes you profit in a way that guarantees you make at least 500k monthly 

Just like Jafar and he did this in just 3 days too! 

And flourish


Most people think that for you to make money in e-commerce, you must import from China 


But that is a big lie. Why? 


I made over 16 million naira in this same E-commerce without ever importing from China or any country at all! 


I simply discovered an easy way to find hot products locally. 


And that is what I revealed to you in this module 


I’ll also show you how to bargain with local suppliers for products


You see, in e-commerce, you buy a product for cheap and sell it at a high price 


Now, the chances that someone is selling the same product as you for a cheaper price is high 


But I will show you exactly how you can position your product 


And make more money even if your product is five times more expensive


I will show you how to make your customers choose you over anyone else 


In fact, this module works so well that Blessing had to say this…


One of the best things about E-commerce is this: 


You don’t need to be a good marketer to make a shitload of money 


You just need some tips 


In this module I’ll share important marketing strategies that you need to make at least 500k monthly from E-commerce


These strategies have made me and my students over 500k monthly 


Just like this strategy my student implemented 


Many of my students assumed running facebook ads was hard, until they watched this module 


And I got different messages telling me how easy it was for them 


But, why Facebook ads?


If you want to sell a product and make a lot of money 


Then the buyers need to come from somewhere, right? 


And during my trial and error, I found out that Facebook platform is the best place to get buying customers for any product 


That is why I prepared this Module; to teach you how to run Facebook ads from scratch, 


Even if you’ve never done it before, even if you don’t have a Facebook account, 


You’ll learn the exact way to run Facebook ads that get you results like

44 orders for a single hot product

And there is no limit to how much orders you can get for a hot product because you can even get 400+ orders 


Using what you’ll learn from this module


Let’s do some quick mathematics


Imagine you selling a product of 20k to a customer


Then you show them another product and ask them if they like it 


They say yes and buy that product for 15k 


That is 35k from a single customer, right?


Now imagine you do this successfully for 20 customers monthly? 


That is pure 700,000.


Makes sense right? 


That is what upselling is, and in this module, I’ll show you how to upsell customers 


And I’ll also show you how to make them keep coming back, just like Lucie’s Customer  


Your e-commerce website is like a store, where your customers see and order for your product


I know you’re thinking website design is hard and you’ll need to be able to code and all that 


But that’s not true  


Building the website you need for your website is super simple 


So simple that you could get it done in under 3 hours following what I’ll teach in this module 


Just like one of my students who turned it into a business for himself

And it doesn’t matter if you are not techy or cannot code because you don’t need that! 


In this module, I’ll show you how to deliver and distribute your products nation wide 


Why? Because the more products you deliver, the more money you make and this is exactly what this module will help you achieve


I’ll also be giving you contacts to my reliable delivery agents that I have been using for years

Once you are done with all this module 


You’ll be totally ready to make crazy money from E-commerce

But you see,

I still created a special module titled the “7 figure e-commerce blueprint” 


In this module, I implemented everything in the previous modules from A-Z 


Like a live action training, so that you can see exactly how to implement the same process step by step 


And this module alone is worth 30,000 naira 


But I’ll give it to you for free so that you can achieve results 


Just like Tolu who made 1,175,000 in 2 weeks 

And also be like Abdul who made 3 million in a month

And another one of my students who hit 1,025,000 before the month even ended. 

And if I guess right, you are already wondering how much you have to pay to get your hands on the E-commerce Profit System


The system that will make sure you make money so that 


You stop having sleepless nights over bills and debt 


You are able to take care of your friends and families


You are able to live the life of your dreams 


But don’t worry, let your mind be at ease because you won’t be paying a huge amount of money today 


But before I tell you how much you’ll be investing to get your hands on the EPS Framework  today 


I want to give you ridiculously special bonuses for Free 


Now, I’m not giving you these bonuses because they are worth nothing


But because I really want to help you succeed and make a crazy amount of money in this E-commerce business 


One thing I discovered about e-commerce is that you need support 


Even though you already know what to do, you might have questions along the way and you need answers to them


This is why I created the EPS community


So that you are connected to other e-commerce entrepreneurs that will provide helpful answers to your questions


Not just that, you get access to other e-commerce entrepreneurs  


That have made millions and will share with you what to do and not do in your e-commerce journey 


In fact, this community is so valuable that Sammy said this 

Another EPS community member said this

And this 

When I think of how much value anyone would get from this community, I can charge nothing less than 25,000 for it 


But if you get the Ecom Profit System right now 


You get to join us for  FREE 


Even though, I already prepared an entire module on how to find hot products


I prepared a special bonus titled Guaranteed Winning Product (GWP)


This bonus is so crazy that I almost did not include it here 




  • You get access to hot products that I researched on and discovered that people are crazy about them 


  • You see how exactly you can sell them with Facebook ads 


So all you need to do is pick one of these products and start selling 


Just like another one of my students who tested one of the GWP products 

If I were to sell this particular bonus to you, it would cost nothing less than 



I mean, imagine you pick one of the products I showed you 


And you sell it for 20k, all you need to make 500k monthly is 25 sales 


So yes, I’m sure you also know that this bonus is valuable and worth any amount I ask for it 


But I wouldn’t do that to you 


Just for today, you will get the pre-recorded GWP bonus for  free


When you get the E-commerce Profit System today


If you decide that you want to import things from China 


I created a course that will help you do just that 


In this Bonus I gave detailed explanation on 


How to navigate AliExpress and 1688


How to detect fraudulent sellers 


How to ship and clear your goods with ease 


When I first created this course, I sold it for 10,000naira 


But now that it is a special bonus, it means you’ll be getting it for free 


I promised I would make ecommerce super easy for you right? 


This is why I’m going to give you premium themes and builders that will make setting up your website easy 


Not just that, I’m going to give you 4 of my PRE-BUILT FUNNELS, so that all you need to do is copy and paste it on your website 


And yes, It is  free when you get e-commerce profit system today 


You see, during these live Q and A sessions I have with EPS members 


I take my time to 


Show you new products and strategies 


Answer questions and provide solutions to any difficulty you might be facing 


Show you what is working in the market and how you can tap into it 


Atinuke asked a question about selling watches in e-commerce


I answered her and she came back to say this

Olaniyi too

But that’s not all,  it’s just the tip of the iceberg 


In these Live Calls 


I’ve brought E-commerce Dons that you cannot have access to easily 


To come and share their strategies and tips 


I’ve invited people like Mr Kings, who makes over 20 million naira monthly from E-commerce 


You get access to someone like Mr Yeekeen, who is dominating the ecommerce space in Nigeria 


I even held a session with Mr Ayoola Dagunduro


Who owns sniper CRM and is a 9-figure  E-commerce business owner in Nigeria 


These are all people that would cost you an arm and a leg to meet them 


But when you get EPS system, you get access to the pre-recorded live calls we have had with them 


And also, when I invite them, you can ask them questions regarding e-commerce


If I were to sell access to these live calls 


It would be nothing less than 30,000 naira and that would still feel like it is not enough 


But when you get the EPS Blueprint today 


You’ll get access to these live calls for free 


I bet now you’re really thinking…..

Celsus, How much am I investing to get access the E-commerce Profit system?


And I’ll tell you that in a moment 


But first, I want to show you people who were just like you 


They were newbies and nothing was special about them 


All they did was find a framework that worked and they stuck to it and implemented it religiously 


Take a look at one of my students, Oyekunbi 


She wasn’t an e-commerce guru, all she did was discover the EPS framework and implement it 

Same as Abdulhamid, he is just a normal guy like you 


All he did was put in a few hours of work weekly 


And he achieved results like this 

He not only made 500k in 1 week, but was also able to get out of debt


Tinu, another one of my students crossed 1m naira in a month, and she is only 19 

Look at Jafar who made 7, 169,000 naira in 7 months, an ordinary university student, all he did was discover the EPS system and implement it 

And Phyland, another EPS student that made 9, 488,500 in his Ecom business

And if you can also put in a few hours of work weekly to learn and implement the E-commerce Profit system 


You can change your life like Moses here, 


Who was in millions of debt and felt hopeless but now spends 900,000 naira on his siblings comfortably 

Again, these people are not special 


All they did was  apply the e-commerce profit system and now make so much money that some first class graduate and supervisors can only dream of 

If you are determined and relentless like them, 


Then how much should you invest in the e-commerce profit system? 


If I say you should pay 200,000 naira with everything I’ve shown you, it is worth it and more 


But you will not pay 200,000 naira 




Infact, you will not pay half of that (100,000 naira) 


Even though it is worth it and more 


But, I’m Nigerian and I understand the reality of the country 


Even though charging 200,000 naira for the e-commerce profit system is justifiable 


I wouldn’t do that to you




It will cost you only N40,000 to get the e-commerce profit system today 

100% protected and safe

Mind you, the EPS Course is a pre-recorded course, which means you get access to it immediately you pay for it 


But, I also want you to know that I like to regulate my course because I don’t want it to be everywhere


So by the time I get a particular amount of purchases (which I’ll not disclose) 


I’m taking my course off the market and this page will no longer be active 


And the next time it will be available, it will no longer be 40,000 naira 


Infact, one thing you should know about me is that I increase the price for EPS from time to time 


This program launched officially in September 2021 and the launch price was N15,000.



Then as my students started getting results, the price increased to N20,000,

Then it moved to N25,000, then N35,000 as at March 2022 and now it’s at N40,000

This was something a student told me when the course was 25,000 naira 


So that you know this is not fake urgency, I have no reason to do that. 

100% protected and safe

Why is It so cheap, You ask? 


You see, there are two reasons why


The first reason is this


I truly want to help you succeed in e-commerce because I’ve been in your shoes before 


And I know what it feels like to be in a state where you feel helpless and hopeless 


It feels like hell, and I want to help as many people as I can out of that state 


The second reason is personal 


And it is for my selfish gain 


You see, when you apply the e-commerce profit system and make a lot of money 


You will be able to register for my private mentorship 


Which is currently priced at 150,000 naira 


So the more money you make, the more money I make 


A win-win for the two of us 


And I say this without a doubt in my mind 


If you implement everything I shared in the e-commerce profit system 


Paying 150,000 naira for my mentorship will not be difficult

100% protected and safe

Even though everything the EPS Course and community will teach you is enough for you to make 


500k, N1,000,000, N1,500,000 monthly 


I still want to give you more Extra Special Bonuses 


Because I want to spoon feed you with everything you need to succeed

Extra Special Bonus 1: Never Revealed Case Study Of How I turned 30,000 to N3,645,700 in 60 Days

This case study is an entire masterclass on its own


I recorded the entire process of how I found a hot product and spent 30,000 on Facebook ads to sell the product 


And how it made me N3,645,700 naira in 60 days 


Why am I giving you this for free?


Because I want you to see exactly how e-commerce works so that you can replicate my results


This Bonus is easily worth the price of EPS itself 


But I’ll be giving it to you for free when you get EPS  Today 


Normally, before you can import from China


You need to have CAPITAL 


But Gift did it without any capital 


Crazy right? 


That is exactly why I’m giving it to you as a bonus 


I recorded this bonus in 2 parts and it is worth nothing less than 20,000 naira


Infact, other students who bought this course then could not believe it was that cheap 


But for you, you would get it for  free when you get the E-commerce Profit system today 

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS 3: Branded Good Importation

I’m sure you see how people see branded clothes and sneakers like Nike, Gucci, Balencianga and Adidas


And if you’ve ever tried finding suppliers for these goods 


You’ll know that it is crazy expensive to do so 


Some people will charge you 100,000 naira just to give you their supplier contact 


But In this course 


I recorded an explosive class and you’ll learn 


Introduction to branded goods 


How to import Branded Goods


How to build your own army of resellers 


Contacts of agents 



When you think of how much money people charge to teach these things 


Then it would be fair if I priced it at 35,000 naira right? 


But I wouldn’t do that, because, you I’ll get it for Free when you get Ecommerce Profit System today 

I’ve made the E-commerce Profit system so value-packed that it is all you need to succeed in e-commerce


So what is it going to be? 


Will you pay 40,000 naira today and step into that beautiful life you have always imagined? 




Are you going to exit this page and forget everything you’ve read so far? 


  • Forget that you were offered the chance to change your life?
  • Forget that you were offered the means to financial freedom?
  • Forget that you were offered a way to finally take care of your family and friends?
  • Forget that you got the chance to finally prove those who mocked, doubted and shamed you wrong? 

You can choose to forget it all


But when you see people living the life you’ve always desired 


Don’t forget you were offered a chance and you said NO


But if  


If you to take charge of your life and finances and start making a shit load of money


If you want to take care of your family and friends


If you want to prove those that doubted and mocked you wrong


If you want to live the life you’ve always dreamt about 


If you want to buy that house, car, clothes and go on vacations at will 


Then you know what to do 


You’re the captain of your own destiny and your life is in your hands 


Conditional Money Back guarantee

I know this is not what you are used to


But I’ve had my own fair share of people who bought the course and didn’t implement it 


I put in my sweat into making this course and I know it will get you crazy results 


But if you implement this course and everything in it 


And for some reason, it just doesn’t work for you 


All you need to do is message me, show me proof that you implemented everything 


And it didn’t work for you, you didn’t make a dime at all 


I’ll apologize for wasting your time 


And I’ll refund your money 

But I am 100% certain that it is unlikely this course will not work for you 


Because it has worked for a lot of people like you


Look at Peter for instance who never thought he could make a million naira in his life, but ended up making 4.4 million naira in 2 months

 And Goodness who made 450,000 naira profit in 7 days

And Blekenzy who made over 2 million naira in less than 2 months and paid off her depts

And another student who made 400,000 naira  in only 5 days, and his goal was to hit N1million in 30 days

And it also worked for me because in just 14 months 


I made over 60million from Ecommerce

Therefore, it can definitely work for you too 


But note that results are not typical 


And you must be ready to put in the work necessary 


So If the conditional money back guarantee does not please you 


Then don’t get the Ecom Profit System


But if you are cool with it 


Then know again that you will be getting: 

THE E-COMMERCE Profit System course; (Worth N100,000)







 (WORTH N50,000)















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