Discover How To Generate $50 - $100 A Day With A 100% FREE Method…

  • Without A Website
  • Without A Real Name (I Used Service Name)
  • Without An Email Subscriber List
  • Without A Real Photo (I Used A Cartoon
  • With Only 20 Minutes Effort

And Most Importantly…

How YOU Can Do It Too

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From the desk of Oladejo Elisha,

Dear Aspiring Online Earner

You really want to make a $3000 – $5000/month online income and replace your day job, don’t you?

Maybe you’ve been through lots and lots of information… but you haven’t quite found a system that’s working for you…

If that sounds like you…

GREAT! Because I’m about to share something that you might already know DEEP DOWN INSIDE… But for some reason you’ve been IGNORING that inner voice…


Most guru methods and systems are WAY too complex for your situation right now!

First you gotta learn to buy a domain… then you gotta do web hosting… then you gotta install WordPress… then you gotta do SEO… then you gotta install an autoresponder… then you gotta write emails… then you gotta write articles… then you gotta wait for 6 frickin months!!! Really? Give me a break!

You see, just a little over 8 months ago I was in your EXACT position.

I bought & studied product after product… Read tons and tons of blogs… forum posts… but NONE of it was clicking.

I was looking for a way to finally start making money online…

And after 5 frustrating PAINFUL years of SEARCHING…


To the “GURUS” who are telling me to build a list… do SEO… create a product…

I don’t need a frickin list!

I don’t want to learn which WordPress SEO plugins to install and optimize my article at 4% keyword density that nobody will ever read! I don’t want my website getting 20 visitors a day after 6 months of “blogging”!

Don’t tell me to build a product… because I know NOTHING that people are willing to pay for… nor do I have months to waste!

You see… All these methods are GOOD… IF you’re patient… IF you’re already making some level of income online… IF you have certain skillsets… IF you have the luxury of TIME… IF you can happily sit around and slowly build your success..

BUT for me.. That was NOT an option.

And I’ve been sitting at home for the past 5 years trying to make it happen… and I HATED every second of making no money online!!

All I wanted to know was… How to MAKE SOME MONEY, ASAP!

I NEEDED a method that doesn’t involve…

  • Complex technical skills that lead to no results anyway
  • Long term strategies that require WAITING and patience like list-building or SEO… Nope, sorry I have zero patience buddy!
  • Paying money to advertise and promote CPA/affiliate offers…
  • High startup costs to even figure out if it will actually work…

And I never found the method for 5 years.

…until THIS happened.

Just a little over 1 year…

A New Marketplace Called Legiit Was Launched...


At first, I didn’t think much of it of course… It’s a Fiverr clone! Who cares!

After 4 years of failing online you KNOW that 99% of the stuff that’s launching are complete B.S.

Still, what did I have to lose to give this a try? It’s free anyway
And so…

I took 20 minutes to create my first gig on the new marketplace called legiit

…and BOY was I wrong about it being a Fiverr clone!

The Screenshots below are what
my daily earnings look like

With my proven formula, now you can make up to $4000 per month easily!

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000

Here’s why making money on Legiit is so much Better than Fiverr!

Still the WILD WEST! (it only launched 1+ year ago so theres still A LOT of room to be a top vendor…if you follow my system. Good luck going against people with 30,000+ reviews on Fiverr!)

$5 vs $257 per sale.. it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one helps you make a sizable income faster.

QUICK payouts directly to your PayPal or Payoneer. You get paid 5 days after you’ve completed the order… no more waiting for 2 weeks for payouts on Fiverr!

All I did is setup my service 20 minutes using the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ method… Then let Legiit work it’s magic and send you nonstop sales!

To take away all then guesswork for you, I will share with you EXACTLY what I did

Now I TRULY know what works because I tested it, refined it, and turned it into MONEY!

I’ve taken all my best strategies and packaged it into the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system.

So all you have to do is COPY, PASTE, START MAKING MONEY!

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000

If I can succeed with the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system… I’m pretty damn sure you can too!

This is the ONLY METHOD that you need to start making money online… it is so powerful because there is NO BARRIER OF ENTRY! It’s WAY TOO SIMPLE for you to fail! ANYBODY can be successful with this.

Because there’s…


In fact, it’s so frickin simple that… If you did exactly what I outlined in the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system and you do not succeed, Then something must be wrong somewhere.

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000




If you’re not afraid to take a straightforward step 1 – step 2 – step 3 action to finally kiss your day job goodbye… Then the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system is designed specifically for people like you.

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000

If you’re not afraid to take a straightforward step 1 – step 2 – step 3 action to finally kiss your day job goodbye… Then the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system is designed specifically for people like you.

Discover how you can make your 1st sale as fast as within 24 hours! (This secret alone is worth all your investment today.)

Discover how you can make your 1st sale as fast as within 24 hours! (This secret alone is worth all your investment today.)

Copy and paste my 3 simple gigs that generates you $30 - $50 in sales in 24 hours! ( Only take 30 minutes to set up.

How you can 2X - 5X your profits OVERNIGHT - using one weird & little-known 30-second tweak

Discover my secret method to get someone else to do all the work for you... in just 2 minutes!

How to get raving reviews for free & effortlessly skyrocket your sales... even before you properly launch your service (100% white hat)

My secret formula of getting 100% GUARANTEED nonstop sales on autopilot & passive income every single day… even while you’re asleep!

How you can “hypnotically force” your customers to buy over and over again… and have them love you for it

You’ll get to see behind the scenes how I rapidly went from $3 per sale to $500 per sale - and how you can too

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000

The best way to really get started making real money online is to get some EASY and FAST CASH with basic services you can do without any COMPLICATED TECHNICAL SETUP or HIGH COST OF ENTRY…

I truly believe the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system is the Best way for anyone to get started making money online, I even give you a…

Here are some happy people who got access to our product early:

Wiliam Norman

I picked up a review copy of better than fiverr and followed the processes as explained by Elisha. 

Everything was setup in less than 30mins. Within 3 days I started receiving orders. It took me over 3 months before I could get my first sales on Fiverr as a newbie. This is really awesome. It really is better to do than Fiverr.

Jerome Morga

Just like many other businesses… If you get in while the competition is still low, that’s where the big cash is! I checked out the review copy and it’s very promising, THUMBS UP!

Oladejo Felix

Even as an active seller on legiit with good sales, I’ve learnt a lot of new strategies to increase my sales from Elisha. He’s better than Fiverr is really simple and direct to implement.

This is not just for the newbies, even existing vendors who are struggling to make sales will find the product extremely useful. I feel reluctant to recommend the product because I think it might increase competition in the market place.

Deborah Ojumu

I’ve been doing freelancing on Fiverr and other marketplaces for 2 years and could barely make $500 a month. Because the competition in the big marketplaces is quite high.

Then I made $300 in less than 7 days after I got a review copy of better than fiverr from Elisha and I decided to try it out. That means I’m on my way to my first ever $1000 a month if I can sustain my current pace. Get this product now before it’s circulated everywhere….

Douglas Hudson

With this product, earning around $2000 per month is possible. The good thing I found about the strategies outlined in the product is that it won’t put stress on me.

I don’t have to change my lifestyle to make it work. This is awesome. Thank you Elisha for the review copy.

Charlse Watson

Elisha is very generous in helping others achieve success! With his product, legiit is quickly becoming a good source of income for me as a freelancer

David Khan

Man, this is so amazing, I had no idea about the stuff you have here. I just completed the review copy!!! Thanks Elisha..


If this system is proven to work for everybody who truly took action and followed the system...

If you could effortlessly see near overnight results within 48 hours…

You’ll get to see behind the scenes how I rapidly went from $3 per sale to $500 per sale - and how you can too

What would this kind of life-changing information be worth to you?

I know how it feels like to be trying really hard and still making no money.

I went through 5 years of exactly that and boy it’s PAINFUL. I know how it feels like when friends or family ask you, how’s the Internet thing going and you can’t answer them without feeling a sense of shame and giving them vague answers.

In fact, I was exactly there just a little over 8 months ago, and as soon as I got the breakthrough I HAD to share this with others.

This is truly life-changing information I have compiled in the ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system.

I genuinely want to help you be able to finally be free of all the B.S. you have to go through in your day-to-day life.

I want to help you get the freedom you’ve always been fiercely chasing for but could never quite find.

The ‘Better Than Fiverr’ system can do that for you I promise, that’s IF you’re ready to take action and follow the system.

BUT WAIT! I have thrown in a few bonuses to speed up your success even more

Bonus #1 – Free Access to My Special Master Mind Facebook and Twitter Groups where I drop tips regularly on How To Scale Higher On Legiit. (Value $100)

Free Access to my Master mind Facebook and Twitter Group Where I drop tips regularly on how you can scale your earnings higher on Legiit. This alone worths $150 to join.

Bonus #2 – How to Get Unlimited Professionally Done Logos for
FREE in Minutes For Your Legiit Profile – (Value $47)

I will show you how to generate new logos for FREE & Boost your sales! 5-10 Minutes will skyrocket the trust of your profile & services for months and even years to come. Use this for ANYTHING you want, new website, new business, new service, unlimited logos for you and your business!

"Here's A Reminder Of Everything You're Getting If You Take Action Today"

Better Than Fiverr system – (Value $250)
3 Hot-in –Demand-Services – (Value $80)
Special MasterMind Facebook and Twitter Groups – (Value $100)
Promotional Facebook Groups – (Value $80)

Total Value : $510

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000

To Your Success

I’m raising the price for every 5 copies of this course I sell, so make sure to grab your copy first before this course go back to the original price point of ₦39,999.
Go ahead and get started now:

Regular Price: ₦49,999

Today: ₦20,000

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