Prof. Sammy, A Professional, Unique and Gracified Videographer

Finally Unveils the Mystery Behind Creating and Editing Top-notch Videos with

Just A Smartphone.....

VIDEO MARKETING is the future and the future is HERE!!!

Are you aware that VIDEO is the most desirable tool in marketing and the demand for it is increasing on a daily basis?

Do you know that over

1 Billion Hours of Youtube Videos are watched around the World each day?

Surprised huh?.... This is to tell you that Videos have dominated the Digital and Physical Marketing Space which is why marketing through Videos should be part of your sales strategy..

Don't Skip this VIDEO


Nothing is as engaging,

powerful and appealing as Videos...

Do you know that the Average Internet User spends 92% more time on website with Videos than website without Videos? And that is why people love Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc. because these are the fastest avenues to leverage on in creating brand awareness, driving heavy traffic/leads and increasing your visibility in the online space just like my student Benny-Joy who utilized these resources to her advantage

Videos are now the most desirable

Skill in Marketing...

Do you know that 90% of Marketers who use Videos say it is an important part of Marketing Strategy? This is simply because people spend millions of hours watching Videos and it is just right and safe to position yourself before them just like Abigail who drove massive traffic, generated tons of leads and increased her visibility and followers in the Online Space with her well created, edited, articulated and professional Marketing Video

Statistics has proven and shown that the surge for creating and using Video is quite alarming and its increasing massively on a daily basis and here is why....

88% of Businesses use Videos for Business Promotion which helps their product or brand stay relevant

84% of Users say that they have bought a product and grabbed an offer after watching a Video

75% of Consumers would prefer watching an Explainer Video to solve any product related issue

81% of people can recall a Video Advertisement they have seen in the last 25-30 days and still come back within that time frame to purchase a product or service

77% of Small-Medium-Big Businesses and Social Media Marketers have come to realize and believe that Videos is a MUST have after it has affected and impacted their businesses positively.

90% of Bloggers have transited from using just text and image to using Videos in terms of creating, posting and sharing content to their audience [Vblogging]

And to crown it all up, the love people have for videos is just mind blowing which is why people spend billions of hours watching videos just as you can see on the metrics below

In all honesty, Tell me how you would feel after

watching these amazing Marketing and Commercial Video just like the ones below

Relax I know you are excited already but here is the goodnews, You too can learn how to create those and even much more with your SMARTPHONE with the knowledge from THE COMPLETE SMARTPHONE VIDEOGRAHY BLUEPRINT

But wait a moment...

I am a Beginner besides I am not Tech Smart and I don't think I can do this...

And who says you cannot?...

Here's it

  • No Coding Skill
  • No Tech Skills
  • No Complex Software
  •  No Expensive Apps
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to understand

But here is what I guarantee you... Provided that you have hands and you can switch off, on, navigate through your SMARTPHONE, then you are good to go!!...

But Prof Sammy, Is this really for me?

We all need air to survive... So basically you need this as a Business or Brand Owner looking at improving your business, generating leads and making more sales OR A person who wants to make a living using Video Content Creation in any niche regardless of the fact that you are a Student, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, 9-5 Worker, Stay at Home Parents, Graduate, Civil Servant, Corp member etc.

Take a look at few of my students who are cashing out big time even with their 9-5 and other businesses

Besides Precious, Michael and Dave even though he is not Davido have given you the Assurance you need to make this Adventure a sweet and Enjoyable ride...

This Wonderful Course have been designed and crafted to project you from A Novice to a Certified and Professional Smartphone Videographer



(What You'll Learn)



As we begin this epic journey on the quest of becoming a Professional Videographer, You will learn the Fundamentals of Videography, the steps to Create Simple Intro Videos, Whiteboard and Text Animated Videos, Introduction to the amazing Video Editing Apps, Cropping and Masking of Images, Image Manipulation and Editing, Creating Birthday, Tik-Tok, Love Anniversary, Explainer Videos, Christmas Video and Basic Video Editing


In this section, We will dive into more practical and creation of professional Videos. You will be introduced to the Use of Keyframe, Creating Logo Animated Video, Product, Sales, Marketing and Brand Video, Recording and Adding of Voice Overs, Podcast and B-Roll Videos, Social Media and Colourful Lower Third


In this section, We will move into the Integral Part of Editing Videos, Shooting Professional Videos, Adding Subtitles, Colour Grading, Reverse and Slow-Fast Motion, Adding Voice And Sound Effects, Transitions, Text Effects Effects, Editing Video Backgrounds, Creating Cinematic and Advance Motion Graphics Videos, 2D and 3D Cartoon Animation Videos, Video Cloning and Twin Cloning 


In this section, We will learn some professional editing tricks infused to make our videos unique. You will get the knowledge on Change of Clothes and Shoes Transitions, Gold Splash Logo Creation, Walk Past and See Through Text, Fake Rotations, Adding Flickers, Name Intro Effect, Driving in a Virtual Car, Blurring Video Background, Rain, Lightning and Thunder Effect, Holograms and Teleporting, Colour Grading, Special Transitions etc. 



In this section, We will dive deeper into the world of creativity and exploration where you will learn how to Design and Edit backgrounds, Create Advance Logo Animations, Advance Product Videos, Animated Banners, Typographical, Explainer and Commercial Videos with Analysis on Voice Overs


In this section, We will explore Magical Videos like Human Avatars, A.I and Cartoon Dancing Videos, Green Screen Effects, Working with Premium Templates in creating Broadcasting and Promotional Videos, Advance 3D and Cartoon Animations in Story Telling..


Learning a Skill and lacking the ability to monetize it is like buying a Car without an Engine. So to avoid being caught in No man's land, I have prepared a Monetization Blueprint coupled with my Close Mentorship and Live Sessions where you'll learn and master the art of monetizing this great skill and making at least N200,000 monthly if fully implemented. 

Join the Bootcamp!

Secure your spot and be part of the Professional and Unique Videographers that are already levelling up and cashing out steadily and consistently without stress

N10,000 before the clock goes down!

Becomes N15,000 Soon!!!


Now here is the icing on the Cake…. 

And I know you wouldn’t want to sleep on this.. If you grab this Hot Offer Today,

You will gain access to these mouth watering 


Bonus #1
E-Commerce Store

You will be given a well detailed explanatory video on how to build a professional E-Commerce Store with your Smartphone that displays the prices of your products where buyers can automatically place orders, deliveries and get receipts of automated payment.

Bonus #2
Paystack Account

With my well detailed Blueprint, you will be taught how to create a Paystack Account for both Personal and Company use. Also I will walk you through on a how to Set up a Payment Page and also link it with your store so you can receive payment for your product, offers and services automatically and 24/7 without stress. 

Bonus #3
Graphic Design Blueprint

For you to be a Unique and Professional Video Content Creator, You need to have a good knowledge of at least the basics of Graphics Design. With my Smartphone Graphics Design Blueprint, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to become a Professional Graphic Designer at no extra cost Plus you'll scale up your videos with unique and amazing content.

Bonus #4
50k Design Resources

We all know that everyone needs premium resources like stock images, videos, backgrounds, mockups, fonts, icons etc. to make their designs stand out. Well, your silent prayers have been answered as you won't have to download any resources in the next 2 years.

Bonus #5
Ultimate Sales Guide

Traffic is the bloodline of every business. But sadly most of us lack the knowledge of getting quality traffic and closing sales. With my Ultimate Sales Guide that has helped so many in the Digital Space solely centered on Business Marketing Strategy utilizing Social Media Sales Guide, the sky will not only be your limit, but your starting point.

Bonus #6
Paypal Account

Losing a business deal because of inability to send and receive funds from anywhere in the world can be one of the most painful thing that can happen to a Freelancer or Brand owner especially when the process of getting that deal involved a lot of technicalities. To avoid stories that touch, I have prepared a comprehensive Video that will guide you on the steps of creating a verified and professional Paypal account that can send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Bonus #7
25+ Premium Mobile Apps

Nothing seems interesting as having life access to Premium Apps and Programs without having to break a sweat both financially, mentally and even physically. You will get unlimited access to Netflix, Spotify, Toon Me, Whatsapp Autoresponder, WPS, Whatstool, Truecaller, Sticker Maker etc. all for FREE!!!... No Monthly Subscription, No Hidden Charges..

Bonus #8
My Entire E-Library

A mindset that cannot READ cannot LEAD... You will get over 3000+ E-Books from all Spheres of life including my personal Book [Learn & Earn] which will prepare, shape, build, develop and equip you with the right mentality to succeed in your field of expertise and life generally, and also place you above your equals. 

All Offer Value at N550,000 but I am letting you steal it without calling the Cops for just N10,000

The Complete Smartphone Videography Course is not like the regular online course where all you get is WYSIWYG or a brain dump, then you’re left alone to figure out so many things all by yourself leaving you more confused and frustrated..

To avoid this, I won’t only teach you but I will GUIDE, MENTOR and 

IMPACT you with practical knowledge that even as a beginner or novice, you won’t have to struggle or feel left out.

Also the training Modules and Materials are user friendly and quite easy to assimilate and understand.

You’ll also get all the Support, Assistance, Follow-up and Mentorship till you gain the desired Result and Mastery.

Also, there are projects, tasks, assessments, quizzes and challenges that will give you the push to even start EARNING even while still learning plus even in your busy schedule, you can learn at your own pace.

GOLD SAMUEL OGHENEJABO {Prof. Sammy} is a Programmer, Web Developer, Videographer, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketer, Mathematician, Musical Director, Pianist, MC, Coach, Mentor and the CEO of SK-TECH Networks Limited, A Renowned Online Digital Skills and Business Institute whose goal and objective is to enlighten and educate individuals, brands, businesses and organizations on the importance of acquiring High Income Digital Skills. So many lives have been impacted and transformed in our trainings, webinars, mentorship and seminars and we are still in the business of impacting many more.


money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Now let’s quickly dialogue on this trusted 100% Money Back Guarantee That comes With This Course.

Here we go….. 

The truth is that I will feel so bad if I don’t give you the maximum satisfaction that comes with this course..

For all we know, money is precious and no one would want to waste it in such a time as this.. However I know you are parting away with your hard earned money and it takes courage to really do that..

This is why I am giving you a 30 day maximum satisfaction or money back guarantee..

Now Here is the deal..

When you enroll for this course, you’ll learn everything there is to creating and editing top-notch videos with your Smartphone and also monetize this skill.

Now if during the learning process, you follow my directives and perform all necessary tasks expected of you, and you are still not satisfied perhaps maybe you’re not getting the desired result.

You are free to request for the 100% amount you paid and I assure you that you’ll get back every single penny refunded to you.  And also, I will write you an OFFICIAL LETTER OF APOLOGY and then send you 5GB of Data for wasting your time in downloading the resources. 

Awesome right?

You could screenshot this to know how precise and straight-forward I am.

But I can Guarantee you one thing which is, if you Diligently follow all my instructions, you’ll forever be grateful that you bought this Course.


What you need to know about the CSV Course/Academy

Tackled Objectives

  • Compatible with both Android and Iphone 
  • Free and Life Access to all Premium Apps and Programs
  • Student Mentorship Platform and 24/7 Support System 
  • Certificate of Participation


I'll tell you again... Now that you have been INFORMED and not DEFORMED, you have DISCOVERED to RECOVER... 

"What shall it then profit you to get to this point and miss this great opportunity without hitting the REGISTER NOW Button? ...

 Don't think it too much because "Too much ANALYSIS leads to PARALYSIS".. Just disobey your Village People and see what the Lord will do...


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