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4-Part Online Export Business Bootcamp 

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Plus 100+ Hottest Selling Exportable Products You can Export from Nigeria and make dollars...in 2022

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Attend This Mind-Blowing, On-Demand Online-BootCamp to Discover The Basic, But Essential Ingredients, Including Exportable Products Experienced and New Exporters Like You Can Use to Start, Grow and Expand Your Export Business Internationally, to 7 Figures or More...

Automatically Duplicate Our Results, Execute Your First Export Contract In 7-21 Days From Now Without Guesswork, Irrespective of Your Experience, Knowledge or Background, If you take up our Export Business Coach Offer

Dear future export millionaire,

Congratulations! You have been invited to this page to discover the exact export business that has generated over N106,990,920 in export transactions, for my students and I.

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Export Business BootCamp

Export Business Bootcamp is an online 4-part, self-paced, on-demand export business introductory video course, filled with rich learning and interactive content. The knowledge you will discover in this Bootcamp has been specifically created to expose you to hidden export business opportunities in Nigeria, that can explode your bank account, if you follow the blueprint and MOST IMPORTANTLY, take advantage of the Coaching Program offer presented at the end of the Bootcamp videos.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This bootcamp is NOT for the faint of heart

If you want the same tired, outdated advice…
Untested theories which sound good but don’t work in the real world…
Or a training full of ‘warm and fuzzy’ stories which make you feel good…

Then this bootcamp is NOT for you.

However, if you want to FINALLY discover what’s working in export business as at today..
Get the battle-hardened tactics Top Exporters in Nigeria and all over the world are using RIGHT NOW on the frontline…

Start and elevate your export business above the competition and CRUSH them into a fine powder…
Then ‘Export Business Bootcamp’ will change your business-life forever.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll Now

Immediately you enroll for this bootcamp, your membership login details will be sent to you so you can join the class to start learning immediately. Below are just some of the things you will benefit as soon as you enroll.

  • The No-fail formula for starting and growing your own 7 Figure Exportation Business in 7-27 days or less from Today.
  • The key ingredients you need to succeed in this business even if you are a complete beginner.
  • My Export business journey that will help you to copy my export business model that got me my first export business transaction worth N15 million and how to avoid the mistakes I made.
  • Case studies on how 3 of my students launched their export business and executed contracts worth N7 million, N15 million, and N21 million respectively.
  • How to start on a small scale as soon as tomorrow
  • How you can copy our 7 figure export business model that generated N106,990,920 for us and our students through our export business coaching…and a free gift from me.
  • How to spot multi-million naira opportunities in Nigeria where others are seeing problems and the best way to take advantage of it.
  • How to bullet-proof yourself from the impending recession and sky-rocket your income while others are lamenting, using pictorial bible illustration
  • How you can get to CHEAT and the EASY WAY in your export business journey.
  • The 3 critical secret ingredients top exporters in Nigeria are using to get and execute 6 figure export contracts in Nigeria and how you can quickly model them after the bootcamp.
  • Indepth Demystification of some evergreen but overlooked exportable products and some of the hidden opportunities Nigerians are not tapping yet.
  • How foreign nationals are coming to Nigeria to mine gold for export illegally and how you can do it the proper way.
  • Case studies of 2 Northen Women making more than 5 million monthly in shea butter export business and their secret strategies.
  • 2 Major Types of Export You can Start and their capital requirements

  • Case studies on How A Former WheelBarrow Pusher at Oyingbo Market stumbled on Food Export Opportunities and Grew it to a 8-Figure Per month Business With Food Warehouses around Lagos Within few years.
  • Shortcuts and Support Systems You Can use to Start and Scale Your Export Business By Tapping into Hot-Selling products You Can Start Exporting This Year
  • Live Phone Call Secret Interview on How A Student Regularly Gets $6,000 contract of Charcoal Export with atleast 50% Upfront Deposit from foreign buyers.
  • Interview with 2 Foreigners and their secret strategies for doing business with Nigerian exporters.
  • How I helped Danladi (my student) from the North to earn $60,000 from his first export deal and the calculations we did before he charged $60,000 (Bonus Pdf)

Here’s what other students are saying about the bootcamp

These are few, out of many testimonials from our students.

Folayemi Joshua

 FCT, Abuja

From small scale to large scale 

"Thanks for your persistence to make others succeed in export business. I believe I can advance from the small scale to large scale export with what I've learnt"

Nnamdi Okoli

Delta State

Financial freedom through export

"I'm really impressed with your efforts to help we young people get financial freedom through export business"

Osagie Otokhagua

First Bank, Lagos

Very fulfilling training needed in times like this

"It was a very loaded workshop and all the practical teachings made it more fulfilling"

About The Bootcamp Facilitator,
(Olatunde Wealth)

Olatunde Wealth is an international trade specialist and broker. He's the president of African Business and Exporters Network (ABENconnect.com), a platform that connects African business owners and Exporters to the global market. Aben was created out of the need and burning desire to transform Nigeria from a consumer nation to a global producer. Aben uses technology to facilitate trade transactions between buyers and sellers, importers and exporters thereby reducing risk and fraud for both parties.

He is so passionate about helping Africans, especially Nigerians, increase their income through international trade (export business) and his students are super successful.

How to Enroll

To enroll for the Export Business Bootcamp,

1. Click the "Enroll Now" button below (VIP STUDENT). You will be redirected to the Secure Order Page.

2. Your special discount code has already been applied at the Secure Order Page. So you don't have to pay the regular cost at N30,000

3. Select any of the payment options to make payment and gain instant access to begin your export bootcamp training

vip student

Normal price: ₦30,000.  Discounted offer


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Bootcamp Videos
  • Access to Private Facebook Group to Network With Other Successful Students
  • Access to African Business $ Exporters Network (ABEN) to start getting local and foreign buyers
  • Bonus 2 pdf - (How I helped Danladi (my student) from the North to earn $60,000 from his first export deal and the calculations we did before he charged $60,000)
  • 30 minute WhatsApp Call/Chat - to answer all your questions so you can start your export business journey and opportunity to enroll for my Export Business Coach program at 50% discount
regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Special Discount Offer Enrollment closes exactly in...


 Final note

My dear friend, this is a rare opportunity staring at you. The value you will get in this bootcamp is worth more than what you are paying. My inner-circle students and friends know that I offer great value and I'm very passionate about helping African businesses succeed faster and increase their income through export business.

For a limited time, you will gain access to the Export Business Bootcamp for N30,000 N6,999

Dont miss out on this great opportunity.

Click the enroll now button above to begin so you too can start getting amazing results like other super-successful students.

P.S. Export Business Bootcamp is a basic and introductory video training on starting export business in Nigeria. At the end of this video, you will have the opportunity to enroll for a more in-depth export business training and coaching program at 50% discount or more. The coaching program is not compulsory BUT highly recommended if you really want to start your export business journey and you need someone to coach you at every baby-steps of the journey.


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