“I’m Spreading a 45 Min Virus And I Need Your Help!”​

Says this Silent Ecommerce Millionaire.

It’s The Fastest Way to Make 100k, 200k or Even 400k+ Consistently Every Week… Selling Physical Products in Ghana…


without Leaving the Comfort of Your Home or Even Talking to Your Customers

400k a month consistently?  Asked Justin.


“Oh yes! I replied, “You can even make that in a single week”. 


Justin was a broke 300L student studying Physics in Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa.


“Come here”, I commanded, “No, a bit closer”.


I brought out my phone and opened my Order Reports on my Google Sheet.

“How much do you see?”


“14,820 Ghc”, Justin replied.


“Oya do the math” I said. “ 1Ghc is now N92”


“Uhum… 1.3 MILLION”, he said, stunned. “Abeg teach me na, I want to learn please” 


I threw him a smirk. And handed him this “45 Min Virus”.


The rest? Well, they say it is history.


See: what happened to Justin next will burst your brain.


In fact, just hear directly from the horse’s mouth

Listen carefully:


400K a month…


Ask most people and they’ll tell you that’s the DREAM.


It’s like the standard for living a (legal) good life in Nigeria where you don’t worry about most things life has to offer.


But even though most people spend most of their life trying to earn that amount… 


ONLY 1% often hit and even surpass it.


That’s the sad reality.


But does it have to be so? No…


Because if you ask most folks in the E-commerce world…


They’ll tell you otherwise.


Because in our world, making 400k per month isn’t a dream, it’s a REALITY.


In fact, we even consider it “ a great start”.


The start of many milestones to come.


And it doesn’t have to take months to reach there.


Because we’ve discovered a distilled proven framework shortcut anyone with even half a brain can use and get massive results.


People in my inner circle call it the “45 Min Virus Framework


 And they’re all using it to sell ordinary products in Ghana for higher profits, and they’re getting faster results unlike anything you’ve ever seen


And a majority of them are even complete newbies with at least 200k in sales weekly.


It’s called the “45 Min Virus Framework” because all you have to do every day is spend at most 45 minutes with your Ghana partner that’ll do all the dirty work for you… 


And this concept can be easily transmitted to you fast like a virus. 


And once you’re infected, you begin to get results sooner than you’d ever imagine.


You can start using the “45 Min Virus Framework” today:


  •  To quickly build a REAL business that’ll fund your dream lifestyle
  •  Make you consistent 400k every single month.
  • Quit your demanding 9-5. 
  • Acquire your dream car.
  • Go on vacation to Dubai with the love of your life.
  • Prove NAYSAYERS wrong!


But before I tell you how to lay your hand on this result-driven powerful FRAME work and how to get affected (lol)…


It’s best you see it in action and how it spreads so fast.

Take Fortune for example…

When he came to me last year,


Even though he was in the Ecommerce business already, he was struggling to make profits.


When he got in, we jumped on a zoom call.


The look on his face said it all. 


He was tired and frustrated of always sharing his hard earned profit with Nigerian delivery agents.


You can’t blame him.


Dealing with Nigerian customers is a headache on it’s own.


And then giving up 40% of your profit to delivery guys for inter-state delivery is something else.


He was sad that day, Few weeks after he enrolled for my Ghana programme…


He started getting massive results with FAT profit.

And While His Story is Considered AWESOME!

It’s just ONE of many success stories we have about people who are using this same 45 Min Virus to LEGALLY make what “most bank managers” dream to earn in a month in weeks just by selling ordinary products massively in Ghana from the comfort of their home.



Nanabo Ayebatonye

Nanabo Ayebatonye is a marketer par excellence.


He’s unarguably one of the best copywriters in Africa.


We started Ecommerce together, and after some time, I left him for the Ghana market.


Early this year, he reached out and was looking for ways to grow his business into a new market.


I told him about the untapped opportunity in Ghana Ecommerce space…


Like others, he jumped into my programme immediately.


And within a few days he made over 400k in his first week.



And the most shocking one comes from my once employee (my delivery boy)

Michael Udo

He is just 19 years old.


When he first came to me…


His father wasn’t happy about it.


He would even scold him for getting close to me…


But recently, Michael has started funding most of the expenses in the house, lifting off a lot of responsibilities off the shoulder of his father.


As we speak right now, Michael is considered the favourite kid in the house.


And he’s highly respected in the family.


And to think that Micheal is just 19, which means there’s a whole LOT he’ll achieve in a distant time to come.

That’s NOT All…



Stanley Akegbeotu

And then, there’s even…

Finidi Fufeyin


Godsent Osi

Take all these stories for example

Don’t they look exceptional, huh?


Oh yes! They may even seem unbelievable…


But when you look at them together, there’s a pattern that cuts across them — and that’s MASSIVE WINS with the 45 Min Virus Framework.




With this special shortcut FRAMEWORK….


YOU can start crushing your weekly income targets while having the FREEDOM to pursue other things that mean the most to you.


And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to support your full-time job, start out as a fresh Ecom business owner or even add another income stream… 


Without wasting time and money on things that don’t work.


Without begging your neighbours to patronize you.


Without handling annoying customer wahala.




If you’re looking to add it to your SUCCESSFUL Nigerian business… so you can 10X your revenue in the shortest time possible.


Simply put…


No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish running a successful online business in Ghana …


Between God and man… we’ve already done it.


And thanks to our “45 Min Virus FRAMEWORK shortcut…


I can help you get there a LOT faster than you think…


WITHOUT facing the headache of figuring it out…all on your own.


How do I know?


Because I’ve used this same “45 Min Virus” Framework to shortcut my way from a penniless dude to making millions ONLINE within 2 years.

From the desk of:

Gilbert Precious

Dear friend,


If you’re looking for a LEGAL way to make the kind of money most “Nigerian bank managers” can only dream of without leaving the comfort of your house, then this will very well be the best letter you’ll ever read this year.


And in a few minutes from now, you’ll learn how to earn as much as 100k or 200k or 400k every single week right inside your small room.


Here’s Why:

Few years ago, I was very broke.


Dead broke like a church rat.

My brothers laughed at me.


One even said I’ll amount to nothing in life.


And you won’t blame them.


They seemed right at the time.


Because I was basically staying all day in the house, doing nothing.


I tried a LOT of online businesses that ended up swallowing the little savings I had.


Fast forward to 2018…


I ventured into the logistics business all in the name of doing something with my life.


I was getting jobs but the stress and tiny profit couldn’t pay my bills.


Until sometime around 2019 I stumbled upon an E-commerce business.

Only then did I start making a good amount of money.


But the constant corrupt self delivery agents that are charging more than 4,000 for a 10,000 profit product was eating up my profit.


It was like I was making 10k per product and giving 4k to settle delivery guys.


Do the math. What’s left? 6k. Oops! That’s peanuts.


And then I moved to this untapped market in Africa…


I’m talking about Ghana in 2019…


That’s when my story changed.

I went from a staggering 150k per month to grossing over 20MM in revenue in the last 2 years.

Just take a good look at some of my earnings…

Selling to Ghana is by far better than Nigeria!

Here’s why:

  • You don’t pay for waybill
  • You don’t spend on airtime speaking to customers
  • No stress of calling customers. And most importantly
  • Ghana cedis is higher than the weak Buhari Naira. (That means Ghana buying power is greater than Nigeria)

Sell for Higher Price in Ghana Effortlessly!

See the comparison below…

So far, I’ve coached about 15 mentees.


And I can confidently say ALL of them are doing massively well for themselves.


And right now, I’ve wrapped everything into a comprehensive programme titled…

Ecom Diaspora is comprehensive complete program on starting and growing a PROFITABLE business in Ghana selling ordinary products for higher profits.


It takes you on a very basic level.


Short straight-to-the-point videos.


No fluff.


The best part is you can download it on your phone or binge watch them.


And it won’t take up to 5 hours for consuming.


I’ve laid out everything in a simple manner that anyone with even half a brain can understand and will begin to implement immediately.

This programme is for:

Here’s Why This Program is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before:

You know…


 It’s tough to survive in the online space without a proper guide.


Like you, I’ve been there.


And so, I don’t blame you…


The thing is…


Most course sellers still don’t understand the place of mentorship in all their programs.


Most of them fail to realize that most people who want to run an online business are in different stages of  knowledge.


For some, they hardly need direction from you…


While the majority would even want you to call them and force them to get on their laptops.


One of the reasons people succeed under me is because I take things personal with them.


Atimes, I might just force you to implement stuff in the middle of the night…


And that for me, is one of the best things you can do for anyone who trusts you with their money.


Here’s a Sneak Peak at Everything That’s Inside:

Now that’s NOT all!

I want the best for you…


 so you can start getting massive results faster and be miles ahead in your financial life.


And for that single reason, I’m supplying you more business arsenals to shortcut your success with

this business.


That means…


You’re also getting 5 BONUSES. (Most are courses I could have sold separately)…


But to CLAIM them you have to act NOW. 


Once the countdown hits ZERO, they’ll be removed from the page.


See The Massive Bonuses


In this business of ours, there's nothing more important than picking up a "hot product".

A product is the single most important bridge to your biggest break.

A single hot selling product can print you millions all year round. And if by chance you happen to be the ONLY person selling it, you can decide to sell at any price and experience almost zero competition.

In this special training, you'll master how to detect a product that has the tendency of selling massively.

I'll show both FREE and paid method to locating hot selling products.


Fail at Facebook Ads... and you'll end up stocking products without selling them.

While Facebook Ads isn't a straight jacket stuff, I'll show you the basic best practices to creating winning Ads that brings in hundreds of buyers daily.

I can beat my chest that very few marketers use this method. It's why newbies get almost overnight results from my program.

Let's just say it's my business top secret for getting customers, and right now, I'm willing to hand it over to you.


There's a special E-commerce selling system we use in our inner cycle.

Now this is something you've never seen before.

It's the way top marketers in the world is using to sell their products.

Unlike the regular selling system everyone in Nigeria use, our sales funnel lets you do: Automatic Followup emails, Sends order notification SMS to your customers and yourself, It Automatically closes customers that forgot to place order on your shop.

It also sell other of your products to anyone that places order on your website without your input.

If we are to charge for this simple setup, it would cost you N50,000 but you're getting it for FREE today!


One big FACTOR of this Ghana Ecommerce businesss is suppliers. Not just suppliers but trusted suppliers with dignity.

Once you lay your hands on these suppliers, your work is done.

I'll give you all the suppliers I'm currently using in my own business so you have a load of them to work with.

You don't want to rely on a single supplier as he may "fuck you up" anytime (that is, his products may be out of stock when you need him)

All valued at NGN200,000… But Yours For FREE

Only If You Act NOW!

WARNING: These bonuses will disappear from this page at any time…So Acting Now Isn’t Too Early!

How Much to Get “Ecom Diaspora” NOW?


At the moment…


The price for Ecom Diaspora is N50,000


The more success stories we have, the higher the price will jump. 


So that means you can come back tomorrow and see an increase in price.


And before you think twice about investing 50,000…


Let me ask you a quick personal question…


If this programme could end your money worries forever and give you a CONSISTENT money-making business that prints you hundreds of thousands every single week like these:

Picture this:

You get into Ecom Diaspora today.


Downloaded the videos and watched all of them.


You implement and within 1 week your Ghana partner credits you about 3400 Ghc. 


Let’s do the math: 3400 X N94 = 280k.


The following week you get credited something HUGE again.


And like that, you keep banking 6 figures every single week.




Do you see how tiny the fee you’re paying for this program is?


And considering the fact that you’re going to be keeping the profits for the rest of your life.


You’d agree with me it’s worth even more.


You and I know you’re getting this programme at a steal.


The special bonuses are ONLY for the first 32 people for this batch.


Once this batch is filled up, the bonuses go down and the price definitely will increase.


Have You Been Thinking of Starting Ghana E-commerce?


So what’s holding you back?


I’ll tell you because after speaking to a lot of folks about Ghana E-commerce, I realized that most of what is holding anyone back is the mental barrier and lack of the right knowledge.


Are you saying any of these?



What if the Ghana partner ran away with my money?


Shits happen in business.


So it’s okay you’re being very careful with your hard-earned money. 


Nobody wants to lose money.


However, we’ve distilled these guys over the past 4 years and I’ll ONLY give you contact with the trusted agent I’m currently working with.


So your money is 100% safe.



How will they send me my money?


Your money will be sent to you via two means — Momo Agent and Balck Market Direct Bank Transfer.


Momo Agent is an MTN electronic money transfer platform, so they’ll wire the money directly to you.


Then for the Black Market Bank Transfer, your Ghana partner will give cedis to the Fx guy in the black market, and the Fx guy will transfer the equivalent using his Nigerian Bank account.



How much do I need to start this Ghana Ecom?


You really don’t need to start with a bunch of millions.


Not even 500k.


In fact, with as low as 100k you can start selling and banking heavy profits.


But if you have some millions, better.



“Who will confirm the Orders for me?”


The special logistics companies I’ll hand over to you will do the dirty work for you.


The best part, is you’re not paying them a DIME for it.



Do I need to learn any software to implement all of these?


Not at all.


But if you’re completely new to the internet world, well, you’ll need to learn how to install WordPress and edit a simple WordPress page.


I’ve free tutorials to get you started and it won’t take you less than 4 hours to master.



“I’m afraid I’ll be stuck whIle implementing this program”


I understand.


It shows you’re human.


But don’t be afraid because we have a step-by-step video that’ll show you how to implement everything.


Plus there’s a support group where you can ask questions and get real-time answers.



I’m selling to Nigeria and I’m doing pretty well so I don’t need Ghana


You’re right…


I get it… you’ve mastered Nigeria and you’re cashing out massively.


But should you box your income when you can actually grow your business to penetrate different markets out there?


Adding Ghana Ecom to your current business will almost 2X your monthly revenue.


And that’s something you’ll love.


Do Ghana customers not cancel orders like Nigerians?


I would have said, “Yes” (because that’s what you want to hear)…


Sadly only customers in heaven don’t cancel orders.


Ghanaians aren’t in heaven, are they? 


But here’s the thing, unlike Nigerians they’re more straightforward. What that means is they don’t joke with an order. If they want it then want it.


If they’ve changed their mind, they’ll tell you immediately.

The right thing to do is staring right in front of you.


All I ask is that you take action FAST. Why?


Because this is a strictly limited offer.


Just click the red button below to get in today.

100% No-Excuse Ghana Jollof Money Back Guarantee

This means…


Signup for the “Ecom Diaspora” today.


Watch all the videos. Don’t rush them.


Take your time, okay? Will you do that? Good boy!


Once you’re done, implement everything you learnt inside.


Get your product and run your Ads…


And if you think my programme was a waste of time or money


Don’t hold back. Write to me within 90 days, and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND.


I mean every penny. Plus apologize for wasting your time.


But the truth is you’ll end up not doing that…


Because If you’re like most people who try this simple “45 Min Virus Framework” inside Ecom Diaspora…


You’ll experience MASSIVE sales that you never want to stop using “The 45 Min Virus Framework”.

Sounds really good, right?

As you can see, there’s no way you’re ever losing.


Either you start a very lucrative business in Ghana that prints you hundreds of thousands weekly or you get you FULL money back.

Make a choice!


Either keep doing what you’re doing and buy all the half-baked courses that promise you heaven and earth which gets you nowhere…


Or get “Ecom Diaspora” and start making what most Nigerian bankers dream of earning month in weeks selling simple products in Ghana for higher profits.


Whichever choice you make, I wish you the best!


And for the fact you’re still reading till this point simply says one thing — it says you’re ready for change.


Change begins with taking smart decisions like this.

Just click the red button below to get in today



Stay safe.


Gilbert Precious

Lagos, Nigeria.

PS. I know you’re skeptical…


After all, what I’m saying is probably contrary to what you’ve heard from your family, friends and maybe everyone else you know.


Or even maybe you’re scared of what your family and friends will think of you.


I can only ask you one question.


How many of them are millionaires?


So it’s up to you.


A month from now, you could be nothing more than 30 days older.


Or you can be on your way to getting riches.


You decide!


As far as I am concerned, there’s no better way to make money online than selling physical products in Ghana where you don’t have to talk to customers..


Again, a few months from now, you could be looking back to this day as the day that changed your life forever.

PSS. Here’s a quick WARNING…


I sincerely don’t want to attract energy-draining entrepreneurs, excuse-giving beings and procrastinating creatures because of the guarantee – it’s very important! 




Don’t Join “Ecom Diaspora”, If:


  • You won’t agree to join my support group to get more help & accountability.


  • You won’t ask for help at all, then after months of doing nothing, you come back & you say the program doesn’t work.


  • You feel there’s nothing new to learn from any program, because you’re already a pro. Well done! What the fvck are you even doing here?


  • You’re not ready to implement or execute because you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.


  • You only want to buy the program, download all the content & claim you don’t like it, without even creating anything. Bye!


  • You’re flat broke, and you want to use your last cash or borrow or even collect loans to join this program (which is not bad)… then you expect to start getting credit alerts next week, without putting in any work.


Again, if you fall into any of these categories…


Just forget everything you’ve read so far – DON’T BUY THIS! 


If you’re not sure if this program will help you, kindly contact us here, and we’ll help you decide.


But if you’re ready to make it rain and willing to put in the work… 


Tap the red button and walk into the path of financial freedom.

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