For newbies and crypto traders who are tired of losing more money than they gain from trading cryptocurrency…

Discover How To Trade and Invest in Cryptocurrency With Minimal Risks and Maximal Profits With The 3-part Trading System

Dear Friend,

If you invested $1 in bitcoin in 2011, you would have had $40,000 today. 11 years ago, bitcoin was worth $1, but today, it trades above $40,000.

The world is experiencing a fast change in wealth acquisition with the innovation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

And the easiest way to "multiply your money" is to invest it in cryptocurrency…

Because unlike money saved in the bank, cryptocurrency increases in value with time and you can make mouth-watering profits from your crypto assets…without lifting a finger.

There are different ways you can make money from cryptocurrency but the prominent one is TRADING AND INVESTING.

That is why in this presentation, I'll show you how to make money trading and investing in cryptocurrency…

But wait! 

Why should you be interested in cryptocurrency?

Take a look at these;

These countries are making serious moves to adopt cryptocurrency as a legal tender…

But that's not all…

Some financial heavyweights endorse cryptocurrency, for example…

Elon Musk Proof About Bitcoin And Dogecoin

Paystack Using Cryptocurrencies for transactions 

Mark Zuckerberg Of Facebook that  changed name to Meta because Facebook want to go into creating Metaverse space

If these tech giants and billionaires believe that cryptocurrency is worth venturing into…

Then you  should also start investing in cryptocurrency…

And start early…

Because like I said…

"The early bird catches the worm"

That is why I want to show you everything you need to know about making insane money in the crypto market.

But first, who am I?

And why should you listen to me?

Permit me to introduce myself…

Who am I?

My name is Kayode Olanipekun

I'm a crypto trader, investor and the founder of Digital Wealth World ( Diwewo)…

The world's first open source, decentralized online platform for education on cryptocurrency  Blockchain development, NFTs and financial analysis.

I've helped over 150 people become financially independent across Africa, through my vast knowledge and experience in the world of cryptocurrency.

But I didn't get to where I am today by luck…

In fact, 3 years ago, I was an IT personnel in Lagos earning N25,000 monthly…

And was barely managing to eke out a living.

I had always wanted to make money online because I loved the idea of working remotely…

So when I started surfing the Internet, I came across forex trading and soon took interest in it.

But because I had no access to a mentor or courses, learning forex was an uphill battle.

Fortunately, I stumbled on a forex academy which I enrolled in but I wasn't making much progress…

Plus the course owner abandoned us, leaving us high and dry.

In a bid to sharpen my skills, I lost the N50,000 I saved from my salary for three months…

Even though the loss hit me, I was determined not to let one loss put me down…

So I saved another N50,000 from my two months salary...and like the first, it went down the drain.

I even collected N100,000 from an investor which I also lost.

I was devastated. Depression slipped in...

But I wasn't going to give up...

You see, during my time in the academy, I met a guy who was exceptional at crypto trading…

So what I did was…

Gather people and invite the guy to teach them crypto while I taught market analysis…

Soon I decided to dump forex entirely and focus on crypto…

Because I discovered there are different ways to make money in the crypto space.

And from that time till now, I've made millions of naira from the crypto market after pouring hundreds of dollars on courses…

Several painful months of trial and error…

And losing a shitload of money, as I tried to improve my skills.

I've mastered different ways to make money in the crypto space…

Even when the market is on a downward spiral.

And today I'll show you how you can profit massively from the crypto market even if;

  • You're a total newbie
  • You've lost more money than you count in trades
  • The market is bearish ( when coins are dropping in price)
  • You don't own a laptop

Before I go into that, here's what you should know…

Because there's no cash flow in crypto…

Traders rely on a change in mood to move the price of crypto assets.

What this means is…

The market can swing from "sky-high" to "rock bottom" in a matter of months…

That is why cryptocurrency is extremely volatile.

We saw a huge market crash in April 2021 and in May 2022...

Investors losing their money in the "bloodbath"

But you don't need to be among the market losers…

That is why I've put together a blueprint to help you trade and invest in cryptocurrency with minimal risk and Maximal Profits…

Using the 3-part Trading system;

Trader Assessment : Helps you to understand the kind of trader you want to be.

This is the first step to take when as a crypto trader. There are different types of traders with different trading patterns…

Do you want to be a day trader or a swing trader?

This blueprint will help you understand which type of trader suits you more.

After choosing a trading pattern, the next thing you need to understand is Account management…

Let's say you have a capital of $1000…

How many percent of your capital will you use to trade on spot… or invest in coins… or trade on futures?

Many rookie traders don't do this…

That is why they keep blowing their accounts and losing so much money.

Inside this blueprint, I'll show you how to properly use your capital for investment… spot trading… and futures trading.

And the last part of the 3-part system is what differentiates savvy traders from rookies…

It's what determines whether you blow up your account or make more money…

In fact, mastering it will save you from losing money as fast as you make it…

It's the simple concept of Risk Management.

Understanding how to manage risk is like putting a shield on your trading account…

It helps you protect your funds so you don't lose more than you gain.

And I'll show you how to manage risks plus how to manage your account and choose a trading pattern in my easy-to-follow blueprint…

It's called the Trading and Investing Course 

It's a proven, step-by-step blueprint that will help you make more profits than losses (as long as you follow the blueprint) from trading or investing in cryptocurrency.

Here is all you get inside

>>> Introduction to Cryptocurrency

- What is Cryptocurrency

- History of Cryptocurrency

- How blockchain technology works

>>> Types of Cryptocurrency

- Bitcoin vs altcoins.

- What are shittycoins.

>>> What are Exchanges and Wallets

- How to create a Crypto wallet
- How to create a verified account on any exchange

>>> Full trading monster package

>>> How to trade on spot

>>> Understanding types of orders

>>> Futures Trading

- Limit order

- Market order

- Stop limit

- Stop market

- Order cancel order

- Post only

- Trailing stop

>>> Staking and saving

>>> Coin and Token

>>> Dex Trading

>>> Full Cryptocurrency peer to peer Trading

- How to transfer coins
- Understanding different types of network in crypto.

>>> How to analyze the market with Technical Analysis
- Introduction to candlesticks analysis

- Candlestick analysis

- Candlestick patterns

- Chart patterns

- Trendlines

- Trend channels

- Timeframe Analysis

- Support and resistance

- Supply and demand

- Order block

- Imbalance

- Liquidity

- Top down analysis

- Technical analysis recap

- Advance technical analysis

- Market swings analysis

- Entry and price exit

- Psychological trading

- Risk management

- Account management

- Full fundamental analysis

- Analysis finale

>>> Fundamental Analysis

- Understanding Tokenomics (Full concept)

- How to get in front of relevant crypto news

- How to carry out market research

Exclusive Access

Access to a support group and to me for 6 Months to perfect your skill: Here you'll meet other traders at different levels who you can learn from and also share ideas with.

The course is easy to understand and follow. But if you have any confusion anytime and you're not comfortable asking questions in the support group. You can come straight to me I'd attend to you.

Access To Ultimate Signals

You will have access to my special signal group that cost $80 for 3 months FOR FREE. You can use these premium signals as long as you are on the signal group to make money even while you're still studying the course. All you have to do is enter and exit whenever I tell you to.

Here's what my students are saying about this course;

By now you're wondering how much it costs to get this course…

But let me ask you, how much do you think will be a fair price to get knowledge that will save you from multiple losses…

If you think about it, teaching technical analysis alone costs over $200, access to premium signals costs $50…

So if I charge you $200 for the whole package, including the support group, it's a steal…

But I won't charge you that. Not even half of it…

Because I know what it feels like to lose massively from trading. I know the frustration that comes with it.

That is why I want to do something crazy…

By giving you access to the Trading and Investing course for a fee of $74 (N71,000).

If you're wondering why I'm charging this low for a course with such value, the answer is still the same - I know how it feels like to consistently lose your funds to the market. 

And this blueprint is designed to help you minimize your losses and make more profits.

However, you have a 30days money back guarantee, if you get the Trading and Investing course and you don´t get all i have said in it, just let me know for a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

Yes, you're backed by my iron-clad money-back guarantee which makes it a no-risk investment for you.

P.S: The Trading and Investing course is a video course with detailed explanation of how to minimize your risks and maximize your profits while trading or investing in cryptocurrency.

It's an easy-to-follow course which you need to thoroughly go through before you start seeing results like others.

Right now you have two choices;

Option one: Ignore everything you've read on this page and click away. And keep losing your funds in trades. We both know how that road looks like. The frustration and sometimes the depression that comes with it. I don't want that for you, that is why I suggest you take the other option…

Option two: Get the Trading and investing Course and become a savvy trader, minimizing your risks and maximizing your profits.

Here's how to get access to the Trading and Investing course…

Click on the big yellow button below. It'll take you to a safe check out page where you'll input your details or provide you with an account to make payment to…

Immediately your payment is confirmed, you'll receive an email with the link that will grant you access to the course and the bonuses so you can start studying right away.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there any guarantee?

Yes, if you did not make your registration money back in folds, feel free to message me I will return your money in multiple

Will Cryptocurrencies Crash?

No, Cryptocurrency is an evolution to Money 💰

Money have moved from trade by barters > Metal money ,(coins) > paper money > Now it's time to move away from the paper money to Cryptocurrency.

It's an innovation like the internet

And an asset just like real estate,  which have changed and will still change lots of life.

How much can I use to start to invest in cryptocurrencies?

As much as you have, no maximum.

But reasonable minimum is $10.

But the higher you have, the higher your profit. 

Is Cryptocurrency less risky compared to Forex?

Yes it is, very very lucrative and less risky compared to Forex, I have done both, so I know.

And the most interesting part is that, you can actually make more money with less risks, compared to just pushing buying and selling.

You can make money using different means, in which I have listed  some above already. 

What is the best Cryptocurrency I can Invest on?

Before you go push buy or sell, the very first thing to do is to purchase this course, which will give you access to the signals too

The best Cryptocurrency you can get yourself right  is not  the right knowledge about investing or buy and sell. 

When do I start Earning when I get the Course?

As early as possible, as soon as you have completed 1-5 videos from the lessons

The good part is, you can start making money as you are learning from our course. 

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