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Ready to make money with domain names?


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My name is BALOGUN SOLIU A.K.A GENIUS (A senior Domain sales expert)

I was a college student and a broke guy back in 2021 when I sold my first domain name. It was not a spectacular sale, but I was instantly hooked and intrigued by digital assets aka. domain names. I was already working like mad trying to put myself through college and doing labor work at the time. Then I read this article online about investing in domain names. Instantly I realized the huge opportunity and acted. The most appealing aspect of investing in domain names is the fact that you do not need to know anybody or have multiple skills like HOW TO RUN FACEBOOK ADS, HOW TO DO NETWORK MARKETING and co. 

If you pick the right domains, the investment simply appreciates and never depreciates just like in real estate. “Digital Assets” are the future I said to myself! Soon I realized that I was onto something huge.

Today in October 2022 I can say that I have completed 100s of transactions since my early days as a domain investor.

Using domain names, I will show you in this TRAINING exactly how you can create a monthly cash flow in the realm of SIX figures IN NAIRA.

Some of you are skeptical, and I am with you on that. You might think that buying, holding, and reselling domain names is not ethical or too complicated. Maybe just the word selling terrifies you. I am telling you with certainty and conviction that what is terrifying is being financially useless to your family, not having the money to pay for your debts, groceries and to take care of your parents or loved ones. 

Domain investing is the same as real estate investing. Simply put domain names are digital real estate. 

Domain investing and reselling can be a side business and a very lucrative one at that. You can make serious money reselling domains actively via the outbound methods I am going to cover in this Training and even make a profit passively while you sleep. A six-figure profit is easy to attain with only a little commitment. 

In this TRAINING, I will be going in-depth on how to build your domain business, including the math needed to handle the money.

There are many other online business models and coaches out there today, teaching “how-to” for a wide range of business efforts: anywhere from SELLING on Amazon(KDP), drop shipping, or even crypto and Affiliate MarketingThose efforts are great if you have lots of money to invest and lots of time to spend because you need to reach a large number of people to make a sale. If you do not have the money or time, I strongly suggest giving domain investing a try. When I say give it a try, I am asking you for a few hours of commitment, and a three-to-six-month commitment to consistently implement what you will be learning in this Training. 

The cost of entry in the domain investing space is about $9 for a dot com domain name. With the tips I am giving you in this TRAINING, you can flip that name for anywhere from $100-$1000 plus range. Here is a screenshot of a recent deal that I completed via email marketing: 

No matter who you are, you can make a shit load of money if you follow the steps in the:


See How My Students are accumulating DOLLARS every month

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If everyone around you is treating you with disrespect 

Asking you … “What are you doing with your life?”

None of that matters.


  • Forget what anyone else says or thinks…
  • Forget what happened in the past
  • Forget what could have been…


The only thing that matters right now is your desire to change your story for good…


And if you can commit to following the simple steps inside … The domain dollars income generator mentorship 

Soon enough, you’ll look back and realize you have a completely new and different life… 

A life you (and your loved ones) can be proud of.

And the reason I can say that confidently is that…

Many of my students now make $400 to $1000+ Monthly, with domaining, Starting from Scratch, With no Experience and No Huge Capital…

They can take care of themselves and say goodbye to their money worries

Check out my youngest student. He is just 20yrs Old and has made over a million. Let’s hear what he has to say!

  • Aside Getting This DDIG Course That Contains ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING That You Need To Know As Far As DOMAIN FLIPPING AND INVESTMENT Is Concerned, You’ll Also Be Getting These BONUSES:

    • Access to my Lifetime Mentorship

    • Access to my Domaining Community
      Of Top Domain
      Investors -> N150,000

    • Access to my Telegram
      Channel  ->

    • One hot quick-to-flip domain name
      idea that you can register and sell ASAP… ->
      $350 (N259,000)

    • TOTAL VALUE = N909,000



“How Much to Enroll for the Domain dollars income generator?”

Before I tell you the price

The decisions you make to change this status are half dependent on what life brings to you (Like opportunities like this)

Let’s talk about … how much you’re investing to join The Domain dollars income generator mentorship right now:

If we’re going to set a fair price for this

It shouldn’t be for anything less than $999 (800k naira)

After-all, we have seen some of my students make $1000+ in their first month

But I realize not everyone interested in joining us today will have $999 to invest right away….

Plus, I want to make this as affordable as possible for anyone interested in doing this

That’s why today,

I’m making this training available for 

N25,000 Only

I’m sure you agree that, It only makes sense because you can make 10x of the #25,000 when you make just one sale…

Below is Opeyemi who got the DDIG recently and sold his first domain for $400 after a week of implementation…

NOT ONLY THAT, you’ll also gain access to my community of domain investors where we share trends and secrets, and additional access to DDIG Students’ telegram channel. These worth $500 but you’ll be getting all for FREE when you purchase the DDIG for just 25k.
Not only that, you’re also getting access to my one-on-one mentorship. i.e You’ll never walk alone.

Long story short: You Can’t fail if you put in the work and properly apply the strategies

if you are ready to get started changing your life

Click on the red button below

Best of luck, cheers 🥂

Balogun S.

Ready to make money with domain names?


You might have more Questions, I answered them here… read further…

I’ll try to answer some of the most frequent questions I get

Q1. Do I need a Laptop for this?

Ans:  If you don’t have a laptop, you can do domaining effectively with just your phone. Even if you have a laptop, you’ll still need your phone.

Q2. What if I’m a total beginner 

Ans: When you purchase the Domain Dollars Income Generator Program, you’ll get access to an introductory well-detailed pdf material worth $45 that even if explained to a 12-years old, he/she will understand.

Q3. What if I have a job or I’m a student

Ans: We have discussed how you can balance work/schooling with domaining. I’m a student myself.

Q4. How Long until I make my first sale?

Ans: I can easily tell you that you’ll make your first sale in your first month,

And I have proof to back up that kind of claim

In fact, many of the testimonials you see on this page are from regular beginners

But I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly when you’d make your first sale.

The only thing I can assure you is:

If you focus on implementing (diligently and patiently) what I show you,

You will make a lot of money ASAP!!

Q5. Is the DDIG (Domain Dollars Income Generator) fee the Only money I will have to pay?

Ans:  Yes. Since you’ll be getting a FREE DOMAIN NAME, then the DDIG Fee is all you need to get started.

Q6. How Long Do You Think It Will Take Me to Finish Going through The Materials . . .before I start implementing them??

Ans: I’d say 5-days…. (that’s the average time it takes most of my students. But it’s up to you)

Everything inside the DDIG Program is easy to understand…

So I’d say go at your own pace (implementing the steps made available for you inside the program)

And if you have any questions… you can reach out to the community where I and other successful students and newbies share ideas. 

Q7. Should I be worried about Domaining Crashing? 

Ans: Simple answer is Nope.

Because when you understand that Domaining is about buying and selling and you realize that buying and selling can never end. 

I’m sure now you know you are with a skill that will be valid forever

Q9. Can I reach out to you Privately… if I have questions?

Ans: you can send messages to me directly but you might have to wait a while because I have a lot of messages to answer

But one thing I noticed is that I answer the questions on the support group even faster than Dms so I think sending your questions to the support group aids faster response.

Q10. For How Long will I have Access to This program (And Everything Else you’ve Promised) … Once I Sign Up Today ??

Ans: How does lifetime access sound?

Not bad right?

Hopefully, these answers were helpful

And if you’re still interested in joining us…

To get all the guidance and support you’ll need…

And have the kind of life you’ve always wanted…

All you have to do is click the button below

I’ll see you inside.


Ready to make money with domain names?


Remember this could sell for $999

and is still a steal at this price

Compared to what this program can do for you.

Whatever you decide… I wish you all the best.

(Price goes to 35,000 SOON)

See More testimonials here


Being an inspiration to many is something im always happy about

It’s not all about selling, you’ll also discover how to make a lot of money participating in naming contests.
In fact, It’s not all about participating in naming contests, you’ll also discover how to make a lot of money while sleeping through a method called Effective Domain Parking(EDP)

Ready to make money with domain names?


While your mates are making investments for their growth despite previous things they have tried that didn’t work, don’t make excuses.

See how people like you who wants to improve their pocket and life are already taking action. This business (Domaining) is a business that no one is talking about yet. It’s most practiced in the US. Many who will start this business in the next few months or years will regret that they should have started earlier. Take this as an Emergency, and Get started now!

Ready to make money with domain names?


Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. I know you have an excuse not to move forward with this, right? This is where procrastination comes in. Don’t fall for it. Else, you’ll miss this offer…

Check this video from GoDaddy about why you should invest in Domain Names Now!

Ready to make money with domain names?


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