Discover The Tried and Tested Secrets to Landing DeFi Jobs That Can Pay You Between $100 to $2,000 Every Week

Even as a NOVICE IN Crypto or DeFi

Hey Friend….
Are you aware that there is a booming unsaturated cryptocurrencies job market that only few people are taking advantage of at the moment?
No, this is not another
– Cryptocurrency trading opportunity
– Forex trading opportunity
– Affiliate marketing opportunity
or any of the online money making streams the GURUs rave about.
It’s something different from what you’ve ever known before.
If you will read to the end, I’ll be showing you what these jobs are, how you can land them and get paid while working from the comfort of your own home, using your smartphone.
What’s more interesting is that you don’t need to know anything about the world of cryptocurrencies before getting started.
Just make sure you read till the end, else you risk missing out on the rare information that could change your life forever.

The few people who know about this are comfortably earning more than regular Bankers, Lawyers and Doctors.

My name is Nelson Igwe.
I’m a crypto trader, a DeFi Analyst and a Crypto Jobs educator.
I Never Knew it could be Possible to make at least $100 per week with just my Smartphone & Internet Connectivity.
Not until it happened to me.
I vividly remember how it all started in 2017 when I couldn’t even make N15,000 Monthly. Job hunting was tiresome.
As a certified graduate and a young & determined Entrepreneur, I’ve tried almost all kinds of promising business opportunities to make my first profits online yet all to no avail.
After buying courses and trying my hands on a whole lot, nothing seems to click for me. I really suffered mentally, financially & emotionally cause indeed all hopes seem lost.
Consider the condition of a graduate earning N15,500 monthly in this current Nigeria economy. Without anything to fall back on, I took up courage to quit the job entirely. Can’t afford to lose my sanity.
On one faithful Thursday evening, I unexpectedly met an old friend who changed my story. After he saw how unkempt I appeared at first sight, we had a one-on-one private discussion where I opened up about my condition. It was then that my old friend introduced me to Crypto Jobs. Although what he taught me was basic information. As a Newbie I closely followed his Lessons and directives which yielded the profits that slowly led me off poverty.
After a few months of learning from this old time friend, I was privileged to come across the premium Information that helped me hit my first $100 weekly Online Crypto Job (basically working for crypto projects & Communities on telegram and discord and getting paid in dollars weekly).
The progress cycle continued as I saw this as an avenue to avert poverty and position myself well for financial Freedom.
Over time, I grew to the point of making up to $600 (N450,000) weekly from just working as a Community Manager for crypto projects & Communities on telegram, discord & Twitter with my Smartphone. Then I continued to land more jobs than I could handle alone.

A 4 ETH Job equivalent to N1.2 million

Another 5 ETH Job equivalent to N1.5 million

Over time, I realized there were lots of courses out there around crypto trading. But there was no available course that addresses how to successfully land high paying CRYPTO Jobs.
So I organized a Masterclass on Crypto Jobs basically showing Newbies the simple secrets & strategies on how to successfully land high paying CRYPTO Jobs for free & how to remain profitable as a DeFi Job Enthusiast offering services to Crypto projects & DeFi communities.
So far I have taught and mentored hundreds of students and eventually raised tens of Millionaires from my mentees.
Well, don’t just take my word for it. See what some of my past students have to say about the DeFi Jobs course.
Defi Job Masterclass is a life saving program. I came into contact with the course in June, 2022. I learnt a lot that helped me navigate my way through the crypto space. As a result it has upgraded my finances. I thank Mr. Ìgwè Nelson for the opportunity. - Mr Emeka Nwogu
Mr Emeka Nwogu
I bought this course with the last cash on me about a year ago. It felt scary at first but I'm glad I did! With consistency and determination I was able to utilize it to its full potential. I remember hunting for jobs for over a month without getting any leads but I didn't quit. Eventually, everything started going well after getting my first job as a Moderator for $25/week which was really great for a start. Now I charge over $150 and work for over 5+ projects in a month. I'm really glad and thankful for being given this opportunity as it has literally changed my life. - Ugwuanyi Martha
Ugwuanyi Martha
I must say this is the best opportunity for newbies in DeFi (especially youths) to get educated through the course. Around 2021 when I started I had problems understanding the crypto space and how I could make money in crypto. Then I came across this course and bought it. After reading and practicing the knowledge I acquired from it, I have grown from a broke POS boy to one who earns $3,000 per month. I'm grateful to Sir Igwe Nelson for the opportunity. - Martin Onyekachi
Martin Onyekachi
Hey boss I just wanna say thank you for everything. I was a noob in crypto but as I got your course, it opened my eyes to many things. Now I am able to purchase a better phone and buy clothes for myself. Bro God will bless you You course nah fire 🚒🔥 - Udeaja skyper
Udeaja Skyper
Thanks to Igwe's DeFi Job course , I was able to make my first $600 from scratch. Although it took months. I never wanted to do 9-5 when I was of age. I love the idea of earning online while at home, so I developed interest in crypto. I was a newbie when I got the course, but with the knowledge I got from the DeFi Job course I am able to raise money to fund my crypto trading. Now I make both active and passive incomes through DeFi Jobs and Crypto Trading. - Nwagu Chinonso..
Nwagu Chinonso
After completing secondary school in July 2020, my journey as a Nigerian youth became challenging. It took me a year to enter university, but during that time, I decided to invest in myself for a better future. I connected with Igwe on Facebook in 2022, hoping to gain something valuable. Thanks to the support of my parents, I became one of the first students Igwe trained. The initial period after the training was tough, but I remained focused on my personal growth. My first success came with a $30 weekly incentive, which was a lot of money as a high school leaver. Looking back now, I realize how fortunate I am to have taken this course. I am currently comfortably training myself at the university, working on platforms like Telegram and Discord, and earning hundreds of dollars in monthly incentives. Words cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly. - Chukwu Victor
Chukwu Victor
I have been able to crack the code on how anyone can land these jobs with tried, tested, proven and repeatable steps that guarantee results.
Today you have the chance to become like them as I guide you on your journey towards a fulfilling career in the exciting world of crypto.
At this point if you do not know already, you are probably wondering what actually are these $100 to $2,000 weekly DeFi Jobs i have been raving about.
Now, let me tell you what they are.
You may have heard of the terms Crypto, Web3, Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs. You may probably have made or heard of someone who made lots of money buying and selling cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Traders make lots of profits when the market is good. But when the market is red, traders hide their faces.
But the industry is bigger than just trading. What I want to show you is beyond trading the crypto market. And what you will learn will keep generating you money irrespective of the state of the market (Bull or Bear – Green or Red).
Over 100 new Crypto, DeFi & NFT Projects are introduced into the Blockchain Industry on a monthly basis.
And each of these Crypto, DeFi & NFT projects are heavily funded in tens to hundreds of millions in dollars. With each project comes vacancies for lots of job opportunities or roles one can do to get paid at least $100 weekly.

So what are these DEFI JOBS

DeFi Jobs are paid Crypto Jobs Opportunities that allows even 16yr olds to be paid $100-$1k Weekly for Offering Various DeFi & Crypto Services.
So what are these crypto services?
Each of these new Crypto, DeFi & NFT Projects require to fill the following roles;
– Community Manager
– Discord Shiller
– Collab Manager
– Moderators
– Discord Community Manager
– Discord Server Boosters
– Telegram Community Manager
– Project Janitors
– DeFi Analysts
– Meme Content Creation
and more.
These are jobs anyone can learn and deliver remotely and get paid in dollars just by using your smartphone. What’s more interesting is that you can get paid doing this for up to 4 to 6 different projects at once.
But the real problem for anyone is how to navigate the space to find these hidden goldmine of opportunities. And this is where i come in. I’ll be showing you how to find these jobs and successfully land them even if you are just a novice.

Do you know an Average Project Community Manager earns at least $150 USDT (N105,000) weekly?

That’s N420,000 in a month.
N420,000 monthly should be something everyone should wish to happen to him/her in our present economy.
Funny enough I have 17-20 yr olds in my premium community making more than this in a month.
So many people complain that Discord is very difficult to use. But that’s a Very big advantage for you because you can make so much money by optimizing Discord Servers for new Crypto Communities.
People pay N50,000 to learn Discord alone because it is a gold mine of knowledge in the Crypto space. You can make so much even if you just decided to focus on offering services in Discord Server Optimization.
People can pay you for helping them set up Discord accounts and Communities.
Even setting up bots to help manage Discord Communities is a big deal today, yet it’s not a hard task if you are guided properly.
Below is a snapshot of a Discord Server Setup Job offer on Upwork (a popular freelancing job site).
The job offers to pay $25 – $75 per hour for a 30 hours per week job. That is a $750 – $2,250 per week earnings, just to set up Discord Server for online communities.
I leave it to your imagination to calculate the monthly earnings. I also leave it to your imagination to convert these earnings to Naira. I also leave it to your imagination to multiply it by 3 or 4 different communities you can be offering same service to at the same time.
If this is not enough proof that it is possible for you to earn high on a weekly basis online, then you can keep doubting.
But here is the good news. I broke down everything you need to know about setting up and navigating Discord in this course. What you will learn will take you from novice to Pro Level instantly.
You can learn all you need to start offering this service and get paid as high as this on a weekly basis.
DeFi Jobs in its PRO level is worth more than just investing, buying the dip and waiting for the bull-run.
Earning as high as this would enable you to live life at your terms, and by your rules, in control of your time and earning capacity…
Yet, you’ll be making more money than most Bankers, Doctors and Lawyers who work round the clock.
I’ve received lots of success testimonials from past students of my maiden DeFi Jobs Course program..
But fortunately for you, you will be getting access to a new program. It’s a more advanced and updated version of the previous course.
This new program i’ve created is designed to show you exactly how you can get started today…
and in a few weeks…land your first premium DeFi Job in the Blockchain industry that a lot of people don’t even know about.
You’ll also get some very special quick start bonuses you’ll only see through today’s invitation.
This new program is called:
The DEFI COLLEGE Premium course.
Yes I mean it.
It’s really a College as it covers everything you need to know to navigate the crypto space and access high paying DeFi Jobs.
It is a combination of both a Beginner and Advanced Course.
What this means is that if you purchase this course today, you’re having access to both my beginner and advanced courses at the same time.
In this course, you’ll have access to all the information, secrets and strategies you need to employ to access the high paying DeFi job roles.
So here’s all you’ll get inside;

Session 1 (Beginners Module)

~ You will be Introduced to DeFi Jobs for Beginners, understand the Positive Impacts of DeFi & Crypto Jobs in Web3, it’s benefits and rules as well as industry terminologies.
~ You get to know what DeFi Job Tools are, Where to Find these DeFi Job Tools,Websites & Stores to Spot easy access to DeFi Job Tools, How to use each Tools (Apps) for DeFi Jobs, and How to Navigate and Optimize each of these tools for DeFi Job Opportunities.
A. Telegram in DeFi JOBS
~ You will get Introduced to Telegram in DeFi JOBS, understand its Benefits in Web3, Full Telegram Navigations, Optimizations, Account Setup as well as Special Telegram Settings you never knew about (Full Secrets Explained Within).
~ You will get Introduced to Reddit in DeFi Jobs, understand its Benefits in Web3, Full Reddit Optimizations, PRO Reddit Account Setup, Special Reddit Subsearches to Land high paying DeFi Jobs, how to easily SPOT Crypto Alpha Communities in Reddit, how to use Reddit ( Beginners to PRO Level) and Best Crypto Reddit Hashtags you never knew about ( Secrets Exposed).
~ In this Module, You’ll be provided with a full tutorial on Discord, taking you from a Beginner to PRO Level Instantly.
You will be Introduced to Discord & all it’s uses, learn how to Navigate Through Discord & Settings,
Benefits of discord in Web3, Full Discord Navigations, Optimizations, how to Setup Discord Bots & Servers and more.
In addition to these discord tutorials you’d be learning, You’ll be provided with secret websites to access over 20,000 newly launched discord NFt Crypto Communities giving you more chances to secure high paying jobs.
D. Twitter in DeFi JOBS
~ You’d be learning how to use Twitter ( Beginners to PRO LEVEL Lessons) for DeFi Jobs, Full Twitter Navigations, Optimizations, KOL Twitter Accounts to Follow, Premium Secrets and Strategies to Seal high Paying Jobs on Twitter, How to Profit from Twitter Airdrops, Best Twitter Hashtags to SPOT high paying Jobs, Premium JOB Formats to secure Jobs on Twitter with the DM Approach, How to Easily Win Crypto Twitter Thread Giveaways ( Hack Exposed), How to get Free Twitter Followers (Exposing Easy 1k – 10k hack growth Strategies).
~ You will learn about Coinmarketcap for Beginners ( Introduction), its Benefits in DeFi JOBS, How to use Coinmarketcap ( Full Beginners Tutorials), How to haunt Jobs with Coinmarketcap, How to Compare & track Digital Currencies on Coinmarketcap, and how to Land high Paying Jobs from Coinmarketcap 100%.
~ You will be introduced to Binance, understand its Benefits in DeFi Jobs, Full Beginners Tutorials on Binance CEX, Binance Spot Trading ( Full Tutorials), and Easy BINANCE Verification steps (How to Verify your BINANCE Account in 5 Mins).
G. Kukoin In DeFi & DeFi JOBS
~ You will be Introduced to Kukoin, understand its Benefits in DeFi & DeFi JOBS, Full Beginners Tutorials on Kukoin CEX and Kukoin SPOT Trading {Full Tutorials)
3. Full DeFi JOBS Hunting Secrets Strategies…!!!
~ I’ll be sharing how I got my first DeFi Jobs in Crypto with a $100 weekly pay ( Full Story), Secret Strategies to winning the heart of the project Devs & owners of the Project, Simple Job Formats & Templates info’s on getting DeFi JOBS, Full Beginners Tutorials on how to hunt for DeFi JOBS on Reddit, Job Migration haunts,
( Secret hacks explained), Spot Dev & Easy JOB Secure Strategies explained, Payments & All payments processes you should learn, Discord Job Hunting Secrets Explained.
4. DeFi JOB ROLES Fully Explained
~ You will be introduced to DeFi Job Roles with Full Explanation & examples of each, Payment Expectations of each Job Roles In any project & Community, Short Notes on DeFi Job Roles.
A. Project AMA Sections
~ You will be Introduced to what AMA Sections are, Benefits of AMA Sections in any Crypto Community, How to make money as an AMA Speaker, how to Spot AMA Sections in 9.6Secs ( Free Hack Exposed…!!!).
B. Project Giveaways
~ You will get to understand Crypto & DeFi giveaways, its Benefits to project promotion and community engagement, How to Spot free Project giveaways on Twitter.
C. Project NFT Whitelist SPOTS
~ You will be Introduced to Project Whitelist SPOTS, Uses of Whitelist SPOTS, Marketing Whitelist SPOTS in DeFi.
~You will be Introduced to NFt Free Minting, its Benefits and how to make $100+ with free Mints.
All Lessons mentioned above only makes up the Beginners module Content. From the exhaustive content outline you’ve just read through, you can tell how rich this course is.
Yet i’m not done with you. You will also be having access to the Advanced Module.
But before we dive into the Advanced module, let me briefly share my latest wins with you.
In September 2022, I paid over $450 (N315,000+) to learn Advanced DeFi Job Lessons.
I created a different Trust Wallet account to keep track of my Mber Months (September-December) Progress.
The strategies I’ll be sharing with you in the Advanced Module is what I implemented to earn over $37,000 within the ember months of 2022. Check the image below.
I’m simply giving back all I’ve learnt to help everyone who hasn’t made some profits from this Web3 Industry.
The Advanced Module section gives you the Full Professional Lessons & Tutorials as a DeFi Job Enthusiast.
Each video clip here has at least 20 mins video duration.

Session 2 (Advanced Module)

Below are Full Lessons & Tutorials you’d Learn from this Module.
~ 12+ DeFi & Crypto Ebooks worth over $100
~ Introduction to DeFi Jobs ( Pro Module)
~ Full Tutorials about Chat Engagements in DeFi JOBS
~ Full Tutorials about Collaboration Management in DeFi JOBS
~ Full Tutorials about Community Management in DeFi JOBS
~ Discord Moderation for Professionals
~ Community Management in Crypto & DeFi JOBS (Full Tutorials)
~ Landing high Paying Jobs with Cvs & Resumes
~ Landing Jobs with Voice calls
~How to make free $100 – $1k as a Telegram/ Discord Shiller
~ Passive Earnings as a Job Creator
~ Recommendation Approach
( Landing Jobs easily with recommendations)
~ Scaling Interviews ( Land DeFi Jobs in 5 minutes)
~ Social Media Marketing & Promotions
~ The Free Value Job Landing Strategy
~ The Ghost Investor Job Landing Strategy
~ Types of Managements ( Full Info’s explained)
~ Wrap up…!!! ( Quick Tips for Professionals)
~ Pro Module Videos & Information
These are the Full Contents & Tutorials you’d be getting from each Module.
Even with all these, i’m still not done with you yet. You’d be getting some premium lifetime Bonuses.
~ Lifetime Access to my Full Beginners Course fully compiled
~Lifetime Access to my Full Advanced Course fully compiled
~ My Secret Job Proposal Formats & Templates
~ 15+ Full Voicenote explanations for important Informations
~ Crypto Websites for Jobs
( Easy Job Landing hacks)
~ Web3 Full Terms & Terminology E-book/Slide
n Twitter (all Links Exposed)
~ Web3, Crypto & DeFi Freelancing Websites {All Links, tutorials Exposed)
~ 10+ Youtube Video Links that covers all about Freelancing
~Linkedin – The Big Opportunity Farm
– YT Video Links that covers all about Landing Jobs on LinkedIn
~ Web3 Freelancing for Beginners { Beginners to PRO Level) – Youtube Vid Links for Lessons & Tutorials
– Access to Solana Tools
~ Marketplace Links
~ CoinTracker Links
~ Tokens SWap Links
~ Web Solana Wallet Links
~ OTC / P2P Trading Links
~ WL Market & Submission Site Links.
~ You’d get Lifetime Access to my Private & public Communities
Are you still hesitating to take action on purchasing this course, even with all these massive offers? You can’t afford to sleep on this opportunity to land $200 weekly jobs online.
Here are more testimonials from my past students.
By now you’re wondering how much it cost to get this course…
But let me ask you. How much do you think will be a fair price to get knowledge that will save you from making mistakes figuring things out on your own?
Here is an overview of what you will learn
DeFi Jobs (Beginners Module) worth $500
DeFi Jobs (Advanced Module) worth $650
Free Bonuses Worth $400
So if I charge you $500 for the whole package, including the support group, it’s a steal…
If indeed you can learn from the course how to make at least $100 weekly in DeFi Jobs, then you should be able to get that money back in 5 weeks.
But I won’t charge you $500. Not even half of it.
Getting the course as low as $100 (70,000) is still a great deal because it promises to guide you on how to make it back on a weekly basis.
So it’s fair i keep the price at $100.
The actual price is N70,000.
But for the time being, i’d like to offer you this course for less than $100, if you act fast.

You will be getting this course at  N50,000 only.

With just N50,000 you will have access to the Beginners, Advanced and Bonus Courses all together.
Plus lifetime Access to me For Private Chats, calls, questions, Giveaway Bonuses & Lots more.
What are you waiting for?
Click the button below to get started on your journey to landing high paying DeFi Jobs.

Returns Soon To Its Original Price @ $100 (N70,000)

Anyone. Yes, literally anyone. I’ve had the privilege to coach both the old and young, parents, stay at home moms, 9 -5 workers, college students and all different kinds of people. So yes, I can coach you.
Over 258 students can’t be wrong. I intentionally included screenshots and testimonials from people that have benefited greatly from this course. In fact, this N35,000 investment has made some of them millionaires. The same can happen to you too. And its important you know that results are not typical. But if you can implement everything you learn in this course, you will come back with your success story in the next 3 to 6 months.
Yes, the course is beginner friendly. You don’t need to know anything about the crypto space to join.
YES, THERE IS. If you buy this course and implement all you’ve learnt within the first 45 days without getting results, i’m willing to return your money to you. That’s how confident i am about helping you get results.
No, there is no expiring date. Pay once and have access to the content as well as my premium mastermind group for life.
It depends on your commitment to implementing all you will be learning from the course. I have seen students land their first job in a week, 3 weeks, a month or 3 months. But I can assure you I’m available to guide you wherever you feel stuck.
Nobody is good at anything unless they learn. And the majority of my students don’t even know how to create a wallet until they learn it. And this means if you follow everything I will be showing you in the course, you will get good with things like this.


Returns Soon To Its Original Price @ $100 (N70,000)

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