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Canada Relocation Blueprint 3.0

  • The post covid updated, little known immigration guidelines that majority of agents don’t know.
  • Discover the new platform for applying for visa that most people don't know about - which is why their applications is being delayed.
  • 5 steps for applying to study in Canada as an international student
  • A secret document that increases your chances of getting a visa.
  • How to go about the process of applying for a visit visa and how to overcome the issue of visa denial by the embassy.
  • 4 steps to get a job from a Canadian employer when you are still outside Canada.
  • Canadian provinces that make it easier for you to switch from student to Permanent resident.
  • How to Submit a visa application that can't be refused.
  • Bonus 1: Step by Step Videos to Walk You Through the Canadian Immigration Process
  • Bonus 2: How to Raise Money For Your Relocation to Canada
  • Bonus 3: Pathway to Canadian Work Permit
  • Bonus 4: Special Courses You Can Study In Canada
  • Bonus 5: How to Easily Get Funding or Proof of Funds for Schools
  • Bonus 6: Choosing Where to Settle In Canada
  • Bonus 7: How to Become a Canadian Citizen In Less Than 5 Years (BIG)
  • Bonus 8: Eligibility For Permanent Resident As a Skilled Worker
  • Bonus 9: Moving to Canada From the UK
  • Bonus 10: Financial Success in Canada
  • Bonus 11: Relocation Success Tips For People Over 40 Years Old
  • Bonus 12: IELTS Preparatory Trainings & Materials
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS 13: Weekly 2 Hours Guidance and Mentoring - This is Valid For 3 Years After Your Purchase. (Valued at N300,000)

Total Value N965,000

Price Today: N50,000


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