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Governments Hate It, Central Banks Despise It, But...

Cryptocurrency is the New Oil Well

For the first time in the history of mankind, anyone with a phone and an internet connection now has the “key” and can join Billionaires like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban, to Multiply Money in what Forbes Magazine calls “The Greatest Wealth Transfer of All Time”.

The Letter Below Is About How You Can Safely Use Bitcoin and Other Smaller Crypto Coins to Multiply Your Money In 2021... Even If You Don’t Know What a “Coin” Means

Plus Access to a Sacred List of 10 Crypto Coins That Could Produce 50 - 100x Returns

Dear Reader,

If you’re interested in multiplying your money using cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or alt-coins like Ethereum, Ripple and the others, but you’re just not sure how all of it works, then this will be the most important message you read today.

Here’s why:

An EPIC movement and transfer of wealth is happening right now in the world and for the first time in recorded human history, anyone can participate....

No Matter the Colour of Your Skin, the Language You Speak, Your Nationality, or Even How Much Money You Currently Have…

Let me tell you how I came to be involved.

It starts with a story.

Ten years ago, in 2010, I was running a small business and bringing in quite a decent amount of money.

In the course of my quest for knowledge, I was a member of many online forums.

What’s a forum, you ask?

It’s an online community site just like Nairaland, where people gather to discuss and exchange ideas and learn.

In one of them, I became somewhat friendly with another member there, and it was from him that I heard about “BItcoin” for the first time.

So this person (I had exchanged a couple of documents with him), his username was “AustralianMonkey” sent me a message and asked.

“Ever heard of Bitcoin? I want to sell you some for $200. Interested?”

“What is Bitcoin?'' I wondered, and, “why is it worth $200?”

I was curious, so I responded to him saying...

“Maybe I am. What is it?”

He responded a few hours later saying...

“It’s a new form of digital currency and it will rule the world. I can sell you 10 Bitcoins for $200. That’s $20 each.”

So I decided to learn more about it, and headed to Google to research.

There I found out the coin was selling for 80 cents each.

What that meant was the 10 Bitcoin he was trying to sell to me, I could have bought it by myself for $8, not $200.

This means this guy was going to profit $182 off me!

I Was Angry!

"This guy was trying to rob me!" I remember thinking.

And although I was a bit interested, I couldn't figure out how to buy it by myself at the time, so I forgot all about it, and didn’t buy.

Time passed.

And Bitcoin kept climbing. And climbing… and climbing.

To my eternal regret.

Right now, today, as I am write you this report… one bitcoin is now worth $49,642.60

Yes, forty-nine thousand, six hundred and forty-two dollars and 60 cents.

If I had allowed “Australian Monkey” to cheat me and bought those 10 bitcoin back in 2010 for $200, today...

It Would Be Worth $496,426!

That’s =N=198,570,400 in naira.(one hundred and ninety-eight million, five hundred and seventy thousand, four hundred naira).

I am sure you may be wondering, “who is this person and why should I listen to what you have to say about Crypto?”

I’ll tell you.

My name is Mister X.

I am a remarkable, unassuming and remarkably success driven man.

And yes, Mister X is not my real name.

It is an assumed name, one I have had to adopt in order to hide my identity from the Central Bank of Nigeria because of my crypto business and activities.

I assumed the name of “Mister X” because of my cryptocurrency business activities.

If I do not do so, my bank accounts will be frozen, my monies will be seized by the Federal Government, and God forbid, I may even get arrested.

I mean you saw them do it to #EndSARS protesters.

The Central Bank of Nigeria froze their bank accounts, seized their monies and confiscated their international passports.

And today, 7 months after, their accounts and passports still have not been returned to them, despite a court order!

I don’t want the same thing coming my way, which is why I have to protect my identity.


In 2016, I Myself Finally Began to Study and Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

My first cryptocurrency was Ripple which I bought for $0.08 cents putting in $1,500.

Next I bought Bitcoin at $1,750 each, holding through December 2018 when it hit $19,000, and the up and down motions of watching it crash down to $3,000 in 2019.

I continued buying knowing from research it would still go up eventually.

And I have not done badly, considering that as of today I have basically increased my money...

Over 282 Times!

Now let me ask you...

If you had the chance to turn $200 into $496,426, would you take it?

I bet you would.

And since that’s the case, you’re in luck.

Because you see...

A Lot Has Changed Since 2010

Since that time, more people have come to see the value of cryptocurrencies - businesses, and of course the world’s wealthiest people.

Like Elon Musk, who himself bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin for his company, Tesla

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z who are buying up Bitcoin right left and centre

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of Basketball Team, Dallas Mavericks, not only owns cryptocurrencies, he is even teaching his children and buying some for them!

Even J.P Morgan, the world’s most popular investment bank whose CEO, Jamie Dimon has been at the forefront criticizing cryptocurrencies has now jumped in with both feet and buying up as much as they can, while it is still available for cheap.

In 2016, I Myself Finally Began to Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

We started buying at $1,750.

And that’s not bad, considering that we’ve basically increased our money over 282 times!

And yes, I agree, for most people, bitcoin’s price is already out of reach.

But bitcoin is not the only game in the cryptocurrency wealth creation field.

Many More Valuable, Profit-Producing Cryptocurrencies
Are Now In Existence And They're Making The People Who
Find Them Early... Extremely Rich!

As you likely already know, there are other coins, hundreds of them in fact, created to address different target markets and different business sectors.

Now, there’s practically cryptocurrencies for gamers, for the energy market, for the financial market, for the law/contract/compliance sectors, for AI (artificial intelligence), and so on.

And these coins, in many cases have generated more than 100,000% ROI!

Coins like:

  • Binance Coin (BNB) which has returned gains of 430,779.75% ROI
  • Ethereum (ETH) which has returned gains of 279,843% ROI
  • Ripple (XRP) which has returned gains of 36,000% ROI
  • Litecoin (LTC) which has returned gains of 5,100% ROI

And many more more coins doing incredible returns.

But the KEY Is In…Finding and Buying Them Early…

In order to use cryptocurrency to multiply your money upwards very fast, you need to know two things…

(1) First, you need to know how to get in early

(2) And secondly (very important)

Knowing Exactly When To Take Profit and Exit

If you can do those two things, get in early and get out on time, I guarantee, you will make a lot of money in cryptocurrency, even become rich.

To do that successfully though, you need to know exactly how to go about it, what tools to use, how to get started, which platforms to use, how to keep exactly how to do it, what tools to use, your investments safe and a ton of other things.

Right now, many people are missing out on this massive opportunity because they don't understand it.

When I ask my friends or other people I know if they’ve been buying cryptocurrencies… most of them say...

“I’ve thought about it, but I just don’t understand how it works, or how to buy or invest in it…”

So I wanted to help solve that problem as fast as possible, because Bitcoin is currently in the beginning stages of a bull market that could see the price rise to $100,000 or more...

In fact, Bloomberg released a report to their clients predicting that the price of Bitcoin could reach $400,000 by the end of 2021...

How is that possible?

Well to put it simply, the US government has legalized Bitcoin and crypto assets, and the race to get into the market has begun...

In 2020, Coinbase said to be the largest exchange in the world listed its shares on the stock exchange.

While companies like Paypal, VISa and others are now adding the ability to pay with Bitcoin among their offered services.

That’s not all, states in the US are also now granting banking licenses to cryptocurrency exchanges.

And to cap it all off, the cryptocurrency market is growing in leaps and bounds, doubling in only three months this year to reach over $2 trillion dollars.

In other words, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is here to stay.

I mean… everybody and their cousin is jumping in to collect their share,

Why Not You Too?

But as I previously mentioned, most people don’t know how it works, or that you can buy fractions of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency you want.

They don’t know where to buy it, or keep it safe, and they don’t know WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell.

What’s worse is most new people are investing too much money into Bitcoin, at the wrong time, or selecting the wrong coins, then generating monumental losses and crying about how everyone else is getting rich except them.

People like this guy below:

The Truth Is...

The worst thing you could do is invest money in Bitcoin and crypto assets while trying to figure everything out on your own.

Bitcoin and crypto assets can be volatile, and you should never invest more money than you can afford to.

But what is even more important is for you to know how much to safely and responsibly invest into crypto, when to do so and when to sell, because this is the critical information that anyone wants to invest in crypto needs to have, if their desire is to create wealth.

And to help do it, we created the…

Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint

The Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint is a set of step by step instructional videos that breaks down everything you need to know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency - what it is, how to buy, when to buy, how to secure it, and when to sell it - everything.

The training course is in two parts:

PART 1 is called “The Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Crypto Assets"

In this part of the blueprint, you will learn

  • How and where to buy Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency coin.
  • How to open your own safe and secure crypto wallets
  • How to keep your crypto coins safe from hackers.
  • How to spot, identify and avoid Crypto scams.
  • How to find and responsibly invest in smaller alt-coins projects that have the opportunity to produce 50 to 100X returns. (This means every $100 you invest could turn into $500 to $1,000, and every $1,000 invested, could turn into $50,000 to $100,000 within the next few months.)
  • The three best ways to build your crypto wall of wealth portfolio
  • How to "recycle" your money in cryptocurrency for more profits
  • You will get all the inside knowledge you need when it comes to investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets during a bull market.

and much more!

But we don’t just leave it up to you to figure out which coins to buy and which ones to avoid all by yourself.

That’s why we give you the second part of the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint.

Part 2: The Crypto Profit List - 10 Coins To Profit From In 2021

This is a list of crypto coins that we have analyzed, with the help of expert financial experts and traders in the USA for profitability.

We give you every single one of the ten coins on this list, so you can start buying them right away.

No need to think. No need to analyze. No need to waste time.

This Is What You Will See In the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Members Area

But That Is Not All...

I also have an amazing special bonus for you.


Exclusive Access To The Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Group

When you get the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint today, you will also get access to our Crypto Wealth Builders Telegram Group, where you will be getting updates about new coins to buy and also when to sell them for profit.

This group is made up of people just like you who you will learn from their own trades and crypto investments as we publish and update all of you with new crypto investments.

So if you’d like to get the right guidance, you can get access to “Crypto Wealth Builders Blueprint” right now by clicking the button below, and you’ll feel yourself getting more knowledge than you ever knew about this incredible asset class so you can start building your own wall of wealth right away...

And of Course Your Purchase Is 100% Guaranteed.

If you get the Crypto Wealth Builders Blueprint and you study it over the next 30 days and you follow the instructions we provide and you place the trades we recommend...

If they do not add at least a sliver of profits to your portfolio, just let us now and we will give you a full refund.


  • The Complete Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint - Parts 1&2 (Value - N250,000) 
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Access To The Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Group (Value - 75,000)  

(Total Value: N325,000)

TODAY'S PRICE: N40,000 Only

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped. You will receive access to the product immediately after you order - even if it's 2am!

You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything to Gain

With the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint in your hands, all you will ever worry about is not having enough cash to put in for more gains.

Right now, you are looking at your ticket to a good life and even a great retirement.

The only question is, will you cash in or miss out?

Will you sit down, do nothing and let this window of opportunity pass and have your children asking you in the years to come where you were and what you were doing while other people were being and getting rich with cryptocurrency.


Will you take advantage now, get the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint, get all the knowledge you need and start bringing home the profit?

Which one will you do?

It’s up to you to decide.

The Opportunity Is Here Now… Take It!

Your Investment In This Guide Is Covered By Expertnaire's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I have included every necessary information that you will need to start multiplying your money using Bitcoin and other Crypto coins in the Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders Blueprint and I will keep updating it with more information as time goes on.

But if you get it and you are not in anyway satisfied with the content of this blueprint, you are covered by Expertnaire's 30-Day money back guarantee.

This means all you have to do is email the Expertnaire support within 30 days of purchase and you will get a full refund of the amount you paid for this guide. It's as simple as that.

About Mr. X (Silent Crypto Expert): 

After missing out on the early stages of Bitcoin, Mr X. became a rabid student of Cryptocurrency in 2016 and since then, he has been silently using it to multiply his money and build a wall of wealth for himself and his family.

Mr X. prefers his identity hidden especially due to the wide and public crucifixion of Crypto based businesses in Nigeria by the CBN.


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