The Blindspot Method™

Engineered To End The Frustrations Of Facebook Bans And Confidently Hit The Publish Button To Promote Your Health And Beauty Business On Facebook

For the past 6months, messages like the one above have been one of the most received by me  and I understand what it means to be in such position.

Picture this for a moment…

You spent 2 -3hrs setting up a full campaign –good creative, a converting sales funnel with all the excitement in your heart…

And then you hit the publish button… few minutes later you get the shocking notification that had sent many entrepreneurs parking.

“Your Ad account has been disabled and you’re no longer allowed to advertise on Facebook.”

Your face goes sour… you felt frustrated and disappointed.

And you begin to question and doubt your abilities.

Well, if you’re like this my client Bolatufe, then it’s obvious you’re selling in the forbidden niches.

But why health & beauty products instead of other simple products out there?

Here’s the thing…

It has been proven time and time again that health and beauty niches are by far the No.2 most lucrative niche market on the internet.

No doubt.

The demands on these niches are so HIGH because people want to be healthy, enjoy life, and look beautiful.

So when Bolatufe reached out, complaining about the incessant bans, I had to step into his shoe and imagine how terrible it must have been for him.

…Bolatufe was literally crying.

“Jonathan, what should I do now? I’m frustrated and I can’t afford to buy another Ad account again.”

I felt sorry for him and gave him my BIGGEST secret –the one you’re about to discover here.

In just 30 days Bolutufe pulled in over 1million selling his infection cleanser without getting disabled again.

Just like Bolatufe, if you’ve ever struggled to sell your Health and Beauty products on Facebook…

Your ad account always gets disabled just when it starts converting…

Or your ads are always disapproved for no reason…

Then reading this short letter till the end could be the ONLY thing that sets you FREE from Facebook shackles and bans.

Here’s why…

For the first time ever, I’m going to pull the curtain behind and Show you the Untold-secret to fly under Facebook’s radar, get 10X profit selling your Health And Beauty products without EVER being caught.

My name is Jonathan Melody –the man who rolled up his sleeves and waded into Marksuka bread’s head to uncover the dark-secret behind Facebook Ads.

I’m the founder of 10X Ecom club (a Global community of ecommerce experts) and also the author of “10X Ecommerce Secret”

It’s no longer news…. Facebook has become very strict these days.

A small trigger, boom –ad account disabled.

Most times… you’d get disabled for no reason –no question asked.

People are getting depressed every day, especially newbies who’re just getting started on Facebook.

That’s why I scavenged the whole internet looking for a solution…

And today my clients and I are now getting 10X ROAS selling Health and Beauty products on Facebook without getting banned.

I Have Sold Products In The Forbidden Niches Using This Method

I’m not even the only one…

Bakare was frustrated when he lost his second Ad account… he took his sister’s own, and was disabled again.

But after using this method, he pulled in 1.8million in one month selling Diabetes product (the ads are still running 24/7)

And then there’s Sylvester who’s currently selling an anti-aging cream and he has done over a million in sales (Last time I checked, his ads were performing very well)

Listen, I know the question in your head right now;

“Melody, can you go straight to the point?”

Honestly, I don’t want to waste your time, but I suggest you read the next few lines with an open mind.

My father will always say, “there’s no smoke without fire.”

Just like you, I used to point fingers at Facebook and blame them for being so heartless.

It’s very annoying:


Here’s the Taproot of all the problems you’re facing with Facebook Ads –the reason why you were thrown out the window without a warning.

Facebook Undergoes 2 Authentic Steps To Fully Approve Your Campaigns.

This level happens when you first launch your campaigns and because there are thousands of campaigns published every minute, there’s a limit to how many a human can read through and approve.

This is why the A.I(robot) does the review –it can easily scan through your message to find if you have any trigger word(s) that go against the policies.

If it finds anything, it rejects the ad and if it doesn’t, it approves the ad to run.

And like every other machine with 0 and 1, there can be errors…

This is why some ads are rejected and if the Ad account got disabled by mistake a human has to come in to be sure when you request for a review.

This level happens when your campaign has run for quite a number of days or even months and it’s now gaining momentum.

At this point a human is alerted to take a second look at your campaign to be sure it doesn’t go against their policies or the community standards.

This is why an ad can be rejected even after running for days or months

And they do this by looking at your ad message (copy), targeting, as well as what you have on your landing page.

The A.I crawls the words in your message (copy) as well as your site for trigger words. (This is made possible by the pixel on your website)

Note: The A.I can crawl your site more than ones.

A human will manually read your copy as well as the message on your landing page for trigger words

For many gurus, they will tell you to not install the pixel on your website or write copy that don’t hit the emotions, or even use slangs like “blokos” and “Vgee” or limited the use of words like “you”

But then we want to hit the emotional button of our audience and retarget people who come to our website.

Let’s even say, you used those tactics recommended by your gurus and they worked, and your ads or campaigns are approved and running…

What happens then, when a human reviewer comes in?

Honestly, you can’t use tricks and tactics on a human reviewer.

He/she can easily read through your slangs and if it goes wrong…

You stand a chance of getting your Ads rejected or your ad account disabled.

No mercy!

But you’ve got this…

“Selling Health & Beauty Products Has Just Become A Lot Easier With This Bulletproof”


The Bulletproof to fly under Facebook’s radar without EVER been caught pants down.

The Blindspot Method allows you to Hit the Emotional button of your audience 10X EVEN BETTER, and still retarget them WITHOUT triggering the A.I or a human reviewer to reject or ban your ad account.

…Which means you can sell everything from men’s health, anti-aging, weight loss, infection cleanser, Diabetes supplements etc.

Finally, after all the frustration –run your ads with confidence… Thanks to this training.

I’m going to come on live to deconstruct this unique method and show you exactly how to set up the Blindspot step by step.

This will change the game of advertising for your business.

…And when you watch this training to 13:98 session it’s easy to see why my clients can’t stop raving about this Training.

People like Oluchi, a complete beginner who’s now my client.

Here’s what she said:

Steal My Method Today And Get Full Access To:

Revealed For The First Time Ever!

The No.1 reason your ads keep getting rejected and accounts disabled is because you still don’t understand behind The Scene Of Facebook advertising policies.

And in the last 2 months, I’ve spent 96 hours dissecting the policies.

Yes, I have gone through that so you don’t but watch me as I break everything down for you, even a brain-dead monkey will understand it.

It’s a 30mins REVELATION so EYE 0PENING, you’ll discover what others can’t easily find online and you’d NEVER worry about running campaigns that are compliant on Facebook.

Value: $37

It doesn’t matter the god you serve or how good you write, if your copy doesn’t comply –you’ll be kicked out through the window.

This is where you’d need to inject the Blindspot in your ad copy…

You only need 2 ways to craft a complaint ad copy but because I am generous and nice I will REVEAL to you 3 Little-unknown ways you can do this with templates.

Value: $97

I see many people get it wrong here…

They’ve had their ad copy approved but mistakenly put on the landing page what will eventually get their accounts disabled.

…And when they hear things like “you’re trying to circumvent our system”, they wonder what they’ve done wrong.

But not again…

You’ll discover the lawful Commandments –exactly what you MUST have on your landing page to be on the SAFE side.

Value: $47

Prevention is BETTER than cure!

Get it right immediately –and better be fast to avoid bans.

Yes, there are 2 levels of reviews: The automatic and manual review…

The manual review is like federal high court –a real human comes in to review your entire flow from your ad to your website.

…Which is why you MUST BULLETPROOF your entire campaigns by simply creating a Blindspot in your funnel flow.

This is to ensure you NEVER get disapproved and disabled when a manual review is done.

Value: $97

This will help you Outperform your competitors and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

It gives you an edge over your competitors so that you WON’T appear as (I’ve seen this before) in the eyes of your audience.

Value: $37


But it’s One Thing To Talk About This Blindspot Another About Real Live People Who Were Lucky Enough To Have Discovered This Training.

People like Kenny Umuaka, she couldn’t stop saying how this training changed her life.

Here’s what she said:

This could be you in months to come or maybe weeks.

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and…

  • Imagine that you can FINALLY start pulling MASSIVE sales selling your health and beauty products after all the frustration and disappointment you’ve been through?

  • Imagine setting up a funnel for your health or beauty product and it runs for a COMPLETE 4 -6months –do the math to see what you’d be making.

  • Imagine NEVER having sleepless nights or heartaches again because you’re scared of what might happen to your ad accounts the next day!

  • Imagine having the confidence to HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON knowing you have done everything right and not afraid of uncertainties.

  • Imagine what it feels like to be in FULL CONTROL of your income online and NEVER worry where your next sale will come from!

    Isn’t that what you’ve been praying for?

    Oh! Okay.

So how much is this training, you ask?

Wait a minute, before you ask about the price…

Let’s do a little math:

You ready? Good.

How many Ad accounts have you lost so far and what did it cost you to get back on your feet?

Let’s face it…

It cost anything from $15 to as much as $200 to get an ID verified Ad account…

And this might not be the best option because you’re almost starting all over –from scratch.

…You’d lost all your data.

This is why I shook my head and said NO –I should help you… only if you want to be helped.

The whole thing is…

It takes just peanut to SAVE yourself from unnecessary heart breaks and frustration from Facebook.

Like I said the total worth of this training is $315

But I won’t charge you that even if I could

You’re not going to pay that $197… even though it’s worth it and what it should be retailed for

Not $97…

Not even $47…

Instead you’re investing ONLY a one time fee of $37


Why am I giving you so much for less?

The reason is…

I want you to get on this Community training today without money being a barrier.

And also, when you see my other offers, you’ll be confident getting them because you’d know I have you best interest in mind.

I could easily charge you $97 or even $247 as some of my clients suggested.

But I won’t do that… I struggled, lose sleep just to become the ONLY reason why you wake up tomorrow and NEVER have any issue with Facebook again.

Look, none of this makes sense to me and I won’t be happy either until I see your testimony.

…This is my little way of contributing to your success.

And guess what?

When you take on this offer, I’m going to throw in the following bonus for completely free

Bonus #1-My collection of Health and Beauty Ads: For the past 2 years, I have been putting together a collection of Health and Beauty ads that have successfully been running for months on Facebook.

This will save you a ton of time trying to write a compelling ad copy and still remain complaint and get to see the types of creatives that work

Value: $97

NOTE: This “Fast Action Bonus” is Can Be taken out at any point as I am basically sharing with you files that took me years to acquire for FREE!

Click the button below to get started.

Here’s The Summary Of Everything You’re Getting When You Get Started.


==>Understanding Behind The Scene Of Facebook Ad Policies –Value $37: This will you understand what to avoid in order to thrive on Facebook ads.

==>How To Craft “Gun-To-The-Head” Complaint Copy –Value $97: With this you can FINALLY start writing compelling copies that aligns to Facebook Community Standard.

==>Lawful Commandments To Inject In Your Landing Page –Value $47: Keep your landing page relevant without sounding neutral because of Facebook ban.

==>Proven Strategy To Erect An Under The Radar Sales Funnel For Profit –Value $97: You can still HIT the EMOTIONAL BUTTON of your customers and bulletproof it from human reviewer.

==>Single Most Relevant Element You MUST Have In Your Sales Message –Value $37: This will give an edge over your competitors.

==>BONUS #1-My collection of Health and Beauty Ads: Value: $97


And even though I could charge you that, I wouldn’t

But if I did, wouldn’t it be worth it if all this did was

=>To finally help you run your ads profitably on Facebook and have peace of mind?

=>Help you stay in control of your income with no uncertainties of what will happen tomorrow or Facebook disabling your ad account?

=>Finally help you sell your star health or beauty product for the next 1year without having Facebook issues?

=>Make you Stand out from the competition and sell more than they do?

=>Finally help you sell an extra 2800 pcs of a health product before the year runs out

Help you finally get out of debt, humiliation and take care of yourself and family because you’d become capable and regarded a capable man/woman by friends and family

I know you and I will both agree it’s a resounding YES

But what will it be worth to you?

Like I said before, the value of this program is $412

But I am not asking you to pay that.

In the market, this would sell for a retail price of at least $97  but I am not asking you to pay that either.

For only a limited time you can access this 18 steps video training and all bonuses for a one time payment of $37

And because I want you to be 100% confident in making this decision today, you’re backed by;

Say No To Facebook Advertising Frustration Or Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee.

Look, I’ve analyzed everything and found out you’re buying this program with your hard-earned money…

And I respect that a lot.

I don’t want you to keep losing on this Facebook thing again…

This training will help you hit your financial goals and prevent you from going through the frustrations of advertising on Facebook.

So, you’re either fully satisfied and finally able to hit the publish button with confidence when you implement this Blindspot Method or get twice your money back

I want you to ask for twice the money you paid back and I will also let you keep the training as a way of saying sorry for wasting your time.

Why am I making such a guarantee?

It’s simple…

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The Blindspot Method is tested and proven.

And you have to act fast on this

What that means is that I could wake up one morning and decide it’s time to close the door or increase the price to limit people who gain access to this information.

Even at  $97 you’d agree this is absolutely a steal.

So go ahead and click on the button below and choose a payment option.

If you’re still on the fence, just remember what this training can help you achieve

This training will help you

  • Run Facebooks ads for your health and beauty products and have peace of mind
  • Sell your products profitably for the next 6 to 12 months
  • Gain control over your income because you need not worry about Facebook bans

In fact, Let Me Sweeten it further

When you join Today, you’ll be added to a private group on telegram and given access to 3 extra sources of traffic.

I will share with you 3 extra sources of quality traffic for your health and beauty products (No, It’s not Google or Youtube) (Value: $47)

But just a quick Warning: You need to act fast

This discount is only available for a limited time. which simply means the price could increase to as much as $127 at any time (And it will still be a steal at that price).

So just scroll down, click the button and choose a payment option

In fact, Let Me Give You One More Thing


When you gain access to the Blindspot Method Today, you’ll be added to a group and I will share with you the Gary Bencinvega bullets

In case you don’t know what this is about, let me tell you what you’d learn from these bullets

=>The Credo Technique: How to get a following of a die hard fan base


=>The Two Most Powerful Words in Advertising. (No, they are not “new” and “free” nor any other two words you’d ever guess.)

Don’t even try because I didn’t know until I read them myself and I have used those words in this letter on you.

=>The Secret of the Red Shirts. (This little-known technique makes it much easier to achieve anything you want in life, including blockbuster ad campaigns that flood you with orders.)

=>The 7-Letter Word That Instantly Multiplies Your Creativity 11-Fold. (Not 10-fold. Not 12-fold, but exactly 11-fold, as you’ll see.)

=>And more

Gary gave out these bullets for free some time ago but they are no more available But I took the time to put them together after I joined his list in 2019

But like I said, I don’t know how long I will keep this page up or have the price at $37, so go on and click the button below to lock this down while you still can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not exactly.

This training is to uncover the steps to run health and beauty ads without triggering Facebook or getting your ads account disabled.

Look, as long as you follow every step outlined in this training… 

You’ll hardly get your ads disapproved or your ad account disabled… unless you followed another route I didn’t show you.

Obviously not.

I’ll advise you to have a good product that has great demand and also make your research so that you won’t sell diabetes supplements to people with arthritis.

I won’t guarantee that.

But the earlier you start implementing the better it gets.

No, as long as you advertise on Facebook, even if you’re selling info products… you can sure use it and get result.

But you MUST understand that this product is NOT for everyone and it’s likely NOT for you too.

That’s why you’ve two ultimate choices to make NOW

Choice 1: (Worse choice)

You can keep your $27 and move on with your life (no hard feelings)

But one thing is sure:

Selling Health and Beauty products means BIG money but if you go all alone…

Without applying the Blindspot Method, especially without understanding behind the scene of policies as regards to Health niche…

You might regret it and by the time it will be $97 no-question asked.

But if you’ve been bitterly disappointed by Facebook before you might consider…

Choice 2 (BEST choice):

Get your hands on this training today and STOP worrying about Facebook bans for good.

Hit the publish button and MAKE the MOST out of your campaigns WITHOUT any FEAR of getting disapproved or disabled again.

Nah…I don’t guarantee that.


Because the Facebook system can go nuts sometimes.

But here’s what I can guarantee you.

When you use the blindspot method to the T and follow the guidelines and still have your account disabled,

You’ll be confident to request a review and when you do, your account will be reactivated and access restored.

Why will that be?

Because when a human reviews your account, they will see you’ve done nothing wrong nor violated the ad policies.

That is the power of the Blindspot Method.

That’s relative…

What I mean is that, it all depends on when you get started with this. This shouldn’t take you more than 48hrs.

However, if you’re proactive like me, you should start implementing in 2 or 3hrs because the videos are simple to understand.

The training is structured in a way that the video contents are easy to consume and understand

See what a client had to say after taking a peak.

Immediately your payment is successful, you’d be redirected to a page where you can create an account in the members area and once done, you’d receive an email with login details to access the training.

You don’t have to wait for days or months for each training video to be released.

You get everything instantly


What Others Say

I will continue to bless God for the day I came across your advert on Facebook. Jonathan you’re a God send. Now I can confidently assist my husband.

God will continue to Bless you.


I never believed anything good could come out of e-commerce until I met Jonathan Melody.

If you want a mentor on e-commerce business, Jonathan is the right person for you.


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