Former Priest Reveals the Secret Key for Meeting & Attracting Beautiful Women Into Your Life Even If You Are Not Muscular, Good Looking or Rich.

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What People Are Saying:


Will it work if I'm fat?

As much as I advise guys to lose weight because of the health benefits and how it benefits them  in the dating game, fat isn't something you can lose overnight.

But what I'll be sharing with you in the How to Be a Sexual Man Blueprint are things you can start implementing almost immediately, and they'll start working for you.

So while you're still trying to lose weight, you can start making moves and attracting these women.

Doesn’t also matter if you’re skinny. I'm not even muscular, and I still get a ton of girls.

Will it work if I'm ugly?

There are lots of solid lines, conversation openers, and approach techniques for you to use here.

But instead of making you a robot who just repeats lines, we'll be showing you how approaching girls can be as natural as breathing air.

You won’t need someone to tell you what to say when approaching a girl.

Will it work if I'm older?

In one of her books, Buchi Emecheta said, "A man is never ugly," and that's something I live by.

After all, I'm not the most handsome guy out there, but I’ve never lost a girl because of my looks.

Neither are most of the guys in the Wising Men Discuss, but something we're not short on is confidence.

And that is something every man who attracts women must possess, and we'll be showing you how to build it.

Will it work if I'm older?

The secrets in how to Be a Sexual Man Blueprint will work for any man, regardless of how you look, how old you are, or how confident you currently are around women.

Will it work if I'm broke?

There are men out there who you’re better off than financially and they're dating and marrying the kind of women you want and desire.

What’s even funnier is  you know some of these men.

So what are they doing differently?

Well, there's hope for you too.

But that will only be possible if you don’t delay.

So before you DM that girl and get ignored...

Or go back to watching another porn video to fill up the loneliness in your life...

Or you go out today and see another beautiful girl and don't know what to say, and then when you get home, you begin to regret it.

Simply click on the link below the video to get the How to Be a Sexual Man Blueprint and all the extra bonuses for just N15,000!

Emmanuel Bissong

Ex-seminary student Emmanuel Bissong, also known as "Wising man" by his students and friends discovered why some men easily attract beautiful women despite not being handsome or wealthy after leaving seminary school and spending years researching why.

His findings are what he's shared with his students and why they've been wildly successful with women over the years.


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