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The Safest, Most Guaranteed Method For Importing Clean Tokunbo Cars From the US to Nigeria Within 5 Weeks While Saving Anything From N300,000 - N1.5m On Each Car Purchase

​Finally, you can buy fairly used cars online from the comfort of your home while saving hundreds of thousands of Naira for every new car you buy using a simple 5-step process 97% of Nigerians do not know

Dear friend,

Please take a good look at the SUV below.

​It is a clean Ford Edge 2010 model

Right now, if you walk to any car dealer shop in Nigeria and ask for the price, the lowest price you will get is N3.5m

But you know what?

I imported this SUV for a friend in October 2018 and the total cost for importing, shipping and clearing it at the customs is N2.7m (thereby saving N800,000)

​Here is the Breakdown:

​(1) Cost of buying car - $4100 (N1,496,500)

(2) Cost of shipping to port - N54,750

(3) Cost of shipping to Nigeria - N438,000

(4) Cost of clearing at customs - N720,000

TOTAL: N2,700,000

​The Best Part is...I ​Processed Everything From My Mobile Phone!

The only part of the entire process that took me outside was when I had to go to the bank to send money for the car payment.

Apart from that, every other thing was done from my mobile phone.

Like I said earlier, I helped a friend to import this car and he paid me N150,000 for the service because I helped him save N800,000 which he used to make a down payment for a plot of land in Lekki.

I wrote this because I know that there are other people who would like to save a substantial amount of money on every car purchase that they make.

Are you one?

Are you thinking about buying a new car and would like to save anything from N500​​​​,000 to as much as N1.5m per car purchase?

​If yes, then this will be the most important message you will read this year.

Here is why:

My name is Shina Saseyi. I live and work in Lagos state and since 2011, I have imported over 150 Tokunbo cars from the US and Canada.

I have imported both high priced cars and low cost cars.

I have imported cars like: Toyota Corolla, Range Rover, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Venza, Ford Edge etc from America while saving as much as N1.5m on some of them

​​Here Are Some of the Cars I Imported Recently:

Toyota Matrix 2005 (Total import cost - N1,376,000) Market price is N1.7m

Lexus ES-350 2008 (Total import cost - N​2,950,000) Market price is N3.5m

Dodge Charger 2009 (Total import cost - N​2,150,000) Market price is N2.8m

​Since I started importing cars in 2011, all the cars I imported have arrived safely at the port and the minimum amount I have been able to save on a single car purchase is N500,000.

Think about that.

That is half a million Naira.

I am able to do this over and over again because I have a 5-step simple, guaranteed and safe blueprint that I follow each time.

If you could save at least N500,000 on a new car, the question is why are you wasting that money on a car dealer instead when you can simply buy the car yourself?

​This is Money That Should Be In Your Pocket

The only benefit you get from buying a car from a dealer is that you get your car instantly.

Unless you have to buy a car urgently, I don't see why you should go and dash a car dealer all that extra money.

This means that if you buy one car this year, you’ll throw away at least five hundred thousand naira…Chai!

If you buy two cars (maybe for yourself and your wife, that’s at least =N=1,000,000 million Naira down the drain)

And all you need to do is follow my 5-step car import process, wait 5-6 weeks and your car will show up.

​So How Does This 5-Step Car Importation Process Work?

STEP ONE: Find the car you want on any of the 2 special websites I will introduce you to.

These 2 websites always have tens of thousands of cars listed everyday at very special prices.

STEP TWO: Research your car

Find the best car on sale for the lowest price possible. The cheapest price doesn’t always mean best deal. I’ll show you a unique way to select the best quality cars for the best lowest possible prices.

STEP THREE: Investigate The Car You’ve Decided To Buy

Before you ever pay for any car, you’ll NEED to get an 18-point report car health report from the USA National Car Database, an independent government body.

These reports are not from the car seller or dealer so it cannot be forged, or altered or manipulated. Don’t ever pay without this report.

STEP FOUR: Pay For Your Choice Car, Plus Shipping

After the inspection, you can purchase the care. When you purchase any vehicle you want at a good price, you inform a Shipping Company Online.

The Shipping Company will send a driver to go and pick up the Car from the Auction-site to the nearest Port where the Car will be shipped to Nigeria.

STEP FIVE: Have Your Car Delivered And Take Possession

After you make the payment, your car will be delivered to the Tin-Can Wharf in Lagos within 5-6 weeks at most.

When this happens, I will then introduce you to the exact Customs official and agent who will help you with the clearing at the lowest possible price.

When you follow this simple 5-step car importation process;

•    You will buy your dream car at a reasonably cheap price.
•    It will be a strong durable car and
•    It will not give you any problems ever!

​Again, the good part of all these is that you do not have to talk to anyone on the phone throughout the entire process.

And this isn’t because they are hiding away or anything like that, no. It’s simply because the buying process is so organized... so straight-forward... and so transparent, you have no need to speak to anyone personally.

Your Money Is SAFE!

You Will Be Protected!

And go and use your saved money for other things that will improve your life.

Now I Don’t Know Who You Are But I Am Sure You Are Either of These 3 Groups:

(1) YOU ARE AN EMPLOYEE who just got a car loan from your company to buy a car.
Do you want to waste that loan on a bad car, knowing fully well that you will have deductions made from your salary every month to cover the loan?

And that you cannot go to your company and say, “Well you know guys, the car I bought is bad, so can I stop paying back the loan?”

(2) YOU ARE A BUSINESSMAN OR ENTREPRENEUR who wants to buy a new car. Would you rather get it at a very exorbitant price when you can reinvest that extra N500,000 or more into growing your business and making more money?

(3) OR MAYBE YOU ARE A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE and you’ve saved up money for months to buy your car.

Would you want to go give it to a car dealer who will sell you a junk car disguised as new that will have you sitting around in a mechanic’s workshop every few days, biting your fingers in regret.

Whoever you are...

Would you rather give that extra N500k - N1.5m to a car dealer or spend it on yourself?

If your answer is yes, then I have good news for you.

You can start buying new Tokunbo cars yourself using the same process I have used since 2011 to import more than 100 cars.

As you know, with this method, you will be able to save at least N500,000 on each car purchase.

Whenever I talk to people about this, initially they are skeptical but after trying it once, they get hooked.

If you are planning to buy a car yourself, you too can have this method in your hands in less than 24 hours after reading this and using it, you will be able to save yourself at least N500,000 per car.

​Here Is the Good News:

I have created a step by step ​blueprint that walks you through my simple 5-step process for importing cars from the US at a cut cost price.

This blueprint takes you by the hand and shows you what to do step by step from finding the car you want to buy, paying for it and getting the car delivered to your house in Nigeria.


The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint

This ​blueprint​ walks you through everything you need to know from A-Z about buying fairly used cars from the US and getting it delivered to you here in Nigeria.

It also explains what you should look for when buying cars. E.g.The body of the car, the colour of the car, the price, the mileage etc – You will learn more in this report.

This report also highlights every mistake that you must avoid when buying a car from America.

As far as I am concerned, there is no other report like this anywhere in Nigeria

Inside the ​Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint​,​ You Will Also Discover the Following:

  • ​You will learn the main auction sites where you can get special car deals in America and how to register with them

  • You will discover the ONLY 25 states where you should buy your car from in America (if you buy outside of these 25 states, you are on your own)

  • You will learn about the 3 types of cars that you can buy on these auction sites and which ones to avoid

  • You will discover the 4 types of bidding that you can use to buy these cars

  • You will understand how to safely make payments for the car you are buying using ATM card, wire transfer or a cashier cheque

  • You will discover the 3 major methods you can use to safely ship the car you bought from America down to Nigeria within 5-6 weeks

  • You will get the contact details of the exact shipping company in America that I have been using to ship my cars since 2011

  • You will discover how you can easily clear the cars you bought from the customs without having to leave the comfort of your house

  • How to save at least 15% off the cost of your new car by changing the kind of shipping option you choose
  • The single best way ever discovered to buy a car on this website... and... buy it fast!

  • The single best thing you must do when buying your car to avoid losing money!

  • A simple way to know if a car’s mileage has been tampered with (most cars with low mileages have been adjusted)

  • How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of buying a durable efficient car!

  • 5 deadly mistakes most car buyers make when buying their cars and how to avoid them!

  • How to sell your current car fast and easily for enough money (if you want to do so)
  • ​But That Is NOT All…

    ​When You Get this Car Importation Guide Today, You Will Also Get the Following Bonuses:

    BONUS 1: 7 Car Buying Tutorials:

    These 7 helpful videos walk you through:

    1. How to search for any type of car you want

    2. How to buy a car directly without bidding for it

    3. How to buy cars through bidding

    4. How to make payments

    5. How to buy cars at auction by pre-bidding for it

    6. How to ship your cars after buying

    BONUS 2: How to Buy Extra Cheap Salvage Cars & Remodel them Into Clean Cars

    ​Salvage cars are cars that have been damaged and are therefore sold for extra cheap prices. And the custom duties on such cars are lower too.

    You could buy a salvage car, ship it to Nigeria and remodel it.

    Many of the cars that car dealers sell are salvaged cars that have been remodeled.

    While a clean car can cost N1.5m in total, a salvage car of the same make can arrive at N1.2m after remodeling, thereby helping you to save some extra money.

    This bonus report is about how you can take advantage of these salvage cars.

    BONUS 3: My Personal Contact to Support You​

    ​As an extra bonus, I am also going to give you my phone number and contact details to assist you when you want to go through the car buying process or when you need any extra assistance.


    Right now, you can get the "Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint" plus the special bonuses for...

    ​N15,000 Only

    Why N15,000?

    First, you and I both know this type of information is worth more than N250,000.

    Even if all you do with this information is to buy ONE car with it and save N500,000, that is a lot.

    And the best part is that if you decide to sell the car after using it for some time, you can get a good price for it

    Secondly, think about the additional money making opportunities this knowledge can bring to you.

    With this knowledge, you can start a business where you charge people money to help them import their cars from America.

    If you charge only N200,000 per car and you only do this for 5 people in a year, that will be an extra N1m for you.

    As you can see, paying N15,000 for this information is far little compared to what you stand to gain.

    ​​​ Don't Wait Another Second. Grab Yours NOW. 

    Please, realize that the price of N15,000 is a test price for this product. This means I might review the price and it could go up at any time.

    You could come back to this page by next week and the price could have gone up to N25,000 which is still worth it.

    So, don’t delay.

    Click the ORDER button below to get the “Cut Cost Car Importation Guide" and the accompanying bonuses for N15,000 only

    ​​NOTE: (Price could go up to N25,000 anytime)

    ​At This Point, You Have 3 Choices:

    ​(1) You can try to figure out the process of buying cars from America on your own and waste a lot of time and money in the process.

    (2) You can go ahead and pay an extra N500,000 or more on the next cars you buy when you could have used the money to do something better.

    (3) Or you can just purchase this report for just N15,000 and use the simple step by step process in it to save N500,000 or more when buying cars.

    Again, Here is What You Are Getting For N15,000 Only:

    (1) The “Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint”

    (2) BONUS 1: 8 Car Buying Tutorial Videos

    (3) BONUS 2: How to Buy Extra Cheap Salvage Cars & Remodel them Into Clean Cars

    (4) BONUS 3: My Personal Contacts

    You can make payments using your ATM card or by direct deposit to the bank.

    Click the buy button to get the entire car importation package now.

    ​Once your payment is successful, you will be given instant access to the digital version of the product with the bonuses included so that you can download everything.

    ​Some Commonly Asked Questions:

    What is the "Cut Cost" Car Importation Blueprint about?

    The cut cost car importation blueprint contains the simple step by step process for​ importing fairly used cars from the US at low prices.?

    Is This Legal?

    Yes.Buying auctioned cars is 100% legal and it is also legal to import them to Nigeria

    Are there other hidden costs apart from purchase cost, shipping cost and custom clearing?

    It Depends. If the car you are buying is a clean car and is within an area that is close to the port, there won't be any need for an extra cost.​ Extra costs arises when you purchase salvage cars that need to be fixed.

    What Documents Do I Need to Buy On  These Sites?

    ​All you need is access to the internet and a valid ID.

    Once you have those, you can get started. In some cases when you want to present yourself as a dealer, you might be asked to provide  business registration document.

    Since the Immersion Tapes is basically "information" ... not an "opportunity" ... nowhere in any of our sales material do we offer any kind of Money-Back option.

    ​Do You Have a Refund Policy?

    Yes. We have a 30-day refund policy at Expertnaire. But we recommend that you go through the product you paid for before asking for a refund.

    ​Once approved, your refund will be processed and paid to you

    (​Price goes up to N25,000 anytime)


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