This is the Type of Copywriting Secret Your Competitors Wish You Never Knew. 

 Discover a Low-Cost, Abnormal Copywriting Method for Inducing People to Buy From You, That's 100% Guaranteed to Generate Sales Almost Every Single Time.

"If there is a nuclear weapon for making sale, THIS IS IT."

My Dear distant internet cousin,


No matter what you sell, buyers would have to ABANDON other people's products if they'd get yours.


In other words, you've got competition.


Hint: your competition doesn’t give a hoot about you.


If you don't fight hard, they'll grab all available customers and leave you to roast.

In fact, they want your business to die.


Coca-Cola wants to run Pepsi out of business.


Man United wants to win all available trophies leaving none for Chelsea.


That's exactly what your competitors want to do to you if you LET them.


Marketing is war.


I didn't know this on time.

And it almost cost me everything

Tony Fotizo and Toyin Omotosho

Toyin Omotosho ... 

Tony Fotizo is the first ever Nigerian copywriter I paid to help me write copy.

The man is a persuasion machine!

Waju Abraham...

In all my years of copywriting, I have never ever hired anybody to write sales copy for me until I met Tony Fotizo.

He is not a copywriter, he's an hypnotics.

Andy Mukolo...

Tony Fotizo is the serpent that persuaded Eve to eat that apple.

Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria.

Tony Fotizo-Best Copywriter in nigeria

Hi, my name is Tony Fotizo

Here's How to CRUSH Your Competitors.

When I started selling online, I wasn't selling to Nigerians.

I was selling to Australians, Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

I was competing against the best copywriters in the world.

In those days, I was just a DESPERATE young guy fresh out of school.

Sadly, I had a third-class degree.

I couldn't find a good job.

There are no words to describe how angry my parents were.

I screwed up their joy.

They deserved better.

My parents sent me loads of cash when I was in school.

But I used most of the money for other stuff.

Stuff that had nothing to do with my education.

Instead of studying, I was pursuing a music career.

My attention was greatly diverted.

Then again, there were  "chicks" issues.

Actually, I was just a big GOAT, to be honest.?

Changed girls like diapers.

Clubbed 247.

In my "head" I was practicing to be the next 2face.

A pop star.

That's the path I chose.

But my dad wouldn’t have any of it.

He wanted me to be an engineer.

I had the brains.

The interest, however, was lacking.

So at the end of the day, I returned home with a powerless third class.

A degree that's almost useless in Nigeria.

My parents constantly mocked me.

I was labelled a prodigal child.

But who'll blame them? 

However, due to their constant mockery, I had to move out of the house.

I had no choice.

My thoughts were “ Fotizo, prove to them that something good can come out of Bethlehem”.

So, I moved to Lagos city.

I am telling you all this for one reason.

I want you to understand that to be able to CRUSH your competition, there is a mindset you need to have.

And to grasp that mindset, you have to....

Jonathan Melody...

The man Fotizo is not regular.

He takes Copywriting a Step further.

Promise Ohaneje...

When I implemented what I learnt from Tony, my sales went bananas.

Oluwole Busayo ...

Tony is not only the BEST, he's one of the kindest persons I have ever come across.

Kelechi Ogbonna...

Your writings make me afraid.

Are you a human being or one those gods that our four fathers served?

Why did you come back? Maybe to help people like me

Chinazor Duruji

Gaddamit! If Chinua Achebe was to be a copy writer, this will be it.

I subscribed to many email list but, mehn, non of them come close...

Moses Uche...

Mr Tony Fotizo You're Good... No cap! ?

Broda Dapo Alimi...

I am thinking of how I'm going to harvest Tony Fotizo' brain without killing him.

MK Akan...

Tony Fotizo has the ability to write stories that captivates and compare people to buy stuff every time he writes a post, I am forced to read it.

Barisi Sampson...

Tony Fotizo is the baddest when it comes sales copy

Dammy Azeez...

Fotizo is a Legend.

Adetayo Adeolu...

  You are a copywriting bandit, always taking us hostage with your copies.

Mo Bilionaire Yussuf...

 Baba you are the true boss of this copywriting game

Chibuike Nnadi...

Tony Fotizo is gifted.

...Follow My STORY.

When I landed in Lagos…

I quickly realized that producing quality music takes a lot of money.

When I added up the charges of  Cobhams Asuquo, Zeeno Foster and Clarence Peters, my bills were over ten million naira.

Where will I get such money from?

I was living in the poor man's part of Ikorodu.

I was just barely surviving.

I was practically hawking my cheap website building services around.

A  broke prodigal idiot who wanted to prove a point to his angry dad.

In order to raise money to pursue my dying musical career, I had to come up with a special idea.

The idea came.

The idea was instead of selling my web building services to broke businesses in Ikorodu and Ketu, why not sell them online to foreigners?

At this point I couldn't pay rent.

I was squatting with this old dried firewood.

Flat like a ruler.


She was 43, I was 25.

the lady was caring but i wasn't attracted to her one bit.

She actually  thought we were dating.

But in my head, she was just a low budget sugar mummy. 

This nympho was never satisfied.

She loved "head" more than she loved her own soul.

Her honey pot smelled like dead fish.

It was a bitter pill to swallow.

That's when I truly understood what ladies go through when they give their bodies to men they don't love just because they need assistance.

I felt violated.

Every kiss, every touch was irritating.

I was at my lowest of lows ?.

My brain was boiling.

My desperation was super high.

So, now I have found an "online market" for my services.

But the problem was how do I get these "white men" to buy from me.

How do I get them to dump their countrymen (my competitors)  and patronise this hungry African boy?

To cut a long story short, that was how I dabbled into COPYWRITING.

However, just following the normal copywriting techniques “that we all know” did not make a huge difference.

I was able to make a few sales here and there.

But that wasn't what I wanted

I wanted to “blow”.

Possibly, you may just be experiencing the same thing right now.

Possibly, you may be familiar with the prevalent copywriting techniques.

You are applying them yet sales are scarce.

Sales come once in a blue moon, like irregular menses.

But that’s not what you want.

You want to “blow”.

I can tell you what you need.

You need a ruthless mindset.

Anyways, I kept searching for deeper copywriting secrets.

Having made a vow to prove my naysayers wrong, I couldn’t stop searching.

I had a ruthless mindset.

My search led me into what you might term “abnormal copywriting”.

The details of how I discovered this recipe is a story for another day.

But what the heck is "abnormal copywriting"?

I will put it in a way that most Nigerians can understand.

For example, there is a normal way to conduct an election.

It should be free and fair.

The WILL of the people should prevail.

On the other hand, there is an abnormal way of conducting an election.

In this case, it is not free and fair.


And the WILL of the people doesn't prevail.

Abnormal copywriting is like rigging an election.

It is when you rig the buying process of your prospective customers and hijack their buying decision.

It is when you don't play fair.

That is what I do.

I learned it because I was tired of failing.

I was tired of begging.

I was tired of being tired.

"Abnormal copywriting" is not illegal.

However, it is not normal.

"Abnormal copywriting" is a method of writing that bypasses "fair" reasoning.

It tempers with people's will.

And for lack of a better word, it "induces" them to behave as you wish.

Remember when your friend kept tickling or telling you something funny, but you didn't want to laugh?

You held the laughter for as long as you could.

But it eventually got to a point where you burst into uncontrollable laughter.

In other words, your friend "compelled" you to laugh.

I discovered that when it comes to selling, you can do exactly that type of thing to a prospective buyer.

You can trigger them to buy

This method is not some strange secret cult thing.

It happens every day.

If you think hard enough, I'm sure you'll remember a time when you bought something you didn't really like.

You bought it anyway for one IRRATIONAL reason or the other.

The question is how do you INTENTIONALLY get people to buy things irrationally.

How do you use such "mind weapons" to sell products that would actually help people?

That is what I discovered how to do so well.

And fortunately, you can learn exactly how to do that , today, if you want.

But I am not so sure if you qualify for such knowledge.

I say so because...

Tony Fotizo and Toyin Omotosho

Toyin Omotosho ... 

Tony Fotizo is the first ever Nigerian copywriter I paid to help me write copy.

The man is a persuasion machine!

Waju Abraham...

In all my years of copywriting, I have never ever hired anybody to write sales copy for me until I met Tony Fotizo.

He is not a copywriter, he's an hypnotics.

Andy Mukolo...

Tony Fotizo is the serpent that persuaded Eve to eat that apple.

Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria.

...If you are soft-hearted and lack the killer instinct to slit people's "emotional throat" and suck their blood with joy, then, my copywriting solution might be too RAW for you to handle. In fact If you have Never Broken the heart of someone who truly loved You, Then trust me, you should stay far away from Tony Fotizo's copywriting methods.

Before I tell you more, listen to these guys ?.  


How to Write Sales Letters That Put Your Readers in "Obsession Mode", And INDUCE Them to Say Yes to Your Offer Almost All the Time, Even When Your Product is Expensive And Not The Best in The Market.

My two Big PROMISES to you...

The first promise is that the rest of this  letter will be very short, it will be over before you know it.


The second promise is that I won’t go out of my way to convince you to buy my copywriting course.

Rather I want you to simply relax and enjoy the rest of my content.

I believe that if you have a need for the "money-printing-copywriting tactics" I'll be telling you about , you wouldn't need anybody to convince you to learn the skill.

You’re not a kid. You know what's good for you.

Now, let's roll...


The answer is "abnormal copywriting".

This “SKILL” is deep.

But I will try to explain it in just thirty seconds.

Note: you don’t have to agree with anything you're about to hear now.

But just listen.

There are five major “FORCES” that live inside every one of us ...I call them “the hidden demons of the mind”.

These inner forces cause people to make decisions that they will NEVER make “when” their intellect is in full control.


When these hidden “demons” are triggered, a person can do very crazy things. Things they never thought they could ever... ever do.


With my "abnormal copywriting" style you can trigger these demons.

You would be able to switch your reader's brain into "OBSSESSION MODE", fast.


As more and more people irrationally rush to buy your products on a daily basis because you have triggered their hidden demons, you'll be in a position where you're constantly making more money, faster, and enjoying all the good stuff you have always dreamt about since you were just a kid.


The question is why ?

Is it because  you've just SUDDENLY realised the impact this SKILL will make to your income and lifestyle?

Is it just me, or are you already seeing how quickly your income is going to skyrocket when you apply your newly found "abnormal copywriting" skill"?

I understand that feeling.


I felt the same way the day I suddenly realised the crazy money I could be making if I dared to apply the  power of "abnormal copywriting".

So, I took the bull by the horns.

I applied the SKILL.

And the rest is dorime ???.

Only those who dare, truly lives.


So, I dare you to use this SKILL.

I dare you to be ruthless.

However, I hope you realise that when you use this skill, some people might go out of business?

What a pity; your competitors don't know what's about to hit them? .

But do you know what's funny? 

What if your competitors get this blueprint and you don't?

Hmmmm ?, if that happens, you can kiss your business goodbye.

They'll eventually colonise most of your customers.

They'll rig the sales process and steal your livelihood.

"Your blood is gonna dry" ?.

And it won't be their fault.

It Will Be My Fault. 

That's because in my Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint, I didn't hold anything back.

In that course, I explained the "DEMONS" behind every “buying decision”.

And once anyone understands the mindset of these hidden demons, they can induce people to buy, buy, buy and keep buying  continuously.

That's because when the hidden demons are triggered, people's brains go into obsession mode.


even when they run out of money, they will go borrow to continue buying from you. 

But Fotizo, don't you think the last  sentence above ? is heartless?

You want to know the truth? I DON'T BLOODY CARE.

Like I said before,  my abnormal copywriting secret is not for the faint in heart.

You must be ready to slit people's emotional throat and drink their blood with joy.

If that makes you uncomfortable, then please, feel free to close this website and walk away peacefully.

BUT. If you decide to keep reading, I can't stop you.

Let’s quickly wrap this up.

My first promise was to keep the rest of this letter as short as possible and I have done that.

The last promise is that I won’t try hard to convince you to buy anything from me.

Because I believe you have enough sense to know what is good for your business.

My guess is that at this point you have seen enough to make your own decision.


Just in case you decide to get the BLUEPRINT, please, wait...

...don't  Do it yet.

First... ?  picture this in your mind, for a second:

{ I am standing in front of you, holding the "hidden-demons-trigger-secrets" in my hands....

And you are holding N100,000 in your hands.

My question is: Which is more valuable to you?

Is it the N100,000 in your hands or the "hidden-demons-trigger-secrets" in my hands?

If you were to advise your son.... which option will you tell him to go for? }

As wicked as he is, even the devil will advise his son to go for the  "hidden-demons-trigger-secrets" in my hands.

Because these abnormal copywriting secrets are priceless, hard to find.... and very effective...they make people rich. I mean filthy rich.

Once you learn how to trigger these hidden demons, so many good thing can happen.

Tony Fotizo and Toyin Omotosho

Toyin Omotosho ... 

Tony Fotizo is the first ever Nigerian copywriter I paid to help me write copy.

The man is a persuasion machine!

Waju Abraham...

In all my years of copywriting, I have never ever hired anybody to write sales copy for me until I met Tony Fotizo.

He is not a copywriter, he's an hypnotics.

Andy Mukolo...

Tony Fotizo is the serpent that persuaded Eve to eat that apple.

Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria.

These  guys ? have Some things to say...

SAVE N70K , Get it for N30,000 (Time SENSITIVE Offer)

In a nutshell



1. The blood sucking copywriting training.

This is where you will learn about the hidden demons of the mind and how to trigger them for your selfish gains.

You'll also discover the BSC addiction enablers. 

You'll learn how to "appear honest" to your prospects so you can collect their money at will.

In there I also discussed one of my most potent copywriting sequences ( This one has been a lifesaver)


And many other stuff that shouldn't be mentioned publicly.


2. Email Sardine.


This is a training revealing my most effective email writing routine in a simplified way.


In this training you'll learn how to write emails that get opened.


I also drop an idea on how to never run out of ideas for your emails.


You'll also find many other rare exclusive email ideas in this training.


3. The 3D Psyching Technique training (T3PTT)


T3PTT  is one of those strategies that shouldn't be talked about publicly . Period!


4. The Impregnable Refund Guarantee Secrets Guide


In this guide you will learn how to write solid refund guarantees that'll give you PEACE of mind.


You'll also discover the secret for retaining happy customers who don't ask for refunds.


5. First Impression Sublime Invasion Tactics


This is another one of those strategies that we shouldn't talk about publicly. 


I  actually hate sharing this last one with you.

And if you decide to be among the  first fifty people to grab this offer, I will give you a training that's more important to me than everything I have mentioned here.

It is called : The Gbe Body  Eh Copy Method.

This training will show you my newly discovered steps for writing the HARDEST part of a sale letter (the body).

Not just that...

You'll also get my strategic session on how to write COLD EMAILS.

But if you choose not to be part of the first fifty, you won't get any of these.

Sorry ?.

Tony Fotizo and Toyin Omotosho

Toyin Omotosho ... 

Tony Fotizo is the first ever Nigerian copywriter I paid to help me write copy.

The man is a persuasion machine!

Waju Abraham...

In all my years of copywriting, I have never ever hired anybody to write sales copy for me until I met Tony Fotizo.

He is not a copywriter, he's an hypnotics.

Andy Mukolo...

Tony Fotizo is the serpent that persuaded Eve to eat that apple.

Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria.

SAVE N70K , Get it for N30,000 (Time SENSITIVE Offer)

In Dj Khaled's voice, "ANOTHER ONE" ? 

Fully Backed by our 30 Days Refund Guarantee


30 days

Money back

Terms and condition: Within 30 days from the day of purchase, If when you access this program, you didn't find item 1 - 5 as listed in the "what's inside the blueprint" section of this page, and you brought it to our attention and within seven working days, we were unable to provide you with the listed items, then you are entitled to a refund. 


PS: If you don’t mind I would love to give you a free lesson on how the MIND works.


After reading this far, if you're still UNDECIDED about getting the Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint, then, SORRY, you've been "TRICKED.".

I will explain.

Whenever we come across a NEW  opportunity, our minds always cook up  reasons why we should hesitate and not take action. 

And this is because our minds are programmed to stick with WHAT WE KNOW , aka ( The Comfort Zone).

Even though it's obvious that what we know isn't getting us the results we want.

Yet, your mind will fight you from getting and trying new information.

Naturally, that's how the mind is wired.

For example:

(The Comfort Zone), is why so many people will never marry a person who is from a different tribe, even if the person is an ANGEL.

Their minds will TRICK them and all they'll keep hearing is ... "The Devil You Know is Better Than the Angel You Don't Know."

And this is how so many GOOD people have ended up marrying a DEVIL from their tribe, just because he or she could speak their local dialect (aka; what they know), (aka; their comfort zone)

 You can see the STUPIDITY in such reasoning, right ?.

YET.... in the same way...

If we let it,  our minds can TRICK us from taking advantage of the NEW opportunity that's staring us in the face. and pull us back to our comfort zone( aka; the old information that isn't getting us good result).

For example...

Staring you in the face right now, is a NEW high level copywriting information that can help you make a new rush of sales and quickly turn things around financially, for yourself and those connected to you.


If you let it, your mind will TRICK and cause you to stick to what you know, (aka; same old information) that isn't getting you exceptional sales or helping you make the type of big money you should be making.

Here's How to BEAT Up Your Mind.

The way to defeat the "WEAKNESS OF THE MIND" is by saying no to "yourself-defeating-fears" and take action even if your mind is telling you otherwise. 

That is what winners do; they forcefully take action, they go against their "self-defeating-fears".  

It might not feel good initially but eventually you'll be proud of yourself.

OR haven't you noticed that...

every single time you have pushed yourself to do the right thing at the right time, you have always ended up feeling happy with your decision later on?

Well, am I telling you all this so you can GRAB YOUR BLUEPRINT ?

Hell, no.

As far as I am concerned, you’re not a kid. 

You know what's good for you.

And by the way, if you decide not to GRAB YOUR BLUEPRINT, someone else will.

Hopefully, we pray it's not your competitor.

But who knows? ?

Anyways, thanks for reading, I hope you learnt a thing or two.

Best of luck.

Tony Fotizo

SAVE N70K , Get it for N30,000 (Time SENSITIVE Offer)


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