Prof Sammy, A Professional, Unique and Gracified Videographer

Finally Unveils the Mystery Behind Creating and Editing Top-notch Videos with Just A Smartphone…

Are you aware that Video is the most desirable tool in marketing and the demand for it is increasing on a daily basis?

Watch this Video Without Delay!!!

Nothing beats Videos!!!

Videos are quite relevant because they convey and express your messages in a professional and unique way.

And amazingly, you could create stunning videos in few minutes with your Smartphone…

See what Jewel had to say.

The Smartphone Videography Class was an eye opener for me. Before now I never knew I could create and edit videos with my smartphone. Now I know better!!
Jewel Onyeneke
IT Consultant

Do you know that....

Videos drives free Traffic, increase Leads, Conversions and Sales.

Videos saves time and costs and also builds trust and Brand awareness.

 84% of people say that they’ve bought a product after watching a Video..

90% of Users say that Videos are helpful in their purchase decision-making!

80% of people are of the opinion that including a Video on a Sales and Landing Page can increase conversion up to 80%?

Surprising huh?

Well here is what Deborah said 

My Personal Business greatly improved and also earned extra creating videos for friends and clients all thanks to Prof Sammy's Complete Smartphone Videography Course.
Deborah Haruna

Video is the Gold mine NOW!! and the sweetest part is that you can create and edit stunning Videos with your Smartphone!!

Amazingly, this Video below was what earned Joe his first $150…

Amazing right?… Relax you can create better and more of this and be like Daniel and many others who have been impacted and are on a earning spree….

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question.

Since you have been burning your data to chat, ping, browse, play games, download and watch movies on Netflix, How much has it earned you?…

Here is Joe who utilized the opportunity of the ASUU Strike to acquire the soft High-paying Skill that has levelled him up.

Bitter Truth…

As it stands, You and I know that having only one source of Income is NOT enough to keep body and soul together talk-more of paying those heavy bills and solving those financial burdens.

Now what next?

Here is the Solution…

What would an extra N200,000 do for you monthly?

While you are at that, it may interest you to know that with your Smartphone and this Complete Smartphone Videography Blueprint, it is possible.

But Prof. Sammy, How does  this concern and will even improve my business?

Now lets analyze this critically and carefully..

Would you rather swipe through a post of 20-30 pictures about a product on a Whatsapp Status or just a simple Professional 30-45 Seconds  Video that would clearly advertise and create awareness just like the ones below?…

What do you think make brands like MTN, Coca-Cola, Flutterwave and even the Entertainment Industry thrive and make it big?… Your guess…

Here is the Break-even Point..

Brand Awareness (Videography) gives birth to Value which in turn increases Sales and generates Money

Brand Awareness + Value = Massive Sales = Money

Videography is the new from of Story-telling, Traffic Driving, Advertisement, Sales Blueprint and Brand Awareness…

With this, you need not a Prophet to tell you that this course is for EVERYONE…


But wait a moment!!

I am a Beginner besides I am not Tech Smart and I don’t think I can do this…

And who says you cannot?… Here’s it:

  • No Coding Skills
  • No Tech Skills
  • No Complex/Expensive software and Apps.
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy to understand.

But I guarantee you that if you can switch off, on, navigate and swipe through your Smartphone, then you are all set to go!!…

But how Prof Sammy?

With the knowledge you will be getting from the Complete Smartphone Videography Course…

And besides Michael and Dave even though he is not Davido has given you the assurance below

This wonderful Course has been crafted and  designed to project you from A Novice to a Certified and Professional Smartphone Videographer

What is This Course About? (What You’ll Learn)

  • In-depth knowledge on the Fundamentals of Videography
  • How to download resource elements for FREE
  • Free Access to Premium Resources, Video Editing Apps and Websites
  • Step by Step guide in drafting out a professional script for your Video
  • How to shoot Professional Videos
  • How to create Intro and Outro Videos
  • How to create Text and Logo Animation Videos
  • How to blend different video backgrounds
  • How to crop and mask images
  • How to create Product and Marketing videos
  • How to create Sales and Promotional videos
  • How to create Podcast and B-roll Videos
  • How to create Cartoon Animated Videos
  • How to create Whiteboard and 3D Explainer Videos
  • How to clone characters in Videos
  • How to create 3D-Effect and Cinematic Videos
  • How to create 3D Dancing Avatar Videos
  • How to create Human Avatar Videos
  • Film Making and changing Video Backgrounds
  • How to create Motion Graphics
  • How to create Human AI Videos
  • How to edit and add subtitles to your Videos
  • Full Monetization Kit on how to make at least N200,000 ($282) monthly.

Join the Bootcamp!

Secure your spot and be part of the Professional and Unique Videographers that are already levelling up and cashing out steadily and consistently without stress

N10,000 before the clock goes down!

Becomes N15,000 Soon!!!


Now here is the icing on the Cake…. And I know you wouldn’t want to sleep on this.. If you grab this Hot Offer Today, You will gain access to these mouth watering HOT BONUSES:

  • A detailed self-explanatory video on how to create an mini E-Commerce Store {Whatsapp}
  • A Video Guide on how to create a Paystack account
  • My Premium Smartphone Graphic Design Course
  • 50K Graphic Design and Video Resources
  • Social Media Sales Guides for generating leads and conversion
  • Step by Step Guide on Creating a Standard PayPal Account that can Send and Receive Money anywhere in the World
  • 20 Premium Mobile Apps worth over {150$}
  • Tons of Self Development E-Book {My Full Library}

All Offers Valued at 274K, But I am letting you steal this from me for just N10,000

The Complete Smartphone Videography Course is not like the regular online course where all you get is WYSIWYG or a brain dump, then you’re left alone to figure out so many things all by yourself leaving you more confused and frustrated..

To avoid this, I won’t only teach you but I will GUIDE, MENTOR and IMPACT you with pratical knowledge that even as a beginner or novice, you won’t have to struggle or feel left out.

Also the training modules and materials are user friendly and quite easy to assimilate and understand.

You’ll also get all the support, assistance, follow-up and mentorship till you gain the desired result and mastery.

Also, there are projects, tasks, assessments, quizzes and a full monetization kit challenge that will give you the push to even start earning even while still learning plus even in your busy schedule, you can learn at your own pace.

..…Still Here? My Students can't just stop testifying…

Now let’s quickly dialogue on this trusted 100% Money Back Guarantee That comes With This Course.

Here we go….. 

The truth is that I will feel so bad if I don’t give you the maximum satisfaction that comes with this course..

For all we know, money is precious and no one would want to waste it in such a time as this..

However I know you are parting away with your hard earned money and it takes courage to really do that..

This is why I am giving you a 30 day maximum satisfaction or money back guarantee..

Now Here is the deal..

When you enroll for this course, you’ll learn everything there is to creating and editing top-notch videos with your Smartphone and also monetize this skill.

Now if during the learning process, you follow my directives and perform all necessary tasks expected of you, and you are still not satisfied perhaps maybe you’re not getting the desired result.

You are free to request for the 100% amount you paid and I assure you that you’ll get back every single penny refunded back to you. 

And also, I will allow you keep all the course materials + your membership in the Support platform and all the free bonuses for wasting your precious time and  resources.

Awesome right?

You could screenshot this to know how precise and straight-forward I am.

But I can guarantee you one thing which is, if you diligently follow all my instructions, you’ll forever be grateful that you bought this Course.


One last chance to Jump in!

Secure your spot and be part of the Professional and Unique Videographers that are already levelling up and cashing out steadily and consistently without stress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No… You will be needing only your Smartphone. It can do the magic. 

No… You will be granted FREE and life access to all the premium apps, softwares and websites.

The Training is in a set of pre-recorded user friendly videos enabled in your dashboard once you gain access you begin immediately.

Yes… You will get all the necessary assistance, support, follow-up and mentorship till you gain mastery and achieve the desired result.

You have a lifetime access to the Course.

Yes, you will be issued a Certificate which certifies you as a Professional Smartphone Videographer for FREE at no extra cost.

I never want you to be sad! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me using the information provided to you, and I will provide you with full support.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are still not satisfied, I will refund your money and let you keep the program as long as you practiced, followed my instructions and proven that you have fully utilized it.


Had I known is one of the worst thing that could happen.. End 2022 with a bang!!..

Secure your spot and be part of the Professional and Unique Videographers that are already levelling up and cashing out steadily and consistently without stress

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