A Call

To all coaches, course creators, aspiring course creators and business owners

who have knowledge about something!!!

Then allow me to introduce to you:

How You Can Create
And 3X Your Online Course Sales Using


The world economy is in ruins.

The amount you bought dollars last week is not the same amount you will buy dollars this week.
The common things aren’t even affordable anymore.

And without mincing words...

The only way to get outta this is to make more money so you can:

Just like it has done for Taiwo after following my Framework.

Buh it's not easy especially when you consider that:

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lucky Elohor.

Popularly called the Digital Creator Chic.

And if I’m not mistaken, you know who I’m by now.

I have taught and helped folks like you create and launch 6/7 figure online courses and also helped them get clarity in their businesses through my products and services..

I started creating and selling my knowledge through online courses & digital products when I could barely feed or have a roof of my own over my head.

All I had was a Hisense U16 phone and my knowledge.

Well, it wasn’t easy & it took me 36 months to get here after several failed launches and trial and errors until I eventually found WHAT WORKS FOR ME & not just what everyone else is doing.

This Framework has helped so many of my students in different industries across Africa

But you need to know that It’s no more news that selling your course online is not only profitable.

It’s also very simple and straightforward if you have the right guide.

So no matter the position you’re in right now…

Whether: You’re an undergraduate looking to start making money to support yourself.

Or you are a corp member looking to live life after school without struggling with the economic recession.

Or you’re even married and you’re thinking of the ever-growing bills you need to pay.

Or you just want to earn more money and build a sustainable business in this economic recession and create an evergreen product that will continue to make you money for life;

Then I’m confident I can help you.

Allow me to introduce to you:


(3x your course launch sales with the BPLP formula.)





This is by far the most important module of this course.

Here’s why I say so:

Have you ever gotten a course that won’t give you a heads up on what to expect and how to navigate the course?

How did it feel?


This is why in this module, I will be showing you:

By the time you are done with this module,


This is where we get started with the main thing.

This is the foundation of a successful course launch.

In fact, if this stage is messed up… the whole course launch will be messed up.

And without a solid course launch, you won’t make money.

Needless to say, this module is very important for you.

And this is why I will be taking you to the backend and be showing you:

Even if you have your course idea,


After validating your course idea and getting to realize is something you can sell and make a shitload of money from…

You need to start putting things in place to sell your course.

And this is why I will be showing you:

Even if you’re afraid of anything like this student below,


Here’s where we get into the toolkit required to launch your course.

You can see we are spending more time on course launch yeah?


That’s because it’s a very important and the most underrated part of selling an online course.

If not done well, the course creation and marketing will be a total waste.

This is why in this module, I will also be showing you:


Remember in module 3, I said something about funnel yeah?


This is where I will show you hands down, the tools you need to setup your funnels and how to do it so that you can sell our course on automation.

This is why in this module, I will also be showing you:

By the time you are done with this module,


Now, we are done with the course launch and the best ways to launch your course.

The next stage is now to create your course itself.

Many online coaches make the mistake of creating their course first before planning the launch strategies.

Well, that’s wrong and that’s why they mostly don’t sell well.

And this is why the course creating phase comes after planning your launch and is ready to go.

In this module, I will be showing you:

At the end of this module,


After creating and launching your online course, do you think that’s all?

Nah Nah.

A lot of things go in the backend that will keep bringing you a lot of sales if done well.

This is why in this module, I will also be showing you:

This is why in this module, I will also be showing you:

You would have gotten the right knowledge to create and 3x the sales of your course launch.

Elohor, I landed one customer today just by outlining everything I do and be clear. They've paid $500.
The sales page psychology and template helped me create and setup my sales page with ease.
Despite my busy schedule as a full time exporter, I was able to launch my online course and have made over N700,000.
You might not understand this, CLB changed my online game and gave me so much clarity.
I have produced professors who have produced professors BUT I would say You're the best teacher I have ever come across.
Started taking the course and I am impressed with what I have seen so far.

And by now, I know you are wondering how much you need to pay to get access to this course.

I will tell you in a bit.

But in my quest to make this course so valuable and useful to you…

Which will in turn bring in more money than usual for you.

I have decided to add 9 HOT bonuses for you.

Each of these bonuses is worth quite a fortune because they are used by the top guys to make them sell out their online courses and make massive money.

But right on this page today, I will be giving you every one of them for FREE. 

And here goes:


Instead of racking your brains on the emails to write for your course launch…

I will be giving you 40 different email templates that I have used and tested to launch myself and my clients’ courses and make a shitload of money.

All you need to do is just plug and play and life is soft.

These email templates is worth N20,000 but I will be giving you FREE today.


Writing a sales page is not easy just like the one you’re reading now…

It involves racking your brain on the headline, the body, and even your offer.

And this is because it is the marketing message selling your course.

So it doesn’t matter if you have the best course…

But have the wrong and worse message to promote it…

your course won’t sell.

And this is what we are avoiding.

But imagine you get some templates that show you what to include and also what to remove when writing your sales page.

Imagine seeing a template that you just input your course details and you’re good to go.

How easy will launching your online course be?

Exactly and this is why I will be giving you these sales page templates for FREE immediately after you get the CLB today.

This sales page template isworth over N25,000 but I will be giving you FREE today.


When I first started selling this online course thingy…

One of the problems I had was people telling me they will get back to me later or abandoning their carts and not buying.

I find it extremely hard to send them a message later because we were told not to be desperate in sales.

But I was losing sales and money.

What should I do?

Follow up.

And I messed it up then. I will follow up just generically and it will end in tears.

They won’t buy and they will even tell me not to send them a message again.

And until I discovered this template I want to send to you, I was always suffering from this follow-up.

Now imagine getting the same templates I used to follow up with prospects and get them to rush after me with money?

Good yeah?


This template is worth over N15,000 but I will be giving you FREE today.


One of the best launch strategies is to create a webinar and send people to the webinar.

But it’s not easy to just start creating a webinar without having a guide.

And yes, I will be teaching you how to create one that will help you sell out your online course.

But how easy will it be if you can just see a plug-and-play script created for you?

Good yeah?


This template is worth over N10,000 but I will be giving you FREE immediately after you get the CLB today.


Building a tribe on social media is like investing your money in something and going to withdraw it anytime.

It’s very profitable and will keep paying you forever.

But there are a lot of folks struggling with building their tribe on social media because it’s not easy.

People won’t trust you easily.

There are a lot of things you need to put in place to get their trust and make them always buy from you.

It took me over good 12 months to get it right but it doesn’t have to be that long for you.

This is why in this bonus module…

I will be taking you to the backend and showing you the straightforward strategies that helped me build my tribe on Instagram from 0 to over 9000 followers before I lost my account and the same strategy that I have used in building a new one to over 4,000 in less than 3 months.

And here’s what people are saying about this extra bonus

Here’s also Chesa who implemented what’s on this guide and she got over 90 posts saved on Instagram without paid ads.

And I will also show you the strategies I used in closing my first sale and hundreds more on social media.

And it’s all FREE if you get the CLB today.

Is that all the bonuses?

There’s more:


Building your tribe on social media is far easier when you can create content that resonates with your tribe.

And that doesn’t end there.

You need to have some form of engagement on your page for more people to engage with your content.

And this is not easy. I struggled with these because I had no guidance or help.

I tested everything myself and this part was extremely hard.

I sourced and created my content but no likes or comments or anything. 

Zero engagement can be frustrating.

But when I discovered these strategies I want to share them with you…

I knew I hit a jackpot.

Creating content became easier for me.

And I have tons of engagements on my content too.

More engagement = More sales.

And immediately you get the CLB today, I will give you these strategies for FREE.


Organic traffic which I have been talking about since is very slow when it comes to making money.

It’s also effective but slow.

But imagine you fast-track everything so you make money faster, isn’t that good?

Exactly. That’s what paid adverts will do for you.

And Facebook has whatever audience you’re looking for.

You just need to target them and show your course to them.

But the Facebook advert is technical.

You need to understand some stuff before you can run a successful ad.

You need to also learn how to optimize your ad well before you can be making sales.

And just like Emmanuel immediately He went through everything in this guide…

He has this to say:

And not only that…

And to get this guide is simple…

All you have to do is get the CLB and it’s yours for FREE.


Here’s also another way of selling out your online course.

Apart from free traffic and paid ads…

Another way you can use is influencer marketing.

And this simply means paying top guys that have your audience as followers so they can recommend your course to their audience.


But as simple as it sounds… not all these influencers are legit.

Not all of them have real followers.

And this is why I will be giving you the list of influencers that are trustworthy and you can use them to promote your online course.

I will give you for FREE immediately after you get the CLB today.

And immediately you get the CLB today, I will give you this guide for FREE.


Here’s where the real money is.

After setting this up… all you have to do is simply sleep and wake up to credit alert.

It will be bringing you money on autopilot.

And this is the beauty of passive income.

Sleep and forget and money keep coming to you.

I have been able to do it for myself and my clients.

And I will be giving you the strategies I used immediately after you get the CLB today.

And If I may answer what’s in your head right now…

The question is…

How much are you investing in the course launch blueprint??

You are not paying N200,000 which would be a very good bargain especially when you consider the fact that…

If you follow everything I will be showing you in this CLB, you will make back your investment money at the very least.

Here's Your Investment For CLB

Total Value: $1997

Regular Price: $111 I N55,500

Today's Price: $79 (N37,500)

Over 1.1 MILLION NAIRA IN SALES Just By Implementing One Strategy Inside CLB For Her Client…


If you’re not sharing what you know…

you are doing the world a big dishonor.

Imagine your teacher didn’t share what they knew with you… how would you have been?

Exactly. And this is a rare opportunity to learn how to share what you know with the world and also get paid in the process.

All you need to do is click on the button below. 

Total Value: $1997

Regular Price: $111 I N55,500

Today's Price: $79 (N37,500)

So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to exit this page without ever remembering whatever you saw on this page? And if that’s what you want, kindly close this page and forget you ever read anything here.

Forget it all, it’s totally fine. But don’t forget one thing… Getting successful is more like an opportunity other than luck.

Here’s an opportunity to monetize your knowledge. Here’s an opportunity to 3x your online course launch sales

And here’s one of the chances for you to change your financial position presently to whatever you want it to be in 12 months or less.

But this is not your only choice… You can get the course launch blueprint, implement whatever it’s in the course ruthlessly, and get results


And you will also get to the point where you start making money that helps you live life comfortably even in this economic recession… I.e. 

Sounds like what you want, yeah?

Click on the button below to pick a payment method for the course launch blueprint now.

All Your Questions About Course Launch Blueprint Answered

Nobody was born with a wealth of knowledge.

We all had to learn it. It’s like learning how to solve mathematics in school. The more you practice, the better you get.

And even better, when you have experienced hands guiding you. So if you don’t have any previous experience, Or you’ve never been paid online for your knowledge before…

There’s nothing to be worried about, All you need is either a skill, experience from work or life or knowledge about something you love and then follow what I show you, And be consistent with the process.

And don’t forget… You only need to be 1% better than who you want to sell to.

If you already have a laptop, that’s great!

But if you don’t have a laptop, And you have a good smartphone, You’re good to go…

You just keep the part that requires a laptop till when you get your money for a laptop or you can get someone to lend you one pending when you finish creating your course because a laptop provides a better user experience…

No, I will not take this course down but the price will keep going up as the results keep pouring in.

ALSO, you may keep going in circles or remain where you are right now if you do not take action And what that means is that: You need to get the course right now or you afford to miss out.


And the condition that can warrant you getting a refund is that;

You have to show me how you have implemented everything I talked about in this course. And if you’re still not making money after that (at least your investment into this course back)…

You can get a 100% refund.

Yes, you can. We have busy people taking this course and getting results already…

But this doesn’t take away the fact that you’ll have to put in the necessary work to make things happen.

My point is, even if you’re doing this as a side hustle, You have to be serious and consistently implement what you learn.

If you feel like you have a very very tight schedule and you can’t make out at least 3 – 4 hours PER WEEK to implement everything in this course. 

There’s no need to sign up.

No. This course does not in any way give you personal or group access to me.

It is a self-paced course that you can take at your convenience and get the desired results when you RUTHLESSLY implement all I am going to be showing you. You didn’t pay for my mentorship on other things…

However, there is an interactive support community and course comment section where you can ask questions about this course and you’ll be attended to….

And truth be told…. All that matters to me is that you implement what you learn from me and make a lot of money for yourself….

I just want you to succeed using what I show you.

Bottom line: I’ll do everything I can to make your journey as uncomplicated as possible, And if that makes me your mentor, so be it. Otherwise, this is not a private mentorship or private coaching program.

It depends on you.

But you should go at your own pace.

You can take one Module a day/week.

I recommend taking notes, and going through each module at least twice.

On average in 7 – 30 days, you should be able to complete the course and start working on yours…

Then revise and practice what you’ve learned from that module before proceeding to the next module.

This way, you’re getting everything out of the valuable information at your disposal.

And you can always keep coming back to the course if you need to get an idea or you need to setup something but don’t remember how…


Nah Nah.

This is a course I have prepared purposely for you.

It’s not a webinar I held in the past that I’m now reselling.

It’s a brand new course showing you everything that has brought in a good amount of money for me and my clients and everyone currently taking this course…

And how you can also utilize everything to sell out your course and start making money.

So, you see that I have put in so much work into creating this course…


You have a login username and password that gives you access to your personal dashboard. The videos are not downloadable because I don’t want people sharing out my valuable stuff.


98% of the course is all videos where you look over my shoulders at how I do it. There are some PDFs and worksheets as well as fill in the blank templates that will also help you… 

How does 2-year unrestricted access sound to you? Not bad right? Yes. Just click on the button below to get the course now.

30 Day  Money Back Guarantee

I have put in 110% effort on creating this course, so I’m convinced that you will get results just like everyone of my student WHO IMPLEMENTS the strategies inside CLB.

Therefore, Here’s my GUARANTEE TO YOU 

When YOU IMPLEMENT THE STRATEGIES inside Course Launch Blueprint & do not get at least your investment into this course back then simply let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund every penny you paid, with absolutely no questions asked.

Lucky Elohor

Digital Creator Chic.


Here’s More Of What Our Students Are Saying About Course Launch Blueprint

Elohor provided everything I needed to launch my very first course and I still go back to CLB even now.
I cannot graduate from CLB because every time I go back to the course, there is always a new experience and something new to take out.
Working with and learning from Elohor changed so much in my business and I have been able to meet a lot of my financial goals after I met Elohor.
I joined CLB because of what I have learned from just your free content and I made sacrifices to be able to get into CLB because I was convinced I would get result and I am happy I did.
Elohor helped my business grow by helping me with my pricing structure as well as content strategy to sell my offers.
CLB is a great course that you can never graduate from because it is something you have to always keep going back to.
My field is a very special one and never believed that I can even sell a course, but Elohor helped me turn just one idea into several courses
You make TECH so easy and you simplify things a lot through your teachings. You course helped understand a lot of things that were not clear to me before now..


Here’s The Gist & Everything You Need To Know

Total Value: $1997

Regular Price: $111 I N55,500

Today's Price: $79 (N37,500)



Elohor provided me with not just clarity for my course launch but also my business and I made 1.5 Million naira in my first course launch after taking CLB.
Implementation is key to getting results with CLB...

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