Have you ever wanted to create paintings like this and also make money doing it?

If yes, then the informations on this page is certainly for you.

If you ever wanted to create stunning arts for your businesses, loved ones, clients, etc but don't have a laptop or Know how to, then this is for you. This info will help you build a 6 figure monthly business for yourself, NO JOKES. Cos in the world of art, there's money everywhere

How I have sustain a business model that allows me to create stunning pictorial arts for high paying client. It may interest you to know that it was all done with a smartphone


There’s this saying that ‘earth without art is eh’.


Art is what makes the world beautiful and framed, and coming to this industry you will find out that the business of art is untapped, is still very fresh and paying. This is why you should not sleep on it.


Now coming to digital painting, I started digital painting some years ago out of curiosity and passion. making money from it didn’t really interest me cos, I was focusing on learning it and doing it for fun, though I was making little money from it. After so many months I cracked a code of monetizing this skill called DIGITAL PAINTING/SMUDGE PAINTING.


At this point it done on me that there’s a whole lot of money to be made from digital painting. and cool part is you can do this with just your smartphone conviently.


And one of the things I discovered during this process is, becoming a digital artist is a leverage for you because,


  • You stand a chance to create pictorial arts for top celebrities/icons that can pay you $500 – $1k for a single painting.
  • You can literally venture into NFT’s which is highly profitable
  • You can paint for top printing brands and they will pay you.
  • You can open a picture framing, mug ups, pillow printing, business which is highly profitable

For you to actually make money from creating paintings you need the right information, mentorship and guide which I will be unveiling to you.

This will work for you even if:

  • You are graphics designer
  • A student
  • A newbie to art
  • Don’t have a laptop
  • Even if you’ve not make any money online before
  • You’re an iphone or Android user

This are some of the digital paintings I created with my smartphone

The SMARTPHONE DIGITAL PAINTING COURSE is created not just to teach you digital painting,

But also how to MAKE MONEY from this skill.

This is why you should read this page to the end.

I have not only succeeded in this business model but I have been able to train hundreds of students who are also doing well.

Hear what some of my top student’s have to say

''greetings boss, want to use opportunity to say a big thank you for your teachings here, really amazing and understanding ....and the thing is that i'm learning and earning at the same time''
Graphics Designer
'' boss i really want thank you for all you've done o...the digital painting industry is truly one industry you can make tons of money from....thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and master this skill,''
El - toons
digital painter

There are  many more testimonials like this , but I can’t share all here to avoid wasting your time.While am I eager to share with you how you too can create paintings and make good amount of money from it, allow me to introduce myself, OK

My name is Ehis Glorious


I’m a young guy who have mentored 700+ student’s in graphics designing and digital painting in the online space.

Over the years I’ve gained experience on this field and I can give assurance on what works and what doesn’t. Following the step by step guide I will be showing you is a roadmap to becoming a good digital artist. Kindly join our community to be part of persons I will be unveiling deep secrets of digital painting to.


Now smudge painting in simple terms basically means creating pictorial arts from smudging an image. With no form of complexity, this is the definition of smudge painting.

You might have heard about it before or probably you’re hearing it for the first time.

Smudge painting is usually done with a laptop (Photoshop), but I have discovered a method for it to be done with a smartphone conviently.

In the business of smudge painting, I faced alot during the process. Things like:

  • How to use a smartphone for Smudge painting
  • No guidance or mentorship
  • How to make money from this skill
  • And lots more I cannot mention now.

But after everything I cracked the code which I will be showing you.

I have set up a community where you see liked mind and share ideals, so you won’t experience any struggle learning this skill.

This are works from some of my students

Introducing the


This is your Roadmap to making More money Every Month from digital painting. It contains everything I have learned doing digital painting over the years. It is a Step-by-Step video training that can help anyone ready to start making at least ₦100k monthly with digital painting Through progressive learning.


Everything I know today about digital painting, I didn’t learn them in a day. I learnt it over time through trials and errors that is why you need step-by-step lessons to learn the business perfectly.


By getting this course you don’t need to go do trials and error on your own before you succeed with digital painting but by implementing the strategies in this course, you can learn it quickly and start getting good results in the shortest time possible.



  • The basics/fundamentals of digital painting
  • Enhancing your images to the best quality
  • Sketching
  • Painting
  • Smudging
  • Oil painting
  • Monetization
  • Lots more



AND Once You Are Done With This Course


You will be able to paint and make good amount of money doing it.

Also as a bonus you will be getting access to our community and this alone is worth ₦50,000


THE SMARTPHONE DIGITAL PAINTING COURSE is not like the regular plain courses you see everywhere. It is value packed and that is why if I were to charge you ₦80k for it, It will be very fair because it is worth even more.

But Don’t worry you won’t be paying ₦80k. Not even half of it (₦40k). So I Know You Are Eager To Know How Much It Is Then…

So it’s Just going to be ₦6000 only, but note that with time, price goes up.



And that is why I have prepared these awesome bonuses for you.



So here are the bonuses:


  • Access to our community (Worth N50k)
  • Access to my mini course on graphics design with Canva. (worth N50k)  (Showing you how to design perfectly with Canva)
  • Graphics resources (worth N50k) (Resources like 1000+ fonts, 1000+ backgrounds, png images, etc) 
  • Life time mentorship from me (worth N200k)
  • Access to Canva pro
  • Creating frames (worth N50k)


  • The smartphone digital painting course (N80k)
  • Access to our community (N50k)
  • Graphics resources (N50K)
  • Lifetime mentorship (N200k)
  • Access to mini course on Canva graphics design (50k)
  • Creating frames (N50k)

WORTH N480,000


But Like I said, You are not going to be paying that amount.

You are not even going to be paying half of it because I really don’t want money to be a reason why you don’t get into this business model.

So it’s Just going to be N6000 only but note that once the count down expires price goes up.


So You May Want To Ask, Why Is It Soo Cheap?


To be sincere with you, I invested so much time to put this course together. And as you have also seen from the bonuses attached to it, I will also be investing even more time to give values and resources to aid your learning

I want to see you succeed, that is the major reason why I created this course. I have received so many people asking how I do digital painting with a smartphone, cos it’s widely believe that digital painting is done with a laptop

But YES there is also a personal reason why I created the course and this one is a selfish reason.

I want you to go through the smartphone digital painting course, implement it and  make a lot of money with it so it’s easy for me to get testimonials from you.

So those are the reasons why I have decided to make the course so cheap but note that this won’t be for a long time so take action and get it now.



After getting this course will I pay for any other thing?

No you won’t

Will I be taught how to monetize this skill and make money from it?

Yes, you will

Can iphone users get this course?

Yes, it’s created for both iphone and Android users.

Can I print these paintings as frames, banners, paper, etc?

Yes, you can

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