The Nigerian government banned it!
The Chinese government banned it!!
Every government is against it!!!

And this is because it is the guaranteed way to make money sustainably in this sinking economy and floating inflation.


After making over $10,000 pure profits, this undergraduate shows…

How to make money legally in this digital rush with little or no capital in just 3 months or less.

Ilorin, Nigeria.

November 2021.

I don’t know what you have been through in Nigeria financially…

And I really can’t say how this present inflation and economy is treating you.

But if you are like me that is tired of this sinking economy coupled with a bad government that doesn’t want the success of the citizens…

Then pay attention to the following words because:

In a few moments from now and right here on this page…

I will be showing you the legal way (well, the Nigerian government made it illegal already) to make money that will help you…

I will take you through this legal money-making process in a moment…

But let’s face it…

I know you understand what I am already talking about.

Because unless you are living under the rock, we all know the market that the Nigerian government is so against.

And they aren’t the only ones…

China also banned this market.

And this is because they all know the financial liberation this market will render to the citizens.

And if the citizens are rich, there’s nobody they will bribe during elections again.

So pathetic.

But that’s just a necessary digression.

The point here is…

The Nigerian government doesn’t want you to be rich because they want to keep having the sole power they have over you.

And the only way you can wiggle out of this is to Japa.

Yes, leave this country for a better country like the US, UK, and even some African countries like Rwanda.

But last I remember, you can’t Japa without being rich.

At least, you need a huge amount of money to Japa and live very comfortably where you are going.

And this means you need a solid income to provide that.

Fortunately, there are many legal businesses you can dabble into and they will give you solid income.

But of all, what other ways to make a solid income than the legal (illegal)…


And here’s Elon Musk applauding cryptocurrency and calling it the future of the world.

“Paper money is going away. Crypto is a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper, that’s for sure.”

And like I said earlier, you already know what I am talking about and you are waiting for me to mention it.

I have done that.

But here’s something you need to know…

Bitcoin which is what everyone knows and the mother of all cryptocurrencies can not make you rich again.

That’s not a misword.

It has made a lot of people rich and they are the early adopters.

And unless you have $65,000 to buy 1 bitcoin as at when I am writing this…

And you can also wait between 3 to 6 months for Bitcoin to do 100% which will give you $130,000.

Then Bitcoin can not make you rich again.

But there are over 7,000 cryptocurrencies today.

And according to Coin Market Cap, which is like the registration board for cryptos…

The real numbers of cryptos in existence can’t be determined.

And among all these coins, there are new coins that will make you rich.


Because just like 2010, 2011, to 2016… there are early adopters of Bitcoin and it has made them rich.

And these new coins too will make you rich because you will be an early adopter.

But there’s a huge problem with these coins.

Some of them are scammy coins (you should expect that in a midst of 7000 plus cryptos)

And some are also called shitcoins which pump once and never again.

The problem remains…

How do I identify good coins and adopt them early?

This is the concern of people in the crypto world.

And this might be your concern in the crypto world too…

And right now, I don’t know what is stopping you from investing in the crypto market…

I understand that and I will say they are valid concerns.

And the only way to ease all your concerns about the crypto market will be revealed to you in a moment.

But I think it’s polite to introduce myself before going there…

My name is Abdul Maleek olakunle.

I am a crypto investor and trader.

And just like you, I was very naive and scared of investing in crypto earlier this year.

Not until I took a course and got to learn more about it.

Also, I believe you need a good amount of money to invest in crypto.

And even though good capital is a huge flex and it will give you more leverage to make more money earlier…

It doesn’t matter.

In fact, you can start with as little as 6000 Naira which is around $11.

And here’s Abdul that started with even N5,000 and in 24 hours, he has made N15,000

But I won’t lie to you.

It was hard for me.

As an undergraduate collecting 5000 Naira from home and I want to break out of this hook and line sinking economy of Nigeria.

I knew it would be hard and I got to work.

Even though I had a business I was running before, I couldn’t stick with it because it was not easily scalable.

More so, it requires higher capital than crypto.

And when I was introduced to cryptocurrency…

I went into it with the savings from my business then (10,000 Naira)

I was expecting it to rise immediately because the guy who taught me said crypto doesn’t bring losses.

I got to my wallet the next day and I couldn’t cry.

My last N10,000 is now N6,000.

How will I go about this?

I ran to my friend who taught and he said he forgot to tell me that it happens like that sometimes too.

He said I should try again and I tried again.

It was almost the same thing.

We were buying coins that are rug pulled (this means scam coins that only pump once)

And I started believing what people are saying about crypto.

  • It’s a scam
  • It will give you little money and take the rest from you (it has not even given me any money then)
  • They are not useful, etc.

And it was not until I took a class and subscribed to a signal group that I was able to make a good amount of money off from crypto.

It was until after this class I got to believe that crypto is not a scam

It was even until after the subscription I got to realize that finding these good coins to buy emanates from some skills.

And from there, I have been growing with these skills which I will be showing you soon.

But before that, I have turned a lot of newbies into a professional that makes money in crypto.

Here are some of them:

In fact, some of them call the coins we buy now because they are good.

And not only that, some of them are now millionaires following my teachings.

Here’s someone that turned his $500 capital to $12,000 in 4 days.

And here’s another one that wants to buy a car from the profits he makes from crypto.

And here’s also another that made over $2,000.

And many more of them that I can’t keep showing here.

We don’t have all day.

And like I said earlier…

I will be showing you how to get this skill that will help you identify good coins with potentials.

I will also be showing you what you need to do to become a millionaire in crypto.

And this is why I have compiled everything into…


Initially, I didn’t plan to bring this course to the public like this.

In fact, I don’t want the course to be known because I shared a lot of secrets inside the course.

Or why do you think Farooque said this?

Yes, it’s that valuable.

But when I saw what’s happening in the crypto industry…

A lot of newbie traders are organizing crypto masterclasses…

A lot of newbies that have only witnessed the bull season but never the bear season.

I knew I had to come out.

I knew this course needs to hit the market which is why I brought this to the public.

And in a moment, I will show you what’s included in this course and how you can lay your hands on it.

But before then, using the strategies in this course…

I will show you 3 different case studies of coins we have been able to buy and how they made us money.

Case study 1: BNB

BNB is the short form for Binance coin and it’s one of the biggest coins presently.

For context: Binance is one of the best exchange platforms where you can trade and make money.

Earlier this year around April, I was telling people to buy BNB and I also bought some.

It was just $72 then.

People thought I was speaking to myself and they didn’t listen to me.

And now?

1 BNB is worth $587.

That’s over 800% of whatever amount you invested in BNB.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s assume you invested $1000 in BNB as of April 2021 when it was $72.

You would have made over $8,000 in just 7 months (as at when I am writing this).

If that’s not huge, I don’t know what is.

Because with that money, you can live the life you want without fear of anything.

And in this course, I will be showing you what I did to identify the coin and how you can also do it.

Case study 2: SOL

May 2021…

I asked my community (which I will show you how to join soon) to buy Solana when it was $44.

And presently, Sol got to $213.99 which is over 400%.

And let’s assume you followed my call and you invested $1000 as usual.

You would make over $4000 in less than 6 months.

If that’s not soft money, tell me what is.

And in this course, I will be showing you exactly what I always look out for before I buy a coin and what I also look out for before I sell.

A lot of people don’t understand this and that’s why they always give all the money they make back to the market.

Case study 3: AVAX

You have over 2M Naira there and this money will easily eliminate any money problems you have.

And as mindblowing as these case studies are…

More and crazier results are still coming.

Because a lot of people haven’t still embraced cryptocurrencies just like the Nigerian governments.

And here’s what CNBC (one of the leading financial publications in the world has to say about crypto…

Now, look at your bank account balance…

I don’t know what you do or the businesses you own.

But I guarantee that gains like this will push your account balance to the peak and you won’t even have to suffer for money again.

In fact, you will be able to:

All because you have timely information on these coins and put a little amount of money there.

Putting these case studies in mind and knowing we got them using the strategies in this course…

Here’s a peep into the course content:


This might look so basic but I have seen a lot of my past students that initially thought they know the crypto market…

But it’s all a lie.

They only know how to open a Binance account (a crypto exchange platform)…

But there are many more exchanges than Binance.

In fact, the coin that mostly does 300% upwards is majorly not on Binance.

And in this module, I will be introducing you to Binance and these other exchanges where the top guys make money in crypto.


Now that the government can’t allow us to buy our coins with an ATM card or any bank…

P2P comes to the rescue.

This is a way to buy and sell coins to people just like the normal way you buy goods from someone and send them money.

And this is profitable because I will also be teaching you how you buy these coins from people at a very low price…

And sell to the top guys at a higher rate because they need what you have.

Not only that…

I will also be showing you how to avoid getting ripped or scammed by people you are selling to and also buying from.


As a newbie in the crypto world…

There are a lot of terminologies you need to understand to be profitable in this industry.

Things like:

  • Rugpull
  • Bull market
  • Bear market
  • Etc.

They are words you aren’t familiar with but they are 100% very important in the crypto world.

And in any industry, if you don’t learn the terminologies…

Then you will struggle in that industry.


In the crypto world, we don’t just manufacture coins to buy from our heads.

Infact, a lot of work goes into each coin we buy and this is the technical analysis.

This means we will analyze the market and predict what will happen in the market based on the past occurrences of the market.

And we have various tools we use for technical analysis like:

  • Indicators
  • Candlestick formation
  • Etc

And each one of the above examples has various examples and patterns which I will be showing you in this module.

Infact, by the time you are done with this module…

You should be able to confidently analyze a coin and buy it into profit.

Moreso, in crypto… There’s something we call futures trading.

This allows you to make money even in the bear market where all coins are dipping.

And if you know your onions (I will be showing you in this module of this course)

Then you will leave the bear market with a lot of profits like the ones below:

A trade call of Algo…

And here’s another one called Dot.

After the trade call which brought over 100% in pure profits too…

And here’s also another one…

And many more.


As if it’s not enough to know your technical analysis and can even do your technical analysis well…

I will be giving you my weekly watchlist of coins.

What this means is that I will be giving you the list of coins I want to buy weekly.

And instead of you having to search between over 7,000 cryptocurrencies that we have presently.

You will know the coins to do your analysis on and you just place your trade without stressing yourself.

It’s that simple.

NFT (Non-fungible token)

This is the new oil money in the cryptocurrency world and funny enough…

A lot of people have been hearing about it but they don’t understand how to go about it.

And in this course, I will be showing you some deep insights on NFT but before that… 

What exactly is NFT?

According to Wikipedia, NFT (A non-fungible token) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger.

NFTs can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audio

And here’s the simple definition in Layman terms:

NFTs are tokens that are irreplaceable because they are unique i.e you can only find one of them and not two.

Take a Monalisa painting for example.

The one drawn by the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci 

It can’t be exchanged or mistaken with any other Monalisa painting by another artist.

The one by Davinci is unique and it will always be more valuable.

If it’s made into an NFT, that means no other person can own it other than Davinci unless he sells it to another person.

And that sole ownership is what makes NFT valuable.

NFTs are in digital formats and they can be digital art or picture, digital music, etc.

You buy these NFTs for very low prices in hope that the price goes up (this can be determined with various things which I will be showing you in the course)

And when their price goes up, you sell them.

But that’s just the definition which is the simplest form of NFT.

The real questions now come…

  • How can I get profitable NFTs?
  • How can I make money with NFTs?

And that’s why in this course, I dedicated a whole module to answer these questions and many more.

Here’s a student of mine who bought four NFTs for $190.

And he was able to sell just 2 out of the 4 NFTs for $2400.

Isn’t that wonderful?


And that’s not even all, I also have a community where I will be dropping NFTs that will be profitable and how to sell them off.

What this means is that…

Most of the time, I will be coming with NFT signals for you, and all you need to do is just buy and sell when I say so.


  • And many more things to be unfolded in this course.

Like I said earlier, I am only giving you a peep into the course outline and this is just a fraction of everything inside this course.

And while you are already thinking of the amount you will pay to get this course…

I will satisfy your curiosity very soon and tell you the price.

But before that…


But mind you…

These bonuses are worth more than any price I will be placing on them.

Infact, some of them are worth gold without having to even include the course.

And I think the handwriting on the wall is saying…

They are not cheap and they are damn valuable so you have to take them seriously to help your crypto journey.


Firstly, In crypto…

Airdrops are free money.,

Infact, 99% of Airdrops don’t require any money from you.

All you have to do is just complete some simple tasks on your Telegram and Twitter and boom…

You will make money.

Secondly, Airdrops are like incentives or gifts that new crypto companies give to people so they can do publicity for them.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say company A wants to launch its token (coin)…

And they want a lot of people to talk about their company and new token.

They will do airdrop and tell people to retweet and repost them so more people can hear about them.

And most times, when these companies go live with their token…

The price of the token they gave you as a thank you gift will rise sporadically which means you can sell and keep your money.

Here’s an example:

Now tell me, isn’t that FREE money?

And to even make it better for you because you won’t be able to see and hear all airdrops on your own.

Infact, some airdrops will not do well even after launch.

This is why I will be adding you to my airdrop community.

This community is where we talk about the latest airdrop and I send the ones that have potentials.

Here is an example from the group.

And by the time you join, you just have to copy and paste the airdrops I will be sending to the group and you make free money.

This community alone is worth a 20k monthly subscription but you will join for FREE immediately after you get the course.


We know all courses are supposed to have a support group.

But how many of these support groups are functioning these days?

And can you see why I made this a different entity?

This is because my support group is so working.

You can always ask questions anytime you are confused about anything or maybe you want others’ sentiments on a coin.

Either I answer you or one of my experienced students answers you.

Infact, I teach and even organize live Q&A sessions to ask me anything.

And not even only that…

I drop weekly signals of coins to buy in the support group and this means you just place the trade without doing any analysis on your end.

And here is a summary of the signals I dropped in the support group for a month.

We did over 1,200% in profit which means you will 10X whatever capital you have used…

And the group is worth 10k monthly which people gladly pay.

But I will be adding you to this group for FREE when you get the xx course today.



My personal contact is only for my personal mentoring students… And they pay $200 annually to get such access to me.

And my private contact is where you can budge me with some things you don’t want others to know in the group.

Maybe you are shy or scared to talk or anything in between.

My private contact gives you access to talk to me unfiltered.

And you are getting this access for FREE when you get this xx course.



It’s not fun when you learn and understand crypto but you are not maximizing that knowledge.

And what I mean is…

There are tons of companies out there that are ready to hire you simply because you understand crypto.

Here’s an example of such job posts:

And here’s another job post:

And funny enough, you don’t need skill for some of these jobs (If you have a skill, that’s an added advantage)

And this is because they consider the crypto knowledge you have as a skill already.

Moreso, I will direct you to a place where you can learn some skills in crypto all for FREE.

These skills will allow you to earn more doing crypto jobs.

Sweet yeah?


This means even if the crypto market is in a dip, you will be making money from this crypto job.

And in this bonus section, I will be showing you:

  • Where to find the crypto jobs.
  • How to apply for them.
  • How to get chosen for the jobs.
  • How to also do your jobs easily without having any problem.

And by the time you get just one job using everything in this bonus section, you should have an extra $500 to $2000 in your pocket.

This is worth nothing less than N50,000 but you are getting it for FREE immediately after you get the course today.

You can get started with this course today and here’s how to lay your hands on it.

As you know right now that cryptocurrencies are the future of money…

And getting in as an early adopter is what will make you wealthy.

Which will in turn:

And if I am to ask you…

How much does all this worth to you?

To me, it’s priceless.

Especially when you consider you are getting:

And also when you consider the people that this crypto success blueprint has changed their life for the better which it will easily do for you.

You will agree with me that N100,000 for lifetime access is a good bargain for this course…

But you won’t be paying anything near that price today.

Because of the boom that’s happening in the crypto world today.

And because there’s really no time to waste making buying decisions (because coins that will make you money are moving already)

And because you probably don’t know me well.

I want to make it easy and hassle-free for you to also make money trading cryptos.

Which is why I have agreed with my team to cap the price at…

N45,500 for lifetime access to the course and the bonuses.

And here’s how to get lifetime access to this course and its bonuses:

Immediately you click on the big button below…

You will be redirected to Paystack (a secure payment platform) which allows different paying methods like bank transfer, card, etc.

You will pay a sum of N45,500 using your preferred payment method and after it has been confirmed…

You will be redirected to the access page of the course and the bonuses.

And boom, you are in.

  • Imagine never having to worry about money again.

  • Imagine being able to afford all you need as an undergraduate or even a married man.

  • Imagine being able to send stipends to them at home.

  • Imagine getting back the respect of your loved ones and friends

  • Imagine being able to take a vacation out of Nigeria without doing yahoo or anything illegal.

  • Imagine driving that car model you have always been fantasizing about.

All because you decided to invest N45,500 into this crypto success blueprint today.

And mind you, I don’t blame you if you still take this as a scam

This environment (Nigeria) will make you take everything as a scam.

So I don’t blame you.

But you can only be blamed even after seeing the glaring results above that crypto is not a scam… and you refused to take action.

I won’t say you will regret it because I don’t know you or your history.

But I can be sure to tell you that you will look back to this day and wished you have taken this course.

I know you don’t want this and neither do I want it for you.

And to avoid this, you are just one click away.

Mind you, I don’t do silly urgency because I feel it’s dumb.

The earlier you take action, the lesser you pay to get this life-changing course.

More so, the more you waste time, the more you shift your days to making money to the front.

Coins are pumping money every day and the earlier you get this course…

The earlier you will be able to pick these coins and make money.

It all depends on you.

And if I were you, I will get the course now by clicking the button below.

And one more thing before taking this course…

I need to let you know that the crypto success blueprint comes with…


This means…

You can’t just wake up one day and request a refund from me.

Nah Nah.

As you can see earlier, this course has made a lot of people money.

And the support and bonuses are top-notch.

If by any chance you still believe this is a scam and you don’t trust me yet…

I will advise you don’t get this course.

Because at the end of everything, we will always have disagreements because you don’t trust me.

But if you have a slight ounce of belief in me.

And you also believe this course will change your life and help you:

  • Afford whatever you need
  • Leave this rathole called Nigeria
  • Live the life you always dream of
  • Drive the car you wanted
  • Date the woman you have been eyeing for long
  • And many more…

And you also know that you will be getting:

Then click on the big button below to get the course now.

I hope to write your own success story soon too…

To your success,

AbdulMaleek Olakunle.


That was exactly why I went through the trouble of explaining everything on this page.

Scroll up to the beginning and start reading.

You will understand better.

In the course of writing this page…

I intentionally included screenshots and testimonials from people that have benefited greatly from this course.

Infact, this N45,000 investment has made some of them millionaires.

The same can happen to you too.

And I need to also let you know that result is not typical.

But if you can also implement everything in this course, you will come back with your success story in the next 3 to 6 months.

And here’s the button to get the course again:

While there is no one rule fit all…

And you know the higher the capital, the higher the profits.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start with a little capital.

And you can start with as low as N6,000 ($11)

You will keep reinvesting your profit back into the market to make a good gain.

Moreso, that’s why I included the airdrop community.

Airdrops can give you free money to start your crypto journey.

Nobody is good at anything unless they learn.

And the majority of my students don’t even know how to open a wallet until they learned it.

I was also a mini importer before I started crypto.

I learned too.

And this means if you follow everything I will be showing you in the course, you will get good with things like this.

Moreso, there’s not much work here.

Just 1 to 2hrs daily is enough for you to make money.

Also, I mostly drop signals in the support group which doesn’t require effort from you.

It’s that simple.

Nothing other than your smartphone or laptop…

A ready-to-make-money mindset.

Your capital (can be as low as N6,000)

And that’s all.

It’s not something hard because I will make everything easy for you.

Now tell me, what else are you waiting for?

Just click the button below and get the course.

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