Profiting From Messenger Chatbot Has Never Been This Easy

Learn How To "Build Chatbot in 1 Hour" & Use Our 1-PAGE SECRET FORMULA To Get Buyer LEADS & Close SALES Daily...

Also, I’ll Help You Start Your “NEW SIDE-HUSTLE” Chatbot Agency + A FREE Website!  …Even If You’re A Complete Beginner Without No Marketing Skill + Crazy 1 Year Money Back Guarantee** 

Most People FAIL To Get Leads & Sales With Messenger CHATBOT Because...

It takes a proven formula to develop a high performing Chatbot for your business!

When Getting Started You Have Two Options:

Option #1

Hire A Bot Developer

Invest N50,000+ into a Trusted Developer To Create Your Bot For You – Even Though They Have No Idea About Copywriting or Marketing…

These Chatbots Work Great, But…

They Don’t Really Do What You Need or Want Them to Do… Which are getting LEADS & SALES

Option #2

Start Coding Your Bot

You Can Learn a Complicated Tool or Even MORE Complicated Coding…

…But Unless You Know What You’re Doing This Can Be a DISASTER!

In Addition to The Skills You Need, Those Apps Can Be EXTREMELY Complicated to Learn!

The Real Reason why Many Fail With Chatbot Marketing is because… They Don’t Use a Proven Formula!

That’s why our Bot Accelerated Results Formula will supercharge your NEW Chatbot with NEW Customers.

Except you hire BOT Consultants who are good at using BOT to generate qualified LEADS & close SALES faster! 

But if you still want to build your Chatbot…

It Can Even Get Worse!

If You DO Ever Finish Coding Your Chatbot Yourself…

…You’ll Probably Break At Least 1 of the 3 SECRETS RULES of CHATBOT


Don’t Sell Without Permission From The User 



Don’t Message Users Too Often or Not Often



Misuse Of The Bot Because You Didn’t Know


So How Can We Help?

FireProfitBot is a chatbot development and marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Founded by Moses Uche – King Of Chatbot **winks**

Our goal is to provide an easy way of using chatbots to help business owners, generate more affordable LEADS and close more SALES – automatically. 

We have helped other business to generate multiple customers and grow their buyer leads for their business with our simple but effective formula – BOT Accelerated Results Formula…

Our Hidden Secret:

"BOT Accelerated Results Formula..."

This is a Unique 5-Step Chatbot Formula we discovered after we got tired of losing over $2,000+ on Facebook Ads and Messenger Chatbot.

We were creating chatbots but no sales or leads. We tried different tactics and strategies… 

Still NO single sales!

After much disappointments, we didn’t give up like others. Instead, we went back to the lab…

And then one faithfully Friday… 

We stumbled on this proven BOT Accelerated Results Formula when running a successful campaign for a client.

9340 HOT Bot Subscribers & N235,000 in Less Than 21 Days

Including 6100 Extracted Leads (Name, Email & Phone Number)

We Took The Formula And Used It For Another Client And It Worked Like Magic…

Leads and Sales are ALWAYS pouring in anytime we use it…

THE FORMULA is built around Social Proof, Consumer Psychology and Sales Boosting Strategies… 


One real estate client even called us one day to turn off her Lead Generating Machine… because she couldn’t keep up with the leads.

We hope you can keep up with the leads and sales your Chatbot will give to you!

Some Results From Chatbot Marketing...

159 Targeted Ecommerce Buyer Leads & N2,067,000 in 11 Days

Health Niche – Leads Include (Full Name, Email & Phone Number)

Filling Up 250+ PAID WhatsApp Training Event In Less Than 3 Days With A Ninja Trick...

1 Day Online Training – Buyer Leads Include (Full Name & Phone Number)

451 Real Estate Buyer Leads & N1.2M Commissions in 60 Days With A Simple Real Estate Bot Funnel...

Lekki Property – Leads Include (Full Name, Email, Phone Number & Income Level)

Daily Sales With Chatbot Funnel For Information Products... Powered By BAR Formula!

Getting MAD Sales For Info Product Every BLESSED Day!

812 FRESH Email Leads From Chatbot In Less Than 7 Days With A Unique Method...

Health Niche – Leads Include (Name & Email)

Ads + Chatbot + Your Business = BUYER LEADS & DAILY SALES

Chatbots will work for you, if you’re in the business of bringing in new customers and clients, regardless of your type of business. For Example...

Real Estate

Get Qualified BUYER Leads & Sell More Properties


Engage With Buyers & Sell More Products

Small Business

Followup With Prospects & Get More Customers

Network Marketing

Recruit Easily, Sell Faster & Get More Commissions


Generate Leads and Get More High-Paying Clients

Digital Products

Sell More Products & Reduce Your Expenses


Engage Your Audience Anytime & Sell More Books


Book More Appointment & Make More Money

Much More...

Here’s The Right Way To Get Started Today…

The secret is to build bots with our “Bot Accelerated Results Formula” that helps generate leads, close sales and engage with your customers…

Which you can build yourself in less than 1 hour TODAY…

When you create bots this way…

The results will be amazing and you can start creating highly profitable bots TODAY – without spending a single kobo!

The Good News Is…

I’ve created a brand new training that will show you how to put together your own Messenger chatbots (and for businesses) that will help you grow your business!

If you want to learn how to create messenger chatbot yourself… Scroll Down!



Profitable Bot Consultant

a Step By Step Program That Teaches You How To Create Profit-Hungry Chatbot That Can Suck BUYER LEADS, GET SALES DAILY And Make Over N150,000+ Monthly With Your NEW Side-Hustle Bot Agency.

This program will show you how to Create Messenger Chatbot and use our secret BOT Accelerated Results Formula To Get More LEADS & Close SALES Automatically for your business (& your clients). 

This program is built around the concept of leverage – the ability to accomplish great things with little effort….

LISTEN: After Taking This Program…

You’ll Become A Certified Profitable Bot Consultant & Get Paid To Create Profitable Chatbot For Businesses!

...Just 3 - 4 Simple Steps To Start Profiting With Profitable Bot Consultant Program


Build Your Chatbot In Less Than 1 Hour


Apply Our BOT Accelerated Results Formula


Start Sucking Leads & Generating Sales


Make Money By Building Chatbots For Others

Believe Me…

Chatbots Are Powerful Leads Generating & Sales Tool...!

Once You Build Your First Chatbot With BOT Accelerated Results Formula, Be Prepared For A Series Of Leads & Payment Alerts!


This is An Exact Campaign For Selling Digital Products with Upsells (which is really hard in Nigeria)

Profitable Bot Consultant Program Is Designed To Help You Get Results - Fast!
We DELETED Everything That’s Unnecessary!

Here’s What You Get In This Profitable Bot Consultant Program:

Every Module Is Like A Course On Its Own!


MODULE #1 - Building Your Simple or Advanced Chatbot In Less Than 1 Hour (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

Forget those 40 hours courses on Udemy on creating chatbot. You don’t need it. In 1 hour you can do it. You don’t have to waste time learning how to code a bot! 



MODULE #2 - Generating Your First (or Next) 1,000 Chatbot Subscribers Without Ads! (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

Don’t have money for ads? Don’t worry… You can get bot subscribers for FREE initially! They are stupidly simple techniques… you don’t have to spam your profile or groups. How much will you make with 1000+ NEW Chatbot subscribers?



MODULE #3 - Advanced Rapid Chatbot Subscribers Acquisition Strategies (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

Having a bot without getting subscribers to experience it – is a waste of your time and money. I’ll show you advanced methods of growing your chatbot.
Strategies we discovered… after spending over $3000+ on Facebook Ads testing the best methods.



MODULE #4 - Simple Subscribers Nurturing & Proven Monetization Techniques (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

Having 10,000+ Chatbot Subscribers without making money from them is waste of your money and efforts. In this module, you’ll learn how to convert subscribers into cold hard cash that sits in your bank. Cool right?

Imagine, every subscriber you get is worth N5,000. How much will 2000 NEW subscribers be worth to you? If only 50% buys, that’ll be N10,000,000 Cash! That’s just the beginning!



MODULE #5 - Killer FB Ads Strategies For Growing Your Messenger Chatbots On Autopilot (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

Do you want to generate leads and close sales on autopilot by letting your Facebook Ads work for you? If yes… I will show you the best Facebook Ads methods that will drive people into your chatbot… on autopilot! Even if you don’t know anything about Facebook Ads!



MODULE #6 - Start & Grow Your (Low-Pressure & High Returns) Bot Agency In Days (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

The step-by-step program on how to run a successful agency creating and managing messenger chatbots for clients… and getting paid every month while working less than 1 hour everyday.

Building bots for clients are crazily fast, stress-free and profitable. I’ll teach you how to take advantage of it. And give you my EXACT agency documents, including…

One-Call Chatbot Sales Scripts

Get our agency proven and effective sales scripts we use to close clients, upsell clients and get them to pay us monthly. Only few agency owners can give you their sales scripts, because that's the engine of the business.

Magic Invoice + Mini-Proposal

Our goto document we send every client after every sales call that literally make it hard for them to say no to our offers and also weed out price chasers who will ask for proposal but never work with you.

Customer Agreement Sheet

If you leave some clients alone, they are can turn you into their personal Egyptian slave that do anything, even if it's outside the project. This little funny document will make running your agency fun & profitable!



MODULE #7 - Building Customized Bot For Different Businesses In Less Than One Hour (Video Training + PDF GUIDE)

You don’t have to build anything from scratch. You will learn how to create Chatbots very fast even if you’ve a 9 to 5 job. I have created 3 Chatbots in 2hrs:45mins… It’s easy! 

Don’t worry! You’ll see me doing it live! COPY & PASTE TEMPLATES you can use anytime you want and for as many clients as you want… It’s FREE & FREE FOREVER!


Total Program Value: N50,000


The First 10 People Who Invest TODAY Will Get...

FREE WEBSITE: CHATBOT Consultant Agency Website On Your Domain In 15 Minutes (+ Video Training)

A professional and responsive BOT Agency Website that’ll instantly position you as an authority in the eyes of your clients. 

This is not a template, it’s a custom design. All you have to do is… Upload The Design, Enter Your Information & Launch Your Bot Agency.

This is a One-Click Website Solution that any beginner can install with the help of our video tutorial. All you need is a domain & hosting and your Bot Agency will be online.

N25,000 Value


Facebook Ads Secret Strategy For Getting Daily Sales (Advanced Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)


If you want daily bank alert flooding your phone, this is the strategy you must be using. You can’t find anything like this on YouTube or Facebook Group… 

HINT: CA // LLA // UTT // RT & Much More

N7,500 Value

A VIDEO Recording Review Of Your First Chatbot (& How To Make It 3X Better)

Yes. I’ll review your bot on a video and show you multiple ways of improving it and proven practical methods to grow and profit from your chatbot – fast! 

It’s close to me building a chatbot for you – for free.

N10,000 Value

(30 Minutes) 1 On 1 VALUE BOOM Strategy Call With Moses Uche

This is NOT just a call about how to create better Profit-Hungry Chabot… but you’ll learn how to get 2X more customers and make 5X more from the one you already have. 

I’ll call you and we’ll talk for 1 hour or If I’m around your area, we could spend the 1 hour in an exotic lounge and the bill will be on me. 

N10,000 Value

The First 20 People Who Invest TODAY Will Get MY AGENCY Secret Chatbot Funnels - We've Built FOR CLIENTS...



Sell Your Information Products Easily and Make Sales "Daily" Without Running Ads Daily & Still Get Their Email Addresses For List Building & Backend BIG MONEY Sales.

Do you want to know how I (and my clients) make sales daily selling information products and how many others are NOW doing it? Don’t think about it. Get this funnel, plug your product and see what happens to your bank account.

…And more people will love, respect and adore you for using this funnel to change their life. While they gladly pay for your products without saying – “I’m not interested”.

Well, the daily sales part is the best part for me and you’ll be glad you got this funnel when you buy a new phone because the last one was spoilt by too much alerts…**Wink With Tongue Out** (Like my friends will say – MOSES, TOO MUCH ALERTS THEY SPOIL PHONE OOOH)

N20,000 Value



Get BUYER LEADS and Follow UP With Potential Customers For Months Without Annoying Them and Collect FRESH Commissions That Make You Smile

You must have heard that Chatbot can help you generate HOT buyer leads, right? My dear, this is the funnel that has work magic for my clients. 

One client even called us to stop the funnel because she could not keep up with the leads. We Danced Shaku-Shaku To “Able God By Lil Kesh” before turning it off…LOL

This funnel will give you buyer leads for sure and follow-up AUTOMATICALLY for over 30 days… Even If You’re On Vacation (Gossip: I Heard Realtors, don’t go on vacation, is it true?)

N20,000 Value



Recruit Leaders, Sell More Products & Increase Your Points, Commissions & Ranks While Living The Freedom Lifestyle Without Selling To Time Suckers... Even If You're At Level 1 In Your Company

This Chatbot Funnel will help you educate new prospect even at 2am, qualify them based on their answers and send you FRESH leads through your whatsapp or email to finally close them ALMOST every morning.

Most importantly, you won’t waste time with those people who ask 20 questions and will never buy your product, talk less of signing up for your lowest package…

Can this work for you? It’s already working for my clients and they might not send me free products anymore if they know I’m giving people this funnel… (CRYING)

N20,000 Value



Sell (& Upsell) Your HOT or Boring Product To A READY TO BUY Audience While Building Your List Of Future & Repeat Buyers... Then Follow Up With Non-buyers for 21 days without annoying them.

This is the kind of funnel that sell out your products and require you to get more reliable suppliers. It’s different because it focused on selling one product instead of multiple products…

Every subscriber is a potential buyer and that is the job of the follow up system: To convert window shoppers to actual buyers and repeat buyers – AUTOMATICALLY!

You’re just one funnel away from making millions with your ecom business. It’s not a guarantee, but we have done 2M in 11 days with a hot product. Want sales? Plug This Funnel Into Your Ecommerce Business.

N20,000 Value

The First 50 People Who Invest TODAY Will Get...


Silently Suck Emails From Chatbot (Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Learn The Secret White Hack Way To Extract 85% of Your Bot Subscribers Valid Email Address Without Asking Directly. It’s Fast, Free & Legal!

A systematic approach that has been used to generate over 10,000+ email address without breaking Facebook policy.

It’s a backup strategy to extract email address of 85% your Chatbot subscribers even if you don’t know how to create a chatbot – YET!

N10,000 Value


Secrets Of Gaining Buyers Trust Online (Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

A Predictable Formula For Getting Doubting-Thomas Buyers To Know, Like & Trust You Online Even If You’re New, Inexperienced & Unpopular (Must-Have If you sell anything online)

As you already know, Sales = Trust! Without trust, your potential buyers won’t pay for your product and service.

This simple step by step system is useful for making customers trust you online (social media) even if you’re new and without a track record.

N10,000 Value


Scarcity Buying Activator (Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Discover The Psychological Forces That Make Your Customers RUSH To Open Their Wallet To Buy Your Products & Services Without Procrastinating

Marketing without scarcity is just storytelling. You need to give people a very serious reason to buy now – not later.

This activator can be copied and pasted into your current marketing materials and you’ll see an instant increase in conversion – NO JOKE!

N5,000 Value


EXCLUSIVE - BOT Consultant Community for Questions, Updates and Discussion

In this exclusive community, you’ll gain access to other entrepreneurs who have invested in this program and are serious about successfully implementing this into their business. 

Ask any questions you have in Creating, Marketing or Selling chatbot… Just post your concern in the group… Me, my team members or some gurus in the group will answer you. 

N25,000 Value



If I discover anything about chatbot, marketing, sales, psychology, my book notes (I read a book in 3 days – no matter what)… I will share it with you – privately!

If you need something specific that I can do, I will help you with it or show you the best way to get it done without wasting time. 

When you can’t find a solution on Google, you’ll be glad, you got this bonus – because I’ll be waiting to WOW you with my research & knowledge soaking skills!

N25,000 Value

Total Bonus Value: N250,000+

The Total Value For Profitable Bot Consultant Program + Bonuses:


But you’re not going to need N319,500.

You’re not even going to need half of that.

All you need to become a BOT consultant that create multiple leads and sales generating sales bot while getting paid is…

A small investment of N20,000 only

That’s it! No Long Discussion! No Fake Pricing…

If you procrastinate now, when you’re finally ready to buy it, you might discovered that all the BONUSES have be removed – without any notice. And the price has been increased!

Including 1 YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Click To Read More

This level of training are sold for $997+… Do a quick Google Search & See for yourself. 

If it’s true, pay N20,000 today! Click Here To Get Started Now

In a few days of building your chatbot, you will make this small investment fee back while implementing it for your business or getting paid by a client.

Answer This Quick Question…

How Much Is A New Lead and Customer Worth To You In The Next 12 Months?

Probably more than N20,000. 

If you get just 5 NEW customers, Sales or Leads, the program would have been paid you – 10X over. Right?

Take a leap of faith and you’ll profit heavily or you get your money back – Guaranteed!

Are You Ready To Start Now?


Suitable for Those Who Want to Build Profitable Chatbot For Their Business & For Others

Normal Price – N150,000

Today’s Special Price

N20,000 Only


1 Year Money Back Guarantee:

Unbelievable right? We believe in our program and it will transform you into a Certified Bot Consultant. Put us to the test! 

Use this program for a full 1 Year and if you follow through and still DIDN’T GET ANY RESULTS or DON’T MAKE MORE THAN THE MONEY YOU PAID. Ask for your money back! 

All you have to do is provide proof that you’ve made a reasonable effort. Then, simply contact us and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. 

Don’t Worry…

When you get refunded, YOU will be allowed to keep the program and all the bonuses (Including the FREE Website, Funnels & Certificate).

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

When you buy this program, your purchase comes with premium support. 

Any questions you ask will be answered within a day or two – MAX! 

Just post your concern in the group, me, my team members or some gurus in the group will answer you.

Freshness Guarantee:

Every month, we’ll go through this program for any outdated topics. 

If something has changed or become outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date. 

Every member will get access to NEW monthly hacks, case studies and Advanced Strategies which you can’t find on YouTube. 

Where Else Can You Find That Kind Of Guarantee?

This Program Will Give You The Ability To "Write Your Own Cheques" As A Certified BOT Consultant!

Everything You Need To Get Started - Today!

100% Beginner Friendly

No Experience Required! Advanced Strategies Included for Experienced Marketers As Well

Completely Free Strategy

You will not spend any money to make your BOT work for you because of the “Our Secret Formula"

NO Customer Required

Your BOT will help you build a list or customers really fast - but you do NOT need one to start!

Step-By-Step Video Training

Every step & strategy is explained in detail so you’ll never feel lost or confused!


Showing you EXACTLY what to do to build your Messenger Bot & get leads & sales.

No Coding Required!

Chill… Creating these simple & advanced bots requires ZERO coding knowledge!

What Will Stop You From Getting This Program Today?...

Don't Forget "You're A Warrior" & You Can Always Find A Way To GET WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Questions About Profitable Bot Consultant Program

Can A bot help My business? 

Yes. It can work for any business that sell online or offline. As long as their customers are on Facebook. 

You name it – if you have a solid message and information to share, the bot can work for you.

How long will it take to get access?

You’ll have immediate access.

On the next page, after online payment. You’ll Access the program immediately… 

Also, for backup purposes, your access information will be sent immediately to the email address you provide!

You’ll be learning & implementing within the next 5 minutes even if it’s 2am in the morning.

What Bot platform do you use?

Right now, we use and recommend the ChatFuel platform for building your bot, so the modules are built out with videos and screenshots from ChatFuel. 

However, the same lessons and procedures can be used for other platforms like ManyChat, MsgHero etc

How Much Time Will it Take to Setup My First Chatbot?

We’ve included a demo showing you how to setup your first chatbot and it takes a few minutes. 

Be prepared to spend up to one hour if you want to develop much more sophisticated chatbots.

Do I have to pay for the Bot Platform separately?

No. The basic version of Chatfuel is free, which accommodate 5,000 subscribers. If you get more subscribers, you can upgrade to the next plan. 

How much time do I need to spend every day on the Program?

You’ll be able to go through the training at your own pace and review the program materials as many times as you need to. 

Whether you’re someone who enjoys spending 30 minutes everyday learning, or someone who would rather go through the whole training in one day – we’ve designed it to work for you.

Can I get a DVD version or Flash Drive version sent to my house or office? 

Yes! After payment, you’ll see an instruction on how to get it delivered to your house or office. It’s easy! 

But, it’s available to the first 10 people only! 

Could I just find this information for free online?

These days, you can find just about anything online. But will it actually be valuable? 

One of the reasons we created this course is because there is so much incorrect information online about how to use Messenger bots strategically, and Facebook’s policies for businesses using bots. 

Messenger bots are evolving at rapid speed, meaning that an article on Medium or Facebook Groups can be incorrect in a matter of weeks. 

This program will constantly be updated with the latest strategies and policies, so you never have to worry about being fed info that doesn’t work — or worse, that will get your bot banned from Messenger.

What format are the course materials delivered in?

The materials are shared as video training, resource documents, worksheets, and bots that can be added to your Chatfuel dashboard (and that you can edit). 

All video training will play and be available in any modern browser. 

We want you to succeed with this program, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen.

What if I’m terrible with technology?

We’ve laid out the course so that it’s as “beginner-friendly” as possible. 

With screen recordings, step by step instructions, and our Facebook Community for when you get stuck, you’re sure to be covered. 

I can’t buy it now, when will the program be open again? 

The program will be open again, in a different format and for a different price, with no bonus and in some months. 

PS: If you try to sign up below and the link no longer works, it means we are no longer taking more people in the program.

Is this for beginners or advanced Users?

It’s created for both beginners and advanced users, as you can see from the program structure. 

Beginners will find topics like setting up the bot and learning how to utilize the Chatfuel Platform at its best. 

Advanced users will find topics like growth hacking strategies just as valuable.


You’re one step away from getting a program that will generate more targeted leads and close more sales faster!


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