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Not only can you make a HUGE difference in your child’s life but you, your spouse and your children also get to benefit from the same privileges that even extend to your future generations  yet unborn…

Dear Friend,


I’m going to show you how, as a soon-to-be parent, you can use an alternative means to give your child a life of tremendous freedom, prosperity, VISA FREE travels and global financial opportunities.

But that’s not all.

I’m also going to explain how you can get a one-year foreign residency, and very importantly, an incredibly exciting second citizenship in as little as 12-months.

Please read on.

You see, one thing you and I can agree on is the fact that we have little or no control over where we are born –no one ever does.

However, if you’re a soon-to-be parent… we may have to admit that…

You Have Total Control Over This Important Decision.

Most parents don’t give much thought to where their children should be born, and that’s a huge mistake – because when you pick the right country, you set your child up for an entire lifetime of benefits and privileges.

She/he is entitled to unrestricted freedom, comforts of dual citizenship, flexibility and global financial opportunities forever!

There are a number of ways to do this –each one is legal, and hundreds of Nigerians like you are already taking advantage of them.

No, I’m not talking about the USA.

Everybody surely wants to go over to the United States of America (USA) to give birth to their child.


Because it’s arguably still the most powerful nation on earth.

Its currency is stable and used universally all of the world, and…

Giving birth to your child there grants them automatic citizenship.

But There’s A Problem, Two Problems Actually

  • Problem #1: It’s BLOODY expensive to give birth in the United States.

You need to have no less than $15,000 in a domiciliary bank account BEFORE you go to the embassy.

But the thing is $15,000 is a lot of money. With the exchange rate of =N=365 to $1, it is a whooping =N=5.4 million naira (five point four million naira).

Not a lot of people can afford that. For most people, it is simply out of their budget.

But even if you can afford it, even if you have the $15,000, these days having the money is not enough. And this leads us to…

  • Problem #2: Donald Trump is now President of the USA.

Since 2016, after Donald Trump took over as the President of the USA, he and his administration have been on an “American First” campaign. He has castigated people from Africa, especially Nigeria calling us a “shithole” country.

And since then, getting a USA visa is as rare as finding water in hell fire.

People are being denied visas to the USA, left right and centre.

Doubt me?

The issue is so rampant, even the House of Reps had to summon the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington, over the alleged high rate of visa denial of Nigerians.

In fact, the embassy, via a live Facebook talk on April 17, 2019, even had to reach to the widespread criticism by saying as reported here:

But never mind what they have said officially, the stark truth is the Trump Administration unofficially does not want more Nigerians coming there to give birth to their kids, whether they have the money or not.

And to disguise it, they simply look for a reason to deny you the visa.

So if the USA is denying visas, where else can you go?

What Are The Next Best Options Right Now?

While countries like Chile, Canada, Barbados and Panama are currently some options to get a second citizenship for your child, but none of them offer the advantages that giving birth to your child in one country offers.

That country is…


Of all the countries that offer citizenship by birth, Brazil is by far the best place on the planet to have your baby… even the USA. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Here are reasons to back up this claim.


Right now, when you give birth to your child in Brazil, your child gets automatic citizenship, meaning they now come from the same country like Neymar, Ronaldinho, etc.

Every country that offers citizenship by birth does this - the USA Canada, Barbados, e.t.c., right?

Yes, but here’s what the others do not do.


As soon as your child is born in Brazil, the Brazilian government offers you the parents and all your other children who are under the age of 18 Instant Permanent Residency Status in Brazil.

This means that you can relocate to Brazil and live and work or do business there anytime, without restrictions.

Just the same way the old US lottery green card used to work.

Why would they do that?

It is because…

In Brazil, it is illegal and a violation of human rights to expel a Brazilian child’s parents due to their nationality.

The parents of a child born in Brazil are allowed to stay irrespective of their criminal background, visa status or nationality.

Are you screaming yet?

If not, better start because....

It Gets Even Better Because…

As a parents of a child who just obtained Brazilian citizenship by birth, you (plus all of your other children) too can become a Brazilian citizen within 1 year, yes in as little as 12 months!

How amazing is that?!

More importantly, why should you care about having a Brazilian passport?

Consider these 4 unmatched reasons…

  1. The magical blue Brazilian passport is a great asset, one of the best travel documents in the world and it doesn’t come with much baggage or drama (unlike the U.S or most E.U countries who are constantly embroiled in dangerous global politics)

  2. Visa free or visa-on-arrival access to 146 countries –for life!

  3. Anyone can be Brazilian -black, white, Hispanic…Brazil is arguably the most diverse country in the world… you’ll never be discriminated against.

  4. A Brazilian passport and citizenship is an invaluable path towards becoming a global citizen.

Brazil has an unmatched combination of advanced medical facilities, positive global connotations and an incredibly valuable second passport.

Giving birth in Brazil is an excellent way to set up your entire family for success, but it is also a marvelous opportunity to add a Brazilian passport to your personal life, without unnecessary restrictions.

However, it is not enough to know that Brazil is the best option for your child right now…

You need to know how to access the privileges accessible to you and your child, and how to do it legally, in the shortest possible time, before the opportunity goes away, because you never know!

Brazil themselves also recently elected a hardline President who talks and acts similar to Donald Trump. His name is Jair Bolsonaro.

No one knows if he will change his mind about the citizenship and permanent residency offer to foreigners, so it’s best if you take advantage of it, while it is still available!

Here’s a list of what you must know if you’re planning to take advantage of this rare opportunity and have a baby in Brazil…

  • How you can immediately maximize the special benefits accessible to you and your child…stress free and with peace of mind.

  • The best areas of Brazil to stay and give birth in Brazil (Brazil is one-third the size of Africa as a whole. You need to know exactly where to stay cheaply and safely too. And no, the popular cities like Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo are not part of it.)
  • How you can take advantage of Brazil’s low-cost, high-quality health care for your child delivery (once you learn how to do this, your medical costs are instantly reduced from the $15,000 you will spend in the USA, to around $3,000, and that’s if you choose an “expensive” hospital in Brazil.)

  • How to plan your trip, and facilitate a smooth arrival into Brazil –including the safest, most affordable cities to stay, affordable housing, and how to simplify the logistics involved.

  • What every soon-to-be parent ought to know about pricing and medical fees when giving Birth in Brazil – far too many people are getting ripped off, you shouldn’t be one of them.

  • How to use a Brazilian passport to access and maintain business interests globally.
  • How to solve the language problem (they speak Portuguese) in an instant. (You will be amazed at how simple the solution is)
  • What you should expect before, during and after the birth of your child – and how to save costs by preparing adequately…
  • The absolutely essential documents (as of July, 2019) you need to obtain in Nigeria before attempting to process your Brazilian Visa – Forget even one, and you can kiss your Brazilian dreams goodbye. (No, this does not include your Passport)
  • The few, relatively simple conditions you need to satisfy to get your Brazilian citizenship in one small year…. And how to get started.

  • Why the so called “Global citizenship experts” are dead wrong about second citizenship…. And why Brazil still offers a level of comfort, livability and passport quality unmatched by any other country in the world right now –You’ll begin to see why the U.S and most so-called “top-tier” countries are a joke.
  • How to lock in your child’s citizenship. (Many parents make a mistake with this and delay it for months. You must follow the process step-by-step as I describe, otherwise you’ll bungle it and you don’t want that).

  • The  most important thing Brazilian immigration officers conveniently neglect to tell you about processing your permanent residency papers and why knowing about this issue ahead of time will save you months of back and forth.

  • Why “sovereign men and nomad capitalists” are keeping their lips shut about the little-known economic advantages of living in Brazil and how you can tap into it for massive financial opportunities in minimum time.

  • And so much more.

Of course, this isn’t the complete story of everything you need to know about Brazil’s fascinating citizenship program and how you can take advantage of…

The super-exciting Lifetime benefits available to you, your children, and generations unborn.

That would take volumes.

The research and planning involved may sound very complicated, but it’s not.

Don’t let it scare you… Brazil’s citizenship and residency programs are by far the simplest to process if you know how.

Now, there’s no shortage of criminals and charlatans waiting to sell you one magic document or another –as such, you want to make absolutely certain that you’re armed with the right, up-to-date information.

The good news is, you need not worry too much about how to do this without getting stuck or falling into the wrong hands.


Because, through several months of painstaking research; and working with my co-author Maria Arlington, all the answers you seek have been answered in detail, and compiled into a report that is easy to read and easy to understand.

Who is Maria Arlington?

She is a Brazilian wife and mother who lives right there in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro to be precise.

She is working with me and my family to give birth to our own child there in Brazil,

When I decided to create this report, I knew I needed someone with intimate knowledge of how the Brazilian birth and citizenship process worked, not someone with fake information on Nairaland, or some outdated website on Google.

So I contacted her.  

She provided the most up-to-date, on the ground information you will read inside our report.

And we call it…

The two most important documents you need to obtain in Nigeria before you even start processing your Brazilian Visa.

The Brazil Citizenship Report: 

How To Set Up Your Family For Life... By Giving Birth To Your CHILD(REN) In BRAZIL

It contains five great chapters of invaluable information.

For example, in Chapter 2, you’ll learn…

  • Simple ways to plan your trip, and facilitate a smooth arrival into Brazil –including the safest, most affordable cities to stay.
  • How to get Brazilian permanent residence and citizenship in one year for yourself, your spouse and your other children.

Then, in Chapter 3, you’ll find out….

  • How to find a great doctor and the best, cost-saving hospital(s) to give Birth.

  • The exact benefits of Brazilian citizenship you need to activate immediately your darling child is born, and how to go about it.
  • An amazing roadmap to planning an exciting future in Brazil!

And an exclusive section in chapter 5 explains…

  • No-brainer strategies, and simple logical steps to protect yourself (and your family) from obvious risks –and ensure you thrive no matter what happens next in this constantly changing world.

There’s a whole lot more in Chapter 1 and 4 – proven strategies and nomad-capitalist ideas that will leave you no excuse whatsoever to not start enjoying the comforts and graces of a free, flexible and totally sovereign life.

Learn about these and many more in"The Brazil Citizenship Report"

NOTE: Over the next few years, we are certain the information in this guide will help hundreds of Nigerians navigate their way through the tricky world of giving birth overseas – these families are now living happy and successful lives in Brazil.

And we will keep updating it, so that it can continue to do this for many years to come.

The invaluable information you’ll find in this material is not available in bookstores, and has never before been published between the pages of any single website or book.

Although this report can mean hundreds and perhaps, thousands of dollars to you in benefits, it is priced at just N12,000 only.

This is a special introductory price for you, but the price will most likely go up to =N=40,000 as demand increases which is what we truly believe it is worth.

Right now, you have the opportunity to get this amazing report for a one time cost of N12,000 only

Get the Brazil Citizenship Report Today For N12,000 Only:


​Once your payment is successful, you will be given instant access to the digital version of the product with the bonuses included so that you can download everything.

Still hesitating? Still considering?

Okay look, you see the state of the country.

Do you really believe Nigeria has any hope of doing anything meaningful for your life, talk more for your children, and their children?

If you believe so, that’s fine. May your hope come true. There’s nothing further to discuss. You can close this page now and do something else meaningful for you.

But if you know deep down in your heart of hearts, that this country is a sinking ship, and that you need to urgently give your family a “Plan B”, then you have to take this opportunity NOW.

The economy has tanked and continues to tank, insecurity is rapidly spreading across the country, and the signs are there; there’s a serious crisis coming, you know it, you can feel it – but the government controlled mainstream media don’t have the courage to tell the truth as it is.

What’s more?

You understand the foolishness of hoping that the government or the “so-called” foreign super-powers will “do something”.

You know that all it takes is one economic, civil, banking or political crisis and you could lose everything –even your freedom…. just like millions of Nigerians did in the 1967-1970 civil war many years ago.

That’s why you’d rather start taking quick proactive measures on your own – once you have accurate information on…

How to Maximize the Best Option(s) for Your Child…. Yourself, Your Spouse and Any Other Children You Have …. And how to get started in Minimum Time.

That’s why this actionable report is specifically tailored to how you can increase your family’s freedom, safety and prosperity using Brazil’s incredibly generous citizenship program.

It is very rare that you get to make such a profound lifetime impact on your generation with a single decision.

The question is, now that you have access to all the information you need to make this happen, why not go all the way?

We look forward to helping you navigate this process and make it as easy as possible.

Ronald Nzimora and Maria Arlington.

PS: Please don’t ever take a chance with the future of your children… it’s not necessary, besides, it is not worth it. There’s nothing as powerful as knowing you and your family can always go where you’re treated better….. In a moment’s notice, no matter what happens in Nigeria.

Never in the history of this country have we been in a more precarious position.

We live in very uncertain and insecure times… and it just keeps getting worse on an almost daily basis… so fast in fact, if you’re not proactive enough, you’ll be left behind to wither and die, while those who keep up grow, prosper, and continue to enjoy their freedom.

Given how quickly situations change, it makes sense to get started now.

Let me make you a small promise,

Get "The Brazil Citizenship Report" For Just N12,000 right now, study it and follow the steps outlined for you, your relocation (temporary or permanent) to Brazil will exceed your wildest dreams.

But you need to take that first step…

All it takes is the click of a button.


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