How To Start An Online Dropshipping Business From Scratch And Make $3,000 Per Month Without Any Technical Knowledge Required

The ONLY Dropshipping Monster System You’ll EVER Need! Closes SOON!… This System Will Work For You Even If You’re a Newbie!

Dropshipping Is A

Multi-Billion Dollar

Opportunity For Making Money Online Right now, Dropshipping is the most significant opportunity for making money online. Global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 …and there are no signs of it slowing down or stopping.

The truth is

Building An E-commerce Store Is Easy

(That’s Why Many People Start)

Making It Profitable Is Not

(That’s Why So Many QUIT after the First week of trying)

Do You Know Why 99% Of Nigerian Dropshippers Fails?

  1. They Either Don’t Have The Right Store In Place To Generate A Good Profit On The Products They Sell.

  2. They Can’t Get A Store Up And Running Because They Lack The Technical Know-How

  3. They Either Looking For A Solution To Accept Payment Since Nigeria Is Not Eligible To Receive Payment On PayPal.

  4. They Either Looking At The Cost In Building And Marketing Their Store

  5. They Don’t Have Good Mentor To Coach Them

I know because, I had those challenges in the past But, Here comes the solution!

I Want To Introduce You To… Dropshipping Monster MasterClass!

As a mentor to many students, I can tell you that success isn’t that easy, but it is obtainable.
By taking the right steps, I was able to grow my Dropshipping business from zero to US$1,000 in less than three months with the use of Facebook marketing and automated sales funnels. After 1 year, I was hitting around $3,000/Month run rate.
By taking the following steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving dropshipping business in Nigeria.

What Makes Dropshipping Monster Masterclass! This Unique?

My step by step videos is by far the easiest, the most efficient and least overwhelming way to get real results in dropshipping by you taking advantage of my experience in dropshipping.

For you to be able to….

1. Generate consistent high-quality leads to your store
2.Turn new shoppers into actual BUYERS…
3.Actually make money so you can create a sustainable business

I will show you, how to sell any product online and make a lot profits.

If You Have Tried Dropshipping And Quit, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

In my Research, I have noticed that pretty much in Nigeria, many people do it the wrong way. After getting their store setup wrongly, the next thing they do is load up an unknown/less emotional product.

Most people spend countless hours building a store that doesn’t convert visitors to potential buyers or went on filling their store with unfamiliar tons of products, thinking that more products equal more money.

Also, most people use the wrong payment processor that is not trusted worldwide.

If you are hoping that buyers will somehow patronize your online store, then you don’t have a solid business plan, and you won’t have the reliable income that you want.

The truth is, you can sell more products with consistency – AND make a profit monthly, Once you do it the right way!  

With the right tools and Knowledge, you can do the same.

Here’s How The E-commerce Game Is Played..

ECommerce shop owners would spend $5-$20 a day in ads.

But since the store conversion rate is so low, 89% potential buyers get confused and end up not buying from them!

Not only that, you have no way to collect their email or follow up with them once they leave your store!

This isn’t the best use of your hard-earned money on Advertisement. Right?

If you operate your store the old way, you’ll have a hard time making sales.


With the new way of marketing E-commerce products, you spend $5-$20 a day in ads and send them directly into a sales funnel. 

Once in the funnel, you collect their details, like email and they buy your product. (And, because you can control which pages they land on throughout your funnel, many will also pick up your upsells on their way out!)

So Here’s The Critical Question…

If you knew that every time you spent $2 in advertising, you’d get in profit $5 back… or $15… or $20…

…How Often Would You Do That? 

Every day, right?

Learning how to do it the right way will set you apart from other…

And Then, what is Dropshipping Monster Masterclass!

Dropshipping Monster MasterClass! is a revolutionary video course produced to make it easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to profit from E-commerce with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The Masterclass will show free and straightforward tricks to convert visitors into buyers and maximise profit where you will be able to upsell the customer on related or similar products the minute they purchase your first product.

For instance

  • when someone buys a flashlight, your stores sell battery in addition
  • when someone buys a necklace, your store sells a bracelet in addition.
  • When someones buy a smartphone, your store sells phone cover and screen protector also

You can see the reasons why many Nigerian dropshipper fails.

Drop-Shipping Is An Extremely Powerful

 Business Model once you start, be prepared

 for an influx of instant payments

Below are some of my result

If You Don’t Think Dsm Master Class Is Worth It, Then Don’t Bother Seeing What Some Of Our Students Have To Say:

This course worth my money.I like the fact that it just doesn’t end with the course only there are resources available after like mentorship!
dropshipper and affiliate marketer
I have bought lots of course on dropshipping but this particular course has Nigeria in Mind! Your 24/7 support is really awesome too
Blogger and Dropshipper

Hold on, are you still confuse on what Dropshipping is All About!

Drop shipping is buying a product from a third party (supplier) and shipping the product directly to your customer.

When a customer purchases from your store, you are purchasing the item directly from a third party(supplier), the supplier then fulfils the order directly to your customer, which means that you never see the physical product but still makes a profit.
If you’re comparing the dropshipping and mini-importation, you might’ve noticed a Huge difference!

The benefits of this dropshipping over mini-importation includes:
  1. It’s easy to do! (That is if you use the right tool and listen to the right people)
  2. No Logistics issue
  3. No need to have inventory
  4. No need to worry about getting the products beforehand
  5. Less Capital Is Required
  6. Easy to Scale

So who can Benefit from this Master Class?

  1. Low-income earner
  2. Unemployed graduate
  3. Undergraduate
  4. Looking for other streams of income
  5. eCom Store Owners
  6. Local Business Owners
  7. Small Business Owners
  8. Internet Marketing Affiliates
  9. Freelancers
  10. Digital Product Marketers

Dropshipping Monster Masterclass Is What I Learned After Spending 3 Months And Over $5,000

The first time I started a dropshipping business, I spent so much money on many courses just to try them and fail
I would follow every step but still fail…
Until I realised my mistakes through the help of my Mentor.
What you need, however, is guidance with:
YOUR products,
YOUR ads,
YOUR  stores.
This is the exact reason why Dropshipping Monster Masterclass
Will Work For You
–Just Like It Worked For Over 60 of My Students-
Drop-Shipping Is An Extremely Powerful Business Model
Once You Start, Be Prepared For An Influx Of Instant Payments

With The Click Of A Button You’re About To Get Instant Access To Dropshipping Master Class ..Check Them All Out Below…

Module 1- The Entire Dropshipping Concept

Everything You Must Know Before Starting A Profitable Dropshipping Business

Lesson #1: Introduction And Mindset

Lesson #2: The Top Hidden Secret Formula

Lesson #3:  Golden Rules To Dropshipping

Lesson #4: How To Get Started

Module 2- The Full Monster Product Research Training

Learn The Whole Monster Product Research Method Used By PRO.

Lesson #1: The New Ways Of Sourcing Hot In Demand Products Online

Lesson #2: How To Spy On Your Competitors Part 1

Lesson #3: How To Spy On Your Competitors Part 2

Lesson #4: The Hidden Method Used In Finding Reliable Suppliers

Lesson #5: How To Fulfill Your Orders Easier.

Lesson #6: Faster Shipping Method (3 -10 Days)

Module 3- Store Setup And Design Training

Masterclass Training On Store Setup And Design

Lesson #1: Store Foundation

Lesson #2: Store Building 

Lesson #3: Store Pages Setup

Lesson #4: Adding Products To Store

Lesson #5: Payment Gateway Setup 

Lesson #6: Pricing And Discount Training 

Lesson #7: Facebook Pixel Training

Module 4 – Payment Setup And Complete Marketing Training

The Total Game Changer On How To Market Your Products And Receive Your Payment

Lesson #1: Facebook Ads Account Creation And Billing Overview

Lesson #2: Facebook Custom Audience Training

Lesson #4: Facebook Audience Insight Full Training 

Lesson #5: Facebook Ads Bidding And Placement Training 

Lesson #6: Facebook Ads Creatives Training

Lesson #7: Facebook Ads Rules Explained

Lesson #8: Instagram Niche Golden Influencers Hand Pick( Tips)

Lesson #9: Over 300+ Ad Creatives Samples 

Lesson #10: Question And Answers

Above That, You Will Get 

BONUS : Free Active Paypal Account Training


Total Value: ₦65,000

Get Started Today For:


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