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If You Are Not Earning Up To N300,00 Monthly in This Crazy Economy That Is About To Get Worse…Then You Should Discover how I Easily Make More Than 350k Monthly, Installing Car Trackers Just 2-3 Hours Only Weekends.


Do You Know The Best Part?

You don’t need any experience or a school certificate…or any Technical or computer skills…You only need 3-4 hours a week… some cheap tools and a determination to increase your finances, to the level you don’t have to do complex Maths in your head before you spend money. 

Needed Tools For Car Tracking Intstallation..
Don't Sleep On This. See The Alert Yourself
Don't Sleep On This. Hear This Yourself

Here is the great news!

I’ve organized a 3 days exclusive class where I revealed how I started and how you too can start to make 200k+ every month installing trackers in just 2 hours.. 

Sounds unbelievable right?

Well if I could do it, then anybody can do the same too.

You only need the right guidance from an expert that has been in the job for awhile. And that is what I’m offering you on a platter in this 3 day exclusive webinar.

Click that link below to save your spot now, If you want an extra 200k+ in your bank account.


I know the class would fill up fast. So don’t miss this opportunity.

You will discover the secrets I have used since 2018 to constantly bring in nothing less than #300,000 installing trackers for only 2 hours.

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Acquire a new skill


Start a weekend job


-Make extra cash in 2022


-Be free from debts


-Prove to people that you’re not a failure


-Comfortably take care of yourself and family(the way you’ve always wanted to)

Dear Friend,

If you would love to discover how I freed myself from debts… bought my first car… earned the respect of my family, friends, and those who called me a failure… By making #350,000 and more every month installing trackers, and how you can do the same in the next 28 days…

So you can: comfortably take care of your family, survive the worsening economic condition of our country, make extra money to afford the things you want…. Then this is going to be the most important information you’ll read this year.

Hi, my name is Prince Ikenna. You might know me from my company Zerobounds

A few years ago, I made a drastic decision. 

I decided to quit my job as a private school Principal, because I was tired of earning peanuts while working my ass off from 7:30AM till 6:00PM everyday!

During the first 9 years after my graduation, I worked as a secondary school teacher with some private schools and even rose to become a principal in one of those schools. PICTURE DON’T LIE, SEE BELOW

My experience in teaching really showed me that indeed teachers’ reward is in heaven. My monthly take home was always not enough to take me home. No matter how I tried, I always found myself borrowing before the next salary came. This was worsened by the fact that the salaries were often delayed, sometimes to the tune of 3 months in arrears

As the first son in my family, I had younger ones who looked up to me for financial help as my parents had managed to see me through the university, but yet I couldn’t take care of myself not to talk of helping another person. At this point, I became confused and depressed.

I always asked myself- “is this how my life would be? Always broke, always wondering where my next food would come from…

‌However, what kept me going was my burning desire to succeed. In 2018, I decided to take the bull by the horn by quitting my job as a school principal. This I did without having any other job in focus. 

Within this same period, one guy I consider as a business mentor Mr Pat Ogidi (you should know him) sent me an e-mail informing me of a one day car tracker installation training that he intends to organize  at his base in Lagos.

I made up my mind to use my last savings to travel from Abuja to Lagos for the training. Both the trip and the training cost me up to N100K.

Upon my return to Abuja I quickly moved to put my knowledge into practice. The first installation I did was in a friend’s Toyota Camry and it went well.

With that, I started scouting for customers via word of mouth. I must say that since 2018 till date, my life has changed beyond my imagination.

From this singular skill, I’ve been able to help train my siblings in school, establish other businesses, buy a car and even get married. 

I just narrated this story to let you know that if I, who has no form of engineering or technical background could succeed in this business, then you too can do the same. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do right now, all it takes is a determination to change your financial status: IT IS EITHER YOU SUCCEED OR YOU SUCCEED!

Do you know the best part of car tracker installation?

This is a skill that you can master easily in 2 weeks and start offering it as a service to: Big organizations, Government officials, Churches, Private bodies and hosts of others.

Another amazing thing about tracker installation is:

Getting an extra source of income that pays you nothing less than 200k every month is not a choice anymore, it is a MUST especially in our country. As if the rate of poverty and suffering in the country is not enough, just a few months back the government started the plans to remove the fuel subsidy. Do you know what that means? Increase in poverty… The cost of everything in the market would skyrocket… only people that earn high income every month would be able to survive it.


That is why I said in the beginning, if you’re not earning upto 200k a month, seriously you are in trouble.



1Kg Gas= #800

A bag of rice= #25,000

Cost of living= so high.


…on and on it goes

I hope you see the reason you should not miss any opportunity to increase your income.


And now, I am going to show you an opportunity; you don’t even have to work everyday, you don’t need to sell anything or go around looking for customers.


You can agree with me that the rate of insecurity in the country is insanely very high, and everybody is desperately looking for a way to protect their life and property.
And one of the most cherished properties people have is their Cars..
That is where you come in.

As a car tracker installer, you offer to protect one of people’s most cherished property
And I can tell you for free, that people would beg you to take their money, if you offer to protect their most priced property.
Think about this for a second… If you just got a new car, let’s say a “Mercedes Benz G63 AMG”.

And someone told you they can protect your dream car from car thieves, by installing a car tracker in your car- how much would you be willing to pay?

As for me I would pay any amount… This is the same way car owners would pay you up to 40k just to install car trackers that do not take more than 2 hours.


And car owners include; Big organizations, Car companies, Government officials, Private organizations, Schools, and even Churches… The last car installation my mentee did was for a popular transport company here in Nigeria. Imagine installing car trackers for more than 15 cars, the guy hammer overnight


The interesting part is- This car tracker doesn’t take more than 2 hours to install. You can install a tracker in 2 hours, get paid… go back to work if you have a job, or go do whatever you wish with your time.


I can’t believe you’d still ask that. But I will show now

you’re paid up to #40,000 for installing a car tracker in one car for only 2 hours.

Let’s Do the math; 

40k for one installation, for the sake of this example, let’s say you do 2 installations in a day-

That is 2 x 40k… #80,000 in a day!

Then multiply that by 1 week…by 1 month.


Now Imagine what that extra extra cash from installing trackers would do for you…

It is POSSIBLE for you to achieve all these, by working for just 2 hours installing car trackers.
This means- You can do this only on weekends if you wish. or do this as a part-time or side hustle, if that’s what works for you.


Remember, You don’t look for customers, you’re in hot demand as a car tracker in this country. Take a look at this; Even The National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) aka “The Road controllers” confirms the high demand of installing car trackers as a result of insecurities.

Watch this short testimonial video 1
Watch this short testimonial video 2
Watch this short testimonial video 3
Watch this short testimonial video 4
Watch this short testimonial video 5

So when I say the demand for car tracker installers is crazily high, you now understand why. That means more money to make as an installer. 

The funny thing is that there are only a few tracker installers in the country. People overlook this ‘on-a-regular’ money printing business and keep chasing after businesses that are over saturated{everybody is doing the same thing} that are not even in high demand. 

…And that is why you might not have succeeded in the previous businesses that you did. It’s saturated, everybody is doing it. 10 people fighting over 1 customer. But with Car Tracker Installation; Customers look for you, your demand is high.


I understand your fear, I had that same thought too when my mentor- Pat Ogidi invited me to come learn this skill that changed my life.


I kept asking “how would I learn this skill” when the only thing I knew about cars was how to open and close a car booth!


But in the space of 2 weeks, I had learned everything…after 4 days I successfully did my first installation. And since I started in 2018 up until now… I have made 7 figures and counting just from installing car trackers.


That is why I believe you can do this too. You are probably better than I was with cars 5 years ago.


As long as you can read this letter to you, you can easily master how to install a tracker and massively change your financial status in the space of 28 days.

I Have Made Everything So Easy For You, By Creating A Step-By-Step Car Tracker Online Mentorship Programme. That Reveals Exactly How Anybody, Even A Grandpa Can Start To Profit 200k+ Monthly Installing Car Trackers

I started this online mentorship programme to expertly guide you on everything I know about mastering and profiting from the car tracker installation business.


So you can go from “I can not change a car tyre”… to successfully Installing car trackers for big organizations and companies and getting paid.

This online programme is a very practical one that shows you, step-by-step all you need to know about Car tracker installation, even if you can’t drive a car.

You’re going to be surprised at how easy and practical it is.  I told you it’s 100% practical.


Each module in this mentorship programme won’t take more than 1 hour of your time, so even if you’re a busy person, you work a 9-5 job; you can easily finish the videos in 1 week and 3 days.


The car tracker installation practical videos are arranged in a way that you can access it anytime, easily and for a lifetime using your phone or a laptop.

I revealed all the secrets of the car tracker installation business that others wouldn’t tell you. Including how to position yourself to start getting customers like immediately

Especially now the economy of our nation is in a terrible shape and would get worse.


The mentorship contains every single secret and hacks you need to succeed in this business. It is divided into different thoroughly explained short modules…


Take a look at some of what is contained in this your life changing programme: 


  • An introduction to car tracker installation- This is an intensive breakdown of everything about car tracker installation, including the terms and terminologies that would help you speak like an expert.
  • Before you go module- this module reveals to you all you must do at home before you go for an installation
  • Introduction to the tools of the skill– They are easily sourced tools. In this module you will learn the uses of these tools and how to efficiently use them to save time. How to practice what you’ve learned in real life, before working for a customer- You will learn the special way I teach my students to practice for fast understanding.
  • The different types of vehicles you will meet in this job and how to install a tracker in each of them- You will discover the best vehicle to work on, and the vehicle you absolutely avoid.
  • You will discover the special way to price your services- that your clients happily pay you without much back and forth.
  • Positioning: In this module, you will discover how to position yourself as an expert. So you attract customers, and make them come back for your services. Instead of running after them- This is a business secret you will hardly learn anywhere.
  • Different installation procedures- This module teaches you the different ways to fix the trackers in the vehicle. You will learn the easiest procedure to use, so that you don’t spend more than two hours on every vehicle.
  • Activation procedures- This module teaches a secret method to easily activate the tracker for your clients by simply sending SMS commands.
  • The easiest way to get a license and become a licensed car tracker installer- This allows you to work with government agencies and high-profile personnel. And many more…

    Remember, this is everything you need to know to start your own car tracker installation business, and each module won’t take more than 1 hour of your time. 

    When you are done with this mentorship, you can now confidently work for and get paid upto 40k per installation by; Big organizations, companies, Government agencies, Churches and Private bodies…literally everybody that has a car. Because nobody wants to lose their property.


You’re probably wondering how much I will charge for this life changing course.

If you ask around, you’re going to discover only a few people agree to teach others this skill, I believe you know the reason by now.

And those few people that do teach, charge nothing less than #50,000 to do that. You’re free to do some research to satisfy your curiosity.

But, because I want this course to be accessible to anybody that truly has decided to leave that grassroots level. 

I will not ask you to pay 50k for this comprehensive video course…

You are not even paying half of that

I believe no one, absolutely no one deserves to live a miserable life because of lack of money, especially in our country, where poverty is seen as a disease…and the poor are treated like trash. There is enough to go around.

That’s why I decided to give you access to this course for a commitment fee of   #20,000.

Yes, you heard that right.

#20,000 to access everything you need to start your own high-demand car tracker installation business

#20,000 you will get back on your first job.

Do you remember our little math, up there?

For 1 installation job, you’re paid up to #40,000. And maybe just because, you don’t want more than 3 jobs a day, You did 3 installations in a day… That is 3 x #40,000 = #120k in 1 day

So you see the commitment fee of #20,000 is just stealing from me.

TO SWEETEN THIS DEAL- I will be adding two amazing bonuses that would make you even more money;

1. My list of suppliers; You will be getting a list of my tracker suppliers, where you can get   the trackers at a very cheap rate. You can even resell it at a much higher price and that means   more  cash for you. This single information cost me #30,000, but you’re getting it for free if you   grab this Video course today.

2. The business of Car Tracker installation; I will teach you how to start a full-time profitable car   tracker installation business. You will learn the “ins and out” of starting your own fool-proof   installation business. This on its own cost #40,000… again it’s yours free when you get access   to this video course.

3. Link with an experienced installer: For your first installation job, you will be linked with an experienced installer that would stand behind you and guide you do a perfect clean job.

 You can’t get this mind-blowing offer from anywhere, ever. I know it.

I suggest you shouldn’t leave this page without grabbing this “once in a while” great opportunity. Let me give you another shocking reason why you should not miss this offer now

This video course won’t be available for too long, you probably won’t see it the next time you check for it. Why?

I will be soo busy with clients, and I won’t have the time to offer this programme, at least for a while. And I’m considering raising the price of this programme, because I put so much into the programme to ensure you 

So, this is the best time to change your financial story, or you can decide to remain where you are, just don’t complain when you see others winning.

Don’t allow #20,000  be the reason you decide to remain in poverty and always complain of lack of Money.


This is your chance to rewrite your story, if you’re willing and ready to make your family proud.

Make 200k To 500k Monthly Running Car Tracking Business

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