What If I Show YOU My 14-years-Old Closely Guarded Secrets of Generating A Rain Of Clients, Customers & Buyers Who Pay Big Money In Dollars...Everyday?

The Easiest (and Yet) The Most Effective Way On The Planet To Generate A Stampede Of Clients, Customers & Buyers From Top Countries Like US, Canada, Europe, Etc, Who PAY BIG MONEY IN DOLLARS OR Any Other Foreign Currency, No Matter What You Sell, No Matter Where You Live, Even If You Are A Beginner or A Pro...GUARANTEED!

Dear friend,

It's true...

Money is tight, businesses are closing up, the exchange rate has gone completely crazy, and customers are no longer buying like they use to buy, almost everyone is struggling to survive.

Complaining, reducing your prices, or running endless promos are NOT the answers.


Well,you need to..


It's easy and you can start banking good dollars in the next few weeks, no matter whatever type of product or services you sell, from your bedroom.

Yes, you can!

Keep reading to find out how!

First, look at it this way, as you are reading this, the entire GPD of Nigeria is only $400B. 

And according to the United Nation, we are 206million people.

So, the entire 206 million of us are fighting over $400B, including all the greedy politicians and all the greedy big men.

Can you see why things are tough?

The problem is that the size of "the pot of soup" is too small, you get what I mean?

It is NOT that you are lazy or that you that you are not working hard enough.

Anyone who says you are lazy is a liar, you're not!

The actual problem is that what we are all fighting over is too small, just $400B!

So, if your business is struggling, it is because what we are fighting over is NOT big enough!

Now, let me shock you, come closer...

If You Start Selling to the US market, You Will Be Selling To A $23Trillion Market.

Yes, $23T that's the size of the GDP.

Can you see the difference?

And I'm even yet to include the GDP of other top countries that you can start selling in today, no matter what type of goods, products or services you sell, right from your bedroom, starting even today!

Wait a minute...

Can you just imagine the difference between $400B and $23Trillion?

So, if you made less than what you wanted to make in 2021, it's not your fault, it is actually because we don't have enough.

Here's a practical example...

In 2020,one of my students made only 15million naira in the entire year, what happened in 2021 blew him away!

Want to hear how his life totally changed?

In 2021,he hit more than $100,000!

That's N57Million.

Anybody can do it, even you!

Well, this young chap couldn't believe it.

By the way, what did he do differently?

Did he create new products?


What I told him to do IS the exact same thing I'm telling you...

STOP Selling To ONLY Clients & Customers Who Pay In Naira, START Selling To Customers, Clients & Buyers In Top Countries Who Pay In Dollars Or Any Other FOREIGN Currency, AND... 

They are EASIER to get, it doesn't matter what you sell, who you're, or where you live on earth, as long as you have the internet.

Let me gist you something...

It's about one of my students, and how his life transformed In 2017.

Prior to this time, clients were paying him N180,000 for his services, and the dude was even bragging that he was "killing it".

You know, N180,000 is alot of money, right?

Well, before you answer, see the image below;

After I helped him penetrate foreign market, everything exploded.

A guy that was making N180K as average revenue per clients, started making $2,700 per customer.

He couldn't believe it himself, he had to share his Stripe account screenshot with me.

Just imagine how your own life will transform if you move from making N180,000 per client to $2,700 per clients.

That's like from N180K per client to N1.6Million.

You'll jump, you will shout, and your entire life will totally change, right?

You wont even feel it when people say "the economy is bad" because you'll be balling.

So, what did this my student do?

The secret of success is to learn from the story of other successful people, is it not?

Anyway, this young guy did 2 simple things that changed his life, Actually, 3 things;

1: He LISTENED to me.

2: He started selling to the US market.

3: He stopped charging in naira, only dollars.

It's as simple as that, you too can do it, regardless of what type of product or services you sell.

Look, some years ago, I was struggling to sell something for N50,000,sales were bad.

I was complaining, I even cursed the politicians, I blamed everyone but guess what?

Nothing changed!

One day, I took the same item, without changing anything, stopped selling to clients in Nigeria, I started selling to folks abroad for $497.

Does it even make sense?

If you are selling stuff for N50,000 and people are not buying, naturally, the gurus would ask you to reduce the prices, right?

NOT me!

I took the price to $497 and started selling exclusively to clients abroad.

What happened next blew my mind away!

I was stunned!

It was a rain of sales.

The sales kept pouring in...

The only thing I did was to STOP selling to the Nigerian market and started selling to clients abroad.


Instead of Making N50,000 Per Customer, I was Making N288,260 Per Customers.

Can you see the huge difference?

That's N238,260!

If I hadn't switched to selling to clients abroad, I'd be working like an elephant, and eating like a fly, sadly, most people are like that today.

They want very hard, they do everything but they fail to do the "one simple" thing that will catapult them.


It's Easy for ANYONE To Get A Stampede of Clients and Customers From Top Countries To Pay You HANDSOMELY In Dollars, Euros, or Any Other Foreign Currencies of Your Choice.

I and my “top-level” secret clients have deployed this NEW method to harvest clients, customers and buyers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, and in more than 33 other countries.

We’ve used it to sell all manner of stuff like eCommerce products, consulting, coaching, info products, professional services, and many more, and as a result, collectively generated tens of millions of dollars.

So, this will definitely work for you regardless of what you're selling, as long as you want clients who pay in dollars and other foreign currencies, AND...

You Can Even Start TODAY, Right From Your Bedroom, As Long As You Have The Internet.

Hi there, in case you’re wondering who the heck I am, it's not your fault, it's my fault because I STOPPED working for clients in Nigeria back in 2008.

That's 14years ago.

How time flies!

Well, incase we are just meeting for the first time, my name is Johnson Emmanuel, for 18 solid years, I've been helping top companies, banks, high growth Startups, fortune 500 companies, well known individuals and others launch marketing campaign that create a fortune.

I'm the guy that creates "financial windfall" for people like you, through strategic marketing campaigns.

And oh, I run a 50+ person company.

I’m the guy that most well-known marketing experts (& gurus) turn to when they need help with their own marketing.

Infact, My best-selling book, Deep Pocket Clients has generated hundreds of millions (in revenue) combined for readers.

Don't take my word for it, see it yourself.

Toyin Omotoso on Johnson emmanuel book.

As you can see, if you allow me, I can fill up this page with HUNDREDS of life-changing testimonials like this, and I'll still not be done, I'm only just scratching the surface.

I'm also a regularly guest on  top US and Europe business TV, Radio and Podcast shows with millions of viewers, listeners and downloads in more than 40 different countries.

Today, you may say I'm successful, and sincerely, you're 100% correct but ANYBODY, regardless of where you from or where you live can easily replicate my results, and even do better, IF...

You can make the simple decision I made in 2008.

When I started in 2004, I was making some money working with Nigerian clients and customers but the struggle was too much.

While it was a battle to make N10MILLION a year, I knew people who were making as much as $250,000 per year, as far back as 2004.

I looked at them, these guys are not better than me.

They don't even have two heads.

My product and services were like what they were selling, and in some cases, way better than theirs.

So, how come these guys were making alot of money while I was struggling?

One midnight around December of 2007, I found the secrets.

They were operating in a $23Trillion economy while I was struggling in a $400B economy.


How come no one told me this?

Then it hit me, what If I could sell to Americans from Nigeria?


Instead of making N10million per year, I'd end up making $100,000 (or more) per year , that's N57M, in today's exchange rate.

I was incredibly excited about it, and quickly wanted to start getting clients and customers from America BUT there was a problem.

Actually, there were 5 problems:

  • I DIDN'T know anyone from Nigeria who has done what I was seeking to do, so I could atleast get some coaching, NONE! NOT even one person.
  • Even If I got clients from the US who wanted to pay, there was NO way I could collect payment because at the time, i didn't have Paypal or Stripe. Paystack and Flutterwave were not even existing.
  • We had a terrible internet network in Nigeria then, something like GPRS or so. The speed was horrible.
  • Everyone I knew told me to forget it that it wasn't going to work, they even said it was a horrible idea.
  • I had a thick Nigerian accent, will Oyinbo understand me when i speak?

I was scared to death but inspite of all these challenges & limitation, I did it!

I figured it out, I found a way, and today, everyone is celebrating me.

Look, I learnt something in life from this...

 If You will NOT Make Excuses, You Can Achieve ANYTHING You Want In This Life.


As long as you don't allow excuses, doubts, fear, laziness, procrastination and self-imposed limitation hold you back.

I'm a living proof!

If you'll act fast enough today, you'll be on your way to start getting clients from top countries, and getting paid in dollars or any foreign currency of your choice.

You Can Start Getting A Stampede Of Customers From Top Countries To Buy WHATEVER You're Selling, and Get Paid In ANY Currency of Your Choice.

See, If in 2021, you got 120 clients who paid you N15,000 each, that means you made N1.8M in 2021.

You can change your story this year.

You can sell the same product or services WITHOUT changing anything to people abroad, you might end up making 6times more.

Did you ask me how?

Sell to 120 people at $97 each.

That's $11,640, or 6.7million in naira.

Can you just imagine that?

The same product or service, without changing anything.

If you want clients who pay $97 or those that pay $10K, they are all there, and they're pretty easy to get.

Now, I want to say something very, very important, when I say "getting clients" from abroad, I'm NOT talking about freelancing on sites like Fiveer or anything like that.

I'm not talking about freelancing,I have never done it. Personally, I have a problem with that model of business, and the competition is CRAZY!

The funny thing is, after more than 14years of getting customers from top countries, I have discovered a shocker.

I initially didn't believe it myself.

Want to hear it?

Clients & Customers That Pay BIG Dollars Are Way Easier To Get Than Those That Pay In Naira!

It doesn't matter if you sell ecommerce, digital products, coaching, consulting, ebooks, professional services, info products, WHATEVER, you can easily get clients from abroad but there's a secret.

Goodluck to you as a Nigerian or African trying to get clients from these countries without these secrets.

You'll waste years.


You'll hate everything.

You might even say "Johnson lied".

However, if you have these secrets...

You Can Start Making Thousands Of Dollars In The Next 30days WITHOUT Stress, No Matter What You Sell, No Matter Where You Live, No Matter Your Experience Level!

It took me years upon years to discover these secrets but once I did, everything changed.

Clients, customers and buyers from top countries began to rush me with their money. I was making money from countries that I've never been to.

My businesses exploded overnight.

While Others Were Selling in Nigeria, A Country of $400B Size, I Was Selling in US (& other places), A Country of $23Trillion Size.

If you want to permanently defeat poverty in your life and generation, if you want to make more money than you can spend...

You don't have to cheat, deceive or manipulate anyone.

You can make clean money without destroying your conscience and soiling your name but there are two things you must do now!

I mean, right now!

1: STOP making excuses, take responsibility for your life.

2: Get my SPECIAL REPORT to learn THE SECRETS...

Dollar Clients Secrets

The Simple & Surprisingly Effective Marketing Method That Delivers A Stampede Of Foreign Clients, Customers & Buyers Who Pay $5,000 (OR More), No Matter What You Sell, Even If You're A Beginner or Pro...Within The Next 60Days, GUARANTEED

Look, I bet you, If you are one of the lucky few to act fast to get your hands on this EXCLUSIVE secrets, you'll NOT want to share with anyone.

From the first page to the last page IS loaded.

Inside, you'll discover CLASSIFIED secrets and answers to plenty questions like;

  • "How do I start getting customers who will pay me in dollars, euros or any currency of my choice"- Just go to page 23.
  • "I need customers who can pay me $5,000 or more for my coaching,  consulting, software and services?" I explain how I did it (and how you too can do it) on page 40
  • "I just launched (or want to launch) an ecommerce product in foreign market". Our student did $100,000 in their first 90days in business. I explained how you can do it on page 65.
  • "Last year, I made small money, this year I want to make really big money". Check out the detailed secrets and blueprints on page 51.
  • "I'm launching a software and digital products, what's the secrets to get clients and customers fast?" Our agency did over $3M in revenue for an enterprise software company within 9months. I shared how we did it and how you can easily do it on page 61.
  • "Where's the best places to find good clients who pay good money in dollars, and will also treat me well?" Oh yes, I got you, flip over to page 52, i exposed it all.
  • "Why do some people make alot of money within weeks while others are struggling to survive after years?"-  I gave you case studies of people who were like that and what they did, and how you can also do it. It's on page 33.
  • "I don't have money to register a company in the USA but I need customers from there?". The answer might shock you but flip over to page 50 to see the shocking truth.
  • "What are the hot products to sell in foreign market that would give me loads of dollars?" Great question! I share 18 of them on page 71, and you can become rich in weeks.
  • "I tried getting clients from abroad before but they were not consistently, and I feel discourage". You're not alone! I show you 2 elements you need to succeed in weeks. It's on page 16.
  • "How do I get consistently clients from USA, Canada and other countries to pay me good money in dollars". I reveal how it is done, step by step, on page 49.
  • "Where can I find clients, customers and buyers who have money to pay because i need big money"-Check out page 63.
  • "Aside US, Canada, what other countries can I go?" I reveal 18 high-paying countries that would buy anything you sell to them, anything, they are as hot as USA. Page 83.

Look, I cant reveal everything on this page, these are  hidden gold that i just cant share here, we are barely scratching the surface.

You're getting a COMPLETE BUNDLE.

You're getting a...

 Complete bundle that will TRANSFORM your life, your income and business FOREVER!

Let Me SHOW YOU Everything You're Getting Today!

  • Brand NEW (digital) Copy of Dollar Clients Secrets   (N65,000 Value)
  • Hyper Growth Clinic-LIVE online Masterclass(N120,000 Value)
  • The Million Dollar Calculator Toolkit  (N30,000 Value)
  • PAYPAL ADVANTAGE-Create Paypal That Sends & Receives Money WITHOUT VPN, From Any NON-supported countries including Nigeria (N25,000 Value)
  • Guaranteed 6-Figure (USD) In 90days Blueprint (N18,500 Value)
  • The 10Figure Offers Secret Codes (N15,000 Value)
  •  Clients From Abroad Generation Templates... Guaranteed To Land Your First (or NEXT) foreign Clients Without Spending On Ads.(N12,000 Value)
  • STRIPE ACCOUNT MAGIC- Create STRIPE Account That Sends & Receives Money WITHOUT registering your company in the US, Even If Your Country Is NOT Supported, Including Nigeria.(N20,000 Value)
  • The "RARE", Never Released CLASSIFIED BUSINESS ADVICE (N40,000 Value)

That's A Total Of N387,500

Yes, all off them for you, and you're going to get EVERYONE of them TODAY, I mean, right now.

Look, my PA told me that I was giving too much away, he likes to hold me accountable but you know what?

I asked him to SHUT UP or risk getting fired! (I'm kidding, LOL)

BUT seriously, I want to help anyone who's serious about getting clients from abroad, I want to help them get a rain of buyers, customers and sales, no matter what type of products or services they sell.


Alot of businesses are suffering.

Families are breaking up.

What's the root cause?


I want To Give You The Power To Make As Much Money As You Want To Make In 2022.

That's why on Thursday June 23, 2022, I'm hosting a LIVE masterclass.

The HyperGrowth Clinic.

It's a N120,000 worth of FREE bonus, to you!

This alone is HUGE!

Like, really, really huge.

I can't wait.

Doesn't that excite you, my friend?

Be excited because there's finally light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm ready, are you?

Oh, Ok, in case you're silently saying, "this is a lot of crazy value"...

"How Much Will It Cost Me?"

Well, if you asked that question, you're SMART but I want you to look at it this way...

If I guarantee that If you pay me $10,000, you'll make $100,000 and at the end of the day, you actually made the $100,000 I promised, would you call the $10,000 you paid me a "cost" or an "investment?"

Of course, it's an investment, a high-yield investment for that matter.

Will you be happy "investing" another $10,000?

Of course, you would, who wouldn't?

So, there's no cost, only investment.

If I charge you $10,000 for this, it'd well be worth it because you'll reap it bountifully in return.

$10,000 is just about 4 million naira.

This bundle is worth more than it. When you lay your hands on it, you'll understand what I mean, you wont be able to drop it.

It will TRANSFORM your life completely!

You know what?

I wont charge you 4million naira.

I wont even charge you 1million naira even though I know some people will rush it at that price but I want everyone to grab this.

If I charge you N387,500 for this, it's a "chicken change" because this will blow your bank account open.

All You have to invest into this program is N45,000

NO, just send over...


Yes,N21,500 only (but for the next few hours!)

All Sales Are Final. No Refunds!

Look, I'm not crazy.

I'm making it cheap because I want everyone to get it, and I believe that once you grab it, you will love it so much, and you'd want to do more business with me in the future.

This is me putting my "best foot" forward.

Oh, one more thing...

Once you place your order now, you'll get INSTANT access, right away, no stories, no delays BUT....

You Have To Act Right Now!

Yes, you have to move now because...

There's A Bad News!

Want to hear it?

If you have followed me, you know I mean what I say.

Firstly, this N21,500 is a launch price, I'm taking it to N45,000 any moment from now. Yes, any moment from now.

Secondly, I'm going to PULL THIS PAGE DOWN anytime, without letting you know.

Oh, this is NOT some stupid marketing gimmick to make you "act now".

I mean it!

You see, I do not want to keep up my secrets in the open for too long, and when I say I'm pulling it down, I mean every single world. If you have followed me long enough, you already know that.

Look, it's not some stupid "marketing gimmick" some people do. They tell you something is going away in 2hours, after 5years, you'll still see it.

It's RUBBISH,I don't do that, you can ask around, I mean what I say, I say what I mean.


The Time To Act Is NOW, Right Now!

Yes, it is possible that if you delay, make excuses or procrastinate, you might never see this again, and I mean it.

If you act now...

You'll Get An Undisclosed HUGE Secret Bonus, Just For YOU!

Yes, I said it.

If you TAKE ACTION today, you'll get a mindblowing, priceless secret bonus directly from me, for FREE!

And one last thing before i go...

The more you wait, the more you loss money, and don't let anyone lie to you, things are not going to get better with time, they get worse unless you do something about it.

You have a chance to do something today...

Click the link below, and take action now!

All Sales Are Final. No Refunds!

Frequently asked questions

Is This A Course or An Ebook?

Great question! Dollar Clients Secret is a digital book, 90pages, easy and fun to read. You can finish it in 2hours or less. 

And it comes with 9 amazing and exclusive bundle worth N387,500, all FREE!

HOW Do I Access It After Payment?

As soon place your order now, you'll automatically be redirected to the portal.

It is automatic, no time wasting, and if you run into problem (you wont) our team will swing into action to help you in minutes, just email the Expertnaire support via help(at)expertnaire.com and they will help you.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Look, I've deployed this same secrets to multiple markets, and it has generated tens of millions in revenue, it will work for you, no matter what you sell.

Because of this, this product does not have a money back guarantee.

Will It Work For My Type Of Business?

Well, maybe the right question should be "how do I make it work for my type of business?"

We've deployed the same strategies in ecommerce, info product, coaching, consulting, digital products (softeware, themes, ebook, etc), non-profit, professional services and many others, and it worked like crazy!

So, YES, it can work for you, regardless of what you sell.

I'm In Remote Village, Will It Work For Me?

You can be in any part of Nigeria, Africa, Middle east, Asia, infact anywhere you like, as long as you have access to the internet, and as far as you have a product or service to sell, it works.

How Soon Will I Start Getting Dollar Clients?

Seriously, it depends on you.

How badly do you need them?

Typically, my students start seeing results in 2weeks, some 3weeks, some even months, it depends on you and your unique situation but the first step is to start, that's the first step.

The first step to win a 100M race is to start, you need can know how long it is going to take you until you start.

What If I Have No Prior Experience, Or What If I tried It Before And It Didn't Work?

We all have to start from somewhere, dont we? Regardless of your experience level, pro or beginner, as long as you have something to sell or you can comeup with something to sell, this will work for you, easily.  

You don't need any prior experience or training.

Anyone, including you,can do it.

If you got a few clients in the past or you failed at it before, it is because you missed some solid fundamentals I shared in this book, you will see it in page 69.


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