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Revelations of A Former Broke Secondary School Teacher...

​"How to Create A Profitable Blogging Platform That Can ​Siphon N250,000 to N2.5Million+ Per Month, Working Part-time From Home"

From: Joe Okoro
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Friend,

The word "blogging" is gradually becoming a passion a lot of people in Nigeria today are interested in.

And that is because it is one of the most straight forward methods available today, to start an internet business. It is financially lucrative, personally satisfying, can be built on something you already enjoy, and (in my experience) is by far the best way to get started making money online.

You don't need a lot of equipment, money, or even writing skills.

I'm convinced anyone can start a blog from scratch, build an audience, and have a genuine income potential up to N2.5million or more per month, if they follow the steps I'm about to reveal to you.

​Here is What that Means to You...

  • ​No one controls your life
  • ​You're not afraid of losing your job
  • ​You can wake up by 9am and not bothered about the alarm clock
  • ​You're not bothered by economic recession
  • ​You're not affected by retrenchment, downsizing, layoffs
  • ​You have your own economy and network of people
  • ​You have time & Money Freedom
  • ​You can spend more time with your family and friends
  • ​You can travel anywhere in the world

Wouldn't achieving this type of life, living life at your own terms be a dream come true to you?

Today, a lot of celebrity bloggers are emerging everyday, putting up simple blogs that eventually starts churning out millions of Naira every month for them.

And this trend has popularized that word "blogging", and many more people want to join the band wagon.

But There's A Problem

The problem is, many people want to make a living online "blogging" part time just like the celebrities.

Unfortunately, the celebrities are not willing to teach anyone how they make their millions blogging until now. In fact, they don't have that time or knowledge to do so.

The very fact that you’re on this page right now tells me that you are one of the people looking for ways to create a true lifestyle business blogging.

Now, whether I can help you achieve this and overcome the struggles you are facing, we don’t know yet. But what I want to do first, is establish if you are in the right place.

So let's see...

  • ​Are you looking for ways to create a real sustainable Internet business using a blog platform?
  • ​Do you currently own a blog, and you can't just figure out how to make money from it?
  • ​Are you close to giving up on the hope that it's possible to make a living online?
  • ​Are you simply looking for ways to project your career, profession, hobbies online and make a living with it?
  • ​Are you involved in any type of home business, and you can't figure out exactly how to get customers, and distributors to grow your business?

If any of the above identifies you, then ​pay very special attention and read every word on this page because I'm going to reveal exactly how you can finally break the ice and make 6 - 7 figures every month blogging part-time.

If that sounds like something you want for your own life, stay with me because I'd like to share my simple system with you and teach you how to duplicate my results and start earning a full time income blogging part time.

​Why Should You Believe Anything I ​Say About Making Money With Blogging?

​10 years ago, I used to be a poor secondary school teacher earning N8,200 per month and life was hard!

I got introduced to the internet business world and struggled for a while.

But in 2004, I started picking up.

Ever since, I have continued to maintain a 7-figure income per month blogging. Here's the last video I recorded on income proof for the year 2014.

​Watch the video below to see true proof of N3,122,350 in a single month from blogging

​Additionally, here's what I have been able to accomplish over the years...

I have built over 250,000 Nigerian email subscribers using only the internet to do so.

I have successfully built 3 blogs that brings in 6-figures in monthly income

​In 2013 precisely, I created a program called the "Advanced Virtual Blog Training", [A 13-weeks practical training on blogging] which sold about 1,200 memberships over a three year period, and have produced hundreds of successful students.

​All These Experience & Results Led Me to Create "The Blog Cash University"

It's a 90 day Coaching Program In Which I Show You, Step-by-Step...

ONE: How to Set Up and Customize Your Blog

TWO: How to Build Your Readership

THREE: And How to Make Money

This program is for content creators such as the following...

  • Bloggers and Online Publishers who are looking for ways to generate MUCH more income from their blog with LESS time and effort. 

  • Coaches, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, or Entrepreneurs who want to use a blog as a marketing tool to establish authority, to “Build A Platform”, generate interest, attract new business and create a massive competitive advantage in their respective niche markets.

​The Blog Cash University is a labour of love, as it details every minute details you need to start from scratch to build a successful blog which is capable of providing you a sustainable 6 - 7 figure in passive income monthly.

This training is called a "University" because it covers "Everything", you need to succeed as a blogger, with assessments every 4-days, to make you accountable to the training.

The program is a 3-month step by step video training which is delivered via email every 4 days. So every month, you'll get 7 - 8 videos with actionable contents you can work with until the next video training arrives, and until you create a full fledged money making blog.

In all there are about 24 - 30 powerful videos which will be delivered in 90 days [3 months]. Each video is between 20 - 35 minutes in length.

The video training comes in Modules.

Each Module contains...

  • ​A Video
  • ​Tasks to be completed

​Collectively, you're getting a complete blueprint to blogging. When you graduate at the end of 3 months, the knowledge you would have gained would completely change your life if or when you execute it.

As you can see, the contents of this workshop is not something you can learn in a single week. It's actually a mini-university of all you need to become financially free.

​Here Is a Breakdown of the Blog Cash University Program

PART 1: The Blog Cash System

This Part Contains the Following...

  • ​An introduction to blogging
  • ​Audience discovery process map
  • ​How to laser target an evergreen niche with social trends
  • ​The exact process to setting up your first WordPress blog
  • ​How to source for professional free themes for your blog
  • ​How to research an article for publication
  • ​An intro to E-mail autoresponders, and how to use them
  • ​How to install a Lead magnet on your blog
  • ​The 3 types of lead magnets that every successful blog must have and how to install them

PART 2: Blog Products & Services

This Part Contains the Following...

  • ​How to source for products to sell on your blog
  • ​Types of physical products that sell well on blogs
  • ​Easy ways to get info-products for your blog
  • ​Locating home based business opportunities in Nigeria
  • ​The right way to promote MLM products and opportunities with a blog
  • ​Copywriting 101: How to write a simple sales letter for your products
  • ​How to create simple blog banners for your products, or outsourcing it
  • ​ How to use Widgets to install banners on your blog.

PART 3: List Building Strategy

This Part Contains the Following...

  • ​How to "Sell" the optin [you don't need free reports to build a list]
  • ​Audience discovery process map
  • ​How to create credibility before a prospect opts in to your newsletter
  • ​Learn what a Single & Double Opt-ins are, and why Double optin maybe your enemy
  • ​The exact steps to "Optimize" Single Opt-ins and get them to convert better than "Double Opt-in"
  • ​The right way to use blog articles to build a list and why using "Squeeze
    pages" is less effective in 2017 and beyond.
  • ​How to write email follow ups that "hypnotizes" your prospect and keep him desperately waiting on his inbox for your next email to arrive
  • ​Automating your blog posts & email follow ups
  • ​How to build a customer only list and 10X your income 

PART 4: Getting Traffic to Your Blog

This Part Contains the Following...

  • ​Why traffic is never a problem
  • ​Available traffic sources for growing your blog
  • ​A Focus on: Facebook Advertising [Everyone is on Facebook]
  • ​Ground rules you must learn before you advertise on Facebook
  • ​How to create simple advertising on Facebook
  • ​Why Facebook Fan Pages is a Must for your blog
  • ​How to use Video advertising on Facebook to reach millions of targeted audience
  • ​The types of Facebook thumbnails to use for best results
  • ​Custom Audiences: What they are and how you should use them
  • ​How to successfully advertise outside Facebook and build up to 2,000 leads in a month.

PART 5: Scaling Your Blog to ​7 Figures a Month

This Part Contains the Following...

  • ​How to focus on Lead quality
  • ​Why conversion is more important than traffic [We have conversion problem, not traffic problem]
  • ​What a product funnel is and how to set it up
  • ​Why product funnels are responsible for 7-figure monthly paydays
  • ​How to automate your product funnel
  • ​How to utilize opportunities for product promotions
  • ​Why having a Youtube Channel can supercharge your credibility and enhance your visibility online
  • ​How to start a Youtube Channel
  • ​Why you should focus on writing Pillar articles on your blog

​Here Are ​Testimonials From Students of this Program

​How Much Does It Cost to​ Enroll For the Blog Cash University?

​Well, I'm not going to waste your time.

Having seen that my training produces results both for myself and my students, and having seen my sound track record as an experienced blogger and internet marketer.

And considering the fact that this special training is responsible for producing over N150million in total revenues, generated by myself and my students collectively using the same step by step approach as revealed by the ~Blog Cash University~, charging you N150,000 is very reasonable.

Because after going through this "University", you'll be able to pull in 6-figures and many others, will do 7-figures in monthly income blogging.

However, I'm not greedy. I'm not going to charge you N150,000.

Not even 50% of that which is N75,000

Not even 50% of N75,000, which is N37,500.

Y​our Tuition Fee for the Blog Cash University Is N30,000 Only

If you think N30,000 for the Blog Cash University is too much, think about it this way...

​How many years did you spend and how much did you spend to graduate from the university?

​The Nigerian universities continues to churn out millions of unemployable youths every year. Graduates who have been trained to be employees all their lives.

No wonder, we see millions of unemployed graduates doing one type of odd job or the other.

And yet we go through these system of schooling, we waste precious years of our prime, and spend millions of Naira in school to learn to be employed.

I'm not condemning all professions, my point is, we are not trained to be self employed.

And if we're fortunate to get a good job, after school, how much do great jobs pay their staff?

Around N120,000 to N250,000 (If you're fortunate)

Well, N250,000 may look like a great income in the beginning, when you have a family, and start having children, paying school fees, house rent, clothing, health, etc, then you start to understand how little N250k is.

On top of that, the company will overuse you, till there's little life left in you; whatever little energy left in you at the end of every working day, is used to rest, while you deprive your family the needed quality time to be with them.

Till tomorrow, many of my former colleagues/teachers while I was a poor teacher are still struggling, earning about N70,000 per month in Government schools, they're unable to afford the good things of life.
They look tattered, deprived and poor, as the financial burden of family life eats away at them.

Yet, because our Universities are totally useless, intelligent graduates looking for job pay as much as N350,000 as bribes to secure Government jobs of any kind, even the lowly paid jobs like teaching for a monthly pay of N50,000.

They pay this, because they belief in the illusion that governments jobs are "secure". Nothing could be further from the truth.

Government jobs are job slavery. They're not secured by any chance.

The same thing applies to any other jobs.

In comparison to the course, The Blog Cash University, it will show you a path to financial and time freedom you never knew existed within your reach.

I was a poor teacher when I had a job, but now, I'm still teaching, [no longer poor], and for about 10 years, I have been earning between N800,000 - N4million per month using the exact knowledge in this same training.

So If I ask you again...

Is N30,000 too much for you to achieve a 6-figure income per month?

I think you should know the answer already.

​Here Are More Customer Testimonials to Help You Make Up Your Mind About the Blog Cash University

​Special But Limited Bonuses

​When you register for the Blog Cash University today, you are also going to get access to the following special bonuses

NOTE: These bonuses are only available for now. They can be removed at anytime

The Advanced Virtual Blog Training

[13 Weeks Training On Blogging]

​ This course sells for N12,500. It's the same course that has produced over 500 successful students who have gone ahead to create multiple 6 figure businesses with their respective blogs.

You'll get it free as a bonus, after registering for the Blog Cash University.

Unlimited Support For 365 Days

[N500k Value]

​ As one of my students, you'll have direct access to my private email, mobile number, and will enjoy my critique of your blog websites, sales pages, and direct phone calls to me. You see, I'm hardly available to speak to people. I don't have time.

This service alone is worth over N500,000 the entire year as I charge N25,000 per hour for a live one on one consultation.

​Are You Ready to Get Started With the Blog Cash University?

​Your Investment In the Blog Cash University Is Backed By My 100% NO-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you go ahead and invest in the “The Blog Cash University” today and if in the next 60 days, you have not being able to put up a money making blog ready to start collecting cash, before the training ends, in 90 days, then simply send me an email and I’ll transfer a full refund of your registration price to you. It's as simple as that.

However, Here Is My Refund Guarantee Terms...

When you request a refund you must show that you actually applied the system and it did not work for you. This means that you…

Set up your blog and email list

Set up at least two week email sequence to promote your first offer

This is what the Blog Cash University teaches you how to do. To qualify for the refund, you have to show me you set these basic things up following the steps in the program, but it did not work for you. I will then be happy to fully refund your program fee.


​If you've ever desired a way to work from the comfort of your home, and witness an endless flow of cash into your bank accounts, every day, every week, every month, and every year, I believe blogging is the easiest path to follow.

And I'm the only "Voice" [according to one of my students]; with a strategic step by step road map to blogging success.

This very course, the Blog Cash University, is going to help you to start making a decent living online.

It's a promise that is fulfilled once you complete this program and test run it.

So what's it going to be?

To invest in this course or not to invest?

Well, while you're busy thinking about it, many people are already registering for the same course, and putting it to use to help them grow their businesses.

If you think too long, you'll lose out.

Act now, grab a membership, and change your business and life for good.


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