Do you know that the Average Graphic Designer earns more than $33,380 in a year? Crazy!

Whether they work as a Freelancer or for a Company. Allow me to show you the easiest way to learn and master graphic design in less than 30 days.

I'm about to break down..

This top earner's skill & technics which I used in training & sponsoring myself throughout my University level and still earning and making lots of money from it. Even as a total beginner / novice, I will hold you by the hands and teach you step-by-step till you get to the PRO level.

I created this A-Z Graphic Design Course for these Major reasons

To Learn and Earn

To help complete newbies learn Graphic Design and how to make at least 100,000 naira monthly from it.

To Help save Cash

To help small business owners learn how to create better designs for themselves and ultimately save them a truckload of cash.

To help Master the Skill

To help active Graphic Designers better their skills and make more money than they currently do.

To provide Employment

Those who are tired of your countless unsuccessful job hunts.

To Give Society back

My own way of giving back, sharing my knowledge and experience so far.

To generate Cash Independently

To make money for yourself from this profitable skills that you've learnt.

Here are some of the results that beginners of less than 2 weeks are getting (After implementing)...

This Amazing Course Features...

Lifetime Access to the course

Nobody is going to take this course from you! It's all yours till whenever. The course will only be updated with new videos and you will learn from every updated content provided available for you.

Secret Premium Websites

I made available all the website links I visit to produce quality and attractive designs for you. You don't have to crack your head for this when needing aids to make your designs possible.

A Complete Graphic Design Video Course (A-Z)

This course contains a full detailed step-by-step video that explains this skill & technics in a way you will best understand it. You can never see it this complete elsewhere!

Thousands of Graphics resources

I made available to you more than 2,000 graphic design resources in this course to fast-track you to mastery and achieving your design goals in the shortest time possible.

Active Mentorship

You don't have to worry yourself about anything, you will have access to the course creator's contact and access to the support group where you will be helped whenever you need help.

Pro Softwares (Cracked Version)

Most people find it hard to get graphics softwares into their PC, in this course i provided you with free softwares and how to install them.

eBook Guide (PDF)

An easy to understand eBook is attached to this course which will give you more insight and understanding of this course from start to finish.

Creative Softwares

Yes! It is undebatable that Photoshop and Corel Draw are not just the most talked about softwares but also the most creative softwares in the world right now with lots of features on them.

Personal Design Templates

As a way of helping you reach a top level in the shortest time possible, I provided you with my Personal Design templates which you can use to get more insights.

Certification On Completion

Because the Course creator is a Fully registered Brand, A certificate of completion will be issued to you instantly afterward.

Frequent  Updates

The course will be updated time from time. What this means is that more resources and up-to-date knowledge in form of videos will always be made available to you even after you have purchase it.

 Video Testimonials from Students

Packaged With this Course Is FREE Premium Bonuses (Thousands Of Design Resources)

Pack Valued at N650k But I will be giving them to you at Zero cost!

You will only be paying a commitment fee to get access to the full graphic design course and the mentorship that comes with it. This, you won't get this anywhere.

The value for this is N150,000.

I have made so much money from this skill and I will be happy to teach you same till you start making so much from it too. 

150k is nothing compare to what you will get on a gig. Just a gig can give you x2 and more of this.

But to not give you reasons to close this page and lose out, and because I want to support you, I'm giving you over 85% off the value of this course and that's N20,000 if you are getting it today.

I also Attached an easy-to-understand eBook to facilitate your learning and help you to comprehend the training effortlessly.

At the end of the course, you will be able to use Photoshop, Corel Draw, or Canva to make amazing designs like these:

Meet the Creator 


Nedu Michaels (Founder Nedu Graphics) is a creative graphics designer with innovative ideas, and a unique approach to visuals who have over the years utilized his profession and technical skills to develop outstanding creativity for print media, online website, and advertising.

He is methodical with solid attention to detail and a powerful understanding of marketing principles and advertising techniques. He is also an Enthusiastic team player, has a customer-focused approach to work, and has a strong drive to see things through to completion.

To utilize my theoretical knowledge in applied form and look forward to a bright career that emphasizes learning, innovative thinking, and originality. My ideal goal will be one that would add value to creativity and value thinking out of the box.

On more notes, "Nedu graphics" Brand has won so many award in the field of graphics due to their high creative experience as well as working for top companies and brands.

Some Of the AWARDs...

Learn from the Best...

Frequently Asked Questions

When I will get access to the courses?

You will be redirected to access your purchased course immediately or you get an access link from your email inbox instantly.

Will I have lifetime access to the courses?

Yes, you have the courses with you forever and you will get free updates regularly.

Do I get resource files?

Yes, more than 2,000 premium resources(that worth thousands of money) are attached to the course. All for you.

What will I do if I have a question?

Once you enroll, you will have access to my mentorship, where you can ask questions and share your progress.

Will I be able to work as a graphic designer after the courses?

If you finish all the courses and practice well, you will definitely be able to take freelance jobs in the field

Can I work with you?

Yes, you can join our referral program, with each sale you bring to our platform you get 25% of the profit. If you want to join you will need to contact us via Email.


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