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simple, yet, the most effective and quickest way you can grow your audience, sell your skill set online and bag uninterrupted Six figures every single month.
Dear friend,
In case you were in doubt before,
…any skill you have now can literally earn you 100s and 1000s in dollars consistently if you know how to sell yourself to your ideal customers. 

This may sound hard or unrealistic, but it's not.

That is what I'm about to show you now.

this simple, yet effective blueprint will help you to make at least $1,500+ monthly–predictably, from that very skill you have.

And the best part is, you don't have to work 9-5 to achieve this. you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home or get controlled against your convenience. 

All you need is to position yourself as an authority with this blueprint I'm about to hand over to you.

It will help you to attract the right people who are eager and ready to pay you well for your services.

This blueprint will help you to land high paying clients very quickly and easily, and give you massive visibility and influence online…
✓It doesn't matter who you are or where you live.
✓It doesn't matter if you have zero online presence.
✓It doesn't matter if your brand is just starting out. 
✓It doesn't matter if you don't know how to monetize your skill online.
None of these matters 
Because I am about to show you how a newbie—with:

•No digital marketing experience
•No strong online visibility
•No brand identity
•No CV or high level of educational qualifications, can bag uninterrupted Six figures every single month..

..just by using their skills to leverage this blueprint I'm about to hand over to you.

Best part? 

Anyone can use this blueprint to succeed

And by anyone, I mean 

Whether you have a skill you want to monetize but don't know how to go about it.

Or maybe you have a brand that is suffering because of low online visibility and brand awareness. 

Or you're a 9-5er who's tired and looking to build something more sustainable with your skills.

Or you're probably happy with your efforts so far, but wouldn't mind enhancing your finance, authority, and fame in your industry.

Or you're just anywhere in-between.

You can take this simple, yet, effective blueprint from me and apply it adequately and watch yourself amass wealth and fame in a very short time. 
I am here to hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to walk your way through it starting today.
But first…
..Before you follow me, or believe anything I say.
You should know that I am not an average person who cooks things up just to appear relevant.

My name is Favour Lucy Aya (The LinkedIn Empress)

I am a Law student in my 200L.

a Direct Response copywriter and also a LinkedIn coach and influencer with over 56,000 passionate followers that I got in just 12 months

Don't get carried away or intimidated, because 

…less than 2 years ago I was just an average young girl of 17, with no steady source of income, no fame, no visibility or influence online. 

Not just that, I was Naïve when it comes to social media marketing, and what it was to monetize a skill online. 

I was just looking for a way to sustain myself in school with the little money I was making from writing long–form articles for my former boss who greedily underpaid me.

He subjected me to writing over 15,000 word articles daily just to pay me peanuts at the end of the month.

And the most painful part was that he doesn't pay me Duly, I always had to beg him to pay me before he'd release my money.

It was very frustrating and overwhelming FoR me..

..but I had to keep working for him because I needed to ease some of the financial burden off my mum who worked tirelessly to fend for me and the rest of the family. 

This, and even more hard times went on for a while with me.

But I didn't want that kind of life for myself

I was tired of using my skills to work for peanuts, when I could find the high paying clients myself.

I was tired of being over used and not getting paid what I deserve.

I was tired of being limited from using my skills to explore other opportunities out there.

I was tired of going dead broke, and begging people for money when I actually have a skill that can earn me a lot of money online. 

All these, and more got me so worked up...

And that was when I swore to learn how to make money with my skill online by myself without having to work for my boss or anyone again.

This decision made me to rule off my contract with my boss.

In the months that followed it, I 

Struggled to figure things out, almost got frustrated when things weren't working out.

I buried myself in hours of research–watching YouTube videos and every free material I could find on how to monetize my skill online. 

Spent my feeding money on dozens of webinars, hacks, and 'how to monetize your skill online' classes. 

…in the process of doing all these things,

I finally stumbled upon this very blueprint that I'm about to hand over to you now…

A simple, yet, effective strategy that gave me 

$500 in three (3) weeks of showing up with my skill on the online space AS A NEWBIE.

Over 56,000 passionate followers in a space of 12 months—which makes me the youngest and second most followed Nigerian student on LinkedIn currently.

Over 60,000 weekly appearances across multiple search engines—which makes me overly visible to potential clients. 

Tony Elumelu's mentorship, which makes me the youngest TOE Mentee currently. at 18

Okay, I've got to stop listing what this blueprint has offered me in less than 12 months because they're endless..

…subsequently, I decided to impact on people with this same blueprint to see if it can be replicated. 

See the results I got.

My students took this simple, yet, effective hack and built something really amazing for themselves.

I was able to dominate a huge part of LinkedIn and I took intentional individuals who had skills, and the hunger to land high paying jobs, and showed them how to bag deals and gain visibility and influence online. 

Look at Kehinde, he's a graphic designer and a good student of mine👇👇

Did I also tell you that this blueprint will not only help you to land high paying gigs, but will also give you overwhelming visibility and followers very rapidly? 

See for yourself 👇👇

SlimModel and Funmi are some of my new students who are doing so well with this LinkedIn blueprint I'm about to give to you to leverage.

But this is not about me, or my students…

This is all about you. 

This is about how you too can take this simple, yet effective blueprint I'm about to hand over to you and begin to build something very sustainable for yourself. 

…in a minute I'll hand over the blueprint to you so that you can begin leveraging it immediately.

But first, let me explain how this whole thing I've been talking to you about works.

This simple, yet, effective blueprint is called Dominate and Monetization LinkedIn Like a Superstar I know you might be asking what is 'LinkedIn'?

But it is much more than just a professional networking platform.

My students and I refer to LinkedIn as 'Goldmine' 

It is Goldmine because it exposes you to unmerited opportunities—opportunities that your CV or educational qualifications can not give to you in a normal sense.

My students and I have closed numerous six figures deals and more on LinkedIn without a CV.

did I also tell you that I just turned 18 in June 2022, and currently in my 200L studying law...

But LinkedIn changed everything for me in a space of 12 months. 

…Currently I am the 2nd most followed Nigerian student on LinkedIn and the youngest Tony Elumelu's mentee.

That is how much I have dominated the LinkedIn space. 

My skill helped me, and I was able to hack how to monetize it effectively alongside building a passionate audience on LinkedIn. 

Not everyone has been able to figure that out, and that is exactly what I want to show you now...

…with your skill (whatever skill it is) what I am about to hand over to you will give you untold fame, finance, and great opportunities. 

It is working for me and 1000s of great individuals who took this blueprint from me.

LinkedIn is a Goldmine, even thought leaders outside my circle attests to that

Apart from landing high paying clients who are ever ready to pay you well from your services,

LinkedIn is also a great place to get your dream job.

But there's a problem. 

Inasmuch as LinkedIn is stuffed with overwhelming visibility and opportunities for job seekers, professionals, and skilled individuals

...a lot of these individuals have wonderful skills they can monetize on LinkedIn.

Some of them have notable audiences that can either buy or recommend them to others.

But they don't know how to actually leverage LinkedIn, in terms of landing high paying clients or even securing their dream jobs.

…It is very easy to do, but you need to know exactly how to go about it to make it easy.

The secret behind that is what I'm about to hand over to you right now.

This secret has worked for me, it is working for thousands of my students FROM around the world.

….and I GUARANTEE you that it'll work magic for you too.

So here's the thing 

If you want to earn hundreds of thousands IN dollars with your skills;

✓Land high paying clients who are willing to pay you well.

✓Or maybe there's a dream job you've been longing to get but all hope seems lost.

✓You want to gain visibility online so that opportunities can come knocking at your door.

✓Great opportunities that'll give you quality connections and sustainable income. 

Or maybe 

✓just maybe, you want to advance your career and skills in a more profitable way, so you wouldn't have to keep running low on finances and end up facing overwhelming bills all the time.

Then I can help you achieve all that.. 

•In such a way that you wouldn't have to remain  broke with your skills.

•Or struggle to grow your business online. 

•Or search for low income jobs endlessly. 

•Or work 9-5 without anything visible to show for it. 

All these challenges, and more are what this simple, yet, effective blueprint I call

Dominate and Monetize LinkedIn Like a Superstar 

…can solve it.

Inside this blueprint…

You will not only learn exactly how to land high paying clients on a regular basis from your business/skills

You will also be exposed to untold opportunities, online visibility, and magnetic tactics and strategies that will help you to earn hundreds of dollars and still build a large and passionate audience on LinkedIn.


Do not read further or get this blueprint if you will NOT…

-Go through the blueprint when you get it.

-Implement everything I will show you inside the blueprint.

ALSO, If you don't want to earn MULTIPLE FIGURES in dollars.


Because no matter how simple this system is…

You won't get any result if you do not implement…

And I don't want that.

I would rather give this blueprint to people who are ready to implement the simple steps I'll show them…

So, I'd advise you to close this page NOW if you are not ready…

But if that's NOT your case..

I mean, if you are already tired of having financial problems, and struggling to grow your business online.

And you won't even hesitate to do everything I say, as long as it brings you massive results in a short amount of time...

Then here is what you'll get inside the Blueprint.

In Module 1 you will be introduced to LinkedIn properly.

How to navigate it, and position yourself properly to attract overwhelming opportunities and visibility. 

you will learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile, and Optimize it to look very professional and attractive. 

This will help you to rank high on search results, which makes it very possible and too easy for potential clients to find you.

A lot of businesses and high skilled professionals do not know how to set up and Optimize their LinkedIn profile, as wall as positioning themselves well so that potential clients can find them. yet they wonder why they're getting little to nothing on LinkedIn. 

They tend to hinder their opportunities by themselves on LinkedIn. 

This won’t be your case,

Because you are going to..

...see how to perfectly set up and Optimize your LinkedIn profile the right way. 

This is worth ₦100,000  that’s not all…

In Module 2 you will learn Strategic Content Creation. 

…how to put out quality content that will resonate with your audience and make them glued to you. 

This will avail you to high paying clients, job opportunities, high visibility, and massive followers on LinkedIn. 

This module will teach you how to imprint your brand and personality in the minds of your audience and turn them into your loyal advocates.

this is worth ₦70,000

Looking at Module 3,

You will be exposed to Inbound Marketing. 

This teaches you how to sell yourself on LinkedIn without appearing salesy or desperate. 

You will learn how to use effective strategies in your content to attract high paying clients to your DM. 

like they'll literally cue in on your DM asking for your services.

Really?? You may wonder

Yes, this module teaches you exactly how to be Attractive to clients.

they'll be the ones to look for you, and you wouldn't have to go through the stress of pitching and cold mailing THEM

This is worth ₦66,000

if you think that module 3 is amazing, how about you check out….

Module 4 
ThIS section teaches you  exactly how Outbound Marketing works and how you can use it to fish out as many potential clients as you want. 

In this module, you will learn 

How to conduct market research on LinkedIn to find out exactly who needs your services, and is willing to pay you well.

How to connect with them and make them accept your connection request. 

This strategy usually brings you some steps closer to winning the prospect. 

-How to pitch to them like an authority without sounding inexperienced, unprofessional, and desperate. 

This strategy is what you need to pin them down to ask for what you have to offer them.


This module teaches you how to shoot targeted shots at any client or company you'd love to work with, and win them instantly. 

You don't have to wait for them to reach out to you first.

This is worth NGN 70,000 

however, the next module is where the main thing is... 
Module 5, 
Closing on LinkedIn 
If you don't know this strategy you'll keep losing potential customers, and leaving too much money on the table…

That is why a lot of people with great skills that can earn them hundreds of thousands of dollars on LinkedIn are getting underpaid, and most times no pay at all.

…knowing how to attract potential customers is one thing, and knowing exactly how to make them pay you what you charge them without underpricing you  becomes even more technical.

That is why you must study this module very well, because it teaches you exactly how to seal deals like a pro.
it's worth ₦120,000
Module 6, 
Follow up on LinkedIn 

There's always a time when prospects are not able to afford your premium products or services immediately.
This is usually as a result of fear, doubt, or financial barriers…

this doesn't mean you should leave them, and not check in on them again

As a matter of fact, follow-ups is what brings in more conversions.

So this module teaches in detail how you can follow your prospects up

strategically to ensure they accept your offer and it's worth ₦86,000

The Aggregate total of all of this value is ₦512,000.

As long as LinkedIn is concerned, this course will not allow you to stay on the platform without leveraging it big time.

in terms of finances, fame, visibility, opportunities, and more.
that’s not all!

Despite the fact that this blueprint is already full of value and worth every dime I charge for it.

I figured out there are still some valuable things you will need, to make everything easier for you.

Which is why I have decided to give you Six(6) Bonuses
For FREE. alongside the blueprint.

And because they are free doesn’t mean they are not valuable…

In fact, the total cost of these bonuses is over NGN150,000

But since I want you to get the best out of this blueprint, then I am going to give them to you absolutely FREE!

That being said, here are the Six bonuses:
Bonus 1: Easy-to-use trick to go viral on LinkedIn. 

I am yet to see who does not want to go viral for a reputable reason online. 

It's an effective way to build authority, trust, and attract great opportunities to yourself. 

this easy, yet effective trick will help your content to gain massive traction all the Time, And at the same time keep you in the faces of your audience. 

This costs NGN 15,000 but it comes as a FREE bonus if you get this blueprint now.

Bonus 2:  

Summarized video of what can give you a $500 client in 24 hours.

Currently the video is up for NGN 50,000 but it's all yours for free.

Bonus 3: How to write mind-blowing proposals that companies wouldn't dare reject.

A lot of my students have hit it real big with this effective strategy, because they learned exactly how to draft a professional and compelling proposal that commands quick and positive response from prospects. 

This strategic proposal writing costs NGN20,000

And I'm giving it to you totally FREE once you get this blueprint.

Bonus 5: Access to my support group. 

Now, we're a big family in this group and we always stick with each other to ensure that no one is lagging behind. 

You'll get to meet amazing individuals from diverse work of life across the globe. 

We put all hands on deck to support each other to foster great achievements

that is another reason why our unique identity is notable on LinkedIn—as people who smash goals and bag deals unashamedly. 

Now access to this support group is priceless, but you'll be getting the access for FREE

Last but not least;

Bonus 6: How to draft a professional contract between you and your client

This is so important because there are some high paying clients you'd meet and they'll need to seal the deal with a contract and they may require you to write the contract and send it to them. 

That's what this bonus is about, to teach you how to write contracts easily without making embarrassing mistakes that may give them reasons not to work with you..

All these bonuses are structured in such a way that they fit into everything you will need to make money, and grow your audience notably on LinkedIn 

Just like it was easy for Chukwuemeka Christian 

To gain access to Dominate and Monetize LinkedIn Like a Superstar which includes;
Access ✓Access to Easy-to-use trick to go viral on LinkedIn (worth NGN15,000)
✓A Summarized video of what can give you a $500 client in 24 hours (worth NGN50,000)
✓How to write irresistible proposals to companies (worth NGN20,000)
✓A fail-proof guide to gain over 4,000 passionate followers on LinkedIn in just 30 days (worth NGN30,000)
✓Access to my support group (priceless)
✓How to draft a standard contract (worth NGN15,000) 
Total worth ₦700,000

But with just…

A One Time Payment Of NGN 75,000 Only, And You'll get a Lifetime Access to the Blueprint with all included Bonuses. 

But when you get this Blueprint now, you will pay only NGN25,000
You Don't Want To Leave This Page Without Grabbing this Opportunity, Do You?

You see…

You don't have to get this blueprint, if you don't want to.

…you can leave this page now and go back to:

•Struggling to build something sustainable with your skill set online. 

•Struggling to land high paying clients. 

•Struggling to establish your brand online. 

•Struggling to get jobs and recommendations. 

•Suffering from the pain and depression that comes when you see people who are hitting it big online, and you don't even know where or how to start..

...or even worse 

•Hindering yourself from great opportunities you would have leveraged, with this blueprint I'm handing over to you.

….But I know you don't want any of these for yourself 

I know you want to meet;

✓life changing opportunities, and connections online. 

✓Opportunities that will expose you to untold visibility, influence, and help you to make hundreds of thousands IN dollars doing what you love online. 

...Good thing this blueprint I want to hand over to you now can give you all that and MORE

Sounds like what you want?

Click on the button below to get access to the blueprint NOW
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Still having slight doubts if this would work for you??

Hear what Wendy has to say
Not only Wendy has leveraged this blueprint
Listen to what Yetunde Oyeleye has to say..
Are you satisfied yet?
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I know you have a lot of questions running through your mind right now.

You might want to ask;

Favour how many days will I start getting results with this blueprint??

The results are sure to start coming in 30 days or less. It's that quick

I have very low followers on LinkedIn and no one engages on my posts, would this blueprint work for me?

Absolutely, it works for everyone. All you have to do is follow the blueprint very closely and implement ruthlessly.

Favour, LinkedIn can be very intimidating and overwhelming especially for a beginner like me, how can this blueprint help me find my spotlight on LinkedIn??

With all I'll equip you with in this course, and the strong support my priceless support group will offer you, you'll never feel alone talk more of intimidated on the LinkedIn space.

I am still a student with no experience or qualifications, just my writing skills. Can I monetize my skill on LinkedIn using this blueprint?

Absolutely! Take me for instance, I'm just 18 and in my 200L studying Law in Delta State University, yet I have done so well for myself, my family, and my students. Using this blueprint. 

In fact I started monetizing my content writing skills when I was just 17, my first paid gig on LinkedIn was $500 in the space of three weeks of working with this blueprint. 

Can Business Owners Get This Blueprint?

Absolutely! There are people that are selling their physical products on LinkedIn. So, it works. You can check out AbaFirstPikin to confirm.

How Can I Get This BluePrint?

Easy!. Click on The Link Below

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