FINALLY REVEALED: The ONLY Knowledge That Is Never Taught

The Greatest Marketers Would Rather Die Than Release This

But Is This For YOU?

  • For the serial entrepreneur whose job it is to discover hot products but rather to discover hot MARKETS
  • For the Software developer with massive competition in the software space looking for features to add to your application to obliterate the competition
  • For the Affiliate Marketer looking for an opportunity to discover untapped markets
  • For the Drop shipper looking to identify products that will be a hit amongst your customer base
  • And Ultimately for the Nigerian Marketer and Mind Reader

Here is a short story for YOU…

A fine lady is sitting alone in the club

Unaware of all the drooling eyes in the club

All the men are embarrassing themselves to get her attention

The old rich tycoons are wooing her with big-ticket modelling offers

The gym bros are flexing their abs and muscles

But she doesn’t even glance at any of them… talk less of shooing them off

You are looking from the corner at all the drama…

You’re even wondering in your mind…

“If she no want anybody, wetin she con de find for club”

What is she looking for here?

But you feel too “average” to even stand a chance

Not after all the buff gym bros and stinking-rich fat-cats couldn’t faze her

But suddenly out of the corner

This average guy gets up from the corner of the bar

He’s so average, you’re sure he must have drank too much to even have the guts to approach her

But he walks straight to her…

He doesn’t even take a seat next to her

He just leans over and whispers something in her ears

She frowns her face at the intrusion from a stranger

You start getting ready to laugh as you’re expecting this guy to receive proper slap

But suddenly her face lights up

She scurries up…

Shyly grabs this average guy’s hand

And follows him outside


You’re stunned

You can visibly see that you’re not the only one

The other guys in the club are feeling like they just won awards into the Hall of Shame

Na Jazz?

Wetin he talk???


May 26, 2023

Dear Fellow Student of Markets,


How would it feel to possess this kind of advantage in your target market


How would it feel to be the average-looking brand

that stumps all the heavily-funded or “heavily-positioned” brands


How would it feel to be able to humiliate your opponents 

Yet leaving them with no way to find out ‘HOW YOU DID IT’


  • You can’t just wave a wand and Create customers
  • There will always be a competitor with more money to spend on customer acquisition
  • There will always be a competitor that has connections with all the favourite influencers
  • There will always be a competitor with “LONGER LEG”

The Only Equalizer... And indeed “Cheat Code” if you play your cards right…


But is knowledge what they say it is?

  • Wrong way...
  • Go to Facebook groups
  • Read forums
  • Read news
  • Follow who they follow on social media

Yeah right… Like we don’t already know that social media is the single greatest source of fake life in all of human history

You don’t see honesty on social media

You don’t see honesty in “surveys”

The internet is literally not a place for honesty

And it’s not that people are liars!

It is just a natural defense we have as humans from the wolves waiting to devour us at our weak points


How do you truly gain access to that knowledge that ticks off all your prospects resistance till they do what you want them to do?

Knowledge that enables YOU…

  • Write or say what makes them Read or Listen to every word you have to say
  • Make your bullet points and headlines truly worth drooling over
  • Speak in your prospect’s voice
  • Craft stories that ACTUALLY move them, not annoy them
  • Jam-pack your short or long-form message with powerful psychology

And I don't say this lightly

Now to prove my point I know you may be expecting a “GRASS TO GRACE” story from me

About how I travel around the world while “MAKING MILLIONS ”

But I have NONE of that

There’s actually nothing special about me

I'm a still a student... And I'm still an "Allowance Earner"

Sometimes I’m spending N70K on unexpected shopping...

And other times I'm searching all my pockets for money for weeks

But what I truly have that I want to share with you today...

Is a fool-proof Closing system that I have developed for over 4 years

Let's go down Memory Lane A Bit...

I'm Mustapha Baruwa

...and I was already a quite highly skilled developer as at 2019

But I didn't know how to sell my skills

I really didn't know how to convince a business to shell out hundreds of thousands

For me to build software for them


Even If I didn't know how to sell

I was smart enough to know that...

Businesses will only pay crazy amounts of money for something...

if they knew that...

They will be able to make SEVERAL TIMES MORE if they took my offer

So I commenced my journey into figuring out "How businesses profit from software"

At this point...

I had no Idea what Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Sales Funnel, etc was

But I simply set in with a determination to figure this out

I was lucky enough to be able to spare some of my allowance to pay for higher quality lessons

And I was making progress until...

Lo and Behold, COVID

We had to pack up and go home

No more Allowance for me

I was to be receiving no more that N5,000 monthly to buy data and airtime

This was very depressing for me...

But my resolve was stronger

And guess what

I  ended up making almost N750,000 in total that year

Which is about N70,000 monthly... At least N65,000 more than I was getting as allowance for staying at home

This was from zero experience before the lockdown

And luckily for me, there was nowhere to even flex

Everywhere was closed down

So I reinvested my earnings into my sales and marketing learning that was already bearing fruits

And for each stride I made... I tested and refined it from experience

Here are further results I got as I continued to refine my methods

In the above screenshot, you can see a potential employer saying she liked my email and setting up an interview with me

How was I able to word my message in a way that was able to be pleasing to a potential employer who I've never even met

There aren't so many likeable ways to say "Hey I'm interested in your job opening" Right?

(Or is there?)

But that's not all...

Here was me also, after completing a sales funnel project for an American Nurse looking to make a business out of her passion

How many possible ways can you complete a project that will make a client eager to pay you for your work

And there's more

In the screenshots below... I applied for a Remote Gig

I was accepted, but I missed the acceptance mail

Normally this will be a disaster

This is something that I'm meant to come across several weeks later

And be regretting that I missed an opportunity at a remote software job that pays in dollars

And start blaming village folks

But guess what...

They followed up on me

There aren't so many ways to apply for a job that will make an employer take out the time to follow up on 1 out of thousands of applicants right

(Or is there?)

My point is...

I've used my research methodology over and over again...

Whether when I'm working as a tech bro or I'm working as a Marketer

Whether I'm talking to a Business or I'm talking to an Individual

And it has proven itself time and time again...

Here was a project I closed with a Forex Trader (Sweet part of this project is, it was the one I secured to attend a high-level marketing event here in Nigeria)
That's me in the centre Image

(Wearing grey)

Payment for a funnel setup

Payment I've gotten from foreign clients I contacted through social media as well

And I've been able to accomplish all this without even having a List

Or a large social media following

Being a student makes me fall into the comfort zone too easily but still

Whenever a pressing need comes about... I go out and make big conversions from very limited outreach effort

Imagine the benefits you could reap from your big or small list

What I have now done is taken my research method used AI to apply it to 99 different types of Nigerians

Research that gets their desires burning

Some very hot and massive niches

Some quite small niches

But it's all done for you

All to enable you to close clients and customers while both parties go home smiling!

And that is why I created…
“How To Close 99 Types Of Nigerians”
was created

In this book, you will access the core desires of over 99 types of Nigerians

Desires that bypass their logic and connects straight to their deep desires up until they buy what you’re selling

Now how does the Book of Knowledge make you a mind reader?

Well here is what you get FOR EACH Demographic in the book...

  • 1
    How To Identify
    These are traits you can use to identify a certain demographic
    This is because the specific name used in this text might not be what each individual in the demographic identifies with
  • 2
    What you can talk about to grab their eyeballs
    These are topics that are on the top of their minds that easily get their attention

  • 3
    Pain points that make them spend money
    These are unfavourable issues that they constantly look forward to solving in their lives

  • 4
    Types of products they invest in
    This section generally consists of either:
    1. The qualities they look out for when choosing a product
    2. The actual products they buy
    3. Or Both
  • 5
    Types of services they invest in
    This section generally consists of either:
    1. The qualities they look out for when choosing a service
    2. The actual service they buy
    3. Or Both
  • 6
    These are free bullet points you can align your product benefits to
  • 7
    A day in the life
    Use these to gain empathy and know how your messaging will likely be received
    What a good day looks like
    What a “bloody hell” day looks like

 Trail Blazer Bonuses

1. How to sell to the 3 major Nigerian tribes

Usually aged 22+ which is around the age they have likely started identifying strongly with their tribes & Culture

Page 341

2. How to make language model AI like chatGPT give you answers that it is not allowed to!

Why is this important?

Like it or not, we will soon have to be communicating with AI every day

There is a vast amount of information we can extract from these information powerhouses called AI

And the only way to have an edge is to be able to manipulate the AI to give you whatever you ask for while it denies others

For example, If you use chatGPT, you would know that it will not generate content considered vulgar

But to test my technique to the fullest, I made it generate “vulgar words that people use instead of s*x”

And it did

Imagine how much hidden marketing and psychology information you will be able to extract

To be precise... This is the technique I used to get AI to let me in on the pain points and the bad days of all the 99 niches

Normally AI wouldn't divulge this to prevent exploitation of people

Find out my technique on page 343

3. Big List of Addicts

Amongst all the over 87+ demographics in this book

There are a select few who are ADDICTS

These are people who will buy whatever you’re selling as long as it relates to what they’re addicted to

For example, have you noticed how some manufacturers simply slap the logo of a football club on anything that they produce?

Slippers, Shirts, Nail cutters, Hairbrush

Yeah, that’s the “addict” effect in play

You will get a special list of the 26 addicts in this book

You can literally sell anything related to their passion to them and make a ton of money

As long as you know how to be one of them (which is what the spells sections are about)

4. Kairos offers cheeKlapper

This is a small file where I expose…

Multiple hot prospects for 3 hot products in the Kairos marketplace PLUS hot selling angles for each of these prospects

5. Big List of Events

This is 58 common events that you should look out for as an opportunity to sell

Page 339

So today, you’re getting…

  • 89 hot Nigerian demographics of people that spend money
  • How to Identify them even in a crowd
  • What to say to grab their attention like you’re grabbing their eye sockets
  • What pain points do they have that disconnects their brains from logic till they buy what you’re selling
  • What kinds of products do they readily buy daily
  • What types of services do they pay for without questioning
  • Spells to make you absorb the conversations in their minds
  • What they do in their daily lives from waking to sleeping
  • How a bad day is like for them that will make them have hot pain points
  • Bonus #1: How to sell to Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba people
  • PLUS: How to sell to AI like ChatGPT to give you restricted information
  • Bonus #2: KairosOffers Chee-k-lapper, Hot prospects for 3 hard to sell products on the Kairos marketplace
  • Bonus #3: Big List of addicts, A list of 27 demographics in the book that will buy anything you sell to them as long as it is related to their addiction
  • Bonus #4: Big list of 58 events: In marketing, we all know that people spend money once there’s an event… Birthday, wedding day, Friday, Party day, Mother’s Day, etc

Wait scratch that... We're still on our long overdue Launch phase so the whole bundle is going for N16,000 for the final stretch


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