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  • The 4 factors that you need to implement in your online course to make it sell like hot cakes the moment you list it on any affiliate platforms.

  • You’ll discover the 3 most effective questions to ask to help you create your course contents.

  • You’ll find out the 5 areas that will allow you to select a profitable course topic for your course.

  • You’ll discover the 15 most lucrative niche topics and their sub-topics that you can build your course around.

  • You’ll discover the 5 things you need to arrive at your own topic for a course, even if you’ve never written a course before.

  • You learn the 5 things needed to become what we call the “In The Process Expert” which is one factor that helps you create courses that sell.

  • Find out what it takes to create a course curriculum or course contents.

  • Discover the 5-step guide that expert course creators take to plan their course.

  • Find out the best and most favoured format for your online course, and why this will continue to get you the most patronage over time.

  • Watch over my shoulder as I show you a case study on how I created a course from start to finish [You’ll see the recording, tools I used, and the processes involved]

  • Find what a Video Sales Letter [VSL] is and how to create a world class VSL that will sell tons of your online course.

  • Find out the solution to reasonably pricing your course and the 5 factors that determines your course price.

  • Discover the 5 things that help you to justify a price increase for your online course once it becomes a best seller.

  • Discover what a Sales Funnel is, and why you need to create a Sales Funnel for your online course.

  • Find out why your online course will fail without a Sales Funnel and how a sales funnel could help you do a regular 6 or 7 figure income each and every month selling your course online.

  • Find out the 10 ways to multiply your online course sales so that you have a potential of selling 5,000 copies of your course, your first year.

  • And many many many more…

Behold! The Many Success Stories Of Joe Okoro’s Students!

Mobolaji Victor

Here’s The Success Story of Mobolaji – a Fresh Student of Joe Okoro Who Started Doing 6-Figures After a Coaching With Joe Okoro.

Seun Johnson

After going through Joe Okoro’s Advanced coaching program, Seun Johnson generated over 600k, within 30 days in affiliate commissions.

Barrister Deji

Barrister Deji is a very loyal, smart, intelligent student, and An e-commerce Expert who went through the Work With Joe coaching and made millions thereafter.

Gboyega [De Prof]

Gboyega [De Prof], started from scratch, and after being coached by Joe Okoro, he started doing 7- figures in monthly income.

Dr. Jay Ugwu

Dr. Jay Ugwu is one of my highest earning students, who owns 4 websites doing multiple 7-figures consistently every single month.

Prosper Noah

Listen as Prosper Noah who went through my coaching program and also purchased my Whatsapp online course explains how he did 140k in few days.

Olagbaju Dotun

Olagbaju Dotun transforms his affiliate marketing business after going through one of Joe Okoro’s online courses.

Dr. Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert is one of my students whom I coached from scratch to hit 6 Figures, then later went on to scale up to 7-Figures and he quit his poorly paid job as a medical practitioner.

Jesujoba Alade

Jesujoba Alade learns how to target & understand his customers and builds his online business after going through Joe Okoro’s group coaching program.

Limited Time Discount!

Get This Course for A Very Special Limited Time Discount. After This, It Goes Up to the Normal Price of N40,000!

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Limited Time Discount!

Get This Course for A Very Special Limited Time Discount. After This, It Goes Up to the Normal Price of N40,000!


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