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Vanessa J.

Really loved the fact that this course offered me an opportunity to realize, and explore the possibilities of actually turning my forex strategies into robots that can trade for me 24/5. Everything is so simple and straight forward and I can’t express how grateful I’m to be part of this.

Job O.

Hi, i am Job. Great Course!. I love the way it is designed, delivered. I learned a lot, and I’m still exploring the opportunities this course brings. The most important part is that I began automating my strategies within the first day of going through the course… Bravo!!

Odumu E.

After going through the course I personally thought that it was way too cheap for the amount stated!!! With information available to me through this course, the possibilities of what I can achieve trading fx is limitless. Thank you for this.

Comfort M.

I’ve always heard of robots trading, but never knew I could build one some day. This course is a dream come true: apt, resourceful and affordable, thanks sir for being selfless in this course. I’d buy it over and over again.

Solomon C.

Wow such an amazing knowledge shared. Am grateful.

Andrew S.

Well structured and self explanatory. No need for a third party. Welldone

Stanley D.

Wow, I just went through the course and I could see myself doing lots of unimaginable things from the lesson I got from the videos, I can’t thank you enough, am highly delighted and privileged to be part of this training at a time like this.

Daniel O.

An excellent course; I highly recommend it. This course gives forex traders the opportunity to turn strategies into robots with a couple of clicks. I’m new into Forex trading and I feel this skill will make me navigate through the ‘beginner’ stage earlier than I thought as I’ll be able to know right away if my strategy is good or not, I’ll be able to also manage my trades automatically 24/5.

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The screen recording below shows one of our client accounts that was successfully raised by over 250% in less than 2 months!

the methods you'll learn in this master course will enable you achieve trading robots such as the one used on our client account.

the opportunity

do you know that the forex market is made up of 90% algorithmic trading?

Now by far, the forex market is the largest market in the world, and according to the bank for international settlements, over 5 trillion dollars is traded in the forex market on a daily basis. can you see how huge the market for forex robots or trading algorithms is?

5 trillion dollars daily, and 90% of these trades are generated by trading algorithms or robots!

The algorithmic trading industry is a very huge one but unfortunately, there are very few people who actually know how to create really good forex trading algorithms and also there are very few materials out there that actually teach you how to create good forex trading algorithms.

The age of manual trading has passed! don’t get me wrong, i’m not against manual trading, in fact, it is very vital to learn and have your share of experiences with manual trading before actually going into algorithmic trading but the fact is that, as a retail trader, the forex market wasn’t built for you to make money and in fact, all odds are against you as a retail forex trader. this is why more than 90 percent of forex retail traders end up losing money in the market.

Learning algorithmic trading will save you a lot of stress, time and resources; in fact if you successfully learn this skill and put it into use, you are very sure of being consistently profitable in the forex market

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the solution

learn the secrets to building trading robots that actually work

In this course, I’ll be sharing my secrets on how to automate any Forex strategy, without having to learn coding and I mean even if you know absolutely nothing about coding or programing, you’ll be able to successfully turn your strategies into Forex Trading Algorithms just by going through this course.

This Master course is made up of 33 step by step video trainings, project files, links, an assignment and 15 hours of actionable video trainings without the fluff and we will be using a program called Fxdreema to build our automated strategies. Fxdreema is a very powerful tool that enables us create amazing Forex Trading Algorithms and scripts even if we know little or nothing about coding.

why should you learn strategy automation?

instant strategy evaluation

Algorithmic Trading Can Instantly Help You Determine Which Strategies Are Profitable And Which Ones Are Not.

instruction based

Trading Algorithms Or Forex Trading Robots Are Codes And Perform Based On Very Explicit Instructions And Therefore Will Follow Yourstrategy To The Very Last Command.

accuracy & effectiveness

Forex Trading Robots Can Analyze Hundreds Of Charts Atones, And Will Do It Very Accurately, Based On Your Strategy.

no emotions

Forex Trading Algorithms Execute Instructions Without Any Emotions So If Your Strategy Is Good, You're Very Sure Of Having A Very Profitable Trading Algorithm Because It Will Act Strictly Based On Your Rules And Nothing More.

trade 24/7

With Algorithmic Trading, You Can Trade The Forex Market For 24 Hours Every Day, And Never Miss Out On A Vital Opportunity In The Forex Market Again.

enroll now and get up to 87% off

what do i get to learn?

CHAPTER 1 is an introduction into the fxdreema platform.

CHAPTER 2 you’ll be learning about blocks and what they’re used for.

CHAPTER 3 you’ll be learning about data types

CHAPTER 4 you’ll be learning about the condition blocks

CHAPTER 5 you’ll be learning about the buy and sell blocks

CHAPTER 6 you’ll be learning how to use indicators

CHAPTER 7 you’ll be learning how to create and use candle stick patterns

CHAPTER 8 you’ll be learning how to plot and use objects such as lines and fibonacci levels.

CHAPTER 9 you’ll be learning about trade management

CHAPTER 10, you’ll be learning how to perform multiple time frame analysis

CHAPTER 11, we will build trading robots together

CHAPTER 12, you’ll be learning about back testing your strategies in mt4 and mt5

CHAPTER 13 is a conclusion where i’ll be sharing ways on how to monetize your new skill

total value = n247,000

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meet your instructor

ransom enupe

forex trader | technical analyst

I’m extremely good at one thing – Loving what I do. And that’s creating high end solutions that help people and businesses to thrive in the financial and creative worlds.
Hi my name is Ransom and I’m an Entrepreneur, Forex trader, Architect and Instructor here on Udemy. I’ve been a Forex trader for since 2017, and I’ve loved every bit of the journey as I have grown my knowledge and experiences over time to something great which I’ll love to share with the world.
I have founded AutomatedFx, to help traders both beginners and experienced and even people who know nothing about trading the Forex market, to know more about, and benefit from automated trading by providing quality knowledge and also tools that will help them succeed in the global financial markets.
I’ll love to connect with you real soon. Cheers!

frequently asked questions

If this program is so good, why is it ridiculously cheap compared to other programs out there?

The current discount is not the final price and only available for those who can enroll now. once the sale is over, the price is going back to where it belongs.

Will I become rich overnight?

Definitely, not. this is not a get rich quick program. this program teaches you how to automate forex strategies and you will only be able to generate consistent wealth if you learn the skills i teach in this course and put them into practice.

Do I need a computer to follow along?

Yes, a computer is a priority for this course.

Do I need internet connection to follow along?

Yes, if you must follow along, the internet connection is a must.

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