From Earning an ordinary 20k salary to Generating over $50,000 (40 million naira) in 18 months…

How is that even possible?

How did she go from earning 20k as a stressed secondary school Teacher to making 40 million naira in just 18 months? 

Well, if you’re up for it…

This 8-Figure Internet Marketer has decided to show you the powerful system that changed her life…


Every day, more and more Africans are discovering this same life changing secret and are using it to bank 6, 7 or even 8 figures EVERY SINGLE WEEK

This craziest thing is that this System is designed to help you get Started RIGHT NOW


  • You have zero skills.
  • Nobody knows you on the internet
  • You have never done any online business before
  • You have zero skills.
  • You have a skill but you're struggling to make good money with it.
  • You've failed at online business before
  • Nobody knows you on the internet

Wondering why I am sharing my system with you?

The truth is, it took me many trials and errors to get here. Right now, I earn 7 figures monthly but I wasn't always like this…

Back in 2019, I was completely clueless about "hidden opportunities" the internet had to offer.

There was also a time that I was constantly roaming the streets of Lagos desperately searching for a job.

There was a time I was struggling and searching for any opportunity that could put money in my hands at least.

But everything changed when I stumbled on this social media post of a friend of mine.

Honestly, I don’t even know how I stumbled into that post by my friend but I knew immediately that this was what I had been searching for.

That was the day I discovered the game changing opportunity that completely changed my life forever.

And in the next few minutes, I am going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know…

From The Desk Of 

Miracle Patricks

Top 8-Figure Internet Marketer

Here's the Gist…

After graduating with a first-class degree from the university, I was so excited. I was so sure that I would get a white-collar job and be able to live the life of my dreams.

But sadly, Nigeria happened to me.

After my NYSC,  I struggled to find a job. I was submitting CVs and attending different interviews online and offline.

I had no source of income and so I was basically depending on my parents and the people around me for every little thing. I was even squatting in Lagos with a relative. It was frustrating.

After so many submissions and attempts, I finally got a breakthrough.

I got a big opportunity online that could practically change my life. I was so excited… In a few days, It would have been concluded… BUT something happened!

This was the major incident that broke me in 2021.

I went through a robbery incident. I ran into the hands of armed robbers who not only left me without any money but also injured me with a machete.  I narrowly escaped death.

They took the small cash I had with me, ATM cards and even worse, they took my phone…

My surviving that robbery incident was a miracle and honestly, I was grateful to be alive. But I lost my phone and as a result, I missed that big opportunity!

With no phone, no job and no money, I was almost falling into depression…

 I remember sitting on my bed one afternoon with tears running down my eyes, while I wondered how things would sort themselves out.

After many weeks of staying down, I encouraged myself, and resumed my job search. After many futile searches, I accepted a teaching job that offered to pay me N20k monthly as a salary.

Picture of me as a teacher

The job offer was for N20k monthly!

It was far better than nothing but it was barely enough to sustain me.

Transportation and feeding alone already swallowed up the money… Not to mention that I was a lady and would also need to buy things for my personal care.

The people supporting me financially stopped because according to them “I have a job now”.

  • I needed a better place to stay

  • I needed to get a better phone

  • I needed to make more money for myself

  • I also needed to take care of my siblings

  • I needed something more but I had no idea how to get it..

This was the period I stumbled upon a social media post by a friend of mine.

The post was about this online business model that hundreds of people around Africa were using to make millions monthly….

This was the FIRST time in my life to hear about this ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL…

Honestly, I WAS SCARED.

The last time I tried doing something online, I did not make any money from it… So how was I sure that this one will work out?

The current phone I was using was given to me by a friend and it was even bad.

I was teaching in a school which was very stressful especially with Lagos stress added.

I barely had enough time for myself.

You see, I had a lot of fears but at the same time, I was fed up with my financial condition and wanted a change.

As a secondary school teacher earning just 20k salary, I knew this was an opportunity that  I couldn't allow to pass me by.

So I did my research and then I discovered that this unique opportunity was well-established. Many people like me were already making crazy figures from this.

I also realized that with this business model,

  • You only need access to a smartphone
  • You don’t need any capital upfront
  • You only need to be able to dedicate at least 30 mins every day
  • You don’t need to know about selling
  • You can make as much as you want to make

Even after my research and confirming that this was the right choice, I was still scared.

I started thinking, "What if this does not work out for me?"

I had many questions…

But on the other hand, I still had to consider, "What if it actually works out for me?"

So, I decided not to allow my fears to stop me from taking action

And  took the risk and registered, even with my uncertainties.

Little did I know, this move would change my life forever…

Here is one of the alerts I got…

Less than one month later, I bought my dream phone

But that was not even the turning point for me…

ONE DAY, There I was, on a fateful morning, moving from one row another, invigilating a class exam as a secondary school teacher when this alert came

830k in a week!

When the money got into my account, I was in shock, I could not sleep… 

It would have taken me 3 years to make this kind of amount with my 20k salary as a teacher yet I made that amount in just 1 week.

This was the extra push I needed

It was the biggest proof that this powerful system actually works…

And that was when I decided to take this business system even more seriously…

When I came across this business model, I was a young lady who was tired, angry and frustrated.

Despite carrying my first-class certificate from one office to another, all I could get was a N20k teaching job. 

But I wanted a better life… I wanted more from life and I knew that my teaching job could not give that to me.

That was the reason why I wanted to learn about this opportunity. 

What is yours?


You have a job but you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck?

You are tired of working every single day but still finding it hard to earn something reasonable?

Or you don’t even have a job and you want to start somewhere?

You are a student and you want to be independent? 

You are fed up with depending on family members for every little thing?

You simply just want to make enough to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

Or You have people that have laughed and mocked you, and you want a chance at life to prove them wrong? 

Or you just want to secure yourself against the economic crisis so you can spend without fear or without thinking of where the money is coming from?

If one or all of these are your reasons for being here right now…

Here's  what you need to know…

No matter where you are right now, I can GUARANTEE you that..

If you can get hold of this powerful system that I am about to reveal to you, it will change the rest of your life FOREVER.


Yes, I am 100% sure about this

You may be wondering… 

What makes me so sure about this? 

What gives me the right to make such a bold claim?

Why do I have an unshakeable confidence that this system will give you the transformation and financial freedom you have always desired?

Here's the simple answer….

Because I have tested it and It worked for me

Hi there,

My name is Miracle Patricks. I am a top female internet marketer.

In the last few months, I have been able to generate over N40 million naira using the simple but unique system that I am about to expose to you. 

You see, using  this Profitable Income Blueprint…

  • I have done crazy figures as pure profit. This is one of the alerts I got N1.4m ($2,000+) in a single week

  • I resigned from my Teaching Job and moved to my apartment

  • Outside making a lot of money, this opportunity has also funded the lifestyle of my dream, taking me to some of my dream countries.


(Boat Cruise)

(Safari Desert)

  • I just got back recently from my vacation in Qatar for world cup 2022

  • I have also met top billionaires that I never imagined meeting

Toyin Omotoso, the billionaire founder of the biggest affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria

Ronald Nzimora

Now this isn't a one-time thing or something that has worked for me alone

I have also revealed this secret to some of my students and they have used it to change their lives and get mindblowing results as well.

Here are some of the results of over 1000+ students I have trained, who formerly had zero experience with anything online

Here is Brainy, a young man about to graduate from school but he was scared. He knew the truth about life after school and had a lot of bills already piling up on him.

He was looking for ways to make enough money to take care of himself and his loved ones…

It was at this point in his life that he met him. I showed him this simple system and he went into action.

In just few months, He was able to make his first million naira

And over time, he has replicated this result, doing crazy figures monthly using this same information.

Guess what?

He is not the only one getting results from this system.

I shared this with a friend of Mine, Israel. 

Just like me, he had his own fears…

But at the same time, our stories were a bit similar. He was tired of his situation and wanted a chance to change his financial condition. Well…

After getting access to this information, He started earning in two days

In a short time, He sent this… He had already made his first million naira from affiliate marketing. 

How about Joy?

She didn’t have a job and she was simply looking for anything that could put money in her hands.

In just 4 days after implementing the simple secret I shared with her, she went ahead to generate 6 figures

So many others that I can’t even mention here,

But one thing is common,

They all got access to the same simple system that changed my life…

So what exactly is this powerful system that is responsible for taking me from N20k to earning millions of naira?

And my students…

What exactly did they discover?

What information did they get access to that transformed them from broke people into millionaires?

If you are asking these questions, then sit down and take the next few things you are about to read seriously because I am about to REVEAL everything to you.

The simple system that changed the game for me and other africans making 6,7 and even 8 figures monthly is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Yes, Affiliate marketing.

You may have heard of this before… or this may be the first time you are ever hearing about it.

Many people have the wrong idea of what this means… and because of that end up missing this opportunity

Some think it’s network marketing (Bring two to bring two)

Some also think it’s a ponzi scheme… This is exactly what my friend Israel, thought before he decided to give it a chance and ended up a millionaire…

Well the fact that you are still here shows that you are open minded and willing to get the right orientation on this…



Imagine not having to create any product,

Imagine not having to leave the comfort of your home,

But still being able to take control of your finances, earn as much as you want and determine how much you want to make… 

No unbearable and annoying boss to order you around.

No tight deadlines or schedules that cut short your sleeping hours and force you out of bed in the morning.

And the best part…

No more counting days till month ends to receive your hard earned money 

Because, you now get paid EVERY WEEK.

This is what affiliate marketing offers but first, you have to know what it is

In affiliate marketing, you simply promote digital products and you get paid in return….

How do you make money as an affiliate marketer?


You connect buyers to sellers.

Have you ever told a friend about a product you bought and they went to the same shop to get that same product?

This is exactly what affiliate marketing is about… The only difference is that you will get paid.

The money you earn is called a commission and it can be 6,7 and even 8 figures depending on the product and the strategies that you use in promoting.

The crazy thing about affiliate marketing that makes it highly recommended for newbies is that YOU DON’T NEED TO CREATE ANY PRODUCT…

You just need to leverage other people’s products.

Because of how easy it is to succeed as long as you have the right framework, anyone can do affiliate marketing.

  • Business Owner
  • Busy Professional 9-5 worker
  • Student
  • Stay at Home mum
  • Even if you are a Newbie (completely clueless about internet opportunities and how to go about it like I was years ago)

When they start, many newbies ask questions like;

  • How do I identify a hot selling product?
  • How do I make sales?
  • How do I get results like the people I admire in affiliate marketing?
  • Where do I start from as a newbie?

Let me tell you a little secret…

When  I started, I made a lot of mistakes… A lot of mistakes. I didn’t know the right way to promote these products.

I was a complete newbie. I did not know the best product to promote.

I did not know the right way to attract hungry buyers that would be ready to buy the products.

I didn’t even  know how to set up systems that will make sure I was making sales consistently.

This was why I made a lot of mistakes… But I kept trying and learning until I finally discovered the missing key and I developed a system that was guaranteed to  make me millions of naira.

I was so excited  but I needed to test it first.

This system worked so well that in just 6 months, I became one of the top 10 affiliate marketers in the biggest affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria.

 Here is what the Billionaire Toyin Omotoso has to say about me:

Finally, I had gotten a blueprint that actually works and I decided to show it to my students.

And the results were mindblowing!

Boom! Chukwuemeke used this framework to make his first million naira.

Here is geraldine that started earning in LESS THAN ONE WEEK after getting my framework

When Godswill reached out to me that He wanted to use his school fees to get my coaching on affiliate marketing, I tried discouraging him. 

But he insisted and said the payment deadline was still far.

Well, some time later, he sent this. He has done multiple 6 figures already

Israel Sunday now now earning 6 figures weekly

Israel Sunday now now earning 6 figures weekly

Ikem bought his new phone from his Affiliate Earnings

Ojone, a wife and nursing mother, got access to this framework and used it to generate multiple 6 figures for herself.

I kept getting even more testimonies from people who have used this framework to change their lives…

Watching them move from making little or no money to hitting 6-7 figures weekly simply recommending digital products from the comfort of their home.

There was no doubt in my mind that what I had was valuable.. It was a goldmine… something capable of changing the lives of people.

So I went to work immediately.

I compiled every strategy that has helped me, the exact framework that I used to move from complete newbie to a top 10 affiliate in 6 months…

Every secret I knew, that has helped me get massive results and do crazy figures as an affiliate...

Figures like this:

It was a lot of work putting these secrets together because I wanted something that would get people FAST results

Just like Juliana that started making sales in her first week…

You see, 

In 18 months as an affiliate marketer, I moved from surviving on a 20k monthly salary working as a Teacher and squatting on the outskirts of Lagos.

To going for a vacation in Dubai  and Qatar and also generating over 40 million naira ($92,000) using just the internet.

Being able to take control of my life and never having to rely on anyone for anything again

I did all these using my frame work.

And I have been able to raise other millionaires Using this powerful framework

Now,  I want to show you can also achieve this using Affiliate Marketing.

Imagine you get hold of this life changing framework...

Picture yourself 6 months from now with this kind of progress...

  • Everybody respects you and wants to be associated with you because you have become successful.
  • You now have all the money to fulfill your needs without depending on other people to survive.
  • You have Become Your Own Boss and have finally escaped the 9-5 life of working for others.
  • You can now easily take of your family and your loved ones
  • You can now go on vacations to your dream countries
  • You are now enjoying the comfort of working from home and money is no longer your problem e.t.c

I want to offer you the best way to start from scratch and succeed as an affiliate marketer 

And because I want you to get my kind of results, I made sure that the steps were broken down and made so simple that even a dummy can understand.

Everything has been refined and packaged in what I call

DPC Program (Digital Profit College Program)

Digital Profit College

(DPC Program)

A 4-week academy that Introduces you To a step by step framework to succeed  selling digital Products even as a complete newbie.

In this program, you will be given:

  • Access To Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • Access To Hot Digital Products
  • Step by Step Guide on How To Promote Digital Products
  • Access To More than 7 High Income skills
  • Access To The DPC Community where you can learn and connect alongside 6,7 and 8 figure Affiliates

DPC is designed in such a way to help you start from scratch and succeed as an affiliate marketer in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE!

And this is perfect for you if…

  • You are an affiliate marketer already but you are stuck and you want to know what works
  • You are an affiliate marketer and you are struggling to make sales
  • You want to start affiliate marketing and you want to get crazy results and succeed just like my students I showed you earlier.
  • You have zero knowledge or skills but are ready to learn how to go from 0 to 6,7 and even 8 figures using the internet.
  • You are a marketer and you want to know how to 10x your sale


What you will learn in DPC can help you become a super affiliate and can change the game for you just like it did for me and my students

But it will not work for you if you don't put in the required effort to practice all you're going to be getting.

DPC Framework is not magic.

It is not a get-rich-quick or a do nothing and sleep all day, cash out scheme.

I created the DPC Blueprint to help Smart Hardworking individuals take control of their life and finances. 

And if that's you, I want to welcome you to…

The Best Four Weeks Of Your Life!

Here is a sneak peek into what you will be getting from Digital Profit College


The Newbie To Authority Roadmap

No experience? No problem, specially designed to take you from the bottom to the top 

Here's what you're getting:

  • Millionaire Mindset Shift Session

There is the kind of mindset that can help you attract the kind of results you want as an affiliate marketing and this is why this session is very important.

You will also be exposed to some mistakes that affiliate marketers make due to the wrong mindset and how to avoid those mistakes.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • Positioning your mind for crazy results

  • Moving from scarcity to growth mindset

  • Overcoming Fear and other limiting factors as an affiliate marketer

  • Wrong mindsets that other affiliates have that hold them back 

The right mindset is the foundation of any successful business and this is why it is the first thing you will be exposed to

  • Visioning Exercise

Many people struggle because they do not even know who they are and where they are going.

This visioning exercise is a deep mental and emotional exercise that will help you create a strong picture of what you want. This is important so that even as you go further into the business, you have more clarity for what you want to achieve and who you want to become.

Here are testimonies of some people that went through this exercise.

  • Authority Building

This is very important because it will help you attract a lot of sales. You will learn how to position yourself as an authority, EVEN IF NO ONE KNOWS YOU RIGHT NOW.

This is because people are more likely to buy from who they know, like and trust. This session will show you how to become the person that people perceive as an expert and want to buy from.

Other sessions in Level One include the Community Building program (To show you how to grow your own community of people interested in who you are and what you have to offer) e.t.c


7 Figures Implementation Program (7FIP)

This is a more practical session. We are going deeper into where the money is.

  • Millionaire Affiliate Marketing Guide

A step-by-step session on how to start affiliate marketing and make a lot of money with it.

Here are some of the things you will learn here:

  • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

The code of Affiliate marketing will be broken to you. You will learn the 3 components of successful affiliate marketing and how to succeed at each so you can get sales easily.

In this session, you will be exposed to what other affiliate marketers are doing wrong and given certain secrets that will make the difference for you as an affiliate marketer.

  • Affiliate Marketing blueprint For newbies

You will be introduced to the framework ro succeed as an affiliate marketer even if you are newbie

  • Product research

Trying to sell the wrong product as an affiliate marketer will only end up slowing down your sales.

In this session, you will be shown how to select the right product, what to note when identifying hot products and you will even get recommendations on the hot selling products right now and exactly how to sell them.

  • Traffic Generation Secrets

 This course will teach you how to generate traffic for your business or offers

  • Badass Offer Creation

This is another secret of super affiliate marketers.

They know how to create mad-ass offers that get people begging to buy.

You will learn how to create compelling offers.

Here is a testimony from one of my students that went through this session.

Another student also made her first sale after going through this session

This session alone can help you make your first million naira from affiliate marketer. You're going to learn how to craft and sell irresistible offers that people feel stupid saying no to.

So many other sessions I can’t mention here including how to create lead magnets that attracts high quality buyers to you, do and don’ts in affiliate marketing, how to win affiliate challenges e.t.c

  • Copywriting Masterclass

This is one of the secrets of top affiliates. If you understand copywriting, you can sell anything.

In this session, I invited my millionaire student Emeke alongside other millionaire affiliates, to expose this high income skill to you and show you exactly how they have used this skill of copywriting to do crazy results as affiliate marketer.

In this copywriting Masterclass Program you will be introduced to:

  • Introduction to copywriting

  • How to create crazy copies with formulas

  • Ingredients For Copies that Sell

  • Access to high converting swipe files

  • Ultimate Content Creation Guide (To help you constantly generate captivating and compelling contents that sell the heck out of anything without running ads

  • Ultimate WhatsApp Monetization and Automation Secret

When I started affiliate marketing, my phone was terrible but I was still able to succeed because I had just one app on that phone - Whatsapp.

Using whatsapp I have been able to generate millions of naira and this course will show you exactly how you can do that as well.

It covers

  • Introduction To WhatsApp Marketing

  • How to Automate your whatsapp

  • How to build a million naira affiliate marketing business with whatsapp

  • How to Generate Leads without Social Media


  • High Converting Sales Funnel Course

This is one secret that super affiliates will not tell you. Their sales funnel is well organized in such a way that it helps increase their conversion (sales).

Your sales funnel can also be automated, that means, you can go to sleep and still be making sales.

This is what this course will cover for you… how to build high converting sales pages from scratch.

I also brought a sales funnel expert Cee to show you how you can set up and build your landing page from scratch.

In it you'll learn;

  • Introduction to sales funnels
  • Different high converting sales funnels you can choose from
  • The sales process that has made me millions of naira
  • Building Landing Pages from scratch
  • Domain and web hosting
  • Landing Page design

  • Smartphone Graphics Design

A super affiliate understands the importance of attractive fliers. This session will show you how to create eye-catching graphics that will help 10x your sales.

You will learn how to create visuals that grab attention from scratch.

  • Organic Facebook Growth And Monetization

In this course, I will show you how I made over 5 million naira ($ 11,500) from Facebook 

Breakdown. I also invited a top expert to show you how she has also successfully used Facebook for her business.

What you will learn includes:

  • How to optimize social media 

  • How to build a profitable personal branding

  • Content Creation

  • Generating organic traffic from facebook

  • Organic Instagram Marketing

In this course, I brought Margareth to show you how to use instagram to skyrocket your sales as an affiliate marketer.  

She will teach you how to generate traffic and make money on Instagram

  • Tiktok CashCow Program

In this session, you will learn how to generate leads for tiktok, and how to build on tiktok as an affiliate marketer.

You will also learn how to edit videos for tiktok.

  • LinkedIn Growth and Monetization

I bought top linkedin expert Ogooluwa with over 100,000 followers on linkedin to show you how she has successfully built on linkedin and used it for her business success. 

Linked in is a platform that offers great opportunities for you as an affiliate marketer. This session will also help you learn how grow your connections and build wealth by strategically positioning yourself on LinkedIn

Here is a testimony from one of my students:


Advanced Cash Cow Machine Program (ACCM Program)

You are learning how to scale your affiliate marketing business the same way the big boys are doing it.

  • Facebook Ads Course

Now, you are already making money from your business but you want to scale bigger. This course will show you from scratch how to set up your Facebook ads even if you have never ran an ad before.

This course covers both smartphone ads and laptop ads.

  • Email Marketing Premium System

I Invited Email marketing expert Festus, to show you how you can set up a profitable email marketing system. 

  • The Grandmaster Closer Program

Super affiliates are pro closers.

This course will teach you the fail-proof strategies for tackling objections, closing High Ticket Sales, and deals  and the right words to use. You will also be exposed to different MAGIC words that will take your sales game from 0 to 100.

  • Other sessions include instagram ads mastery, Influencer Marketing Secrets

To show you how to generate a lot of money from skills, businesses, and knowledge through influencer marketing.

How to run high converting webinars. To show you how to successfully launch a product with a webinar and make 7 figures from it.

These are just a few of all that you will be learning in the DPC program…

If you go through this successfully, you will be given a certificate to show that you went through this training…

You will have to meet the necessary requirements to qualify for the certificate and when you get your certificate, you are free to show it off, if you want.

But don't forget what's more important.

The most important thing is the results you get, the growth you experience and the money you make as you go through this program.

Now, you've seen how DPC works to take you from a Newbie or Struggling Marketer with little or no experience…

I know what you are asking already…


Now, if you are asking this, I will will reveal it to you shortly

AND TRUST ME, YOU WILL THINK I AM CRAZY (I will remind you that I said this later)

So just hang on while I tell you how to access DPC

If you leave this page now, you will NEVER find it at the price again elsewhere!

That’s not all, you may miss the bonus that I will be mentioning soon



If you had to put a price tag on how much it would cost to enroll for the Digital Profit College currently valued at almost $2000.

How much do you think it would cost you??


I agree with you that everything you are getting in DPC is worth that amount even more…

You are learning the same secrets that has helped me make millions of naira

Plus the total value of the BONUS alone is worth that amount.

But no, you won't be paying ₦500k

You're not even going to pay ₦400k or ₦300k

NO, You are not even paying ₦300k

The value of all you will be learning in level one alone is worth over ₦300k

Millionaire Affiliate Guide worth ₦100k

Social Media Growth And Monetization (over 5 sessions on Facebook, Tiktok growth, Instagram, Linkedin Growth e.t.c) worth over ₦150k all together

The advanced Sessions on Facebook ads, email marketing, whatsapp marketing are all worth over ₦100k when put together…

₦100k + ₦150k + ₦100k = ₦350k


NOTE: I did not even mention other Top-Level sessions like the Sales funnel and Landing Page Program, Copywriting masterclass, Grand Master program e.t.c….

Just imagine the total cost when all these are added.. over ₦500k

This is what Anointed had to say after going through one of the sessions…

He even asked for it to be sold for a million naira…

Now I am sure you agree with me that allowing you to pay ₦300k is a good deal right?

But guess what?

You will NOT be paying ₦300k

Not even half of that…

You won’t even be paying ₦50k

Remember I told you earlier on, that you would think I was crazy…

But here is why I am doing this…

I started my affiliate marketing journey as a broke teacher…

It was hard to even raise money to get started

I know what it means to not have enough

I know what it means to miss opportunities just because you don’t have the money to grab them

I know what it means to cry on your bed praying for a way out

Believe me, I have been there

And from what I see now, the economy is not even making things easier for people

Inflation is on the rise 

And things are becoming more difficult 

A lot of people are struggling right now

We can’t even predict the next few months and I know that’s why you are here

To secure yourself

To secure your finances

And I want to make it easier for you 

This is why for a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, I am allowing you get access into DPC FOR ONLY





Just before you get too excited, this price will not be here for long…

Very soon, the fee will be going to ₦50k because as much as I want to help you, something within me still feels like ₦20k is just too low for this kind of value you are getting…

In a very short time, I will be taking it to ₦50k as the final fee.

See, Don’t feel bad. Here is the truth. Some of the things you are learning in DPC cost me a huge fortune to learn from my mentors

Most of them were from my sweat, my mistakes, my nights of trying and error

The same DPC framework you are getting has made my students 6/7 figure affiliates..

I am sure you agree that even ₦50k is nothing compared to what you are getting…

₦50k is still a steal

So you have a choice…

Get in right now for ₦20k

Or Pay ₦50k when the fee goes to ₦50k

The truth is you have 3 options to take right now

FIRST OPTION: You can choose to ignore this and keep running around in circles but that’s absolutely fine.

But guess what? 

Time is not going to wait for you

But don’t be the person that will sit down in regret in a few months from now. 

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  • YouTube Monetization Program (To teach you how to create a YouTube channel and earn in dollars with it) (Value 45,000)

  • Video Editing Ninja Course (To show you how to create engaging and quality content using videos) (Value 50,000)

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