100% of world-class marketers use this, and it doesn't cost up to 400k to set up, [the actual cost might surprise you.]


watch the video to the end.


Q: How long will it take to learn this email marketing

Ans: This is a pre-recorded course, and any busy person can learn everything in less than 3 days.

Q: Do i need a laptop to be able to apply it?

Ans: The name of this course is ‘DEDICATED EMAIL MARKETING COURSE FOR ALL DEVICES” so you can apply everything with your phone as well

Q: Paschal, I read through this page and I really want to take your offer. But I’m skeptical, do people read their emails?

Ans: Well, according to the 2020 email statistics report,

email is used by over 4 billion people and over 58 percent of people open their emails first thing in the morning

And this number is only going up. So your customers already actively use emails, why are you not reaching them with it?





Q: OK, who is this really for, i am an affiliate marketer, freelancer etc, can this work for me.



Ans: Yes, it will work for anyone.


This course was crafted for

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, sales coaches, course creators, and even anyone that has no clue what to do with this skill,


Because i will show you what to do with it and you can still rake in money.




Q: Can I really make 500k to 700k monthly with affisend like people say?

Ans: First, I don’t promise what I can’t deliver on,


so yes, you can make up to that amount and even more. But it’s totally up to you.


I’ll show you the secrets but it’s left to you to implement them and get results.

Best part is, it’s not in any way saturated.




Q: Paschal, email marketing seems like a lot of stress, I don’t think I can cope with it.

Ans: Well, that’s totally up to you. And I won’t even try to convince you otherwise.


If you have really experienced how stressful WhatsAppp and social media marketing is,


you won’t even claim email marketing is ‘stressful’




Q: Can I make more money with emails?

Ans: Yes you can. If you do everything I teach you in the course.


Email marketing has the highest return on investment compared to other forms of marketing





Q: Does this course have a community or do I have exclusive access to you?

Ans: of course not. You don’t have exclusive access to me.


You can’t get that with a 10k course, but you will have access to my email address and possibly my WhatsApp contact for updates.



But about the community, YES,


You will be added to our Whatsapp and telegram community where you will be assisted in any way possible.

I really want you to get results fast.




I have provided everything you need in the course and while i believe that’s enough,




i will still add you to a community so you can be carried along.



After you purchase the course, your email will be sent to me,



and within a few days, a link will be sent to you to join us.



The reason why it will take a few days is to give you time to actually go through the course and actually learn it,



so when you eventually join the group, you can relate to the discussions.


You will not miss anything i promise.




You Are Covered By Expertnaire’s 30-Day Refund Policy

I know you might be thinking:

Is this product worth it?

Will this product really deliver on these promises?

The good thing is that since you are purchasing the Dedicated email marketing course on Expertnaire, you are covered by Expertnaire’s 30-day refund policy.

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What the Expertnaire’s refund policy means is that: 

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You can read more about the refund policy here  Refund Policy – Expertnaire



Q: How fast before i get my money back

Ans: You don’t seem to understand, email marketing is a tool you use to make sales, but even if you have o clue on what to sell or do with it, i have a guaranteed way you can leverage on it and make money fast (1-2 WEEKS DURATION)

Q: Must i have a  product or what to sell to use this?

Ans: Yes, but if you don’t have one, i will show you how to get one without you needing to create a product at all.

Q: oK, i am totally sold, how do i start?

Ans: Click the button below, fill out your details, and make payment, access will immediately be sent to the email address you provide.

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