Inside this Comprehensive Course, I will reveal to you tested secrets and skills you need to bake cakes that are soft, yummy and fluffy, also how to decorate stunning cakes that make you more money and repeat customers…

Just imagine you never have to struggle with baking and decorating your next Cake…GUARANTEED!!

Watch me bake a Mango Cake in simple steps below and You can bake yours right after..

Hello friend

My name is Kwaghdoo Enyi, creator of Bake like a Pro and founder of Kay's Pastries LLC

My goal with this comprehensive course is simple, to help you bake and decorate cakes like a pro within 28 days.

I want to lead you by the hand to acquire the age old secrets to bake over 20 varieties of cake and also decorate them using well tested, easy, simple and fast techniques. 

Discover how to get the right batter texture to prevent dry and strong cakes

Learn tested decoration techniques broken down into step by step guide to help you decorate enticing cakes you can charge a premium!

This Course is a right fit for:

  • If you are an amateur baker or entrepreneur who is serious and want to learn baking and cake decoration to start your business and want a hands-on training on how to do it
  • If you are new to baking and cake decoration and want to learn from a highly experienced tutor who runs her own thriving cake business in Abuja - Nigeria.
  • If you are a baker who want to tune up your baking skills and also boost your cake decoration prowess.

Continue reading to watch another baking and decoration video on this page below

Before we proceed, read a few testimonies of my students:

Read what Bosede says about her chiffon and red velvet chiffon cakes

Bosede easily decorated her cake with fondant icing and is feeling like a pro

Read what Ella has to say about her vanilla, red velvet, banana and ginger cakes

Nampijja decorated her cake with royal icing

Ruth says her lemon cake is so fluffy and yummy

See cake decorated with swiss meringue butter cream

Abgail is excited she can now bake like a pro

Linda decorated her cake with fondant icing and it turned out perfect

Harriet says the recipes are out of this above

Cakes decorated with buttercream icing sitting pretty

Ifeyinwa says taste of her marble cake is irresistible

Cake decorated with royal icing ready for pick up. Enhance value of your cakes when you decorate them

See below a 4 Floors Edifice Cake I recently made for the commissioning of Ebonyi State Governor's Lodge Abuja. 

The Lodge was inaugurated and Cake cut by Nigeria's President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu along with his wife and other Governors

Over the years, I have baked for Governors, members of the National Assembly, top Military Personnel and other VIP's but trust me, I was handsomely paid for this 4 floors edifice cake.

You too can get to this level but You must start from somewhere and be ready to put in the work.

Now, do you know it is not so difficult to master how to bake and decorate enchanting cakes?


Let me explain

You may have been intimidated by the idea of baking because people tell you that baking is a science and you have to follow the recipe to the latter or it will be a disaster.

It’s true baking is a science but that’s exactly why you can easily learn how to bake perfectly.

Baking experts have already taken the pain to figure out the ratios of flour, fat and liquids needed and written down detailed directions.

All you need now is someone to hold you by the hand and guide you and if you read this page to the end I will show you how easy and simple it is to bake delicious cakes all the time for your family or business.

In order to add value to your cakes, you need to decorate them.

Cake decoration is the most profitable skill any baker can have; and in this comprehensive hands-on course, I will teach you the right techniques to help you decorate any cake fast and easy. 

You will learn how to start making enchanting fondant decorations, gripping Swiss Meringue buttercream decorations, appetizing buttercream decorations, and irresistible whipping cream decorations, also not leaving out royal icing including other finishing techniques, all within four 4 weeks.

If you have ever tried to bake or decorate cakes and failed, I want you to know that it is not your fault, you see most of these free information online is so much that it can be confusing and overwhelming.

A simple Google or Youtube search on how to bake and decorate cakes will give you so many different results

But what’s worse is that the information you get is not detailed at all, no measurements are given, a lot of steps are either skipped or not well explained

And when you get stuck you're literally are on your own, because there is no one to ask questions. 

To make a Bad situation worse, some of the ingredients they display cannot be locally sourced


So friend, you see its not your fault, what you need is someone to hold you by the hand and show you the simple yet effective way to bake soft, yummy and delicious cakes. Also how to price and sell for a profit.

Now, if you have probably learnt from someone before and you are still finding it difficult to bake and decorate, its not entirely your fault


The truth is a lot of bakers don’t teach effective methods, techniques and recipes


Most bakers are scared that if you know everything they know, then you will become competition for them later on

I personally don’t believe in this manner of thinking, I believe that the sky is big enough for everyone to fly

If you read this page to the end, I promise you that you will finally discover different methods on how to bake soft, fluffy and super delicious cakes just like my students whom you will read their testimonies all over this page.

Bake with Kay will help you bake and decorate like a pro within 28 days even if you are a complete beginner with no previous experience.

If you have baked but been making mistakes and selling at a loss, I assure you will finally perfect your skills here and go ahead to make more money in your cake business.

Now before we move further, You have 2 options before you


Leave this page and keep searching from pillar to post trying to learn baking and decoration on your own while you never really figure it out 

If you do that, here’s what’s will happen 

  • Never be able to bake soft, fluffy and amazing cakes 
  • Never be able to decorate enticing cakes that attract premium customers
  • Waste your money on ingredients yet no results to show 
  • Have customers stop patronizing you due to poor quality and design of cakes
  • Get frustrated and finally give up on baking and decoration


You can read this page to the end and take advantage of the Offer I have prepared to help you become a sought after baker.

If you grab this offer, here’s what will happen 

  • You will be able to bake soft, fluffy and delicious cakes for different occasions
  • Learn the most hidden tricks and tips you won't find on google to help you simplify cake decoration

  • You will bake great tasting cakes that will be the talk of the town

  • You will learn cake decoration finishing techniques to stand out your cake designs and make more money

  • You will learn secret methods to help you work with any recipe you come across.
  • Have your family and friends beg you to teach them 
  • Have customers refer others to you cos of how amazing your cakes are
  • You will be guaranteed of repeat customers in your cake business.

Read what my student Titi says, cakeless birthdays have been eradicated in her family. You too will start baking for your family and friends on their birthdays

See a few works from my cake business Kays Pastries, You will learn and receive guidance from a trusted Tutor who runs her own thriving business

WATCH the short video below and learn how to make Butter cream icing for Cake Decoration


Imagine within the next 28 days from now after you have implemented the baking secrets and decoration hacks I will be teaching you

Imagine that you are able to bake amazing tasting cakes that are not wet, half done, burnt or cracked.

Imagine you are able to bake soft yummy cakes in ways that leave people blown away when they eat it, so much so that people around you start talking about how soft and fluffy your cakes are.

Imagine you are able to decorate cakes that stand out and attract high-paying clients.

Imagine you start receiving weekly orders for cakes thereby increasing your income

Imagine how great it will feel when people start referring others to patronize you because you can bake and decorate over 20 varieties of cakes perfectly.

Imagine yourself baking and decorating like a Pro all within the next 28 days


This is exactly what all our students at Bake with Kay experience with excitement and what you too will experience once you apply all what I will be teaching and revealing to you.

As I earlier introduced myself, my name is Kwaghdoo Enyi, creator of Bake with Kay and founder of Kay's Pastries LLC and this is my baking story


In life, there are two types of people : those who can bake and those who cannot – I could NOT. 

My first experience with cakes was very early in life

I must have been about 8 years old when I visited the Sisters convent at the Queen of the Rosary Secondary School Gboko with my mum who was the principal and we were offered cupcakes by some Irish Reverend Sisters.

 oh boy! They were the yummiest thing I'd ever tasted! How my eyes sparkled and my taste buds sang! I fell in love with cakes from that moment.

I started baking from the age of 14 and have never stopped— I find the art of baking enthralling.

As a teenager, I tried out different recipes during the holidays and have loads of well worn cook books.

That first feeling I got is how I hope you and your customers will feel when you eat each cake recipe you will learn in this course. They have all been tried, tested and passed the test.

I hope you have as much fun recreating these cakes as I do

Needless to say— I truly enjoy baking so much;both as a hobby and a business.

The business side of baking was birthed due to the experience I had on my 18th birthday 

My big sis who knew I was a cake addict surprised me with a beautifully decorated cake all the way from Abuja to Makurdi.

My excitement was heightened and my mood elated but alas, on cutting the cake after friends sang a sweet birthday song, it was horrible on the inside, tasteless, poorly done and going bad.

It was such an anticlimax, in my disappointment, I resolved to ensure no one goes through such embarrassment on their special day and my idea for Kay’s Pastries was born.

While in the university studying Economics, my dad bought me a big oven and I started baking birthday cakes regularly for students. I was making some cool money from baking and I wasn’t thinking of a job after I graduated, got married and moved to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria around year 2004.

After surmounting many hurdles, today, I run my own fully registered cake company Kay's Pastries LLC located at Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria with over 10 full time Staff.

Over the past 25 years, I have baked well over 15,000 cakes of all sorts and counting.

I am well experienced to teach you the best recipes and techniques for baking and decorating awesome cakes without mistakes.

But I must also be sincere with you today, 

to be able to bake very well, you need to


You can read a million recipes, measure your ingredients with a digital scale, make batter that looks so good you can use it as a face mask and all that hard work will amount to nothing because of your oven.

You need to become one with your oven LOL (not a joke).

For instance, I know that the top part of my oven is hotter than the bottom. As the oven burns gas and produces heat, hot air rises and is hotter at the top.

If you have an electric oven, you do not need to worry as much but if you have a gas oven, you have your work cut out for you.

Until you understand the oven you are working with and the right point to set your temperature knob, you may end up with burnt or cracked cakes each time you bake.

Do you know that baking is therapeutic when it works out?

however, baking cake disasters can have the opposite effect if you’re anything like me.

I am here to help you because a lot of people are still struggling to figure out this baking and cake decoration thing

OR maybe you just want to improve your skill and learn more tested recipes,

that is why I painstakingly put together this COMPREHENSIVE BAKING & CAKE DECORATION COURSE that is guaranteed to turn you into a sought after baker making more money.

You don't need to join the next baking or decoration class you see after going through this training course

All you need do is get ready to start fulfilling cake orders for different events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, child dedication and other occasions etc.

Let me quickly give you a rundown of all the soft, fluffy and yummy cakes you will learn to bake in this training program.

They are 24 varieties of cakes to help you have many options to bake for your family and customers.


See all the Cakes you will learn from Week 1 - 4 below:


  • 1. Carrot cake
  • 2. Ginger cake
  • 3. Marble cake
  • 4. 7up cake
  • 5. Stout cake
  • 6. Vanilla cake
  • WEEK 2

  • 7. Coco Banana
  • 8. Madeira cake
  • 9. Coconut Milk 
  • 10. Heineken beer 
  • 11. Honey and spice
  • 12. Chocolate cake
  • WEEK 3

  • 13. Basic Sponge 
  • 14. Cinnamon cake
  • 15. Red Velvet cake
  • 16. Chocolate Malt 
  • 17. 3 Milk cake
  • 18. Coconut cake
  • WEEK 4

  • 19. Chiffon cake
  • 20. Pound cake
  • 21. Lemon cake
  • 22. Red Velvet Chiffon
  • 23. Rum and Spice 
  • 24. Butterscotch 
  • Imagine yourself baking all the cakes above within the next 28 days once you enroll for Bake with Kay course.

    After baking over 15,000 cakes and counting, I can confidently tell you that I have dealt with all manner of cake problems and found solutions to them.


    My methods will make baking so much fun for you.

    I want to be your short cut and reduce learning time for you so you don't waste your money which can lead to frustrations.


    All you have to do is be willing to follow the recipes and instructions in Bake like a Pro course.

    If you can bring that willingness, I can help you with the rest until you start to bake like a pro within 28 days.

    Read below all you will learn inside Cake Decoration class

    To illustrate how I plan to help you, I have broken down the "Bake with Kay Cake Decoration Course" into four weeks.

    Week 1 - FONDANT CLASS

    • How to make fondant
    • How to tint fondant
    • How to cover a cake with fondant
    • Simple ways to use moulds
    • Swags and drapes
    • Stenciling a cake
    • How to make bows
    • Painting on sugar 1
    • Painting on sugar 2
    • Sugar frills
    • How to make Royal Icing

    Week 2 - Swiss Meringue Butter Cream

    • How to make a Swiss Meringue butter cream
    • Covering a cake with Swiss Meringue butter cream
    • Stenciling a cake with Swiss Meringue butter cream

    Week 3 - Butter Cream Class

    • How to make butter cream icing
    • Covering a cake with butter cream
    • Piping a cake with butter cream
    • Whipping Cream Class
    • How to make whipping cream icing
    • Covering a cake with whipping cream
    • How to make chocolate ganache

    Week 4 - Finishing Techniques

    • Rice paper sails
    • Simple ballet slippers
    • Glitter cakes
    • How to make Flower Paste
    • Basic sugar flowers
    • Making Simple Model Flowers
    • Making Basic Roses
    • Introduction to figure modeling
    • How to stack cakes for decoration

    Now to help you kick-start your own profitable cake business that makes you money every week, I have an exclusive BONUS offer for you if you register today.

    I like action takers who don't waste time to grab life changing opportunities 

    Take action today and enroll to receive access to my HOME EDITION COURSE where you will get the following videos tutorials on making breads, cookies and sandwiches:

    1. How to make Beef Burger

    2. How to make Bread Buns

    3. How to make Cinnamon rolls

    4. How to make Chicken Sandwich

    5. How to make Coconut Pie

    6. How to make Coconut Macrons

    7. How to make Chocolate chips cookies

    8. How to make Egg Sandwich

    9. How to make Oatmeal cookies

    10. How to make Peanut cookies

    11. How to make Smarty cookies

    12. How to make mouth watering Sardine Sandwich



    I want you to become a much sought after baker in your town/ city after this training

    I don't just want you to bake great tasting cakes and also decorate them but to equip you with how to run your own profitable baking business

    I only wish someone shared this information with me when I started over 20 years go but today I am doing that for you

    See the five 5 Videos below:

    • Managing roles in your cake business (they are several roles in your cake business, learn how to manage them or you become overwhelmed)
    • Managing finances in your cake business (with this video, you learn to manage your cake business finances so you are not working and your account is reading zero balance)
    • Preserving your cakes (learn the best techniques for preserving cakes and what you should not do)
    • Pricing your cakes ( this video teaches you how to price your cakes so you remain profitable even when prices of baking ingredients go up)
    • Simple book keeping in your cake business (you may not be able to employ an accountant so in this video, you learn how to keep relevant records that will help your cake business grow)

    Ready to dive in and get started

    Click the green button below to enroll now

    Read on the image below what my Student Mary Kay say about the Cinnamon Rolls you will receive as BONUS

    Olufunso lack words to describe her love for the rolls..

    Read below, the cinnamon rolls are so yummy, fluffy, tasty and irresistible

    Yetunde says the rolls are mouth watering, you can bake for your family and also sell to make some cash


    • 24 In-depth and easy to follow Baking Tutorial Videos so you don't run out of options
    • 28 detailed and simplified videos on Cake Decoration
    • 12 Bonus Videos in my Home Edition Course
    • 5 Videos on Cake business tips to help you run your own profitable baking business
    • A high value baking handbook that teaches you to bake with methods
    • Simplified and Detailed Cake Decoration Manual
    • A highly experienced Tutor to guide you and answer your questions
    • Join a Community of enthusiastic Bakers, be with those you want to be like
    • Receive on-going Support so you never get stuck or feel alone
    • Lifetime access to course materials
    • Receive a Certificate of Completion to celebrate your baking and decoration milestone

    Take a bold step today and You never have to worry about the challenges below that frustrate new and amateur bakers

    Burnt cakes
    Strong cakes
    Difficulty to stack multi cakes for decoration
    Difficulty to come up with creative ideas for cake decoration
    Cakes that sink in center
    Cakes not well cooked all round
    Cakes that crack while baking
    Cakes that don’t rise well
    Cakes with cuddled batter
    Cakes that are too dry or wet
    Stiff and strong batter texture
    The right Oven temperature and Time to bake specific cakes
    How to sell your cakes and make money
    Marketing ideas to sell more cakes

    Bake with Kay will reveal to you well tested tips and tricks to bake soft yummy cakes and also decorate them all the time.

    There is no trial and error here, just watch the baking or decoration videos, I make it easy and simple, follow my explanations, get your ingredients and do like wise like my happy students

    If baking varieties of delicious cakes and decorating them creatively using simple, easy and straight forward techniques sounds like a good idea to you…

    ...let me help you get there with this comprehensive Bake and Decorate like a Pro course.

    Watch me Bake a Pound Cake fast and easy below 

    (pound  cakes are very good for decorative work)

    Read what 2 of my Students say below, you will meet them once you enroll

    Read what Charity says about the chiffon cake

    She is already selling and customer loves the cake

    Simple decoration with Fondant Icing


    Now, Bake and Decorate like a Pro course duration is for a total of 5 weeks

    The first 4 weeks (28 days) is for tutorial lessons and practical, you will get 6 baking videos lessons each week, making 24 lessons in 4 weeks.

    You also learn corresponding cake decoration techniques each week

    The 5th week is for review and round up of all we learnt, you then complete your assignments and earn your Certificate of Completion from Kay’s Cooking School.

    As a paid student, you will receive login details to your own personal learning account with video lessons. 

    You can login at anytime you want to access your course materials even if you can't follow through for the first 4 weeks.

    You can always learn at your own pace without hassles.

    You will also be added to our exclusive members’ only private Facebook and Telegram group for ready support. 

    You will be in the group with other bakers and I will also be there, this is where we will all be interacting.

     This is where you can always ask questions and get answers so you don't get stuck.

    You will have lifetime access to your personal learning account with all the tutorial and bonus videos

    Just be committed to follow through the course and within 28 days you will become a seasoned baker running your own cake business or teaching others.

    As I said, you will also earn a Certificate of Completion which you can present anywhere as a certified baker and cake decorator

    Read below feedback from my students

    Praise Ella received her Certificate

    Modupe also received her Certificate


    To help you bake and decorate like a Pro within 28 days when you enroll, I show up on special mentoring sessions to answer all your baking and decoration questions inside our exclusive paid group.

    this is to make sure all you will learn when you enroll works for you

    see some past sessions below

    Join our interactive sessions and enjoy on-going support and help to perfect your baking craft

    Our mentoring sessions will help you to avoid mistakes in your baking and decoration

    Now, you must be wondering how much you need to invest to learn

    I am sure you know this training is set up to make sure you easily succeed at running your own profitable baking business.

    I also spare my time for mentoring sessions to give you guidance, this is despite the fact I have my own business Kay's Pastries to run, I am a mom and wife, also have other commitments.

    I could easily charge 350,000 naira ($450, 7000GHc) for this Bake and Decorate like a Pro course but I won't as my mission is to help the greatest number of persons become seasoned bakers. 

    Even at 150,000 naira, ($200, 3000GHc) it will be worth it as you can easily gain back your training fee, because all the in-depth knowledge on baking methods including the ability to decorate enchanting cakes will keep your customers asking for more.

    I actually charge 250,000 naira for our 1 week physical training class which holds once every 2 months at our Abuja office,


    to participate in this physical training class, you need to secure your spot and pay ahead of the training week as our hall only sits 20 persons conveniently.

    But with this online training course, you won't pay 250k naira, you will also start right away, you don't have to wait OR transit to venue.

    I want to make this affordable yet give you top quality, as I know many persons need help

    if you take this opportunity today, 

    you invest 80,000 naira only.

    I really want you to amaze yourself with how easy baking and decoration will become for you when you enroll for this comprehensive course

    I want to help you overcome all the challenges that frustrate bakers and make many to quit.

    When you invest and enroll today, You will also receive a high value baking handbook to help you work with any cake recipe after this training

    "The Beginners guide to Cake Baking"

    This book is an indispensable resource for every baker, you will learn many age old secrets of baking, the best temperature for your ingredients, baking methods, how your batter affects the outcome of your cake and what mistakes to avoid in order to bake soft, yummy and fluffy cakes all the time. 

    You will also receive a simplified and detailed manual on Cake Decoration

    Click the button below to enroll today

    See below the Value You are receiving for N80,000

    • 24 In-depth and easy to follow Baking Tutorial Videos (Value: N100,000)
    • 28 detailed and simplified videos on Cake Decoration (Value: N150,000)
    • 12 Bonus Videos in my Home Edition Course (Value: N20,000)
    • 5 Videos on Cake business tips to help you run your own profitable baking business (Value: N50,000)
    • A high value baking handbook that teaches you to bake with methods (Value: N15,000)
    • Simplified and Detailed Cake Decoration Manual (Value: N25,000)
    • Mentoring sessions with highly experienced Tutor (Value: N150,000)
    • Join a Community of enthusiastic Bakers so you never get stuck or feel alone (Value: Priceless)
    • Lifetime access to course materials (Value: Priceless)
    • Receive a Certificate of Completion to celebrate your baking and decoration milestone (Value: N35,000)
    • Total Value: N545,000

    Total Value of N545,000 for N80,000 naira Only

    I hope you will seize this opportunity and enroll today

    I believe you have seen the sincere feedback from my students

    The training fee can increase at any moment so quit any form of procrastination, today is what you have got.

    Do not postpone until tomorrow what you can do today

    Take action today without wasting time,  while this offer remains

    I want to let you know that progress takes place outside your comfort zone, take this step today and equip yourself with tested baking and cake decoration skills.

    Acquire a timeless skill to make you money, you can also teach your kids how to bake

    Don’t waste your time, efforts and resources trying to do it all by yourself

    You are absolutely sure to start your own profitable baking business when you get trained at Bake with Kay

    Read some more testimonies of what my Students are saying below

    Ifeyinwa says her cake is yummylicious, read on image below

    You may even have some of the baking ingredients at home, read what Ruth says below

    Bake your own Vanilla cake like Chichi when you enroll today

    Dear friend, I have let the sincere testimonies of my students speak out loud on this page.

    the choice is yours to take...

    are you ready to join our team of pro bakers and become your own boss?

    You are guaranteed to receive organized step by step approach to baking and decorating super soft and fluffy cakes every time.

    I really don't want anything to stop you so let me take the risk off you

    Enjoy my 30 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

    when you enroll for Bake with Kay comprehensive bake and decorate course today, I will give you 30 whole days to go through our training lessons and put the recipes to test

    that is 1 complete month

    If you follow all my instructions and cannot bake and decorate like a Pro

     just CONTACT ME with proof that Bake with Kay recipes don't work

    and I will refund 100% of your training fee

    I don't want the fear of what if this doesn't work to stop you

    Go ahead now and click the button below to invest your training fee of 80,000 naira only on a secured page and access your video lessons immediately

    Once you make payment, you will be enrolled into your Course Portal to start learning without delay

    You are assured of support until you can bake and decorate like a pro within the next 28 short days.

    Thank you for reading this far, it tells me you are serious to become a sought after  baker

    Bake with Kay will help you tantalize the taste buds of your family and customers with amazing cakes

    I run a successful cake business and well suited to lead you by the hand to start and grow your own profitable cake business.

    WATCH my Interview about the baking industry on ARISE TV, one of Nigeria's biggest International news channel

    Before we round up, I want to assure you that

    To enroll for Bake and decorate like a Pro training course is a wise investment that will yield you profits for a lifetime.

    You can decide to bake for your family only and also pass on the skills to your kids.

    Create a special bond with your kids when you bake together, I usually bake with my son and daughters.

    You will be making consistent cash with what you learn in Bake and decorate like a Pro fulfilling orders on a weekly basis.

    You can become a baking tutor and teach others for a fee

    No matter your baking aspiration, it’s a win win situation for you.

    Once you learn and master these skills, no one can take them away from you.

    Remember, you don't have to keep spending on different trainings once you enroll here at Bake with Kay

    Make hay while the sun shines

    To your baking success

    Kwaghdoo Enyi

    Creator, Bake with Kay

    Founder, Kay’s Pastries LLC


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